I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 555, The Birth Of A Mysterious Heavenly Tome; Are You Giving Me A Lecture?


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The radiant glow of the Immortal Light enveloped the surroundings as everyone experienced some sort of enlightenment, with their skin appearing crystal clear. 


As the stones chips continued to fall, the light emanating from the Immortal Foetus grew brighter and brighter. Eventually, the intensity of the light became too powerful, almost like a scorching sun was reborn within it. The light expanded, taking on the form of a wolf-shaped smoke that burst out of Dark Kun City and exited the world.


The sight was incredible. Everyone took a step back, unable to gaze directly at the Divine Rock without fearing that they would be blinded by the light. Even the True Daoists chose to shut their eyes, unable to clearly see what was veiled by the bright light.


As everyone shut their eyes tightly, Gu Changge squinted and easily perceived the treasure hidden inside the Immortal Foetus. “A Heavenly Tome?”


An ancient tome gleaming with a radiant sheen was floating among the stone chips. The material of the tome was a mystery, yet it excluded an ageless aura. This immense fluctuation was manifested by none other than the text within it, hinting at its mysterious origins.


*Buzz!!* The moment Gu Changge reached out and grasped the Heavenly Tome, its brilliant radiance dimmed and faded.


Contrary to his expectations, the Heavenly Tome was surprisingly light, as though it was a net made of Immortal Gold rather than a block. Its edges shimmered with a peerless glow, and every character within held a weight comparable to the stars, imbued with profound and esoteric wisdom.


“Sealing Immortals…” As Gu Changge recognized the two ancient characters inscribed on the tome, a peculiar sensation stirred within him. However, upon attempting to open the Heavenly Tome, an overwhelming force akin to an entire world descended upon him. It repelled his fingers, making it impossible for him to flip through its pages with ease.


“It’s a Heavenly Tome inside the Immortal Foetus?”


Everyone present was taken aback when they noticed the silver Heavenly Tome in Gu Changge’s hands. Many True Daoists felt a surge of awe at the sight of it, sensing its extraordinary power. From its immortal aura alone, they could tell that the tome had likely lived through countless epochs. They even suspected that it could be the real Immortal Scripture, containing a wealth of immortal skills and divine abilities from the Celestial Realm.


“It’s not a living being, but a Heavenly Tome?”


“Its origins are absolutely unimaginable.”


A great commotion erupted as all eyes were fixed on the Heavenly Tome in Gu Changge’s hands. Everyone could hardly hide their envy and jealousy. Even the young and proud prodigies like the Phoenix Lady and the King with Six Crowns, were visibly affected. Their breathing quickened and their eyes turned slightly red with envy.


Jiang Chen was consumed with extreme envy and jealousy, to the point where he was grinding his teeth. Despite his frustration, he tried his best to remain calm. He couldn’t believe that Gu Changge was being gifted such a magnificent immortal treasure right before his eyes, while he could only watch helplessly.


“This thing is most likely closely related to the missing page from the Great Yu Immortal Scripture. I must figure out a way…” Yu Feiya, assumed a solemn expression as she fixed her beautiful eyes on the Heavenly Tome with unwavering focus. She was certain that attending the Divine Rock Conference was the correct decision, and her heart was ablaze with desire.


In this moment, there was an undeniable curiosity among the onlookers to uncover the secrets within the Heavenly Tome. However, no one dared to inquire as it was now in the Gu Changge’s possession. This knowledge held immense significance as Gu Changge paid a steep cost equal to that of a hundred Immortal Crystals to acquire. Even if they were tempted to sneak a peek, they knew that the consequences could be dire.


Despite being equally curious like the others, the white-bearded old man and his companions acknowledged that the tome rightfully belonged to Gu Changge since he had paid for it with Celestial Spirits.


They scanned the area and snorted coldly. “Perish your petty little thoughts. How dare you all covet the possession of Young Master Changge? Do you all have a death wish?” 


The voices of the ancient beings carried a unique Dao Energy and an immense aura that jolted those who were blinded by jealousy.


As the onlookers regained their senses, they felt a cold sweat on their backs because they realized they wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive today if they harbored any ill intentions toward this immortal treasure.


The ancient beings present would not tolerate anyone coveting it, let alone Gu Changge himself, who was not even a saint. Those who dared to have any ill intentions toward his possession probably had no idea what dire consequences awaited them.


