I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 551, A Frightening Speculation; The Higher They Were, The Harder They Would Fall


Translator: Myuu

Translation Checker: Silavin


The ancient vine was as thick as a dragon, and it was adorned with lush green leaves. The Intangible Demonic Rock descended upon it and came to rest, glowing brightly.


Listening to Gu Changge’s words brought different expressions on the faces of the people who had gathered in this place.


The sudden appearance of the Young War Immortal caused quite a commotion, drawing the attention of many. The abnormal state he was in earlier also caught the attention of many.


As an ancient monster of the War Immortal Manor, the Young War Immortal held a prominent position among his peers in the Upper Realm. How could something so trivial possibly affect him?


The Young War Immortal quickly regained his composure. He cupped his fist respectfully and said, “Greetings, Young Master Changge. I was a little lost in thought just now. I hope that didn’t offend you.”


He pretended he did not hear Gu Channge’s mocking words, even when he was aware that his expression had given away his shock, causing Gu Changge and the others to notice something was amiss.


Despite his calm demeanor, there were turbulent emotions stirring within him. He wasn’t shocked by Gu Changge, but rather by Su Qingge, who stood behind him.


Some time ago, he was attacked by the Successor of Demonic Arts, and nearly lost his life. However, his eye technique allowed him to see through the veil that concealed the face of his assailant, revealing their true identity.


His assailant was not a man, but a woman! Not only that, she bore an uncanny resemblance to the woman in white, standing silently behind Gu Changge.


That was why his face contorted in shock and disbelief just now. A storm brewed in his heart. If it turned out that the two individuals were actually the same person, then everything was simply too terrifying and unimaginable to him.


[Does Gu Changge know? If he does then…] Despite the Young War Immortal’s mental strength, which he had cultivated for many years, the very thought still left him trembling in fear.


“Oh, you were lost in thoughts? Did you hurt yourself? Do you feel better now?” Gu Changge asked with great interest.


The Young War Immortal, being wise, decided to let sleeping dogs lie. He composed himself and offered a courteous smile while respectfully cupping his fist. “Thank you for your concern, Young Master Changge. Unfortunately, it appears that my injury from before has not fully healed yet…”


Gu Changge nodded and gave him a smile. “Then you ought to take better care of yourself”


The conversation between the two puzzled those who heard them. Elders furrowed their brows, appearing slightly perplexed. The Young War Immortal’s words were quite vague, akin to a riddle that was not as straightforward as it seemed. Little did they know that this actually had a connection to the Successor of Demonic Arts who had previously attacked the Young War Immortal.


“Looks like these two have something between them…”


Curious looks appeared on the faces of the Phoenix Lady, Chosen Monk Jin Chan, and the others as they wondered if the Young War Immortal had something to do with Gu Changge. If that were true, then it would have been during the time when the Young War Immortal was still in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains.


Then again, Gu Changge was busy dealing with the supreme experts there back then. It was unlikely he had the opportunity to interact with the Young War Immortal. Therefore, any resentment between the two would likely be related to the previous War Immortal of the War Immortal Manor.


After all, Gu Changge was believed to have killed the previous War Immortal in the Heavenly Tide Realm, which fueled War Immortal Manor’s animosity toward him.


When the Young War Immortal was attacked by the Successor of Demonic Arts, Gu Changge was still in the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains. Therefore, they did not consider the possibility of any connection between the two incidents, as they seemed completely unrelated.


The commotion quickly died down, and the Sect Masters resumed their study of the Intangible Demonic Rock. Gu Changge led Gu Xianer, Su Qingge, Ah Da, and the others to explore other areas.


The market street was exceptionally broad, almost like a world of its own. Each divine rock was carefully placed at a distance from one another to prevent their aura from interfering with each other.


“Qingxuan, the Young War Immortal seemed to be staring at you just now. Have you met him before?” Gu Changge smiled and casually asked Su Qingge, who was walking beside him.


Su Qingge felt a squeeze in her heart. In fact, she had this sinking feeling that things had unexpectedly gone wrong when the Young War Immortal noticed her earlier. Although she made sure to hide her face back then, the Young War Immortal seemed to possess some kind of special eye technique. It was very likely that he already knew her identity, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so surprised.


Su Qingge was determined to keep her secrets. She shook her head and replied, “Qingxuan has never met the Young War Immortal before, Young Master Gu. I have no idea why he was staring at me.”


When Gu Changge heard her, he gave her a small smile though his expression remained largely unchanged. “He must be a skirt-chaser, then.”


Su Qingge steeled herself and said, “Who knows, maybe he thought I was someone else.”


