I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 531, An Astonishing Character After the Forbidden Epoch; Exceptionally Adept in Trickery Now


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News of the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family being still alive and was trapped somewhere had only circulated amongst the members of the Ji Family. The outside world was still oblivious to it. Hence, the family members guarding the gates kept their voices low so the cultivators passing by at the foothills wouldn’t hear them. They dared not spread rumours to the outsiders before the authoritative Ji Family members decided whether to disclose it to the public.


Anyhow, their usual dispirited selves were now invigorated after hearing that the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family was still alive. The Hidden Ji Family had been dormant in the Upper Realm for far too long, so long that many Forces had nearly forgotten about this Family of that housed a Human Ancestor.


Just as many members of the Ji Family were discussing the matter, a booming roar came from far away in the sky where a white jade carriage drawn by nine dragons could be found traversing and coming towards them.


The carriage looked incredibly grand and spectacular. Despite being far away, the terrifying intimidation that exuded couldn’t be ignored.


The many Ji Family members outside the gates turned grim simultaneously as their hearts raced.


“Those are Sacred Lord Realm dragons…”


“A carriage drawn by nine Sacred Lord Realm dragons… Just who can be so ostentatious?”


“Can he be coming here?”


Many were shaken. They believed only the head of a family or a Sect Master would make such an entrance.


“Who’s that?”


“Report to the Elders at once!”


The hearts of many chatting Ji Family members skipped a beat as they gazed soberly at the white jade carriage that was driving towards them. Meanwhile, someone was rushing back into the residence to announce the arrival of a visitor.


What did it mean to sit in a carriage drawn by nine Sacred Lord Realm dragons in the Upper Realm? It meant that at least an Elder or a Sect Master like character from a powerful Force with experts above the Sacred Emperor Realm was sitting inside. Naturally, the Ji Family had to treat such a guest with great hospitality. 


In no time, the white jade carriage traversing from tens of thousands of kilometres landed in front of the Ji Family Residence’s gates.


The nine dragons were like nine massive mountains that exuded a monstrous aura which bore endless power of intimidation. Their eyes alone appeared vicious and savage like the blood moon, and fear quickly enveloped the faces of the Ji Family members at the gates. Many had a hard time breathing, and nearly knelt to the beasts.


It had nothing to do with inferiority in species. Rather, it was just an involuntary reaction towards a powerful being.


“May we know to whom we owe the honours of welcoming to the Ji Family Residence?” asked someone with caution, biting the bullet and approaching the carriage bravely.


The other members of the Ji Family, too, were wary, weapons at the ready, worried that an enemy had come to them. And just as everyone was being uneasy and letting their imaginations run wild, the curtain of the white jade carriage lifted. A stunning figure in white walked out calmly, exuding an otherworldly temperament.


“It’s me,” Su Qingge revealed.


“Lady Qingxuan…”


Everyone heaved a long sigh of relief after recovering from their split-second stupor, seeing that it was Su Qingge. [All’s well as long as it’s not an enemy.]


But the next second, they were stunned as it hit them that their Lady Qingxuan must’ve returned with a guest by the looks of things. [Can it be some powerful Senior?]


They gazed curiously at the white jade carriage, wanting to see who Ji Qingxuan had brought. But it was apparent that the carriage was a powerful artifact with many arrays that prevented spying.


“No need to wonder. The person inside is Young Master Changge. Tell the Elders an esteemed guest has arrived,” Su Qingge mentioned plainly, knowing just what everyone was thinking.


Since she had been living in the Ji Family Residence as Ji Qingxuan, so no one suspected a thing.


“What? Young Master Changge?”


“Young Master Changge has come!?”


Everyone’s eyes widened with shock in response as they looked gazed upon the white jade carriage with incredulity. In fact, they were wondering if they were hearing things.


[Someone like Gu Changge has come to the Ji Family Residence?!]


