I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 539, Maybe He Has His Reasons; Lying to Herself


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The way Xiao Ruoyin saw it, the main reason this young Divine Source Master would react so negative was because he was around Gu Changge’s age.


Any lofty Divine Source Master would likely be upset and feel like he had been belittled when he was asked to work for someone his age. However, Xiao Ruoyin believed he would come around if she clarified it to him. After all, who in the entire Upper Realm wouldn’t be willing to butter up to Gu Changge and serve him?


That said, Jiang Chen only grew increasingly grim against Xiao Ruoyin’s attempts. His knuckles cracked too, under his clenching. He genuinely couldn’t believe he would find his former goddess asking him to work for his nemesis. He was not only angry but also disappointed. Nevertheless, he calmed down fairly quickly.


He couldn’t blame Xiao Ruoyin at this time. He knew she didn’t know the real Gu Changge, and she had no idea how the man once ordered them to be annihilated.


“Say no more, fair lady.” Jiang Chen shook his head in rejection. “I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m a man who seeks freedom and hates being shackled. I don’t like to work for others.”


“Do you know who you’re turning down?” Xiao Ruoyin asked in bafflement.


She couldn’t believe not only wasn’t Jiang Chen tempted by Gu Changge’s offer, but he even rejected it without hesitation.


“I’ll be completely honest with you, fair lady. I have quite the feud with this Young Master Gu you speak of. So your efforts will only be in vain,” the young man replied, baffling Xiao Ruoyin. She had a hard time believing what Jiang Chen said.


As for the feud he had with Gu Changge, she didn’t put too much thought into it, for she saw it only as Jiang Chen’s excuse for rejection.


“In that case, never mind then.” Xiao Ruoyin sighed in defeat. Who’d have thought she’d fail when she had believed this would be a sure thing.


[How will I explain it to Gu Changge?]


When Jiang Chen saw that Xiao Ruoyin was ready to leave, a glimmer flashed across his eyes, and he suddenly called out, “Please hold on. I wish to speak to you in private if you don’t mind. It will only take a moment.”


Xiao Ruoyin furrowed her brows but wasn’t worried that Jiang Chen would do her any harm. Thus, she told her fellow disciples to wait for her outside after some thinking and turned to Jiang Chen. “You can say whatever it is you want to tell me here.”


Jiang Chen smiled at that, and he took a deep breath, allowing a layer of hazy glow to brush past him before the bones in his body cracked one after another. His body transformed visibly, and in two trembles, he became a whole different person.


“You… Jiang Chen!?” 


Xiao Ruoyin was somewhat shocked and baffled by his actions. That was when she finally realised who she was seeing, completely dumbfounded by it.


“Jiang Chen, what happened to you!?” Xiao Ruoyin asked with surprise and delight.


After all, Jiang Chen and the others were some of her only friends from her past world who came to this world with her. To be able to bump into him in Dark Kun City delighted her.


“It’s a long story,” Jiang Chen answered with a profound expression.


“No rush. You can go through it in detail; I have time. No wonder I thought you felt familiar.” Xiao Ruoyin beamed, and she instantly figured out why he would voluntarily give her the Blood King Ginseng back in the stone-gambling hall.


However, before Jiang Chen could say anything, a thought struck her, and she couldn’t help asking, “By the way, how did you end up becoming a Divine Source Master? Were you fated with a different Destiny? But I remember the test indicated that you guys didn’t have any amplitude to cultivate. Young Master Gu told me he had sorted you guys out, so I was relieved. But why wouldn’t you work for him and even say you two have some sort of feud?” 


A Divine Source Master was greatly revered in the Upper Realm, and there had only ever been so many famous Masters in the past aeons.


As the thought crossed her mind, Xiao Ruoyin couldn’t help but feel happy for her friend’s fortuitous opportunity.


“I will tell you in detail, including what happened after we parted ways,” said Jiang Chen plainly as a hint of malice flashed across his eyes.


It was indeed a long story, but to Jiang Chen, it felt as though everything had just happened the day before, and many things were still fresh in his head.


“Gu Changge had lied to you back then. He was already scheming back when he released us. The stones used to test our amplitude were rigged by him in secret. Hence, none of our amplitude other than yours could be detected. That way, he can throw us out with a justifiable reason  while reassuring you. Gu Changge has just put on a benign facade… The real Gu Changge is far cruller and more heartless than anyone in this world…” said Jiang Chen unhurriedly, recounting all that had happened one by one, from how Gu Changge ordered his men to annihilate them after they separated from Xiao Ruoyin to all that had happened inside the Godly Illusion Tomb. He related everything in detail.


