I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 537, Acting All Innocent; Bend Over Backwards to Have Him Stay Over


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Faint moonlight scattered across the silent night, making the courtyard exceptionally serene, and the thicket of bamboo rustling in the distance made it otherworldly.


Xiao Ruoyin looked exceptional in her white dress. The light makeup on her face complimented her fair, flawless skin, giving her look ethereal.


“I’ve just learned how to make this… Please have a taste, Young Master Gu.” Her lashes fluttered while she poured Gu Changge a cup of tea.


After sending the rest of Skyward Schloss on their way, the courtyard became very quiet. 


A chuckle escaped Gu Changge as he looked at the steaming hot tea on the stone table.


“Not bad,” he complimented after taking a sip, causing a hint of glee to flash across Xiao Ruoyin’s eyes. “I’m glad you like it.”


She mumbled, “I am flattered that you would come and see me on such a late night, Young Master Gu, but you don’t have to. I can go to you, just fine. You just have to say the word.”


Given Gu Changge’s status, all he had to do was give the order, and whoever he wanted to meet would surely go to him. The same thing went for Xiao Ruoyin as well. If it weren’t for Gu Changge’s status preventing her from visiting him as she pleased, she’d have wandered around the man every chance she got, lest he forgot about her.


Gu Changge’s sudden visit genuinely shocked yet touched her, and even now, she still couldn’t calm down.


“Why fuss over something so insignificant?” Gu Changge blew the steam from the tea away and smiled, seemingly not noticing Xiao Ruoyin’s expression. “It’s just that I suddenly heard some news about you. Seeing that I have some time and that I haven’t checked in with you for a while, I thought a visit was necessary. It’s nothing major. Nothing to worry about,” he explained.


That said, Xiao Ruoyin was still touched to know that Gu Changge cared so much about her feelings.


“Young Master Gu, not only have you saved me, given me the resources to cultivate, allowed me to join Skyward Schloss, and become the disciple of a Sacred King Realm expert. You also care so much about me… It’s all because of you that I’m where I am today. I honestly don’t know how to repay your kindness,” Xiao Ruoyin thanked Gu Changge with sincere gratitude while her voice grew gradually shaky as she spoke. At the mention of repaying his kindness, redness tinted her cheeks.


Looking at Gu Changge’s status while comparing them to hers. Their social statuses were of night and day. The sensation, to her, was equivalent to an emperor who remembered a common woman, and he even actively asked about her well-being. In fact, she felt absolutely flattered. 


Of course, Xiao Ruoyin also understood that it was because she had already adapted to this world’s cruel, pyramid-like hierarchy and, in turn, knew to grow fearful of those with power. After all, Gu Changge was the man standing on the apex, overlooking countless Upper Realm beings. Such a feeling most likely would not have surfaced if it was when she had just arrived in this world. Back then, she was practically fearless. So much so that she even dared to chat with Gu Changge all night long as though they were old friends.


“Do you think I helped you because I want you to repay the debt?” Gu Changge asked with amusement.


“N-No, I don’t mean that.” Xiao Ruoyin shook her head, then put on a determined look. “I… I honestly feel guilty when you’re helping me out like this. There’s nothing I can repay you with either. I can’t even make tea by your side. After all, there are countless prodigal damsels who would want to make you tea. It’ll be aeons before it’s my turn. Even if I offer myself to you, I’m probably not worthy, and you wouldn’t make anything of me either.” As she came to the end of her sentence, she pulled a bitter, self-deprecating smile.


Gu Changge, on the other hand, revealed shock, pretending as though he hadn’t expected such words from the young woman. At that, he shook his head and said with feigned sobriety, “Why mope, Lady Ruoyin? To me, you’re very different from the other women. Why do you think I’d go this far to help you?”


His question took Xiao Ruoyin aback for a second, and she pondered for a moment before shaking her head in distress. “I don’t know… I always thought you took pity on me.”


Of course, she knew why, but if she said it out bluntly at this time, she would appear over-ambitious. Being a smart girl, Xiao Ruoyin naturally knew what she should say.


Gu Changge took a gander at her and chuckled, “That’s not it. I just think you’re different from all the other women, that’s all. Well, it’s all in my eyes and how I judge things. You don’t have to overthink. I don’t need you to repay me.”


Sure, Xiao Ruoyin saw that coming, but she still couldn’t help feeling touched after hearing it personally. 


“But I wouldn’t know what to do anymore when you put it like that, Young Master Gu. It makes me feel absolutely horrible. I can’t accept your kindness like this,” the young woman mumbled barely audibly while drooping her head.


Xiao Ruoyin wanted Gu Changge to believe she was a simple, straightforward girl and hoped that he would never know she had agendas. Hence, after saying that, she allowed redness to tint her cheeks as a quiver laced her mumbles, appearing totally abashed.


“Young Master Gu, can you… can you stay for the night? I know I’m nothing compared to the women by your side, but I don’t have any other thoughts or motives either. I get it, too, if you do mind.”


She refused to believe Gu Changge would remain heartless enough to turn her down when she had already put it like this.


“The way you put it…” Gu Changge shook his head as he let a chuckle escape, and helplessness laced his voice as he looked at Xiao Ruoyin. “Why does it feel like I’ll let you down if I say no?”


[Isn’t she bending over backwards to make me stay for the night? If so, why should I refuse? Not like I will suffer any losses.] If Xiao Ruoyin was going to act all innocent, then he would just play along with her, as simple as that.


“Really? That’s great!” Though the young woman had already foreseen that Gu Changge wouldn’t turn her down, she still couldn’t help exulting in joy while breathing a sigh of relief.


The weight on her shoulder was finally let down. She was certain news of Gu Changge staying over in her chambers would travel the next day, and soon enough, the entire Skyward Schloss would know about it. From then on, the first impression people would have of her would now be that she was Gu Changge’s woman. If so, who in the Upper Realm would dare snub or offend her if she pulled this card out!?


For the rest of the night, the pair engaged in an adulterous interaction.


Xiao Ruoyin was a rather powerful cultivator, after all, so she didn’t feel too uncomfortable, even if this was her first night.


That said, a hint of coldness flashed across her heart when Gu Changge mentioned the Divine Rock Conference that would be held in a few days.


“The Divine Rock Conference? So it’s about that, huh? I don’t actually know that mysterious Divine Source Master, but if you want to recruit him, I may be able to help you out,” said the young woman after some thought.


Though, word on the street was that this Divine Source Master was temperamental and wouldn’t welcome any visitors. In fact, many Forces who wanted to recruit him had been turned down. Even so, she had a feeling that he might actually give her a chance if she visited him personally.




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  1. “For the rest of the night, the pair engaged in an adulterous interaction”
    He did it again lol, man chickened out from sky deer goddess but never lets a chance flow by to improve his”relations”
    Now let me recount

    Yue minkong
    Yin mei
    Jiang chuchu
    Ji qingxuan
    Demon empress
    Xiao Ruoyin

    That makes it 6 (atleast these are the ones I remember)

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