I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 543, It Looks to Me Like You’re Sick of Living, in the Face of True Power


Translator: Fate

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No one had expected Gu Changge’s arrival at Stone Gathering Square. The crowd was in an immediate uproar the moment he appeared. Many of those from the older generation started to emerge from the shadows then despite them staying hidden even when the page tried to escape mid-air earlier. 


To them, Gu Changge’s appearance here had brought a whole new meaning to this event. People weren’t even aware before this that Gu Changge had come to Dark Kun City. 


A flash of heartfelt hatred flashed in Niu Tian’s eyes when he saw this enemy of his who was constantly on his mind. However, he hid his emotions well and only clenched his fists tight. He couldn’t forget how Gu Changge drove everyone to death by acting differently than he promised back in the Vermilion Bird Empire. If it weren’t for how lucky he was to be rescued by An Xi when he fell into and floated along a river after falling off a cliff, he would have died long ago.


There was no way he would forget this grudge.


Compared with Niu Tian’s composure, An Xi had a stunned expression on her face, and she became slightly frozen and awkward. Of course, she heard what Gu Changge said. She would have lost her temper a long minute ago if it was any other people who said that to her. However, she didn’t dare do so in front of Gu Changge.


The biggest reason why she tried to trick Gu Xianer was that she thought Gu Changge was not in Dark Kun City. Gu Xianer had always acted alone, and she had no other members of the Gu Family or experts around her. In other words, she was someone commonly known as a pushover.


However, she recovered quickly by putting on a surprised smile. She looked very natural as she lightly cupped her hands towards Gu Changge who was walking towards them. “An Xi greets you, Young Master Changge.” 


Many members of the An Clan behind her also greeted him, their attitudes a little apprehensive. After the battle in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, Gu Changge’s fame and power in the Upper Realm soared to an unimaginably terrifying level. Even True Daoists didn’t dare to act presumptuously in front of him and needed to be cautious, let alone these members of the An Clan.


The remaining Elders and Sect Masters also put their hands together as they greeted him. “We greet you, Young Master Changge.” The King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, Chosen Monk Jin Chan and the others looked slightly uncomfortable, but they dared not be rude in front of Gu Changge. The emotions running through them were complicated. Gu Changge used to be someone who they could compare themselves to, but now they couldn’t even see Gu Changge’s back.


Their difference was worlds apart.


When the shopkeeper at Stone Gathering Square saw Yin Mei behind Gu Changge, his expression changed slightly, and he wanted to come to greet her. However, he could only smile wryly in regret for not stepping up and speaking out after he noticed the look in her eyes, telling him to save his pleasantries.


Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was an opportunity to butter up Gu Changge.



Gu Changge’s expression remained unchanged as if he hadn’t seen An Xi’s actions. As he walked straight past her and towards Gu Xianer, An Xi’s face turned stiff in embarrassment, but she still didn’t let it show. She could only remain in the same pose she greeted him in, despite it looking somewhat awkward.


Everyone watched on with different expressions on their faces. Many Sect Masters, too, were invested, and they seemed as though they weren’t bothered by how things might turn out. An Xi seemed to be in her element when she tried to scheme against Gu Xianer earlier. Although she wasn’t arrogant, it was hard to hide that naturally contemptuous attitude of hers. To An Xi, Gu Xianer was just a young lady who wouldn’t be able to compare to her in terms of scheming.


“You! What are you doing here?” Taken aback, Gu Xianer asked upon seeing Gu Changge’s sudden arrival. Even though there was a happy glint in her eyes when she came back to her senses, she managed to hide it well while keeping her tone casual and indifferent. She was aware that Gu Changge should be in Dark Kun City, otherwise no one would have kept track of her like bodyguards before. Still, she didn’t think Gu Changge would come to Stone Gathering Square in person. 


[Did he hear about me being here?] She was elated at the thought of it.


“Your thing might have already been taken away if I didn’t come. I didn’t know that even insects would try to trick you! I have seen something new today.” Gu Changge glance at her and shook his head lightly. He could tell that she felt aggrieved and wronged despite her face staying as cold as ever. [This silly girl can’t deal with schemes at all. She doesn’t even dare make a move against them. She will be the one who ends up with the shorter end of the stick if she quietly lets them take it away.]


Hearing this, Gu Xianer couldn’t help but retort, “Would she dare steal what’s mine in front of so many people?” 


She did feel upset by Gu Changge’s poking her where it hurt, but she still insisted stubbornly. Having Gu Changge by her side gave her a sense of stability that was hard to describe in words.


“I see. Indeed, she doesn’t have the guts to do that. If she did, she wouldn’t be leaving this place alive today. So cheer up.” Seeing how upset she was from the unfair treatment, Gu Changge suddenly smiled and reached out to pat her head, his eyes darkening a little.


“Rubbish! I’m not upset!” Gu Xianer’s face turned pink under everyone’s watchful eyes. She glared at Gu Changge as she stretched out her fair and slender hand to slap his hand off her head disdainfully. “Also, don’t you dare take advantage of me.”.


