I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 550, The Big Red Bird’s Unusual Origins, Do You Want To Avenge The Last War Immortal?


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Yu Feiya knew her actions had been misinterpreted by Yu Ming and the others. While she felt helpless about it, her explanations might not be believed. She merely shook her head in response and did not say anything. Instead, staring at Gu Changge as he led Gu Xianer and other members of his group in studying the strange rocks around them.


“Sister, why don’t you change your approach? With his current status, it might be good if he could be my brother-in-law.” Yu Ming smiled when he saw her staring at Gu Changge, thinking that she was probably too embarrassed to do it. From what he saw, Gu Changge was the only suitable candidate based on his looks and abilities. Was there anyone else better than him in the Upper Realm?


His sister glanced at him without saying anything.


“If you are not willing, then pretend I said nothing.” Yu Ming felt awkward and rubbed the back of his head, swallowing down his words instead. He knew that this was how his sister acted when she was angry.


“He must have some knowledge of the unknown rock…” Something flickered within Yu Feiya’s eyes. She could sense Gu Changge’s confidence and carelessness from their brief encounter, which gave her a sense that he had everything within his control.


“The Divine Rocks are about to be brought out!”


“The appearance of the Divine Rocks has been highly anticipated.”


A distant commotion attracted the shocked attention of many cultivators, and many divine rainbows soon flew towards the source and landed there.


In one corner of the market, there was an extremely ancient vine so thick that it resembled a curled-up dragon. It looked astounding since its diameter was more than several meters thick and grew in every direction. Its leaves and branches shimmered with a green light which illuminated the corner of the market and gave it a sense of life.


Beneath the vine was an old well, which had powerful arrays carved on its walls. It was built with rough stones and exuded a smoky glow. It was usually sealed up since there was a divine rock inside; however, runes now appeared on the stone and it seemed to be breathing and preparing to surge out from the well.


The waves of energy attracted many cultivators. Several ancient beings with indistinct appearances stood around the well, shooting arrays towards it, surrounding it with Chaos Qi to ensure that no accidents would occur during the rock’s appearance.




A thick white fog rose into the air, which showed that the spiritual energy here was already at its thickest. 


Rocks began to glow faintly and illuminate each other with their own light. They seemed to have its own consciousness, all of them vibrating and resonating with a shaking sound when they sensed that a Divine Rock was about to appear. The scene astonished everyone and they marvelled at it.


“This is the Intangible Demonic Rock. One of the Seven Divine Rocks.” A distinguished-looking young man in purple walked up. He had an extraordinary and divine aura but remained low profile. Yet, his star-like gaze contained a sense of dominance within its depths. It was the Sky Demon Sovereign, and he couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice as he stared at the ancient well.


Many people in the crowd finally had some idea of things. It was rumoured that the Intangible Demonic Rock of the Seven Divine Rocks came from the Sky Demon Cloud Tomb, which was the final resting place for the most powerful demons in all under heaven. Those ancient demons would quietly leave their clans when they had very little time left to live and find a place to meditate and pass away, and the Sky Demon Cloud Tomb was such a place.


The Intangible Demonic Rock had come from the place, and many Source Masters guessed that the rock might contain a Demonic Pill from an ancient demon or something resembling an artifact. However, cutting it open required permission from that demon.


“The Intangible Demonic Rock…”


“It’s said that during the full moon, an intangible yet melodious singing voice would come from here, which is connected to the Demonic Rock.” 


Gu Changge had approached as well and became thoughtful after hearing this.


Just then, a blinding glow erupted from the well and something seemed to be materialising as it ascended into the sky. A shiny, clear rough stone as big as a basin which shone brilliantly flew out and landed straight onto the ancient vine. 


Many cultivators’ breathing quickened as they stared at the Intangible Demonic Rock, while ancient beings appeared and sealed the space surrounding the place. However, everyone could sense a faint celestial light shimmering from the Intangible Demonic Rock. The blinding light surging from it seemed like an ethereal demonic fairy dancing slowly around the rock. The sight astounded everyone and they couldn’t look away, feeling that the dance steps contained some sort of charm.


“Hong, what’s going on?” Gu Xianer’s voice rang out, filled with a hint of surprise as she stared at the big red bird beside her feet. Gu Changge looked away and glanced at them with some surprise when he heard her.


The big red bird she carried around was now staring at the Intangible Demonic Rock like it was hypnotised and its spirit had been drawn into the rock, remaining frozen. The colours of its feathers were becoming more vibrant though, with new feathers growing from several bald spots.


[This Intangible Demonic Rock is said to be connected with some powerful primordial demon. Could it be that this bird is not as simple as it looks?] Gu Changge was taken aback and pondered this. As a Fortuitous Lady, it was understandable that Gu Xianer’s possessions would have unusual origins. 