After everyone came to their senses, they freaked out, and a few transformed into divine rainbows and sped into the residence to announce the matter, not daring to delay. If it really was Gu Changge inside the carriage, then none of them who guarded the gates were worthy of welcoming him.


Meanwhile, the curtain of the white jade carriage lifted again, and Ji Qingxuan stepped out to walk up to Su Qingge. 


“So, this is the place you’ve been living in, huh? It’s my first time here,” sighed the young woman with seeming curiosity. The young woman dressed in purple had a similarly delicate and fair face, and she looked practically identical to Su Qingge.


The members of the Ji Family, on the other hand, widened their eyes with disbelief upon seeing the two. [How can two people look so much alike!? They’re literally the spitting image of each other!]


If Su Qingge hadn’t stepped out first, they probably wouldn’t have been able to make out who was who.


Before this, many had only heard that Ji Qingxuan had an older sister who happened to be Gu Changge’s maid, and because of this, those who previously gave Ji Qingxuan a hard time in the Ji Family Residence dared not mess with her again. But never had they thought that they would one day meet Ji Qingxuan’s sister for themselves. [The person inside the carriage must be Gu Changge, then.]


Everyone’s countenances turned beyond deferential as nervousness overcame them.


[That’s pretty interesting, what the Ji Family members said] mused Gu Changge in silence as he remained in the carriage, having no intention of making his presence known. Just now, when he swept his divine sense across the area, he coincidentally overheard the conversation of the several Ji Family members. 


[The Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family isn’t dead but only trapped somewhere out there, eh?] He was pretty surprised by the reveal.


Seniority wise, the Mortal One from the Mortal Palace, who he had killed, was not as old the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family. About a generation younger. 


[Well, the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family, Ji Shengchu, was quite the character; arguably one of the few most astounding characters after the Forbidden Epoch. Rumour has it that he has already passed, but who’d have thought he’s actually trapped somewhere out there. Looks like the Ji Family plans to spread the word and ask the other Forces to help them.] Gu Changge thought as he recollected all he had learned about the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family.


It was a good idea, but the Ji Family’s enemies might not want Ji Shengchu to return at this time. After all, the man also once stood at the apex of the Upper Realm, and his powers were unfathomable. If he were to repossess leadership of the Ji Family, the situation in the Upper Realm would inevitably be impacted. Furthermore, Gu Changge wasn’t certain if Ji Shengchu, a Human Ancestor, had any connections to Jiang Yang, the Mortal One Gu Changge killed.


At that, he believed the best solution to the variation was to silence Ji Shengchu for good.


With him out of the picture, Ji Qingxuan would be able to control the Ji Family better and, in turn, the situation would be more favourable to Gu Changge.


[But in a bigger picture, it’s better that I join the bandwagon and scheme in secret. After all, Ji Shengchu might be able to resolve the issue with the Eternal Overcast if he’s saved, and no doubt most of the Forces of the Upper Realm would think so too. What’s more, most owe Ji Shengchu a favour, so they would very likely agree to help.] A glimmer flashed across Gu Changge’s eyes as he fell into deep thought.


He believed news of Ji Shengchu being alive but trapped would shake the entire Upper Realm soon, and by then, all sorts of people would show themselves. [Well, well, is this not another opportunity presenting itself to me?]


While Gu Changge was devising his plan, divine rainbows descended on the other side of the gates of the Ji Family Residence. There was even a glowing golden path that extended to the depths of the residence.


The current head of the family, along with several Elders, and even the Ancestors of the Ji Family who had reemerged to discuss the Prime Ancestor’s rescue, had all rushed over to personally welcome Gu Changge.


To them, Gu Changge’s arrival needed to be treated as discreetly as saving their Prime Ancestor.


“Perfect timing.” Gu Changge finally stepped out of the carriage after sensing the commotion.


“What an honour it is for us to welcome you to our humble abode, Young Master Changge,” greeted the head of the family with deference as he gazed at Gu Changge. He was a middle-aged man who looked intimidated without trying, and despite looking scholarly, he had a commanding presence that one couldn’t ignore.


