I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 536, Divine Rock Conference; What Had Xiao Ruoyin Done to Deserve This?


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One of the main reasons Dark Kun City was able to attract people from all across the universe was the special stone from Kun Mountain, with Principles that prevented others from spying on what was inside. Naturally, it helped that one could nearly always find rarities hidden in them.


In fact, many ancient ones from the Upper Realm would often wander around in the city in hopes of finding some treasure specialising in longevity. Thus, a Source Master was highly respected in Dark Kun City. Even a Sacred Emperor Realm expert dared not offend such a Master too much, even treating them deferentially when they asked the Master to check out a stone.


The Succession of Source Masters was exceptionally peculiar and delicate, and their abilities couldn’t be measured using the common cultivation realms.


News of various rare treasures, even some heavenly herbs so rare that they were nearly extinct, having emerged from the stones sold in a stone-gambling hall of the Alliance of Thousand Merchants spread like wildfire, causing a significant uproar within the square.


Certainly, it wasn’t worthy of the entire city shaking from the news, but given how busy Dark Kun City had become today, it was already a major event. Naturally, many Forces sent their cultivators to investigate the validity of the news the minute they heard about it.


At the time, there were many cultivators inside the stone-gambling hall, and many even witnessed the incident themselves.


The entire incident, from when Jiang Chen opened up a Blood King Ginseng to the appearance of Skyward Schloss disciples and Jiang Chen doing wonders by picking out stones with nothing but treasures, the whole thing had been documented by photographic stones. They were even circulated across the shops and streets of Dark Kun City.


For a moment, Jiang Chen and Monk Pu Du became well-known names. However, because the two were in disguise—Monk Pu Du was still being hunted down by the Godly Illusion Clan because of what happened back in the Godly Illusion Tomb—no one recognised Jiang Chen or Monk Pu Du.


If anything, many thought they were incredibly mysterious. Jiang Chen’s stone-probing technique, especially, had many Source Masters widen their eyes with incredulity.


They watched and watched again, yet none could see anything related to a Source Technique, which they used.


If it wasn’t that Jiang Chen’s ability was too mystical and surreal, they would even doubt if the young man knew the Source Techniques at all. After all, from the various images documented in the photographic stones, Jiang Chen would many times immediately know what was hidden in those stones after taking only a gander.


Such an ability was genuinely absolutely astounding.


“I wonder if the unusual activity at Kun Mountain has something to do with the Prime Ancestor of the Ji Family. Word is that there’s unusual fluctuations with the foetal rock that a Master from the Great West Holy Land carried out of Kun Mountain. The time matches with the unusual activity at Kun Mountain.”


“Many’s guessing that something incredible is sealed within that cursed foetal rock that obliterated the Great West Holy Land.”


“A Dao Artifact has been suppressing the foetal rock in the depths of Dark Kun City all these years. Word is that the foetal rock will be presented at the Divine Rock Conference this year, and many Forces intend to cut it open.”


“Veteran Source Masters from all places have been invited over. I heard even members of the Hermit Long Family and Skilled Zhu Family have also come.”


Many people in Dark Kun City were talking about it.


Recently, other than the news of the Ji Family’s attempt to invade Kun Mountain to rescue their  Prime Ancestor with help from many other Forces, another event has shifted people’s attention towards Dark Kun City – the Divine Rock Conference of Dark Kun City.


Sects, Families, Merchant Alliances and Clans, would bring forth divine rocks that had been sealed for aeons and invite the Source Masters to discuss the items kept within, as well as open them.


If anyone took a fancy to another Force’s divine rock, they could purchase it with a large sum of money.


In the past, various treasures had been opened and obtained from these stones in the Divine Rock Conference. In fact, there were records of sealed ancient living creatures, Immortal Herbs, and Immortal Fruit, to name a few.


All in all, many Immortal and Formidable Forces from the Upper Realm would participate in the Divine Rock Conference. In fact, even more Forces had diverted their attention over here after the Ji Family’s attempt to invade Kun Mountain.,


Many had already foreseen that the Divine Rock Conference this time would be bigger and noisier than ever before.


“It’s likely that the mysterious young man had obtained the inheritance of a Divine Source Master, or he wouldn’t have such abilities.”


“If possible, I want him to work for me.”


As it involved the Divine Rock Conference, many Elders or Leaders of various Forces held different thoughts, as they didn’t want to lose the chance to befriend a Divine Source Master.


Very quickly, they sent their subordinates or clansmen to find out where Jiang Chen was staying so that they could attempt to extend an olive branch to him.


“A Divine Source Master…” A chuckle escaped Gu Changge as he drank his tea leisurely in a magnificent, quaint palace in the depths of Dark Kun City.


“That Divine Source Master is an unfamiliar one. I’ve never come across him until now.” Said Yin Mei as bewilderment enveloped her.


