I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 544, What’s the Point of Keeping Your Divine Conscience, the Lady’s Really Gone Mad!


Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


Many Cultivators looked over in shock when the fluctuations from Stone Gathering Square shook Dark Kun City. A majority of them couldn’t help but start to tremble. They were deeply disturbed by the energy fluctuations just now.


“What just happened? Could a True Daoist have made a move…” The ancient beings from several Immortal Forces appeared high up in the sky to look in the direction of Stone Gathering Square with apprehensive looks on their faces. 


True Daoists in the Upper Realm were gradually reemerging one after another. Currently, these ancient beings were all figures from the different races, who appeared with varying intentions. Naturally, they wouldn’t make a move if it was not important. However, the fluctuations they felt seemed to be caused by a True Daoist. 


[It must be a True Daoist that has appeared!] This put a glum look on the Ancient Beings’ faces as a sinking feeling washed over them. [Will a violent war break out in Dark Kun City even before the Ji Family and their troops go into Kun Mountain?] 


This was a pressing situation. Thinking of this, the Ancient Beings didn’t dare delay a second longer. Their figures flashed by as they stepped in the direction of Stone Gathering Square.



Everyone was busy trembling in fright that Stone Gathering Square was completely silent. Many Sect Masters  were shaken down to their bones after being startled by Gu Changge’s powerful attack. 


[As expected. Anything about Gu Xianer is taboo to Gu Changge.] The Phoenix Lady glanced at Gu Xianer with a complicated look in her eyes. She had seen Gu Changge stand up for Gu Xianer many times now. It was the same back at Godly Illusion Tomb, where the Young Mistress of the Godly Illusion Clan was almost killed by Gu Changge. The beautiful woman would have perished if it wasn’t for the Death Substitution Puppet.


Although Gu Xianer knew that Gu Changge would definitely stand up for her, she didn’t expect Gu Changge to be so strong and cold-blooded. He even almost killed An Xi with his palm on the spot. She finally felt her anger dissipate slightly when she saw how pathetic the bloodied An Xi looked now, unlike her previous conceited self.


The many patterns of stars and strange beasts on Gu Changge’s dark ceremonial robes seemed to come alive at this moment. As they manifested, they released the power of the gods so overwhelming it was hard for people to breathe as their skin felt like cracking. “Is this the paper? Let’s see if it dares to escape now,” Gu Changge uttered indifferently with a blank face. Soon, he raised his gaze and glanced at Niu Tian before he reached over and grabbed him.


Niu Tian instantly paled. He wanted to avoid it, only to find that he seemed to be confined in place, and even his blood and soul were frozen. He was still holding the dark gold page which Hidden Celestial characters glowed as a dazzling brilliance permeated and intertwined in his hand.




Right then, it woke up by itself and broke free from Niu Tian when it felt the incoming oppression. Tens of millions of Sword Qi beams soon burst out like a piercing big, black sun and shot at Gu Changge. The looks on everyone at Stone Gathering Square’s faces dimmed when they saw this. Even the Sect Masters felt their hearts race, and they unknowingly tried to resist the attack.




Faintly, a black river where hundreds of millions of lives were buried emerged. One could even see the wronged souls and corpses floating in the river. All the beams of Sword Qi evolved together into a force that could bury anything to fend off Gu Changge. However, the moment Gu Changge push his palm forward, it looked like stars had condensed, and the entire universe had evolved in his palm.


*Boom!* It felt as though the sky fell and the earth crumbled while the heavens turned into ashes as soon as Gu Changge’s palm fell. All the Sword Qi started to collapse and Principles turned into fine powder. The void grew blurry then. This dark gold paper quickly noticed that something was wrong. Knowing that it didn’t stand a chance to win against Gu Changge, it swiftly turned into a golden divine light and tried to escape.


“It’s making a run for it, hmm?” Gu Changge’s expression did not change as he continued to press his palm downward. Immediately, the voids around stopped still before horrifyingly large crack appeared and they collapsed. Even the Sect Masters felt their hearts palpitate as it was difficult for them to break free.




A stunning glow erupted from the dark gold paper as it tried to fight against Gu Changge’s attack. However, under the suppression of absolute power, it couldn’t get away even if it had divine consciousness. Instead of escaping, it could only let out a reluctant and sorrowful howl in the end when Gu Changge caught it in the palm of his hand. 


