I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 532, A Noble Young Master Changge; Mixed Blessings. As They Say


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Translation Checker: Silavin


Meanwhile, many high-ranking Ji Family members and ancient ones gathered in the main hall, standing quietly and deferentially aside while a gaunt woman was reuniting with ‘Su Qingge’.


It was a heartfelt moment for the two as they held each other’s hands with red-rimmed eyes, looking like they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. 


The woman was, naturally, Ji Xue, Su Qingge and Ji Qingxuan’s mother. All these years, she had been imprisoned, banned from leaving her quarters. This very day was the first time she had left her place. 


Having been told that her other daughter had come to seek her out, she was brought to tears with excitement. She was clueless about Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge’s identity switch. Even as their birth mother, she couldn’t make out who was who when the two were spitting images of each other, especially after the two learned of each other’s mannerisms.


“I’ve heard about you from your Qingxuan. You two really do look alike! These past twenty years must’ve been very difficult for you. I’ve failed all of you…” Ji Xue choked with sobs as she spoke, never thinking she would one day be able to see the light of day again.


In fact, she had never even dreamt of the possibility, for she knew it was impossible. She believe would inevitably die of old age in that quiet, secluded chamber. However, on this day, the family came together and decided to revoke her punishment and even restore her former status.


Of course, Ji Xue knew it was all thanks to Su Qingge, or more precisely, thanks to the young man next to her.


Her daughter had gotten an unimaginably powerful backer. So powerful that even the members of the Ji Family dared not cross him. Though gladdened, she also felt bitter. If her daughter hadn’t met Gu Changge, how much suffering would she have to continue to bear?


“Young Master Changge, we have set up a luncheon here. We can start after both mother and daughter are done with their reunion,” stated Ji Hao deferentially, like a good brother to Ji Xue and a good uncle to Su Qingge.


To that, Gu Changge nodded plainly. If he hadn’t long discovered the Su-Ji sisters’ little secret, even he would have been fooled by Ji Qingxuan’s acting.


“I heard on my journey here that your family’s Prime Ancestor, Senior Ji Shengchu, had been trapped somewhere out there. Is the rumour true?” 


The countenances of the Ji Family members inside the main hall shifted. They never expected such a surprising question from Gu Changge. How did he know about it when they hadn’t even decided to spread the word!? Then again, it wasn’t wise for them to ask questions at this time.


“Whom have you heard such information from, Young Master Changge?” Ji Hao asked after coming to himself. “Actually, we still hadn’t decided if we wanted to spread the word or keep it a secret.”


“Oh, so the rumour is true then.” Gu Changge nodded somewhat dazedly, then smiled. “I honestly admire Senior Ji Shengchu’s past feats. So I’m rather worried after learning that he might be trapped somewhere out there. If you plan on rescuing him, I’ll be happy to lead the members of my family to help in the rescue.”


“Sorry?” The Ji Family members inside the hall widened their eyes with disbelief after recovering from their stupefaction.


[Gu Changge is willing to help us save the Prime Ancestor? Is he really kind enough to do that?!]


Though many were stunned, they also thought Gu Changge didn’t look like he was joking, and they couldn’t help beaming.


Even Ji Hao had to take a deep breath to calm himself down. Still, the joy on his face could hardly be contained, and the shakiness of his voice proved how excited he was. “The members of the Ji Family will forever be in your debt if you’re willing to help us.”


He could immediately give the order to spread the word about the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family being trapped in Kun Mountain now that he had Gu Changge’s promise. Before this, they were worried that this issue would lead the enemies of the Ji Family to band together and attack them with a last-ditch effort.


The Ji Family had gradually declined in power and influence over the years. If their enemies launched an attack altogether, they might go down before they could even rescue their Prime Ancestor. That was why he had been hesitant. After all, there were pros and cons to the matter. However, now that he had Gu Changge’s word, things would be different, and it boosted Ji Hao’s confidence greatly. Gu Changge’s aid meant that the Ji Family were no longer a force their enemies could mess with easily.


“That’s not necessary.” Gu Changge shook his head with a plain smile. “Senior Ji Shengchu had contributed greatly to the Upper Realm in the past and had sheltered countless people. Now that he’s in danger, how can we not help?”


After hearing his words, all the members of the Ji Family, who Gu Changge had just won over, now found him even more admirable. Such an incredible venture had been downplayed by the man like it was only an insignificant matter.


[As expected of Young Master Changge. His temperament is something none of us could ever compare to!]


Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing, who had just entered the main hall, were also taken aback upon hearing Gu Changge’s words, especially Ji Chuyue. She gazed at the man with stupefaction, having trouble believing they were from the same person she had first gotten to know. To her, Gu Changge was not only powerful but incredibly scheming, heartless, and resolute.


She had been worrying earlier, believing the man would stop them from saving their Prime Ancestor, but now she was hearing for herself that he volunteered to help out!


“Indeed, Gu Changge’s thoughts aren’t something we can assume…” Ji Yaoxing, too, was surprised. He suspected that Gu Changge would ignore the matter, but it turned out the man was willing to help out!


Whatever the reason, it was a debt the entire Ji Family would remember forever.


“We are truly impressed by your nobleness, Young Master Changge.” Many high-ranking Ji Family members and Ancestors became much more sincerely deferential at this point. 


Afterwards, Ji Hao and the others told Gu Changge the story of how they discovered their Prime Ancestor was trapped in Kun Mountain over lunch.


No one in the Upper Realm wouldn’t know about Kun Mountain, for it was a Life Forbidden Area. Even a Sacred Emperor only dared to wander outside the premise as even a small puddle slightly further into the mountain could be beyond dangerous.


After all, the mountain was also named Immortal King Mountain as legend said that a Immortal King died there. Even after aeons had passed, a drop of his blood still contained unimaginable power that could wipe out everything.


“So Senior Ji Shengchu is trapped in Kun Mountain… He really is something to still survive after so many years had passed.” Gu Changge nodded somewhat dazedly, seemingly somewhat amazed. However, he had other thoughts.


[Sure, Kun Mountain is beyond dangerous, but hey, mixed blessings, as they say. There will naturally also be unimaginable fortunes there. The Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family can’t have been trapped there for no reason.]




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