I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 546, Why Would I Laugh at You, What Are You Expecting?


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Although Gu Xianer was still suspicious after hearing Gu Changge’s words, she obediently kept the red egg. She didn’t believe that a Sky Phantom would hatch from it. After all, Sky Phantoms were one of the Extraordinary Beings of the World. There was no way a creature of that level would hatch from such an ordinary egg. Not only the eggs, but other things related to the Sky Phantom were also supposed to have a shocking appearance, such as having a divine glow that could light up the sky. Since ancient times, there had been rumours that Sky Phantoms fed on Immortals. Just that was enough to show how powerful and terrifying these creatures were.


Soon, the light dissipated, and the mist that filled the air also slowly dispersed. Everyone looked at the cracked rock, noting how there was still a lot of red blood-like liquid in it. It looked like blood, but at the same time, it also looked like water that was stained red. Instead of a peculiar odour, it exuded a faint fragrance.


[It should be an egg laid by some kind of beast at Ghost Blood Highland. It’s not something ordinary. But it is still a loss to pay five million Spiritual Stones for this…] 


Many shared the same thought. They were surprised because Gu Xianer had extracted many Artifacts before, and they thought that she had extraordinary skills and might have inherited the Legacy of a Divine Source Master. But looking at it now, it all might have been a mere coincidence.


[A Sky Phantom’s egg…] King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, and the others were also stunned, purely thinking that this Gu Changge’s words were only to comfort Gu Xianer. Many people thought that this egg was not worth five million Spiritual Stones. In fact, they don’t even believe it to be worth fifty thousand Spiritual Stones! But with Gu Changge here, they didn’t dare to laugh at Gu Xianer.


Let alone five million Spiritual Stones, even five hundred million of them was probably no different from a pile of waste stones to Gu Changge. Naturally, people started growing envious of Gu Xianer at the thought of this.


Gu Xianer could feel the changes in the expressions of the people around her. She didn’t care what everyone thought. The only thing that she felt her heart aching over was the fact that she suffered a big loss of five million Spiritual Stones. [Hong seems to have made a wrong judgement this time.]


Gu Changge couldn’t help finding her amusing when he saw her having inner turmoil. “Can’t you trust your judgement a little more? You were the one who wanted to cut open that stone.”


Gu Xianer quickly glared at him. “Don’t laugh at me.”


“Didn’t I tell you that it could be a Sky Phantom’s egg…” Gu Changge shook his head lightly and smiled.


“Stop trying to fool me. Do you really think I can’t tell? I know that you’re actually making fun of me now. You think that I threw five million Spiritual Stones away, don’t you?” Gu Xianer muttered. She was sad when she saw the item that came out of the egg, but hearing Gu Changge comfort her like he seldom did immediately put her in a better mood.


“I wouldn’t make fun of you. If it makes you happy, you can even throw five trillion Spiritual Stones away instead of just five million of them. No big deal.” Gu Changge let out a soft smile as if he didn’t mind at all. He didn’t believe that Gu Xianer would only get something ordinary. 


[Isn’t its commonness the reason it is extraordinary?] Of course, he wasn’t going to tell Gu Xianer this.


Feeling touched, Gu Xianer was stunned for a moment upon hearing his words. But on second thought, it sure sounded like Gu Changge was saying that she was wasteful in a roundabout manner. She crinkled her nose and raised her beautiful eyes to glare at him before she snorted. “You sound agreeable and all now, but you looked reluctant when I asked you to pay the bill earlier…”


Gu Changge looked around the many stones at Stone Gathering Square and asked with a casual smile, “Well, do you still want to cut these open?” 


He couldn’t be bothered to bicker with her. He had plenty of time to teach her a lesson another day. 


“Of course! Why not? You’re paying anyway.” Gu Xianer would not let go of this opportunity to take advantage of Gu Changge. With the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, she turned around, lifted the big red bird beside her feet, and started to wander around in search of new stones. However, none of the stones left at Stone Gathering Square piqued her interest. Even the big red bird seemed bored. Obviously, there was none that it liked.


The rest of the people at Stone Gathering Square wanted to witness Gu Xianer’s Source Technique with their own eyes. But after seeing this, they were all disappointed. Many young prodigies immediately left without a sound. They wanted to wait for the Divine Rock Conference 3 days later. It would be held in the largest marketplace in Dark Kun City, and many Immortal and Formidable Forces would participate by bringing all their families’ rare Wondrous Stones. 


Before the whole crowd dispersed, most Sect Masters and Elders had taken the effort to bid Gu Changge farewell.


Seeing that Gu Changge had no intention to further bother anyone. Thus, the An Clan, who had turned pale, quietly retreated. 


An Xi’s body was still covered in blood, and Niu Tian, who was behind her, also looked ashen and frightened. When Gu Changge took the page from his hand just now, he had a feeling that he could have been killed by the palm. Even the blood in his body seemed to freeze when he first-handedly experienced death once again.



