I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 545, What Does He Mean by “Fantasising”, It Could Be the child of a Sky Phantom


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Gu Xianer had a nagging feeling that there was a hint of ill intention in Gu Changge’s gaze, especially since he kept wanting to take advantage of her. 


[Surely he isn’t going to take the chance and request something outrageous from me?] At the thought of this, she suddenly recalled what happened during the fight in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


Gu Changge was injured during a fight with several True Daoists from the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains back then. However, he didn’t seem to have done anything to her when she went to see him. Instead, she was the one who slept soundly with her arms around Gu Changge. 


[Is he really not interested in me?] She felt somewhat dejected for some reason as various thoughts crossed her mind. “You have to agree to it first.” 


Gu Changge shook his head lightly and reached out to knock on her smooth and fine forehead. “Why is this head constantly fantasising, hmm?”


When Gu Xianer came back to her senses, she felt flustered from having him see through her thoughts. She hurriedly glanced at him and denied it. “You’re the one who keeps fantasising.” However, she couldn’t help feeling like something was off. [What does he mean by ‘fantasising’?]


“I’ll agree to it, but you are not allowed to take advantage of the situation to pick on me,” Gu Xianer warned with her guard up.


Gu Changge smiled. “Do I even need permission to pick on you?”


“Uhh…” She was at a loss for words when she heard that. She couldn’t help thinking how he was probably right. 


[Does he even need my permission?] She suddenly felt a little angry at the realisation.


However, Gu Changge had obviously guessed what she was going to say as he conceded with a small smile on his face. “Alright. I agree with anything you say.”


“Hmph!” she huffed, the corners of her lips slightly curled upwards. “Now that’s better.”


While the two were talking, the outer layers of the Ghost Blood Rock were peeled off under the joint efforts of several stonecutters. A faint blood-coloured mist began to diffuse from it then. There was even pale red blood oozing out, making the whole thing a bizarre sight to behold. Shocked, everyone at Stone Gathering Square could only stare at it unblinkingly.


“Bleeding from a cut stone… That is not a good omen,” uttered an Elder who was highly skilled in Source Techniques with a serious expression. He then took out a simple geomantic compass, on which runes began to transform as they tried to predict what was about to happen. 


Many were taken aback when they saw him. Recognising who this man was, they quickly treated him with respect.


The old man came from the Skilled Zhu Family, a famous family of Source Masters in the Upper Realm. The Hermit Long Family was as famous as they were. These families had extensively studied the Source Techniques. Many Forces had invited members from these 2 families to the Divine Rock Conference in Dark Kun City.


The rest of the beings from the older generation also grew solemn. They appeared to be extremely cautious.


[Ghost Blood Highland is located in a strange place. The terrain is so high that it can even suffocate experts who accidentally step into it. This suffocation comes from the soul and has nothing to do with their physical bodies. It is so eerily tricky that only a handful of people can makes it out alive once trapped there.]


[This Ghost Blood Rock was also brought out by someone in the Sacred Emperor Realm. I heard that he passed away for reasons unknown, and this was sold here by his descendants.]


[It is said that a Ghost Immortal was born at Ghost Blood Highland. There is a Ghost Blood Lake which is rumoured to have been formed after a monster called Sky Phantom got killed by an Absolute Being…]


[There is a possibility that this ‘bleeding’ is just water from Ghost Blood Lake.]


The many at the square were making their guesses with strange looks in their eyes. Gu Xianer also noticed how the big red bird at her feet grew a little uneasy. [Could there be something ominous hidden in the Ghost Blood Rock?] 


She softly frowned and pinched the hems of her clothes with her bare hands.


Gu Changge was surprised when he noticed the look on her face. “You didn’t know what’s in it when you chose it?” he asked. He initially thought that one of Gu Xianer’s Masters was a Divine Source Master. But from the looks of it, he had assumed wrong. [She is using something else to tell which ones are valuable.]


Gu Xianer glanced at him and muttered under her breath, “How would I know what is in it? Hong the one who told me to choose it.”


Gu Changge might be stunned when he heard that, but he wasn’t surprised. Only then did he carefully look at the big red bird that Gu Xianer had been carrying with her all along. He had never thought that this bird had such a talent before this. Appearance-wise, it was just an ordinary red bird whose red feathers were mixed in with different-coloured feathers. No matter which angle he looked at the red bird, with a slightly balding head, he couldn’t help thinking about how ugly it looked.


[It doesn’t look like a simple red bird. It seems to have transformed from some kind of spirit item…] Gu Changge had an odd look in his eyes as strands of runes flashed in them like the golden traces of the Great Dao. Noticing Gu Changge’s eyes, Hong squinted at him and let a rare and strange humanlike expression show in his eyes.




The Ghost Blood Rock suddenly split open, and the stonecutters in charge of cutting the stone were blown off. What followed after a loud explosion was a burst of dazzling red light that illuminated the area. The wisps of red dawnlight then diffused like mist, giving off a mysterious and dangerous feeling.


Everyone in Stone Gathering Square turned and looked at it intently. A majority of them even used techniques like Heaven Peering Eye to get a glimpse of what was happening.


[An egg?] Gu Changge quirked his eyebrows. He seemed to have seen beyond the red light and mist the moment the stone exploded.


A red egg the size of a washbasin was lying in the middle of the side. There were thousands of red rays intertwining on and permeating its surface as they almost turned into mist. Many people could even feel the breath from the red egg as it actively absorbed the energy of this world.


Gu Xianer, who also saw the content clearly at this moment, was left stunned with a completely puzzled expression on her face. 


“I got an egg from the rock?” she choked. [Is this what I got in exchange for spending 5 million Spiritual Stones?]


“The origins of this egg is unknown, but there is no doubt that it is related to the Ghost Blood Lake,” the Source Master Elder from the Skilled Zhu Family said. The geomantic compass in his hand kept spinning, and the deduction results displayed were a mess.


Everyone at Stone Gathering Square was curious about what could be in the egg. Many young prodigies, Bishops, and Ancient Beings stepped forward and used their abilities to check.


“It’s hard to judge its value. Even if there is a living being in it, its Talent is probably weak.”


“This level of fluctuation is far behind that of some of the fiercest descendants.”


A few True Daoists shook their heads. They thought that the egg had been sealed for so long only because it was contaminated with the special energy of the Ghost Blood Lake. And if there was a living being in it, it wouldn’t be a strong one. 


A living egg from with powerful bloodlines and Talents was enough to cause terrifying fluctuations. In fact, it was fairly common that those eggs sucked an entire galaxy’s spiritual energy dry. When put in comparison, this red egg instantly appeared ordinary.


Gu Changge didn’t think that Gu Xianer would extract something so simple, given her Fortuity. Seeing the disappointed expression that she couldn’t conceal, he couldn’t help but smile and suggest, “It could be from a Sky Phantom. You should keep it for now.” 




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