Everyone watching this, especially the young prodigies, was rendered silent from fear.


The dark golden paper which no one could handle just now couldn’t escape from Gu Changge now. The thought of how scarily powerful he was sent was eerie to the crowd.


“What is the point of keeping your useless spirituality when I can’t use you?” Gu Changge’s eyes were indifferent as horrifying energy flowed in his palm. With everyone’s fearful eyes watching, he wiped away the divine conscience from the dark gold paper.


Seeing this scene, Niu Tian, An Xi and the others turned even paler as their fear became visible. Many of the older generation couldn’t help but feel horrified. They didn’t think Gu Changge would even get rid of the page’s divine conscience. His ruthlessness and decisiveness made many people shudder involuntarily.


“Why did you erase its divine conscience?” Gu Xianer felt bad when she saw this. After all, it was a supreme Sword Technique they were talking about here. She would be the one suffering a big loss after Gu Changge ruined it just like that.


“Why keep it when it’s so disobedient?” Gu Changge shook his head lightly. However, he had no intention of giving the paper to Gu Xianer. He could tell that there was indeed a supreme Sword Technique written on it. It wasn’t that he coveted Gu Xianer’s belongings. He only had his interest piqued, now that he hadn’t found out the origin of this Sword Technique yet.


Seeing through Gu Changge’s intentions, Gu Xianer puffed out her cheeks and snorted before she turned her head the other way. “It’s mine. Don’t even think about taking it.” 


She had a feeling that it would take some time before Gu Changge would give the page back to her, now that he had it in his hands. This made her sulk a little.


“You brat, when have I ever taken what’s yours?” Gu Changge was tempted to knock her on the forehead when he noticed the vigilant look on her face.


“You always try to take advantage of me… I don’t believe your kind act. Hurry up and give me my stuff back,” Gu Xianer scoffed softly. As she glared at him, she quickly avoided his hand that was coming to knock her.


At this exact moment, several divine rainbows descended from outside Stone Gathering Square and landed here. With white hair and beards and hunched backs, the elderly people who came looked like they had experienced all life had to offer. One of them who used a cane was looking at all this in shock.


The fear on An Xi’s face went away by a bit when she saw the people who had just arrived. Still, she couldn’t hide her grief. 


“Grand Uncle…” she moaned. This was an An Clan’s Ancestor who had become a True Daoist many years ago. He had come out during this period of time because of the siege on the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. He even came to Dark Kun City recently with An Xi.


“What happened?” The True Daoist from the An Clan had a bad feeling. His heartbeat only sped up when he saw An Xi covered in blood. After taking a look at her, he glanced at everyone at Stone Gathering Square. A big number of them were casting interested gazes at him. There wasn’t a trace of respect and fear they should have towards a True Daoist. Many Forces that had conflicts with the An Clan were even looking on with a gloating expression on their faces.


His face quickly darkened. He was a wise man. When he saw Gu Changge standing not far away, he could already guess what had happened. And so, he demanded in a questioning tone, 


“Did you start something?” However, without waiting for An Xi to answer, he cupped his hands and looked at Gu Changge again to greet him. “An Wangshan greets you, Young Master Changge.” 


As a True Daoist of the An Clan, An Wangshan was an important and revered man who people treated with respect any other day. But in front of Gu Changge, he didn’t dare to act carelessly.


Oh, we met at the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains, didn’t we?” Gu Changge sized him up with interest.


“I didn’t expect you to recognise this old man.” An Wangshan solemnly brought up, “I had the honour to fight alongside you in Aether Abyss back then, Young Master Changge.” 


Naturally, it was also because of this that An Wangshan was aware of how scary Gu Changge was. There was no need to think of revenge after An Xi offended him. The best way was for them to obediently admit their mistake and ask for forgiveness.


Seeing this, the other ancient beings who rushed here also seemed interested. They could guess what had happened just now, but they didn’t think it was a big deal as they watched on, excited.


An Xi knew that An Wangshan couldn’t defend her. She could only bite back her grief as her face paled. 


