I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 547, Brothers Reuniting, This Has To Be Fate


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“Grand Uncle, Uncle Guang was struck to death by Gu Changge’s palm earlier…”


Within a compound built via stacked rocks, members of the An Clan who had rushed there were all gathered with solemn expressions. The place was tranquil and had a stone arch bridge, rock formations, and pavilions which added to the elegant charm of the area, yet the atmosphere there was oppressive.


An Xi had already changed out of her clothes; while her injuries hadn’t fully healed, she had nearly recovered. Her expression was filled with unconcealed pain and anger as she reported the event to An Wangshan, whose back was facing everyone.


The rest of the clan members were highly enraged by this as well. While some of them hadn’t been at the Stone-gathering Square, they knew what had transpired via different sources. The information made them feel frustrated and infuriated as well as unwilling. She was the eldest heiress of the An Clan and was the face of their family, yet she had been humiliated in such a way by Gu Changge in Stone-gathering Square. They had to swallow their anger and cautiously put on fake smiles. How could they stand such an embarrassing thing?


“Gu Changge has gone over the line this time. He acts without regard for any laws; does he think he dominates the whole Upper Realm, that because he had the Gu Family behind him, he can run rampant?”


“Exactly. Lady Xi’s actions aren’t wrong in terms of logic, so why did he kill someone straight away?”


“He’s just rubbing our noses on the ground!”


All the An Clan members, including Niu Tian who remained silent off to one side, felt infuriated and offended, having been affected by the emotions of the crowd.


“I know that. You don’t have to say anything else, If Gu Changge continues being this arrogant and domineering, there will be other Forces who cannot stand it. We don’t have to interfere in this at all. He’s growing stronger by the day, but so what? He shines too brilliantly and has already broken the harmony which had lasted for eons, so he will get his comeuppance.”


An Wangshan waved a hand while leaning on his walking cane, a cold rage flickering within his gaze. He looked extremely old and frail yet exuded a terrifying aura. Had he not arrived in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Gu Changge might act more flagrantly and kill An Xi on the spot.


He had already witnessed Gu Changge’s terrifying power on the battlefield in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. The garden-variety True Daoist could never win against him. Plus, he was only in his early twenties and similar in age to An Xi. Every Force was already wary of Gu Changge and the Immortal Gu Family, including the An Clan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have humbled himself that much and even made An Xi apologise voluntarily. 


However, An Wangshan believed that if Gu Changge continued on this way, he would soon become targeted by the Forces of the Upper Realm. All they needed was an opportunity and a suitable excuse. The Immortal Gu Family might be powerful, but could they antagonise the rest of the Upper Realm? That was impossible.


“These youngsters are still young and want to show off their brilliance. However, not learning to keep it in would cause issues,” An Wangshan said lightly, his narrowed eyes flashing.


“I understand, Grand Uncle.“ An Xi nodded in understanding. She still felt frustrated, but she could only suppress the feeling of humiliation.


“Oh, yes. I heard that An Yan has been restless lately.” He asked as if recalling something. When talking about An Yan, there was a golden flash in his eyes which seemed meaningful.


“Sir, she has really been very restless and is no longer as humble as before. She seems to show some inclinations towards the position of head of the family. However, she’s just an immature young girl. While she had silently suppressed herself all this time, she could never win against me. Don’t worry, Grand Uncle.” 


Her expression became briefly dismissive before she shook her head. She knew that An Yan, her younger sister from a different mother, wasn’t as innocent as she showed herself to be. An Yan had always been wary and cautious in her behaviour, and her status in the family was inferior to even the most ordinary Direct Disciple. Thus, An Xi did not wish to waste any time and effort on her younger sister. In her opinion, her future place as head of the family was guaranteed and no one could take it from her.


“You need to watch out for her. I saw her getting quite close with Gu Xianer in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. I refuse to believe that she doesn’t have any ulterior motives.” An Wangshan stroked his beard. 


