I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 541, Put It on Gu Changge’s Tab, a Supreme Sword Technique


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Many young prodigies in Stone Gathering Square started taking shallow breaths as they stared straight ahead. Many of them were looking at Gu Xianer, trying to get clues from her expression. Unfortunately for them, her small face, whose beauty could turn the world upside down, was so indifferent and calm that people couldn’t read her.


Several Elders also looked at the stone as tall as half a person unblinkingly. As several old stonecutters came together, they began peeling off the stone’s outer layers. It had a kind of gentle, soothing beauty like jade or moonlight as a faint glow of sunlight penetrated out of the stone and spread everywhere, dyeing this place a magnificent colour. The onlookers already had a hunch that something extraordinary would appear after the stone was cut open. 


“This stone has been left there for tens of thousands of years and it was concluded by many senior Source Masters to be empty. I can’t believe something is actually coming out of it.”


“It is a stone that costs more than a million. Who would buy it if they weren’t sure about it?”


“People even believe that the little princess of the Gu Family would suffer a big loss. At the end of the day they are the ones that got caught by surprise.”


Many people were talking in low voices with traces of surprise. They had already seen many miraculous sights at Stone Gathering Square today. The stone that no one had high hopes for belonged to the young lady was suddenly shining radiantly. They only found simple uncommon stones in the beginning, but later, they saw rare Sacred Herbs that must have been millions of years old.


Sealed off Dragon Bone Jades, Phoenix Essence Beads, Qilin Sacred Fruits, and even a jar of Dao Essence Pill coveted even by the Sacred Emperors were among the many…


The moment the pieces of extremely rare Artifact were cut out of the rock, the shocked crowd started causing a commotion. Many, even ancient ones and important figures, had rushed over. After all, the person who extracted all these things was Gu Xianer. One might not need to know her, but her cousin, Gu Changge, was a person whose reputation was widespread in the Upper Realm.


Just as several stonecutters were busy cutting the stone, Gu Xianer’s eyes fell to the other side to look at a somewhat reddish-black stone the size of a washbasin. She then asked, “How much Spiritual Stones for that stone?” 


Surrounded by a lot of black and red soil, the stone was placed in a high place. Its blood-coloured mist was dense as if it was afraid of touching the ground.


“It is a Ghost Blood Rock. It was retrieved by a Sacred Emperor Realm expert from the Ghost Blood Highland eight million years ago. It was sold to the Alliance of Thousand Merchants by his descendants for five million Spiritual Stones. It is a pity that it has been left here to sit in dust all these years. No one cares about it. Many old Source Masters have come and seen it. They think there is something in it,” the storekeeper laughed and confessed, “but they didn’t say whether it is worth five million Spiritual Stones.” 


He might try to swindle his customers and talk them into buying the stone if they were someone else. However, he wouldn’t dare do that to Gu Xianer. The Ghost Blood Rock was a somewhat famous stone at Stone Gathering Square that many people knew about. Hearing Gu Xianer’s inquiry, he couldn’t help but look over both with curiosity and interest as he thought she was going to buy it. The King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady and the others also shifted their gazes from the stone that was in the middle of being cut to the Ghost Blood Rock.


[Could there be something unexpected in that stone?] The Successor of the Holy King Palace, the Young Holy King’s eyes, suddenly became crystal clear as runes circulated in them. He was scrutinising the stone. With his current powers, it was still difficult for him to see what was in it. It was taken by a Sacred Emperor Realm expert from Ghost Blood Highland after all. If even a Sacred Emperor could not tell what it was and sold it, there was no way he could easily look into it. 


A few Elders also gathered around to take a closer look and touch all over the stone. Still, as if it was very heavy, the Ghost Blood Rock stood towering and motionless. However, the blood-red mist on the surface grew denser.


[Five million Spiritual Stones?] Gu Xianer frowned slightly and turned to look at Hong on her shoulder as she hesitated whether to believe the shopkeeper or not. For her, five million Spiritual Stones was no small sum. Although she had no shortage of Spiritual Stones, her heart broke at the thought of spending so many of them to buy a rock.


[Hong has a special talent. Since Hong thinks that this Ghost Blood Rock is more than meets the eye, there must be something in it.] With that in mind, Gu Xianer no longer hesitated. She had a clear and cold expression as she instructed. 


“Okay. Cut this one open as well. However, I don’t have so many Spiritual Stones on me, so put it on Gu Changge’s tab. Ask him for the amount when the time comes.” She wouldn’t feel tormented if she spent Gu Changge’s Spiritual Stones!


Hearing this, many people here were taken aback for a moment before an overwhelming sense of envy bubbled up inside. This lady in front of them was probably the only person who would so boldly spend money and push the bill to Gu Changge.


Uh… I…” The shopkeeper was clearly dumbfounded as he didn’t expect Gu Xianer to say that. [How would I dare go after Gu Changge for the Spiritual Stones?] 


