I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 533, Living Human Ancestor, All Gathered in Dark Kun City


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“It has been countless years since the day of our Prime Ancestor’s disappearance. Had Chuyue not heard the Prime Ancestor’s call that time, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have discovered that he is trapped in Kun Mountain.”


“All these years, we had assumed that the Prime Ancestor had passed away, and we never even considered that he’s still alive and is trapped somewhere, suffering in Kun Mountain. As his descendants, we are mortified about how oblivious we are. We are truly not worthy of facing Prime Ancestor Shengchu…”


In the palace of the Ji Family, during their mid-month banquet, the Elders, after having consumed quite an amount of wine, were all feeling dizzy. As their emotions were affected by the substance, they shamefully vented their frustration.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge, serenely sitting on his seat, faintly smiled. “Senior Ji Shengchu’s cultivation level is unquestionably high and immeasurable. Despite having been trapped in Kun Mountain for so many years, he manages to stay alive. That pretty much sums it up. If we are able to rescue him, I am sure it would be of great merit to the Upper Realm.”


Hearing that, everyone in the palace shook as glee surged on their faces. Naturally, they understood what Gu Changge meant.


As a matter of fact, the Upper Realm was now helplessly being troubled by the crisis caused by the Eternal Overcast. Since the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family had also earned the title as a Human Ancestor, once he was free, he could remain in the Ji Family Residence and await other Forces of the Upper Realm to gather and pay their respect to him.


[Ah, such a glorious sight!] Imagining the scene, the members of Ji Family couldn’t help but get exhilarated.


“Young Master Changge, you couldn’t be more right. With the Prime Ancestor present, the Ji Family wouldn’t have to feel so unsettled trying to restore our former prosperity.” Rare joy surfaced on the stern face of Ji Hao, the head of the Ji Family.


As he spoke, he glanced at the two women—Su Qingge and Ji Qingxuan—who were standing behind Gu Changge. It was hard to tell who was the older or younger one between the two of them with a brief glance.


Nervously, he inquired, “Young Master Changge, what do you think of Qingxuan?” 


In terms of identity, he might be Ji Qingxuan’s uncle, but he never showed her any concern, let alone took care of her. Nevertheless, at such a moment, he had to don the ‘good uncle’ guise, worried that Gu Changge might think that he had been mistreating Ji Qingxuan.


“Qingxuan is smart and tactful. She’s certainly a charming one,” Gu Changge replied with a light smile, turning to Su Qingge as he spoke. Remaining quiet, Su Qinggge lowered her gaze wordlessly, as she was now pretending to be Ji Qingxuan.


As delight arose on Ji Hao’s face, he hastily nodded. “Indeed, Qingxuan has always been an intelligent girl. Her approach has always been reasonable and clean.”


At the same time, unconcealable jubilation also surged on the other Elders’ faces.


Although Su Qingge was Gu Changge’s maid, she, at the end of the day, didn’t carry the ‘Ji’ name, so to the rest, she seemed more like an outsider.


Ji Qingxuan, on the other hand, was different. She was of the Ji Family, who had spent her entire life here ever since she was a child. If she could gain Gu Changge’s affection as her older sister did, that would indubitably be advantageous to the whole Ji Family. After all, there was no one more dependable than Gu Changge in the entire Upper Realm.


“Chuyue, Yaoxing…” Followingly, Ji Hao called his son and daughter over.


Although the two of them had come in contact with Gu Changge in the past, they had yet to greet him on his sudden visit to the Ji Family Residence. Therefore, Ji Yao believed that he could take the opportunity to establish a connection with him.


Furthermore, Ji Hao had thoughts of his own. Based on appearance alone, his daughter, Ji Chuyue was by no means inferior to Ji Qingxuan and Su Qingge. Besides, Ji Qingxuan was merely his niece, while Ji Chuyue was his actual daughter.