“What… H-How is that possible…” Xiao Ruoyin was first stumped when she heard Jiang Chen’s story, then she jolted and widened her eyes with incredulity as her head buzzed.


She had been cultivating in Skyward Schloss all this while and would hear many things about Gu Changge from many fellow disciples and Elders. Hence, her impression of the man had always been warm, gentlemanly, unadulterated, even celestial-like. When she interacted with Gu Changge, all was well. But now, after hearing Jiang Chen’s version of Gu Changge, she was dumbfounded, and her face even turned pale.


[If everything Jiang Chen said is true, then just how terrifying is Gu Changge!? Is how he behaves in front of me just the tip of the iceberg? Is it all just a facade?] Xiao Ruoyin couldn’t help shuddering in fear as she realised she seemed to have pictured Gu Changge being far too innocent of a man.


“Is all of that true?” She asked with a shaky voice as she tried to calm herself down. She believed Jiang Chen wouldn’t lie to her at this point.


“Every word of it.” Jiang Chen nodded in affirmation. “We’ve known each other for years. Do you think I’ll lie to you? Our friends, including Niu Tian. Who knows if they’re still alive? But, they might not be as lucky as I am. For all we know, their bones might be all there’s left of them.”


Xiao Ruoyin’s face turned white, her body jolted, and she staggered, nearly dropping to the ground.


Gu Changge’s tenderness from the night before suddenly came to her mind. He was a handsome and gentle man at the time, so perfect that she couldn’t pick out a single flaw. If she hadn’t heard it from Jiang Chen, she would never have believed the man could be so different from the person she knew.


“That’s why you have to leave Dark Kun City with me, Ruoyin. We’ll find a secluded place to cultivate and avenge Niu Tian and the others when the time comes. You need to know that Gu Changge would never be nice to you for no reason. He must have a plan in mind,” Jiang Chen said gravely.


He didn’t directly tell Xiao Ruoyin she was the Reincarnate of the High Priestess of Destiny. Though, he guessed that Gu Changge treated her the way he did because of her past identity.


He naturally couldn’t let Xiao Ruoyin fall into the abyss at such a critical time.


Xiao Ruoyin, on the other hand, fell silent for a moment before shaking her head firmly in rejection. “I can’t go with you, Jiang Chen. I’m a disciple of Skyward Schloss now. I… I’m sure everything you said is real, but who knows? Young Master Gu might have some kind of reason for all that.”


She knew Gu Changge would become her enemy once she left Dark Kun City with Jiang Chen, and just the thought of that sent chills down her spine as fear surged within her. Besides, she didn’t want to give up everything she had now. If she really left Dark Kun City with Jiang Chen, what was to happen to her Master, her Sect, and her future?


On the other hand, if she pretended not to have known all of this, she could continue to be Gu Changge’s woman with peace of mind. She could continue enjoying her respected status. She wouldn’t lack cultivation techniques or resources… How could she sever herself from a life like that?




Jiang Chen was hopeful, believing Xiao Ruoyin would realise Gu Changge’s evilness and leave with him after telling her his story, but who’d have thought she turned him down so crisply and even said Gu Changge might have his reasons for doing what he did?


The notion was like a bomb to his mind, wiping everything clean. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard!


“Are you being serious, Ruoyin!? You’re still not willing to leave when you know Gu Changge is using you? Can you really live with Niu Tian and the others’ souls staring down at you? Gu Changge is the villain who killed them!” Groaned Jiang Chen with pain and shock as his face turned white.


It seemed to him that Xiao Ruoyin had changed. She was no longer the woman he knew back then. [She can actually remain impassive after hearing about Niu Tian and the others’ death and have no intention of avenging them whatsoever. Just what had Gu Changge given her for her to do this so voluntarily?]


“I know everything you’re trying to tell me, but you need to give me some time. I believe Young Master Gu has his reasons..” Xiao Ruoyin shook her head as her tone grew increasingly firm.


Though this was what she meant for Jiang Chen, it was at the same time an attempt to convince herself. Moreover, she was certain Jiang Chen would likely forcefully take her away with him if she didn’t say this.


“You…” Jiang Chen looked at her with pain and incredulity. He felt as if his heart had been stabbed countless times/


The way he saw it, Xiao Ruoyin was now choosing to be ignorant, refusing to acknowledge the grim reality until she was met with her demise.


[Just what’s so good about Gu Changge that you’re willing to go to this extent?]


The notion angered him, believing she was too far beyond salvaging.




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