What happened at Stone Gathering Square today spread quickly and caused quite a stir in Dark Kun City. Of course, that mysterious page was the hottest topic. Even though Gu Xianer had to spend 1.5 million Spiritual Stones to extract it, the many Sect Masters and Ancient Beings present had a feeling that the Sword Technique written on that mysterious page was beyond the ordinary Emperor Grade. It had definitely surpassed that level. As a result, the page’s actual value was indescribable with words, and it could never be measured using Spiritual Stones. Considering that, 1.5 million Spiritual Stones suddenly didn’t seem like a lot. 


As for the Ghost Blood Rock that Gu Xianer bought for 5 million Spiritual Stones, people thought it was a disappointment and a waste of Spiritual Stones for Gu Xianer. After all, the only thing that came out was an egg no more usual than any other egg.


The fact that An Xi, the daughter of the An Clan, was almost smacked to death by Gu Changge also caused quite a commotion. Of course, the many people who witnessed what had actually transpired thought that An Xi had it coming. Almost everyone could see now that Gu Xianer was not someone they could afford to provoke, especially not when Gu Changge was still in Dark Kun City. After this incident, people began to doubt whether or not Gu Xianer actually gained the Legacy of a Divine Source Master. Because if she didn’t, her luck was the only plausible explanation for what had happened. 



Gu Changge was in no hurry to check the page with a Sword Technique written on it after he returned to his palace. After seeing Niu Tian’s state today, he had a feeling that this so-called Hidden Celestial Bloodline had other uses. That was the reason he arranged for the Divine Rock Conference that would happen 3 days later. There was no doubt that the Immortal Gu Family would also participate in the conference. However, the Wondrous Stones they shipped here had not arrived yet.


[We can hold it off for now. There is still some time before we invade Kun Mountain.” With that thought in mind, he looked at Gu Xianer who had been following behind him, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Brat, are you going to keep glaring at me?”


“You will have to give me my Sword Technique first.” Her dissatisfaction was evident on her face. It seemed to her that Gu Changge still hadn’t mentioned what happened on purpose.


“What do you mean by your Sword Technique? I was the one who took it back. It’s in my hands now, so it’s mine,” he denied with a smile. As he raised his palm, the dark gold paper resurfaced with radiance flowing on it, The palm of his hand was reflected brightly as if it was engulfed in mist.


“You jerk. I knew you won’t give it back!” Gu Xianer’s gums were itchy from rage especially when she saw Gu Changge’s smug smile. If it weren’t for the fact that she couldn’t beat Gu Changge, she would have rushed to fight him now. He always made her so mad she would want nothing more than to sink her teeth into him.


Gu Changge shook the page in front of her. “Do you recognize the characters on it? Even if I give it to you now, you don’t know what is written on it.” [You couldn’t possibly know when even I don’t know.]


Gu Xianer was momentarily dumbfounded when she heard this. However, she was worried enough to repeat, “It’s still mine. You can’t just take it away from me.” 


She was still worried and repeated it again.


“I’ll find someone to translate the text, and I’ll give it to you when the time comes.” Gu Changge shook his head slightly and promised.


“Now that’s better.” She somewhat had more faith after Gu Changge said those words. She soon started to leave. She didn’t want to spend too much time with the man she always felt was taking advantage of her.


“You’re leaving just like that? Aren’t you forgetting something?” Seeing how she wanted to slip away, he let out a small smile and immediately pulled her back to him.


She tried to change the topic out of guilt, but still, she asked in return, “What did I forget?”


“It seems that it has been a while since you were beaten up. It’s time I teach you a lesson.” Gu Changge stared at her with an interested glint in his eyes.


Gu Xianer shrank from his gaze. However, she stubbornly refuted, “Nonsense. It’s just one condition to fulfil anyway. I’ll do it.”


After that, she put on a heroic, ready-to-die expression as she raised her small face and closed her eyes. Gu Changge could tell that she was nervous from the way her long eyelashes fluttered slightly.


He had to admit that Gu Xianer’s appearance was flawless up close. Her skin was smooth and delicate, and the flush on her cheeks against the fairness of her skin was even clearer than a newborn baby’s. Her facial features were as exquisite and flawless as the most outstanding works of art from heaven. Not only that, she had shiny black locks smoother than ripples on a lake. As the hem of her skirt flowed, Gu Changge could smell a musky fragrance from her body. The pure, untainted celestial energy surrounding her made her appear cold and aloof.


While Gu Changge looked at her, he couldn’t help but laugh as he teased, “I wonder what exactly is in your head. I want you to lend me your bird at the Divine Rock Conference 3 days later.”


“What?” Gu Xianer froze when she heard that. Soon, she opened her eyes in shock. She didn’t think he would want this instead. It wasn’t even remotely close to what she thought he wanted.


She turned pink as she looked at Gu Changge’s amused face, but for some reason, she felt slightly disappointed,


“What’s the matter? Were you expecting something?” he chuckled.


She quickly recovered and fumed, “You’re the one who is expecting something. Ask Hong if you want it to help you. Why are you asking me?”


Gu Changge thought that she was flustered, so he smiled and suddenly held on to her just as she turned around to leave.


Mmph!” Her eyes had gone wide, and she was struggling to push him away the next moment.




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