At that moment, Ji Chuyue donned a light yellow dress. Her figure was tall and slender as mischief glistened across her beguiling eyes on her stunning face. Spiritual energy seemed to be whirling around her body, as if she was some sort of spirit.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge.” She blinked and bowed toward Gu Changge and greeted.


Beside him, Ji Yaoxing wore a golden robe, and his face was calm. Accordingly, he held his hands together. “Greetings, Young Master Changge.”


Back in the Purple Mountains, they searched for the whereabouts of the Tower of World Domination behind Gu changge’s back and ended up upsetting him. Eventually, the Ji Family resolved the conflict by offering him the Wheel of World Domination, which they had arduously looked for.


“No need to be so courteous. Anyway, back in the Purple Mountains, it was all thanks to the both of you that I was able to locate the Tower of World Domination.” Gu Changge slightly nodded with a smile.


Hearing that, Ji Chuyue and Ji Yaoxing couldn’t help but feel awkward and were visibly embarrassed. If it weren’t for Chen Ning’er who was following them in the dark back then, Gu Changge wouldn’t have shattered the barriers outside the Purple Mountains so easily. But of course, Jiang Chen also had a remarkable contribution to the matter.


“Young Master Changge, you are too generous! Not only did you forgive my sister and I for our past mistakes, but now you are even willing to help the Ji Family out. I am thoroughly humbled.” Ji Yaoxing’s face carried a trace of remorse and apologeticness.


“It’s no big deal. Don’t mind it.” Gu Changge waved his hand, seemingly casual and unaffected.


In his eyes, Ji Yaoxing was an intelligent man destined for great things. This trait of him grew more obvious when he shifted all the blame to Jiang Chen without any hesitation, making him an individual who understood what decision to make based on the situation. [It’s possible he would step back and have Ji Qingxuan take up the mantle of the head of the Ji Family without my persuasion at all.]


Days later, as if it had a pair of wings, news of Ji Shengchu, the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family, not being dead quickly scattered across the cities. It stirred up massive disturbances and commotions throughout the Upper Realm. Many Forces were instantly dismayed and amazed.


In fact, Ji Shengchu, the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family, was a figure who had gained the title of Human Ancestor, along with the Mortal One, countless years ago. He had single-handedly established the foundation of the Ji Family. Such an individual was undoubtedly a jaw-dropping figure of the era. Nonetheless, for unknown reasons, he suddenly vanished. Thus, many assumed that he had died, which further led to the Ji Family’s gradual downfall.


After suddenly being informed of the fact that the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family wasn’t dead but was merely trapped in Kun Mountain, many were dumbfounded, widening their eyes in disbelief. [How many years has the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family been trapped? It must have been at least numerous epochs!]


Indeed, the news couldn’t be any truer as it was announced by the Elders of the Ji Family. Soon, the shocking news swiftly left numerous regions of the Upper Realm stupefied. 


In this instant, no Force could remain calm. The Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family was a powerful figure from countless years ago, and he stood at the peak of the whole Upper Realm during that time. And now, it was revealed that all these years, he was merely trapped in Kun Mountain. In other words, he had been living in Kun Mountain for a few epochs and perhaps even longer than that.


Regardless, how the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family was trapped in Kun Mountain remained a mystery. Nevertheless, the news of him still living was mind-blowing enough. After all, he was one of the few who had gained the title as Human Ancestor. 


When the news stormed the skies of the Upper Realm, Immortal and Formidable Forces immediately responded.


Meanwhile, Forces that were enemies to the Hidden Ji Family instantly grew anxious, fearing that the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family would come for them once he was saved from his entrapment.


The stupefying news was followed by an even more shocking one. As the Ji Family intended to rescue their Prime Ancestor, they dispatched a huge number of formidable cultivators to the Kun Mountain. However, before they could near Kun Mountain, they carelessly walked into strange arrays and were instantaneously turned into dust.