Gu Changge let out a soft chuckle at that. “It seems that I will have to teach you a lesson later, young lady.”


Gu Xianer, who wasn’t the least bit scared of him, snorted softly when she heard this. She obviously didn’t take these words to heart. [I will slip away when I get the chance. You still think you can bully me? Dream on!]


For some reason, everyone present who saw this suddenly felt cold in the back of their torsos. The members of the An Clan, especially, shuddered a little bit when they felt unnerved because of Gu Changge’s words just now. [‘Wouldn’t be leaving this place alive today’? Is he thinking of killing everyone?] 


An Xi’s complexion also changed slightly. She couldn’t help but tremble when she felt a chill hit her.


Forcing a smile, she explained, “You worry about the unnecessary, Young Master Changg. I wouldn’t dare forcibly take something that belongs to Lady Xianer. I was only concerned about her not recognising the characters on the page, and I thought of translating them for her. After all, this was left behind by an Ancestor of our family. Apart from the An Clan, there are only a few other families who can read the writings on it. Also, this page might have escaped if my people hadn’t taken action just now.”


She said this to let Gu Changge and everyone present know that she did not do anything bad to Gu Xianer, and that she even wanted to help Gu Xianer. And if it wasn’t for her, Gu Xianer wouldn’t be able to get this piece of paper that would definitely have escaped. Technically speaking, she did nothing wrong. This was exactly what was clever about An Xi. No matter how strong Gu Changge was, he wouldn’t possibly attack her for no reason.


However, Gu Changge didn’t care about what she had to say. He even seemed to not be interested to get involved as he glanced at her with cold eyes and an emotionless look on his face while asking, “So, I have to thank you? Well then. It looks to me like you are sick of living. How about I end your agony as soon as possible? What do you think?” 


Immediately, he thrust his palm forward, and Principles intertwined and fell, shaking the entire Dark Kun City with its sheer force as if the sky had fallen. They could even recover by themselves.


Many Sect Masters turned pale with fright. The impact of the fluctuation had left their souls trembling. The rest of the people, too, almost couldn’t help but kneel and prostrate themselves on the ground. If it weren’t for Gu Changge’s control, the entire Stone Gathering Square would have exploded in an instant and turned into powder.


The smile on An Xi’s face froze as her lips suddenly turned pale. With her strength, she couldn’t even move at this moment, let alone resist. At the critical moment, a quiet Elder behind her made a move to get her out of the way. “Watch out, Lady An Xi!” 


However, the dissipating fluctuations still made An Xi cough up blood. Her body, which almost exploded, fell to the ground covered in blood. On the other hand, the Elder whose cultivation was that of the Sacred Emperor Realm died tragically on the spot, having both his body and soul destroyed.


The faces of everyone at Stone Gathering Square immediately fell because of what happened. No one made a sound. Many Sect Masters quietly swallowed their saliva as they felt a tingle on their scalps. They knew that Gu Changge did it on purpose, or else that Elder wouldn’t have managed to save An Xi. Gu Changge’s action was also equivalent to making a point—any scheme was useless in the face of true power.


Every member of the An Clan began to tremble uncontrollably in extreme fear. Niu Tian’s scalp was also numb, and his face was pale as his legs grew weak.


As An Xi struggled to get up from the ground, the plain yarn that covered her face had already been stained by blood. She was a truly pitiful sight to behold. 


“Uncle Guang…” Her shaky voice was thick with fear and grief. She never expected Gu Changge to be so strong or that he didn’t even want to have a conversation with her. If Uncle Guang hadn’t tried his best to save her, she would be the one who was annihilated in both body and soul.


The fluctuations here swept across the entire Dark Kun City in an instant, and many ancient beings that had never appeared before also emerged in the sky one after another. Their faces were solemn as different emotions appeared on them while they looked at Stone Gathering Square from afar.


“What… exactly is going on?”


A silver-haired elderly person was leaning on a cane at the place where the An Clan was based. When the feeling of impending doom washed over him, he hurriedly rushed over to the location, disappearing from sight.




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  1. Sure, he can murder anyone he wants, but that just adds hostility. I kinda miss the times when we saw him actively thinking.

    Like here, her lame rhetorics could be shot down in one question.
    First and foremost, the guy isn’t from An family and MC knows that. If he asked, she also couldn’t answer, because then she’d admit to sheltering his enemy. And there go her nonsense that it belongs to her.
    Also, why is she acting like a saint for offering to read it for Xianer? She could, at best, bid with other families that as she said, can do it, for the chance to help out. (Bcs she’ll learn the technique if she helps)

    Well, not that I’m complaining, but I miss those times.

  2. jaja yo pensé que el prota aplicaría la de Conversar pero veo que su plan de fuerza absoluta es simplemente “Subarashi” jaja ya que Gu Xianer de alguna manera tiene una relación con la otra girl del Clan An (no me acuerdo el name, que hizo un trato con el prota) y pensé que diría que fácilmente como eran amigas podría buscar su ayuda y listo, pero vemos que si te metes con el prota solo acabarás en la RUINA!!!!

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