However, the conditions for the Intangible Demonic Rock were far more demanding than the other Divine Rocks since it had to be activated before being cut open. Even the Sky Demon Sovereign went towards it with concealed excitement, trying to build a connection with the Intangible Demonic Rock.


He took a deep breath and performed an ancient technique, which made his entire body glow with light and power like an enormous purple sun. However, the stone remained inactivated on its spot on the vine. No matter what techniques he tried, it did not change and was quiet.


“Even a young prodigy like the Sky Demon Sovereign could activate it.”


“There’s probably no one here in the conference who could cut it open. Since the day it was brought to Dark Kun City, it has never been activated by anyone. Even the strongest from the Demon Race couldn’t do it.”


Everyone shook their heads though they weren’t disappointed, since it was what they expected.


“How can this be? Even I cannot activate it…” The Sky Demon Sovereign was unwilling and sceptical, his expression becoming ugly. He had prepared for this by reading multiple classical scriptures and was confident in himself. Besides, he was also recognised by the Demon Race as a young prodigy and unrivalled among his peers. [Do I really not have an opportunity with this Divine Rock?]


The Phoenix Lady, Chosen Monk Jin Chan, King with Six Crowns, and the others all approached as well, trying to build a connection with the Intangible Demonic Rock but all of them failed. Shaking their heads in pity, they retreated.


[If even I cannot do it, it really does need some sort of fated connection.] Gu Changge went forward to try his luck but it did not change. He did not mind that, looking at the big red bird beside Gu Xianer. After a moment’s thought, he did not put it on the rock. If the Intangible Demonic Rock really had a connection with the bird, he had time to try that out since it wasn’t that urgent to do it right now.


Meanwhile, several people approached, led by An Xi of the An Clan. She looked much better now and had a calm expression behind her veil. Niu Tian, Jiang Chen, and several others followed behind her. 


There was also a handsome man walking close to her, pale and seemingly recently recovered from illness. He was shrouded by an aura which made him look indistinct, while golden light in the shape of crosses flickered within his gaze. He resembled an immortal of war.


Shock reverberated throughout the area at their arrival.


“An Xi, the eldest daughter of the An Clan. I assumed she wouldn’t be joining the Divine Rock Conference.”


“Isn’t that young man behind her the mysterious Divine Source Master from several days back? Is he planning to assist her?”


“If she really has help from a Divine Source Master, she will be unstoppable.”


Many people were shocked as they recognised Jiang Chen, who had managed to discover many divine items after cutting open rocks in the market. He had caused a huge stir in Dark Kun City, with many Forces extending an olive branch to him. However, he refused to open his door to anyone and declined them all. This resulted in rumours of him only acting alone. Seeing him following behind her surprised many, with several Source Masters staring at him meaningfully in order to study him. They could not sense any energy of a Source Master from him.


[The Young War Immortal…]


[He’s here as well? Have his wounds completely healed? He doesn’t seem to have recovered fully judging by his appearance.]


More people took notice of the handsome man on An Xi’s other side instead and were secretly shocked. This was the Young War Immortal, successor of the War Immortal Manor who had recently been attacked by the Successor of Demonic Arts in a murder attempt but managed to survive. He had nearly been killed but fortunately, his guardian took notice and rescued him. Things would have been worse otherwise. The news had caused waves in the Upper Realm, and many had thought he would never reappear for some time since his Source had been damaged.


[He looks okay, but we can definitely ask him about the Successor of Demonic Arts.]


[The Successor of Demonic Arts hides in the shadows and is hard to counter. If one get targeted, this is the inevitable outcome…]


Many young prodigies such as the Phoenix Lady and the Sky Demon Sovereign had those thoughts in mind when they saw the Young War Immortal. The Successor of Demonic Arts was everyone’s common enemy, and if they managed to acquire knowledge of his current strength and abilities, it would help in formulating a counterattack if they encountered him.


“Greetings, fellow brothers.” The Young War Immortal looked charming and had long hair, with golden cross-shaped runes flashing across his eyes. This was a mysterious and terrifying Talent of his Eye Technique, which made many afraid to meet his eyes. 


He greeted the Phoenix Lady, King with Six Crowns, Yu Feiya and the other young prodigies with a smile after his arrival, while An Xi and the rest looked completely at ease as if she had already forgotten her humiliation. 


Everyone responded with courtesy and asked about his injuries.


“It’s fine now. Thank you for your concern.” The Young War Immortal shook his head and looked towards Gu Changge. His pupils contracted and his entire body shook when he noticed Su Qingge beside the other man; while he quickly recovered, his reaction did not trick the young prodigies present. Several Sect Masters as well as ancient beings looked confused as well. From what they saw, it was clear he hadn’t reacted this way because he saw Gu Changge.


“Why are you staring at me for? Do you want to avenge your War Immortal Manor’s previous War Immortal?” Gu Changge glanced at Su Qingge secretly before smiling at him.




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