I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 549, Target The Unknown Rock, Somewhat Crude Approaching Tactic


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Translation Checker: Silavin


Shock reverberated within the compound. All the rocks here belonged to a sect, and its Successor came after hearing that Gu Xianer had found a Spiritual Spring of Life. He was a young man with a bright smile and extraordinary aura who seemed to exude a faint purple Qi.


“Congratulations to Lady Xianer for finding this treasure. All your expenses inside the market of the Purple Mist Sacred Sect shall be waived.” His attitude was extremely humble after he arrived and he bowed towards Gu Changge with a bright smile. 


At those words, everyone became astounded since the cost of cutting the stone open was exorbitant, yet it was waived. After all, the rough stones displayed at the Divine Rock Conference would never be that simple. Even such a rough stone would easily be hundreds of millions at least. The Successor of the Purple Mist Sacred Sect was extremely brave and generous, but what if she decided to cut open all the stones belonging to the Sect? They would then earn nothing.


Many Elders and famous fighters inhaled a sharp breath. Had they been in his place, they would never have the courage to do so. Gu Xianer did not expect such a windfall either, but she knew he had done it because of Gu Changge and this was merely a gesture of goodwill and courtesy.


“There’s no need for that. I can afford to pay the price for that rock.” Gu Changge had some memory of the tactful youth and he waved a hand with a careless smile.


Yin Mei, who had been waiting behind him, produced a great sum of Spiritual Stones from within a storage ring and handed it over to the shopkeeper in charge of the place. There weren’t many people accompanying him during the conference; aside from several subordinates, there was only Ah Da, Yin Mei and Su Qingge. 


Many cultivators recognised Yin Mei and were secretly astonished, since the Gifted Lady of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan herself was so loyal to him. Several young prodigies were envious as well. They were the ones rejoicing internally when they heard that her betrothed, the Young Master of the White Tiger Clan, had died at the hand of the Successor of Demonic Arts.


“You are being too kind, Young Master Changge.” The Successor of the Purple Mist Sacred Sect knew his place and laughed bitterly inside his mind whilst maintaining his respectful expression. The Purple Mist Sacred Sect might be a strong Force but it was far from an Immortal Force, so he wasn’t about to waste this opportunity to flatter him. However, Gu Changge was clearly not about to accept this.


“There’s nothing much to find here. Judging by the time, the Seven Divine Rocks are about to be taken out.” Gu Changge smiled serenely. He was interested in the Seven Divine Rocks and immediately led his entourage towards the central area of the market.


During the journey, the King with Six Crowns, Young Holy King, Phoenix Lady, and several others greeted him voluntarily while his old acquaintance, the Chosen Monk Jin Chan still avoided him like the plague. The monk could never forget how the other man had made a trap for both him and those from Buddhist Mountain back at the Demon-burying Abyss.


“Brother Gu, are you planning to cut open the Seven Divine Rocks?” The King with Six Crowns was already familiar with Gu Changge since they had cultivated together back at the Immortal Academy and couldn’t help his curiosity.


“That depends. It would be hard to make a judgement when I haven’t seen them yet.” Gu Changge smiled lightly.


“I did hear that one of the Seven Divine Rocks has been emanating strange energy which is said to be strongly linked to Kun Mountain. It was carried out from there by the Prime Ancestor of the Great West Holy Land on his back…” 


The Young Holy King approached them as he was curious about the stone called the Cursed Rock and wanted a look at it. However, many old beings of Dark Kun City had kept the Seven Divine Rocks under wraps and refused to take them out until the day of the Divine Rock Conference. 


The Young Holy King emanated a regal air which befitted his name and his entire body glowed. Even his hair seemed to be made from melted gold and shone blindingly with an overwhelming energy, making him resemble a moving sun as he walked.


“If that unknown stone is as what it’s claimed to be, then we can try cutting it open.” Gu Changge smiled.


Many were shaken by his statement, since every divine rock of Dark Kun City was priceless and their value in Spiritual Stones was difficult to determine. To many cultivators, their price even exceeded any usual Nirvana Grade artifact. That was why only three out of the Ten Divine Rocks had been cut open, since many weren’t certain what these rocks contained and were worried they would sustain drastic losses. 


[Doesn’t that mean he is planning to buy that unknown rock?]


“Do you know what’s inside then, Young Master Changge?” A melodious and elegant voice uttered.


Many were taken aback, not expecting the extremely mysterious eldest princess of the Great Yu Dynasty to approach. She looked extremely noble and sophisticated as well as extremely beautiful, with bright eyes like stars and neat white teeth. She exuded a light fragrant scent as she came towards Gu Changge.


Yu Feiya had heard what Gu Changge said, since she had already arrived when Gu Xianer discovered the Spiritual Rock of Life. It was just that she didn’t greet him. She had never seen him before, so this might be considered their first conversation.


Gu Changge stared at her with some surprise and racked his brain for any memory of her, but it seemed that he didn’t know her.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge. I’m Feiya.” She seemed awkward when she realised that Gu Changge didn’t know her but quickly regained her demeanour and greeted him. 


Yin Mei explained the princess’s background from behind him, which enlightened him somewhat and he smiled. “No need to be so polite, Princess Feiya, I was just curious and don’t actually know what’s inside that unknown rock.”


[Even if I did, I won’t say it. What kind of question is that?]


She smiled gracefully in response and moved her hair away from her face. “I have been tactless. I hope you forgive me, Young Master Changge.”


She had been shocked just now and asked the question instinctively, since her target here was that unknown rock. She felt that if the lost page from the Great Yu Immortal Scripture was here, then there was a high chance it was linked to that rock. However, why would Gu Changge say anything if he knew about that?


The central area of the market was enormous and contained a world of its own, with multiple arrays inscribed on the surrounding walls as well as palaces and mansions. There were even Dao Artifacts binding the place, with rippling bright light enclosing the space while hints of their power filled the atmosphere. 


There definitely wasn’t just one present, since the power spreading through the atmosphere was enough to make a normal cultivator act cautiously. If any of the Dao Artifact awakens, the explosion would definitely level the city. Thus, it wasn’t just one Dao Artifact exerting its strength, which showed how much importance the different Forces placed on this event.


Mist swirled in the air and enclosed the spaces within the area. It was mostly important figures who had gathered here which made even the leaders of Sects seem like juniors here. Many living fossils were even seen studying the unique rocks around the area.


“Feiya, your tactics in approaching and greeting him is somewhat crude.” Yu Ming had remained silent until Gu Changge led his companions away, eventually sighing and speaking up in an earnest tone. Many who had witnessed the exchange were of a similar opinion as well.




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