Gu Changge’s response seemed like a gracious way of not pursuing the matter, but even so this made her situation more difficult. She was starting to feel that the challenge to keep her identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts hidden. This made her a little panic, as she was unsure of what to do next. [Is confessing to him the only option I have left? Will he kill me as soon as he finds out?]


“Well, there are indeed countless ways to change one’s appearance in this world. Maybe he really mistook you for someone else.” Gu Changge nodded in agreement.


Su Qingge couldn’t help but feel that there was more to Gu Changge’s words than what he was saying. It was almost like he was thinking up an excuse for her. She felt a little relieved, but it seemed like the only solution to this was to eliminate the Young War Immortal.


Her biggest concern now was whether the Young War Immortal would disclose her true identity to the Forces behind him now that he had found out about it.


Meanwhile, a group of people from the An family were investigating some rocks on the other side. An Xi looked at the Young War Immortal curiously and asked, “Are you alright?”


The two of them were very close with each other, and even the forces behind them intended for them to wed.


The Young War Immortal had already calmed down by now. He shook his head, giving her the same excuse he had used before. “I was just lost in thought, there’s nothing to worry about.”


While saying that, he fixed his gaze on Gu Changge’s distant back and furrowed his brow.


If Gu Changge’s servant was really the Successor of Demonic Arts, who attacked him back then, then it was likely that Gu Changge didn’t know about it. He probably also didn’t know that she was the enigmatic Successor of Demonic Arts.


There was also a possibility that Gu Changge was actually aware of this, but chose to silently consent and turn a blind eye to it. That could be why the Successor of Demonic Arts was able to escape from him again and again.


During their previous encounter, the Young War Immortal came to realize that the Successor of Demonic Arts was indeed strong, but not powerful enough to easily kill him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to escape by chance. This certainly contradicted the previous rumors that suggested only Gu Changge could suppress the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Upon considering it from this perspective, it became clear that the reason why a weak Successor of Demonic Arts like her could repeatedly escape from Gu Changge. It was because he was allowing it to happen.


[This matter has to be reported to the Manor after the Divine Rock Conference is over, otherwise something horrible will definitely take place. How terrifying…] The Young War Immortal trembled slightly as he found both possibilities to be equally concerning. For now, he refrained from confiding in anyone about this. He feared that doing so would further complicate the situation, putting him in serious danger and even prevent him from leaving Dark Kun City.


Since the Young War Immortal remained tight-lipped, An Xi decided not to press further. In any case, the Seven Divine Rocks were her main purpose in coming here. 


She gave orders to Niu Tian and Jiang Chen, who were standing behind her and the two exchanged glances with each other before nodding to her.


Before long, a lot of commotion was heard in the area. As rocks were cut open, hazes of light flowed out like iridescent waves.


Jiang Chen proceeded to demonstrate his abilities as a ‘Divine Source Master’. A group of Elders with white hair immediately gathered around to watch. Their eyes were ablaze with hope for Jiang Chen to discover some Longevity Herbs for them.


Upon hearing the news, the other Source Masters also quickly gathered around to witness Jiang Chen’s skill with their own eyes. Unfortunately, they were all disappointed to see that there were no impressive skills on display. Jiang Chen merely picked up the rocks and knocked on them like watermelons, to determine if they contained anything valuable.


Although his method differed greatly from what they had in mind, they couldn’t find any other better explanation apart from him being a Divine Source Master.


“He looks nothing like a Divine Source Master. More like someone who possesses some kind of talent or technique that enables him to determine if there’s something hidden within the rocks.”


“Regardless, his skill of selecting and opening rocks is truly impressive.”


Those were the conclusions that the King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady and others came to, after they witnessed Jiang Chen’s skill.


Jiang Chen had already made waves throughout Dark Kun City when he previously extracted many treasures from such rocks with his ability. Now that he was going to demonstrate his skills again, the area quickly became congested. Many prominent figures in the city also hurried over to witness the spectacle. Even the beautiful Princess Yu Feiya was here, carefully observing Jiang Chen’s skill.


“It seems like they intend to grab the limelight and generate momentum. What a good move.”


As he waited for the Immortal Foetus to appear, Gu Changge noticed the scene on the other side. He raised an eyebrow as he easily guessed the true intentions of Jiang Chen and the others with him.


By showcasing Jiang Chen’s impressive abilities and then providing assistance to the prominent figures from the Upper Realm that were gathered here, they could effortlessly gain their favour. This was a golden opportunity for the An family and An Xi to expand their connections.


Gu Changge had no intention of intervening. Nevertheless, a peculiar smile still crossed his face. [Well, the higher they are, the harder they’ll fall.]




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