As such, the Forces who paid attention to the matter were taken aback.


Needless to say, Kun Mountain was filled with abysmal hazards. Even those in the Sacred Emperor Realm wouldn’t dare to head there recklessly. There were even instances where True Daoists were killed around the mountain. Thus, it would be difficult for the Ji Family to rescue their Prime Ancestor.


“Ji Chusheng, the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family, was once an outstanding figure who contributed outstandingly to the entire world, so there is no way the other Forces would stand idle. I believe it won’t be long until the respective Forces are gathered here. After all, a living Human Ancestor is still in Kun Mountain.”


Across different ancient cities, cultivators and living beings were vigorously discussing, expressing their opinions and perceptions. In their opinion, not only was Ji Shengchu the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family, but he was also a Human Ancestor recognised by countless living beings in the Upper Realm.


Now that he was in a pinch, trapped in Kun Mountain, the Forces that were once blessed by his grace would definitely come to his rescue. Moreover, from another perspective, if Ji Shengchu was successfully rescued, he might be able to deal with the Eternal Overcast crisis that had been haunting the lands across the Upper Realm.


With that in mind, many Forces were all observing from afar, wanting to know how the Upper Realm perceived the incident of the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family being trapped.


In the meantime, those from the Ji Family also gave everything they could to request aid from the forces that were allied to the Ji Family, especially those who were once taken care of by Ji Shengchu.


Thereupon, another piece of information was spread out of the Ji Family Residence, which also speedily left various lands stunned and caused enormous commotions.


Apparently, Gu Changge intended to lead the formidable cultivators of the Gu Family to assist the Ji Family to break through Kun Mountain in order to rescue Ji Shengchu.


Such news startled many Forces, leaving them dismayed.


[The Immortal Gu Family and the Ji Family are not supposed to share such a deep connection, so why did Gu Changge make such a decision? Is he really so compassionate? Does he intend to help the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family out of the kindness of his heart? But if that were true, Gu Changge would be completely different from what we know about him!]


Nonetheless, on the bright side, after hearing about how the Ji Family would be receiving assistance from Gu Changge, the Forces that treated the Ji Family as enemies hastily withdrew their hostility.


After receiving the aid of such a daunting force like the Immortal Gu Family, the Ji Family accordingly obtained help from numerous Forces, after which they utilised their resources in preparation for their first major assault against Kun Mountain.


At once, the Upper Realm grew exuberant once again as many Forces shifted their focus onto Kun Mountain.


Although Kun Mountain was a notorious Life Forbidden Area in the Upper Realm, from plain sight, its outer region seemed like any other green terrain. Above were where clouds billowed, carrying ancientness and vastness. As the clouds rose, vibrant mists swirled into radiant pieces. 


It was in the depths where spectacular yet terrifying Divine Mountains stood amid grandness, as though they had existed since the beginning of time.


Surrounding Kun Mountain, there was an unremovable layer of gushing Mists of Chaos. Within, there was faint blood gleaming and intertwining, as if the gods had ordered for a gruesome murder to have taken place here. True Daoists perished in blood as even True Immortals might not survive.


At the foot of Kun Mountain, there was an ancient city named Dark Kun City. It was an infinitely vast territory that was magnificent and prosperous. It bore a dense atmosphere of dense ancientness as it had stood for countless millennia.


Lately, the citizens of Dark Kun City were constantly on their feet as divine rainbows could be seen shooting toward this place every day. 


After receiving news regarding the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family was trapped in Kun Mountain, many hurried over from various lands, predicting that something great would very soon take place at Kun Mountain. After all, this was a living Human Ancestor being trapped in Kun Mountain.


Such news caused fathomless disturbances, and no Force could bring themselves to calm down. Other than the Sect Masters of their respective Sects and Elders who came over on clouds, many from the younger generation were also gathered here to observe the event.


