I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 554, Ever Heard of Rich and Imposing? Cutting The Divine Rock Open


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“I believe everyone understands the gravity of this situation,” the white-bearded old man said to the other ancient beings around him as he carefully stowed away the jade jar. Immortal Crystals were incredibly rare and difficult to obtain, and the items contained within this jade jar were a lot more valuable than them. [We must be extra careful in handling this.]


The other ancient beings took a deep breath and their expressions turned serious as they looked at each other. 


“Rest assured, my friend. We understand,” one of them said. Based on the Heaven Dao Oath, each of them had a share of the Celestial Spirits in the jar. Therefore, it would be better if fewer people knew about this matter.


With a wave of their hands, the barrier surrounding them was immediately dispelled. Several of those ancient beings were seen with noticeably different expressions on their faces, but they were radiating an undeniable sense of joy.


With smiles on their faces, they cupped their fists to Gu Changge who stood before them respectfully and said, “Rest assured, Young Master Changge. We understand that this matter is of great importance. The Immortal Foetus is yours to cut open.”


How Gu Changge came to possess so many Celestial Spirits was none of their business. Despite being aware of the possibility he might have more on him, they dared not let greed take hold of them.


Shock, puzzlement, and confusion were evident on the faces of those outside the barrier. Although they were extremely curious about the contents of the jade jar, they could only suppress their curiosity and their urge to ask any questions.


Every True Daoist before them was capable of erasing their existence with a mere flick of a finger. If it was something meant to be known to them, they would naturally find out. If they found out something that wasn’t meant to be known to them, it could potentially lead to dire consequences, even death.


The one thing that everyone was certain of was that the contents of the jade jar were undoubtedly far more valuable than the so-called Immortal Crystals. Otherwise, these ancient beings would not have such a look on their faces.


“Impossible… How did Gu Changge come to possess something more valuable than a hundred Immortal Crystals? How can he get them so easily…”


Jiang Chen’s frustration grew deeper. He really wished to see Gu Changge publicly humiliated, but things didn’t go as he wished. The price of a hundred Immortal Crystals could not even faze Gu Changge as the items he offered were obviously of greater value than Immortal Crystals. Aside from frustration, a deep sense of jealousy also arose in his heart.


“Something more valuable than Immortal Crystals?” Young prodigies like the Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns and the Sky Demon Sovereign could hardly catch their breath as waves of turmoil arose in their hearts. Gu Changge had certainly given them an immense shock today.


At first, they thought a hundred Immortal Crystals would be difficult even for Gu Changge to take out. In the end, he easily presented something more valuable than Immortal Crystals. 


[What could it possibly be?] 


They were extremely curious. No matter what it was, they were certain that it had to be something related to Immortality.


“Then let’s proceed and cut it open,” Gu Changge disregarded the surprised looks of those around him and casually instructed a few nearby stonecutters who were still stunned.


Upon hearing his instructions, the stonecutters were jolted back to reality. 


“Y-Y-Yes…!” Their voices quivered. They suddenly realized that their hands and feet weren’t working as they usually did, probably due to nervousness.


In their entire career, this was the first time they had to cut open one of the Seven Divine Rocks. If this accomplishment was passed down, it could bring honor not only to them but also to their children and grandchildren for generations to come.


Their blades felt heavy in their trembling grip, as their palms were slick with cold sweat. After all, this was the Immortal Foetus! It was the most valuable of the Seven Divine Rocks. The mere thought of the price of a leftover piece was enough to make them tremble in despair. Now it lay before them, ready to be cut, but they were almost too afraid to even move their hands.


“He’s really going to cut open the Immortal Foetus! My journey to Dark Kun City this time has been truly worthwhile! Being able to witness one of the Seven Divine Rocks being cut open makes my life complete!”


“Yes, I never thought I’d witness the Immortal Foetus getting cut open in my lifetime.”


The elderly men appeared flushed as they trembled with excitement, displaying more enthusiasm than if they were cutting stones themselves.


“As expected of Young Master Changge, he actually bought this Immortal Foetus. This is no doubt big news that will shock the entire Upper Realm!”


“With so many resources, I bet he can even buy an Immortal Force! I can’t even imagine how a person can be that wealthy.”


“Ever heard of the phrase rich and imposing? That’s what describes him! He bought that Immortal Foetus without even batting an eye…”


Excitement coursed through the hearts of many youths as they gazed at the slender figure before them, their eyes brimming with unbridled reverence and enthusiasm.Numerous prodigal damsels gazed at Gu Changge longingly with admiration, all hoping to catch his attention.


With a wave of their hands, the white-bearded old man and his companions swiftly conjured up runes that created a barrier around them. “Young Master Changge, you may proceed without any worries. We have already sealed off this area. If anything in the Immortal Foetus tries to escape, we’ll be able to trap it immediately.”


The intense fluctuations of the Dao Artifact stirred the hearts of all present, akin to the sound of an evening drum or morning bell. The sky was adorned with arrays that radiated a brilliant light. Thousands of chains made of Principles cascaded down like a waterfall.


Numerous Daoist Artifacts floated in the air, emanating a majestic and overwhelming aura that could easily crush any living being. Gu Changge gave a nod of assurance to the stonecutters, urging them to proceed with cutting open the Divine Rock.


A commotion broke out in this place. Within seconds, a sea of heads had gathered around here, accompanied by deafening noises. In the distance, more divine rainbows could be seen appearing. Word had spread that Gu Changge had bought the Immortal Foetus at a hefty price and intended to cut it open, so people came to witness the grand occasion.


The Immortal Foetus was quietly nestled in many materials related to Immortality, surrounded by layers of Immortal Mist and enveloped in a gentle haze of light. Numerous anomalies appeared around it, giving rise to streams of Dao Energy that formed a small vortex around the rock. As if aware of its impending fate of being cut open, the Divine Rock emitted more intense light and energy.


“Rest assured, Young Master Changge. We’ll take extra care when cutting it and make sure we don’t damage anything.” The old stonecutters’ expressions gradually eased as they took a deep breath before demonstrating their skills. With silver blades flying, a steady stream of stone chips fell away from the divine rock. Everyone began watching with great attention, afraid to miss even the smallest detail.


*Crack!* As the sound of stones being cut filled the air, the onlookers fell silent. All eyes were fixed on the stonecutters, who were sweating profusely as they carefully chipped away the layers of dirt from the surface of the Divine Rock.


Everyone heard the enchanting sounds of Dao echoing through the air. It almost felt like there was really a True Immortal, sitting cross-legged and reciting an Immortal Scriptures for everyone from inside the rock.


Wondrous phenomena were present in both heaven and earth. Golden lotuses gracefully descended from the sky and clear springs magically sprang up from the ground. Celestial Light transformed into delicate petals of lights and fell around the Immortal Foetus, creating a scene of unparalleled beauty.


“It’s definitely an Immortal Treasure of unimaginable value!” The Sect Masters were left breathless and in utter shock. They could feel the signs of their cultivation bottleneck loosening at this very moment. The Dao Artifacts surrounding them vibrated, sending ripples throughout the area, while the resounding sounds of Dao echoed through the sky.




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