“He has merely put on a disguise, that’s all. I, for one, figured out who he is already. And that monk…” Gu Changge smirked. [If I remember correctly, the my murder of those Sect Masters as the Godly Illusion Tomb was yet to be resolved, and the Godly Illusion Clan ended up shifting all the blame to Jiang Chen. Since then, the young man had been shouldering the crime of stealing the Godly Illusion Clan’s Prime Ancestor’s Divinity Crystal and the mass murder of those Sect Masters. How would he possibly dare wander the streets with his real face?]


[Word is that he had bumped into Xiao Ruoyin in the stone-gambling hall.] Gu Changge recalled the incident Yin Mei reported and suddenly thought he could attempt to utilise this chance.


The Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation residing within Jiang Chen evidently could resolve various arrays and easily change the geography of a region. So much so that it would give people the illusion that Jiang Chen was the Successor of a Divine Source Master.


[With how things are going, the Artifact Spirit of the Celestial Boat of Creation might just play a role in the invasion of Kun Mountain. Time to pay their High Priestess of Destiny a visit.]


Gu Changge chuckled and left the palace to visit Xiao Ruoyin. He didn’t ask Yin Mei, Su Qingge, or anyone else to follow.


Though he hadn’t paid much attention to Xiao Ruoyin lately, Yan Ji would still regularly report everything that went on in Skyward Schloss. Hence, Gu Changge actually knew all of Xiao Ruoyin’s actions and thoughts.


That said, he didn’t hate such behaviour. On the contrary, he thought the young woman was smart and knew how to play things to her advantage and was greatly ambitious. With that point alone, she had already surpassed many women. 


Another thing was that such a personality was easier for him to control.


At the same time, at where those from Skyward Schloss was residing in temporarily, Xiao Ruoyin was still reeling in bafflement at what had happened during the day, and as she furrowed her brows and mulled over where exactly she had met Jiang Chen before, she heard other disciples announcing Gu Changge’s arrival.


She was stupefied at once, and after she came to her senses, she frantically applied some makeup so that she’d look even prettier. 


After all that was done, she took a deep breath to calm herself down and hide her joy.


“To think Young Master Gu has also come to Dark Kun City, but why has he come here at this time?” Xiao Ruoyin’s heart raced as redness tinted her cheeks. However, she continued to calm herself down so that she looked no different than usual.


She always believed that she could get close to Gu Changge because she transmigrated from the modern world.


When she first arrived, she didn’t know who Gu Changge was. Hence, that was why she dared chat with him, mostly talking about what happened in her world, the modern world. Naturally, at the time, she didn’t fear Gu Changge like most women did. That was why he would find her special. He remembered her because she was unlike the other women here.


Sure, the explanation sounded ridiculous and even tacky, but in Xiao Ruoyin’s opinion, that was the truth.




Right then, in the nearby court, nearly all the disciples and Elders of Skyward Schloss had been alerted. 


“Greetings, Young Master Changge.” They hurriedly welcomed the young man, having no time to argue that it was currently nighttime.


Though Gu Changge was the Successor of Skyward Schloss, his current status was already far beyond that of even the Sect Master of Skyward Schloss. In fact, many would shudder involuntarily when they faced him as they would sense an unbelievably terrifying aura coming at them, without Gu Changge doing anything in particular.


Gu Changge entered the residence casually without any escorts, and he waved his hand with a smile, saying, “At ease, everyone. I’ve come to visit Lady Ruoyin.”


[I knew it!] mused many of the disciples and Elders of Skyward Schloss after hearing Gu Changge’s purpose for visiting.


An Elder nodded and said, “But I’m afraid Ruoyin has already rested at this time. We’ll get her at once.”


While stumped, Gu Changge smiled and said, “I won’t bother her then. I’ll come back again tomorrow.”


His response rendered many Elders and disciples deeply shocked with disbelief. Many female disciples, too, widened their eyes with absolute envy and jealousy.


This was the Gu Changge they were talking about. It was a lady’s honour for him to come and visit her personally.


They believed if they were Xiao Ruoyin right then, they would probably be beyond excited. Even so, Gu Changge actually suggested returning tomorrow so as not to disturb Xiao Ruoyin’s rest.


[What had Xiao Ruoyin done to deserve such treatment from Gu Changge?!]


They believed the incident would create a massive tumult in the Upper Realm if it got out.


After all, what woman could receive such treatment from Gu Changge in the Upper Realm now?


Of course, it might also be because Gu Changge had always treated the woman he cared about very gently.


“Greetings, Young Master Gu…”


Xiao Ruoyin happened to have heard Gu Changge’s words when she came rushing over, and she was surprised by it, for she never expected the man to care that much about her. As shocked as she was, she also felt absolutely touched. So much so that her voice trembled subtly as she greeted him.


Given Gu Changge’s status, visiting her personally already signified how important she was to him.


“Well, it looks like you haven’t rested.” Gu Changge smiled deviously as he looked at the young woman, who was so beautiful that not even the dark night could conceal it.


Meanwhile, nearly all the Elders and disciples of Skyward Schloss looked at Xiao Ruoyin with absolute envy and jealousy.




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