“Forgive me, Grand Uncle,” she muttered. “I accidentally offended Young Master Changge just now… I have been punished as I should.” She was smart. After knowing that Gu Changge would not reason with her, she softened her attitude and put on a guilty and self-blaming attitude after doing something wrong. She didn’t show any feelings of resentment or anger.



Many who witnessed the entire incident were now watching this with different emotions on their faces. A lot of them thought that An Xi must have learnt her lesson today. After that Elder was killed by Gu Changge’s palm, she even obediently admitted to her mistake. 


She was so close to getting killed just now. Nevertheless, who she faced was Gu Changge. She would have held on to her grudge if it had been someone else.


After listening to An Xi’s explanation, An Wangshan thought that what he had imagined turned out to be true after all. Secretly, he fumed at Gu Changge for being such a tyrant. If that Elder hadn’t saved An Xi, An Wangshan might have come here only to see An Xi’s bones and corpse. 


“Xi has behaved in a childish manner. I implore your forgiveness if she has done anything to offend you.” Despite that, he still apologised sincerely on the surface and gave Gu Changge the utmost respect. He scolded An Xi again without waiting for Gu Changge to speak. “What are you waiting for? Aren’t you apologising to Lady Xianer?”


An Xi knew that this was An Wangshan’s way of getting her out of the pickle, or else today’s matter would not come to an end easily. She was determined to even bend over backwards when she forced an expression of guilt and self-blame on her face and apologised to Gu Xianer. “What happened earlier was my fault. I hope you will be the bigger person and forgive me, Lady Xianer.”


It was an utter embarrassment for someone of her identity and status to do this in front of so many forces in Dark Kun City. She would have to carry the shame with her even in the future. [I won’t be able to raise my head up among my peers anymore.] 


Nevertheless, she kept this sense of humiliation deeply hidden in her heart.


Gu Xianer only threw a glance at An Xi. She obviously didn’t care for her apology. But now that Gu Changge had already stood up for her, and she was not the kind of person who held onto grudges, she decided she couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about this anymore.


Right then, the stonecutters who were in charge of cutting the Ghost Blood Rock looked at Gu Changge all fidgety as they trudged forward. They then asked in a respectful tone, “Lady Xianer, would you still like to have this stone cut?” 


They had been watching from the sidelines when Gu Changge launched his attack earlier, and they almost fell to their knees. The fear they felt was deeper than anyone else’s. However, the bill for Gu Xianer’s five-million-Spiritual-Stones was put on Gu Changge. Would they dare to ask for the sum from him? 


Seeing this, the crowd only remembered that the stone-cutting was the most important agenda today. The mysterious Sword Technique just now was also extracted by Gu Xianer after she spent 1.5 million Spiritual Stones. There was still a stone worth five million Spiritual Stones that had not been cut yet.


[Could Lady Xianer also have the Legacy of a Divine Source Master?] Many Elders who had just rushed over were curious as they cast kind gazes on Gu Xianer.


“Of course!” Gu Xianer came to her senses and looked at the Ghost Blood Rock again. Like everyone else, she was also curious about what would be in it. But when she thought of something else, she looked at the pale-faced shopkeeper before she glanced at Gu Changge solemnly. 


“By the way, I put the purchase of this stone on your tab. Remember to settle the bill later. No reneging!” She warned, looking like she was afraid that Gu Changge would renege on the debt.


Hmm?” Gu Changge was taken aback for a moment when he heard that. He then raised his eyebrows as he wondered if he had heard it wrong. He looked Gu Xianer up and down again. [Did she really put the bill for buying some rock in my name? It seems like you have become insane, huh?]


“What?” Displeased, Gu Xianer immediately stared back into Gu Changge’s scrutinising and dangerous eyes. “Do I look like someone who has that many Spiritual Stones to you?”


“And yet you still came here for stone-gambling? You must be pretty sure of yourself,” Gu Changge couldn’t help laughing before he suddenly pinched her nose.


Gu Xianer slapped his hand away in disgust and huffed in a matter-of-fact manner, “That’s why I put it on your tab.”


That elicited a chuckle from him. He then glanced at the many stones in this building and unhurriedly told her, “Go ahead. You can cut any you want from this stall. However, I have a condition.”


“What is it?” She glanced at him warily. [I’m sure he is up to no good. He might be trying to take advantage of me some other way. I have to think this through.]




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