Kun Mountain, also known as Immortal King Mountain, harboured opportunities and hazards. Once, an individual acquired an herb that was completely red outside Kun Mountain. After consuming it, their cultivation level radically increased, and in a short period of time, they ultimately became a being in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm.


Thereupon, some claimed that the herb absorbed the blood of the Immortal King. As the herb’s existence was one in a million due to its incredible rarity, its value was simply inestimable. Regardless, articles such as that were relatively significant in number.


In Dark Kun City, cultivators could be seen scouring for treasures at the periphery of Kun Mountain every day. Essentially, even rocks with odd shapes contained unique Dao Energy, hence their value was unusually high. Some merchants even set up rocks-gambling stalls in Dark Kun City.


As all those precious, strange rocks surrounded Kun Mountain—some were even transported out of Kun Mountain by powerful beings who risked their lives to obtain them. Naturally, their values were unimaginably high.


Individuals had even discovered scriptures and otherworldly Immortal Minerals from some of those rocks. At one instance, there was even a drop of sealed blood, and a mere waft of its aura could drastically change the sky and even tremble the stars beyond.


Eventually, the mysterious drop of blood was purchased by some Force at a tremendously high price. Allegedly, they then raised an unrivalled prodigy, though the prodigy later vanished for some unknown reason.


All in all, Kun Mountain harboured all sorts of wondrous creation. Some True Daoists even sacrificed their lives in order to retrieve certain items from within the mountain, and thus, their sufferings in the mortal plane was relinquished.


*Whoosh!* The skies trembled as a number of ancient battleships and enchanted carriages shining in blindsight godly beams approached from afar, resembling miniature suns that descended upon Dark Kun City.


“That is the gifted prodigy of Solar Celestial Temple, Tian Jiuyang…” Somebody shivered in stupefaction as they recognised the young man walking out from one of the ancient battleships. The young man appeared to be harmless, but there seemed to be dazzling moons floating behind him.


“It’s said that he’s a man with feminine appearance. He possesses the Solar Divine Physique. As of now, he is in the Intermediate Sacred Noble Realm, and he is said to be rivalless.”


“He’s also said to have effortlessly slaughtered a beast of Sacred Lord Realm some time ago, when his Solar Divine Physique had not fully manifested yet.”


Cultivators in Dark Kun City softly discussed among each other as they stared at the young man.


Recently, in Dark Kun City, where unknown talents hid themselves, young prodigies from various Forces could be seen coming over every day. Apart from the enigmatic Sect Masters whose identities were concealed, the young prodigies were the most conspicuous.


*Boom!* All of a sudden, from another direction, a shockwave erupted as a gargantuan white jade flying boat speedily soared across the sky toward Dark Kun City, emitting an ancient yet grand aura.


“That is the Hidden An Clan…”


“Rumours have it that the Successor of the Hidden An Clan is immensely enigmatic. They have never walked openly outside before, even so their strength must exceed what we can imagine.”


“I wonder if we get to see the Successor of the Hidden An Clan this time…”


Right away, a notable commotion was stirred up in the area as many cultivators peered at the white jade flying boat in shock.


Other than the Hidden An Clan, there had been quite a number of young prodigies who showed themselves, including the King with Six Crowns and the Phoenix Lady who revealed themselves. Safe to say, Kun Mountain drew the attention of the entire Upper Realm, as more and more individuals of the young generation gradually hurried over to Dark Kun City.


At that moment, many were all very eager, expecting a huge conflict between those of the younger generation in the region before the Forces head to rescue the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family.


“Eh? Did you notice the young woman in green who just came into the city?” Then, a cultivator suddenly asked, turning around and stared at the city entrance.


However, the figure of the young woman in green briefly flashed across his vision and swiftly disappeared, as though he was under some kind of illusion.


“She seems like the princess of the Gu Family. To think that she has come as well…” Another bystanding cultivator replied in daze, “It appears Dark Kun City will grow unusually hectic very soon.”



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