As he blinked, a gold divine light shone brightly and enveloped him.


Behind him, the many Elders and Ancestors were also looking incredibly grave.


Following the end of the battle against the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, Gu Changge’s influence had reached an unrivalled degree. Even ancient beings like them dared not disrespect the young man.


“You’re too kind, Master Ji.” Gu Changge nodded amiably, having none of the hostility the Ji Family members were worrying about.


At that, they heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone was shocked, shaken, and even worried upon realising Gu Changge had arrived. After all, the Ji Family were barely acquainted with Gu Changge. The only real interaction they had was during the search for the Tower of World Domination, where the Ji siblings crossed him, and to absolve the worry of the man seeking vengeance, the many Elders of the Ji Family voluntarily gifted him the Wheel of World Domination.


Presently, while many were reeling in shock from the sisters’ identical features, they were also guessing the purpose of Gu Changge’s visit.


“May we know what has brought you here, Young Master Changge? If necessary, we will do whatever we can to assist you.” The head of the Ji Family already had a guess as to Gu Changge’s visit after taking a gander at Su Qingge, but he still asked.


“I’m actually keeping Su Qingge company as she pays a visit.” Gu Changge smiled while gesturing to Ji Qingxuan, who stood beside him. “I’m sure all of you have heard about Su Qingge and Ji Qingxuan’s relationship. I’ve brought Qingge up from the Lower Realm. She was separated from her mother since she was a child and had never once seen her mother in the past twenty-over years. I happened to have time lately, so I thought I should bring her to her mother.”


“Oh, that.”


The countenances of many Ji Family members shifted, and they worried Gu Changge would fault them. Of course, they knew Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge’s relationship. Many Elders had even personally met ‘Su Qingge’ at Chaos City.


Back then, Su Qingge’s mother, Ji Xue, fled to the Lower Realm after escaping from an arranged marriage and even gave birth to Su Qingge.


Later, the Ji Family found out about it and thus went to the Lower Realm to capture her. It was only because of Ji Xue’s pleading and begging that they spared the husband and the baby. However, after returning to the Upper Realm, the Ji Family found out Ji Xue was pregnant with another child.


Ji Hao, the head of the Ji Family was also Ji Xue’s brother. He might be livid about the matter, but he didn’t reproach her at length either. In fact, he even let her conceive Ji Qingxuan.


After that, Ji Xue was imprisoned and has been banned from leaving her quarters since then. After all, she had disgraced the entire Ji Family with what she did. It was already merciful of them not to kill her.


“Rest assured, Young Master Changge. Su Qingge can see her mother as she pleases. As her uncle, how can I stop her from doing that?” Ji Hao promised soberly. “Ji Xue might have done wrong, but so many years have passed. I’m sure she has come around.”


He wasn’t surprised by the request as he had already figured out Gu Changge’s purpose of visiting upon seeing ‘Su Qingge’. He could also tell the young woman was likely high in favour with Gu Changge, or why would someone like him personally come for something so minor? In fact, no one in the entire Ji Family would dare oppose him even if he just sent a request message.


Now, Ji Xue was practically being favoured because of her daughter.


Given Su Qingge’s relationship with Gu Changge, who in the Ji Family would dare to give her a hard time when all of them were trying their best to butter up to her!?


The many Elders and Ancestors of the Ji Family, too, nodded in agreement, indicating they had no issue with it and dared not stop Su Qingge. Even those who were livid about the matter back then dared not say another word right now.


Meanwhile, ill-conceived mixed emotions enveloped Ji Qingxuan’s face as she watched the scene unfold. She remembered full well how she and her mother were treated in the Ji Family Residence. Many family members would disparage them and even wish for the mother and daughter to die. Because of it, she had to thread her steps in order to survive. However, she was still turned into a tool for the Ji Family in the end. They planned to set up an arranged marriage to create an alliance with another family. But now, one request from Gu Changge was all it took to stop the members of the Ji Family from giving her and her mother a hard time.