But now that she had suggested such a thing in front of so many people, Gu Changge definitely would not cheat his way out of paying the sum. More importantly, the shopkeeper had heard rumours that the person in charge of the Alliance of Thousand Merchants was actually one of Gu Changge’s people. [Surely five million Spiritual Stones isn’t a lot to him.]


Right then, thick divine light similar to layers of mist oozed out of the stone that was being cut on the other side, instantly drowning the surrounding area. Many people watching this scene in shock felt their hearts race. It was as if there was something extremely horrifying hidden there.


[The thing inside has spirituality…] There was a brilliance in the eyes of the King with Six Crowns. He seemed to have noticed a dark golden paper quietly floating there.


Some sharp-eyed Elders were quick with their hands as they thrust their palms forward, bringing out one rune after another to clear the space around, lest the things in the stone escape. The crowd had felt what seemed to be spirituality and overwhelming ominous power in the thing hidden in that stone. 


“Don’t let it escape. This thing has been sealed in the stone for many years. It already has gained spirituality.”


“It could be a page from an Immortal Scripture…”


People were shocked, and those who were closer even felt as though they were suffocating. After freeing itself from the stone, the dark gold page stretched out in the void like a scroll and trembled lightly as if the words hidden in it were sending out a burst of ripples. Someone used their Heaven Peering Eye to see clearly what was on this dark gold page. They ended up screaming as tears, mixed with blood, flowed from their eyes. It was as though they had been pierced by the page. 


“This thing is so ferocious. Also, the writing on it is very old. It is something from at least several epochs ago…” an Elder judged. There was a misty brilliance emerging from his sleeves as he intended to subdue the page. 


Gu Xianer did not expect that the thing cut out of the stone would plan to escape. Still, she spent one and a half million Spiritual Stones to cut this out. There was no way she would let what was inside escape! With a small frown on her face, she lightly shook her slender hands, and golden vines suddenly bloomed in the void. They soon turned into a forest of vines that swept towards the dark gold paper.


In another corner of Stone Gathering Square, several men and women were watching this scene each with different emotions. The group was headed by a tall woman wearing a veil covering her face and a long skirt with moiré patterns. Her hair was like a waterfall, and the look in her exposed eyes was extremely peaceful, revealing a sense of dignity and generosity. Her eyes were fixated on the dark gold paper when she commented softly, “Those are Hidden Celestial characters. Seems like there is definitely the legacy of an Elder from our Hidden Celestial Race in Kun Mountain… It might be something that our Ancestors retrieved before.”


“How did something from the Hidden Celestial Bloodline end up in Kun Mountain?” asked a tall, sturdy man with green patterns on his sullen face, who stood behind her.


“I don’t know about this. This is also the purpose of my visit to Dark Kun City,” the woman in the cloud pattern dress replied softly, her eyes calm and unwavering.


The well-built man asked again, “Should we think of a way to take the gold paper away?”


“Well, it does belong to an Ancestor of our family. She might have been the one who cut it out, but I’m sure she will give it up as long as the price we offer is right.” The woman uttered calmly, “I must take it back.”


“Gu Xianer? Gu Changge’s cousin?” A cold look flashed across the strong man’s eyes, but he quickly regained his composure. He and his past self were completely different. Other than the people closest to him, no one would be able to notice his true identity. 


The two were An Xi, the current Young Mistress of the Hidden An Clan, and Niu Tian, whom she rescued.


Sensing the killing intent from Niu Tian behind her, An Xi couldn’t help frowning as she warned, “Now that we are in Dark Kun City, don’t you dare act without thinking. I won’t be able to protect you otherwise.” 


She knew about the bad blood between Niu Tian and Gu Changge. However, Niu Tian was just a nobody back then. An Xi was sure that Gu Changge wouldn’t recognise Niu Tian, who had undergone such a drastic change. As long as Niu Tian didn’t start something, there would not be a problem.


“I know, but I will always remember this grudge,” Niu Tian hissed, a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes. However, he quickly calmed down. He needed to take his time and plan something if he wanted to take revenge. Exposing himself too soon would only bring about unimaginable disasters.


*Hum!* At this time, the dark gold page in the void, which was trapped by several Elders, suddenly shook violently. The words on it were like brilliant swords that shot out terrifying black sword energy in all directions and directly smashed the void.


*Puff!* The few Elders who tried to hold the paper down earlier spurted out a big mouthful of blood and were flung backwards.


[It seems to contain the teachings of a remarkable Sword Technique…]


Many people were alarmed as apprehensiveness washed over them. In a daze, they saw the process of a stone evolving into a Killing Stone Sword on the dark gold page. The sword-like beam was too terrifying. It almost seemed like the sword was forged just for killing, and it could pierce through everything and destroy even time itself.


No one at Stone Gathering Square could sit still. Many beings from the older generation and even Sect Masters who were behind the scenes showed up, as their breathing laboured. Anyone could tell that this was definitely an unimaginable supreme Sword Technique. Just a trace of godly power that permeated from it was enough to kill Immortals and destroy gods.




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