The Sect Masters and other Elders couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. They knew that if they wanted to borrow the Heavenly Tome, they would have to at least be able to offer a price that could satisfy Gu Changge.


Considering the fact that acquiring this immortal treasure required a hundred Immortal Crystals, merely a glimpse of it would likely come with a steep cost. Given their status and standing, it was unlikely they could afford such a price.


Someone cautiously asked Gu Changge through Inner Voice Transmission what it would take for them to have a glimpse of the Heavenly Tome, but Gu Changge didn’t seem to mind the question. After examining the tome for a while, he accepted it, and paid no attention to neither the inner voice transmission nor fiery gazes of those Sect Masters.


He was aware that the incident today would not only inevitably cause a stir in the Upper Realm, but also cause various Forces to have malicious intentions. However, he paid no mind to it. He was confident that possessing a Heavenly Tome would not bring trouble his way. At the very least, no one in the Upper Realm dared to cross him – yet.


“Congratulations on acquiring the Heavenly Tome, Young Master Changge. Witnessing such a miraculous moment is like a dream come true for us all.” Following this, everyone came forward to offer their congratulations, but no one dared to mention anything about having a look at the tome.


Gu Changge’s expression didn’t change much. He decided to only study this Heavenly Tome more when he had the time. The word ‘Sealing Immortals’ made him feel that there was more to this Heavenly Tome than it seemed.


Suddenly, an ill-timed voice rang out. “In the present day, the Principles of the Upper Realm are incomplete, making it challenging for many in various masters from their different Forces to reach the True Immortal Realm. I believe that mysterious tome may hold some information on this matter. It’s truly a blessing for the Upper Realm that someone as magnanimous and helpful as Young Master Changge has received the Heavenly Tome.


“With so many seniors gathered here today, maybe Young Master Changge should extend his generosity and allow these venerable individuals to take a look at the Heavenly Tome. If they’re able to decipher its contents, it would be a tremendous contribution to the entire Upper Realm, and all cultivators would be deeply grateful to Young Master Changge. If I were the one who possessed the Heavenly Tome, I would certainly offer the esteemed seniors the opportunity to read it.”


Jiang Chen came over with a small smile, looking all sincere. He had the intention of irritating Gu Changge. Since he had already offended him, he wasn’t afraid of further angering him.


The intentions of his words were evidently clear. He was speaking for the benefit of all in the world, especially those who aspire for immortality. His perspective was righteous and he made sure to include various senior individuals such as the Sect Masters, Elders, and even a few True Daoists present on the scene. His intention seemed to be purely kind and considerate toward them.


After saying that, Jiang Chen wore a kind smile as he waited for Gu Changge’s answer, seemingly unconcerned about the possible repercussions of his words.


Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, everyone fell silent. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Everyone turned pale as they fixed their eyes on Gu Changge. They all looked uneasy, as if they feared Gu Changge would get the wrong idea about them.


The handful of Elders who had previously formed a close bond with Jiang Chen wore expressions of shock and dismay as they hastily distanced themselves from him. The Sect Masters, too, regarded him with cold stares.


They were quite aged that they had no eyelashes left, so they naturally understood the intention behind the Divine Source Master’s words. He was simply taking the opportunity to irritate Gu Changge. But in doing so, he was also dragging all of them into his scheme. This was unacceptable, as everyone in the Upper Realm was aware of Gu Changge’s immense power.


“Oh, are you giving me a lecture?” Gu Changge stopped in his tracks, and glanced at Jiang Chen with interest. He was surprised that Jiang Chen would say something like that to him at this moment. [Is he just trying to be clever or is he just blinded by jealousy?]


“Ignorant child, you are nothing more than a clown who pretends to be smart. Who the hell do you think are to be giving Young Master Changge a lesson?”


Upon hearing this, the white-bearded old man who was next to Gu Changge looked at Jiang Chen frostily. He was starting to think that Jiang Chen was a scum and there might also be something wrong with his brain.


Without wasting any time, he rolled up his sleeves and delivered a powerful blow to Jiang Chen’s body. The smile on Jiang Chen’s face disappeared instantly as blood mixed with bits of his internal organs spurted out of his mouth. If the white-bearded old man had not carefully controlled his strength, Jiang Chen would have been completely destroyed, both in body and soul.




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