I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 530, Uncontainable Ambitions; The Ji Family Prime Ancestor Trapped


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Gu Changge had brought the issue up with Ji Qingxuan previously, but she was still deliberating at the time mainly because she didn’t know how she and Su Qingge would face the Ji Family.


During this time, Su Qingge lived a pretty decent life in the Ji Family Residence and also sorted out many of Ji Qingxuan’s worries. Of course, it was primarily because many Elders of the Ji Family had gotten to know that Ji Qingxuan had an older blood sister, Su Qingge, who had become Gu Changge’s maid. Hence, many in the Ji Family treated her immensely differently now. However, it didn’t affect Ji Qingxuan’s grand ambitions.


She didn’t want to just rule over Chaos Star Territory. She also wanted to become the matriarch of the Hidden Ji Family, and only Gu Changge could provide her with this chance.


“Ji Family’s issue?” A glimmer flashed across Su Qingge’s eyes as well. She knew what Ji Qingxuan was talking about, for the latter had told her about her desire to take over the entire family before they were literally at each other’s throats.


However, as the family once bore someone titled as a Human Ancestor, the Ji Family had an extensive history. It had to be noted that such a title was only given to people like the Mortal One. Thus, many Immortal or Formidable Forces of the Upper Realm were beneath them. Even when they were facing decline, their heritage was not to be underestimated. 


With such a behemoth facing her, Ji Qingxuan never settled on a definitive answer. She believe should contemplate more. After all, the waters in the Ji Family were deep. One wrong step would leave her sinking into the abyss.


But now, the chance had presented itself.


“I can naturally help you two out if you have the ambition.” Gu Changge smiled plainly. When he found Su Qingge shocked by the news, he knew she had likely been prudent and didn’t reveal her face. That said, he still decided to order his men to silence the Successor of War Immortal Manor just to be safe.


“Thank you, Young Master Gu,” Ji Qingxuan rejoiced.


Certainly, even when on decline, the Hidden Ji Family was influential and powerful. In fact, it might even fall to a second-class family. 


Then again, they were a Hidden Family; a sleeping lion was still stronger than a barking dog. What was more, a ‘Human Ancestor’ had existed among their Ancestors. Thus, not all Forces dared belittle the Ji Family as they were far less influential and powerful than the latter.


Furthermore, because her mother had bailed on her arranged marriage, leaving the Ji Family humiliated, she had been imprisoned in her quarters despite having been born from a senior branch. All these years, her mother had been living a miserable life and could barely provide her with any aid.


Currently, the leader of the Ji Family was none other than her maternal uncle. Hence, it would be justifiable if she succeeded in the role of the leader of the Ji Family. However, there was another problem right in front of her.


The Ji Family’s current Successor, Ji Yaoxing, was popular, influential, and reputable among the members of the Ji Family. In fact, he had many Elders’ support in becoming the next family head.


If she wanted to rule over Ji’s Family, not only would she need Gu Changge’s support, but she also had to defeat Ji Yaoxing.


“Qingxuan should be confident in this…” said Ji Qingxuan as she looked at Su Qingge, signalling for her to say something.


Though the sisters had turned their backs on each other, they had to admit that their minds were synced as one gaze was all it took for them to understand each other.


Just like that, Su Qingge nodded and added, “Like Qingge said, I’m rather confident that I can seize the chance to become the head of the family.”


She was now the prodigal damsel of the Ji Family, arguably a notable character in the Upper Realm. Taking over the Ji Family would allow her another layer of disguise.


“That’s good, or things might turn into a joke if it ended up for nothing.” Gu Changge chucked, looking very relaxed. It wouldn’t be right for him to directly get involved in the Ji Family’s issues as he was an outsider after all. However, if he were to accompany Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge, things would be different.


By then, the entire Ji Family would know Ji Qingxuan had his support. Given Gu Changge’s immense power in the Upper Realm, the Ji Family would know what it meant if they weren’t idiots.


Very quickly, Ji Qingxuan made the arrangements, intending to head towards the Hidden Ji Family Residence the next day. She had to tag along on the trip, as she didn’t trust Su Qingge.


For a moment, Ji Qingxuan had trouble containing her ambitions.


Su Qingge, on the other hand, tossed and turned in bed that night, for she couldn’t calm down, much less stay still. She hardly ever encountered such a situation, and this night was a complete exception. Many thoughts came to her, causing her to sigh.


Outside, the gentle moonlight makes the atmosphere appear quiet and serene. However, Su Qingge could not help but turn the other side, knowing that Ji Qingxuan was sleeping behind as she felt inexplicably vexed.



Meanwhile, on the east side of the Upper Realm, where the Hidden Ji Family resided.


Though they weren’t the strongest forces within the domain, they were deeply influential, and barely anyone dared to mess with them.


As a long-established Hidden Family, the Ji Family’s land was incredibly vast, with many Divine Mountains and Celestial Islands residing within it. The clouds that gathered as celestial mist surrounded the brilliantly glowing mountains, making the place a divine sanctuary.


“Lady Chuyue seemed to have returned with news of the Prime Ancestor this time. I wonder if it’s true?”


“If it is, our Family will regain its former glory once we rescue our Prime Ancestor, won’t we?”


“From the looks of it, it’s likely true, or the Elders wouldn’t pay so much attention to it.”


At this time, a few members of the Ji Family assigned to guard the gates of the residence were chatting excitedly. The Prime Ancestor they were talking about was naturally the one who was once titled as a Human Ancestor.


To the Upper Realm, only those who had contributed greatly to the public would be deemed as the Human Ancestors. As to the ancient immortal races, those who had contributed to the public greatly would be deemed as Sky Emperors.


The Mortal Palace, for instance, was established by the Mortal One, who was also a Human Ancestor.


The Ji Family, too, had a Human Ancestor amongst their Ancestors, and the said person happened to be the Ji Family’s Prime Ancestor. However, he disappeared for some reason sometime later, and the other members of the Ji Family weren’t sure if he still lived to this day as the event was dated back to aeons ago.


Because of the Prime Ancestor’s sudden disappearance, many legacies weren’t left behind, resulting in the Ji Family’s gradual decline, resulting in it nearly ending up as a second-classed family.


So how could the entire Ji Family not stir when there was suddenly news of their Prime Ancestor?!


In fact, even the Elders who had been in a slumber for ages were alerted, and they stepped out of their retreat to discuss the matter.


“According to the news Lady Chuyue sent, the Prime Ancestor had actually been trapped somewhere these past countless years and is not dead.”


“It seems like she immediately rushed back to discuss the issue after sensing the Prime Ancestor’s existence by accident.”


Some members of the Ji Family were elated, believing the Ji Family would soon return to its former glory. However, there were still a few who were worried. “But there’s no way the other Forces will let us save our Prime Ancestor if they find out he’s still out there!”


“That, you don’t have to worry about,” a family member next to him shook his head and explained, “The Prime Ancestor had contributed greatly to the Upper Realm in the past, and many Forces still owe him a favour. Not to mention, the Upper Realm is now faced with the Eternal Overcast Scourge and Mortal Palace is having a hard time dealing with it. Now that we know the Prime Ancestor is still out there somewhere, wouldn’t the crisis caused by the Eternal Overcast be dealt with easily after we rescue our Prime Ancestor? Anyone can tell which is more important.”




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