As an Ancestor of the An Clan, he naturally wanted An Xi to take control of the family. An Yan, who was the current family head’s daughter like An Xi, was the greatest obstacle in that regard. However, due to the premature death of An Yan’s mother, many other Ancestors and elders were somewhat caring towards her and so he couldn’t just get rid of her directly.


“Getting close with Gu Xianer? Does she want to garner strength from a third party? Ha! In her dreams. Once I get the drop of True Blood from the Hidden Celestial and fully awaken Niu Tian’s bloodline, what can the other Ancestors say about that?” An Xi laughed coldly, a chilling smile spreading across her beautiful face.


At that moment, a servant came in to make a report. “Lady Xi, there’s a young man outside who wants to see you and claims to be your friend.”


“Claims to be my friend?” She froze. She had many friends, since Successors of the other Immortal Forces were on good terms with her.


“Let him in.” She didn’t think too much about it and assumed it was one of her admirers, who had heard of her humiliation and came to express his concern and reassurance. Soon, a tall attractive young man walked into the compound while being led by the servant.


“Who’re you? You claim to be my friend? Have we met before?” She frowned, studying the man with a glance. She was unfamiliar with him since she never knew him.


“Greetings, Lady An Xi. The enemy of my enemy is my friend after all and we have a common enemy, so we are now friends.” The young man smiled serenely. He had an extraordinary air about him. 


Niu Tian, who was standing behind her, frowned slightly at the sight of the man. He felt like he had seen the other man before.


“Oh? We have a common enemy?” Her expression softened a little.


“Y-you are Niu Tian?” The young man froze and became shocked as if he had just made a discovery. A look of surprise and delight appeared on his face and his voice shook as he stared at Niu Tian.


Niu Tian also froze upon hearing the man say his name. Except for several An Clan members, only those who had come with him to the Upper Realm in the first place knew who he was in this world. Now that he had changed his appearance drastically, no one could immediately recognise him unless they were extremely familiar with him.


“I-I’m Jiang Chen.” Jiang Chen hadn’t expected to see his best friend here today and his face turned pink with excitement.


“Y-you’re Ah’Chen!” Niu Tian’s eyes widened with unbearable surprise and happiness.


As the An Clan watched uncomprehendingly, Niu Tian and Jiang Chen finally had their long-awaited emotional reunion. They were overwhelmed and excited, only calming down after reminiscing for a while and knowing each other’s recent exploits.


“So you are the Divine Source Master who recently shocked the entire Dark Kun City! I didn’t see that coming at all. The famous Divine Source Master is my best friend!” Niu Tian exclaimed with joy.


The An Clan now realised who Jiang Chen was and was taken aback as well before finally becoming respectful. His status as a Divine Source Master did not need much explanation. 


An Xi also smiled and stretched out a pale hand to shake his. “So you have such a relationship with Niu Tian? That’s great! We aren’t strangers anymore then.”


This was a surprising bit of good news. With the assistance of a Divine Source Master in the Divine Rock Conference, the An Clan would gain the most benefit during the event. This delighted her and all her anger and humiliation were now gone.


“I didn’t think I could ever see you again. I thought you were killed by Gu Changge and wanted to avenge you.” Jiang Chen felt moved, looking much healthier after seeing his best friend. He had intended to cooperate with the An Clan after the Stone-gathering Square incident to fight Gu Changge with the purpose of avenging his best friend’s death and the humiliation of seeing his crush get stolen from him. He did not even think Niu Tian would be here at An Xi’s side.


“I also thought you were killed by Gu Changge and wanted to avenge you in the future.” Niu Tian clapped his shoulder. 


“This has to be fate. The heavens did not kill us and allowed us to reunite in order to take revenge. Even the heavens are assisting us now. Gu Changge will get his due sooner or later.”


Gaining Jiang Chen’s assistance made the An Clan members happy. Even the few Source Masters they had hired with exorbitant sums were sent back. Any such Master dimmed in comparison with a Divine Source Master and both weren’t comparable at all.




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