This was true power.


Followingly, the members of the Ji Family escorted Gu Changge and the sisters inside. Many descendants of the senior branch appeared as well, watching from afar with shock. Amongst them, a beautiful young woman in light yellow with cunningness in her big round eyes was overlooking the scene on the mountain peak. Beside her was a dashing young man in a golden robe. In his eyes, golden runes surged, making him look like a young god.


“Brother, do you think Gu Changge has really only come for Ji Qingxuan’s mother? My instinct tells me that things aren’t as simple as it seems,” the young woman in light yellow couldn’t help but say this as she shook her head.


She was none other than Ji Chuyue, who had had quite a few encounters with Gu Changge during the search for the Tower of World Domination. Naturally, the young man beside her was, of course, the Young Master of the Ji Family, Ji Yaoxing.


“Whatever it is, it can’t stop us from saving the Prime Ancestor. Even if Gu Changge is all-powerful now, he can’t get involved in this. Someone like him wouldn’t do anything stupid at this time,” Ji Yaoxing remarked gravely with a piercing gaze.


“We naturally have to save the Prime Ancestor. He finally found the chance to tell me about his situation after being trapped in Kun Mountain for countless years. Of course we have to save him.” Ji Chuyue nodded, feeling like what happened some time ago was nothing but a dream as she recalled it.


Ji Shengchu was a remarkable character who the entire Upper Realm once titled as a Human Ancestor, and the Hidden Ji Family got its reputation. They used to be glamorous, unlike now, when they were on the verge of becoming a second-class family.


But Ji Chuyue believed it would all become better after they saved the Prime Ancestor.


Kun Mountain—also known as Immortal King Mountain—was an extremely dangerous place in the Upper Realm, even earning its status as a Life Forbidden Area.


Legend had it that aeons ago, an incredibly powerful Immortal King died there, and his blood painted the area red.


A while back, she and the others were searching for a treasure at the edge of Kun Mountain only to hear the Prime Ancestor’s calling out of the blue.


The young woman was first stupefied and later became aghast after hearing the Prime Ancestor’s words. At that, she rushed back to the residence, not daring to take a detour, and related the entire event to her father and the Elders.


“If we successfully rescue the Prime Ancestor, the days of our family regaining its former glory will be inevitable!” Ji Chuyue smiled.


“This is the Prime Ancestor we’re talking about. Even if he’s trapped in Kun Mountain, he can still survive for countless years.” Ji Yaoxing had nothing but respect for the Prime Ancestor as he spoke, but very quickly, he frowned as a thought hit him. “That so-called friend of yours, stay away from him for the next few days. You still remember what happened at the Purple Mountains, don’t you?”


Ji Chuyue’s expression stiffened a little upon hearing his words, and she mumbled, “So you know, huh?”


“Naturally. I chucked him out without hesitation back then to avoid offending Gu Changge, but what did you do? You saved him from the auction house some time ago,” Ji Yaoxing said plainly as the impassiveness of everything under his control surged beneath his eyes.


Ji Chuyue retorted with shame, “Well, it’s because I felt guilty. Besides, Jiang Chen helped me a few times. He’s the Successor of a Divine Source Master. If it weren’t for him, I might not have heard the Prime Ancestor’s calling at the edge of Kun Mountain.”


“Don’t forget that Jiang Chen sees Gu Changge as an enemy.” Ji Yaoxing frowned. “And you, as the princess of the Ji Family, have to consider everything for the good of the family. What can befriending Jiang Chen bring you and the family, and what will happen to the family after offending Gu Changge? I hope you can think wisely. You can exploit Jiang Chen, but don’t treat him as a friend. He’s no good man. He has a revolting sense of evil to him.” 


Ji Chuyue’s face fell, feeling dispirited, as she couldn’t find words to retort to her brother.


She, for one, thought Jiang Chen was pretty decent. It was just a shame that he saw Gu Changge as his sworn enemy and wanted to strike back.




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