I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 556, Changes in the Cursed Foetal Rock; The Intervention of Devil Mountain


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Translation Checker: Silavin


Silence fell over everyone as the scene unfolded before them. Even people from the An Clan, who had a history with Gu Changge, did not dare to stand up for Jiang Chen. His recent actions were simply too rash, foolish, and ambitious.


Despite having limited authority and influence as a mere Successor of a Divine Source Master, he tried to convince everyone to covet Gu Changge’s Heavenly Tome. How else could his action be described if not foolish?


The others were not stupid either. Who would risk offending Gu Changge by siding with Jiang Chen at this time? Such a notion of righteousness was no different than stupidity.


“Are you alright, Ah’Chen?” Niu Tian rushed to help Jiang Chen up and asked with concern. He couldn’t comprehend why Jiang Chen had spoken those words to Gu Changge just now, as it was a stark contrast to the composed and collected Jiang Chen he knew.


Niu Tian was unaware of the situation between Jiang Chen and Xiao Ruoyin. Jiang Chen felt deeply humiliated by the event and never mentioned it to Niu Tian. Thus, Niu Tian believed that it was merely Jiang Chen’s anger that had clouded his judgment, prompting him to speak out.


“I’m fine.” Jiang Chen struggled to stand up from the ground, his body wracked with pain. He looked pitiful as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and shook his head, feeling deeply humiliated.


Jiang Chen tightly clenched his fists, watching Gu Changge walk away with a disdainful and indifferent attitude. His face contorted in frustration as the situation was completely out of his expectation.


Initially, his intention was to irritate Gu Changge, seeking revenge for his lost love. However, the response he received from everyone was entirely different from what he had anticipated. With his mind clouded by jealousy, he was thinking too naively about this world’s morality. The extent of people’s fear toward Gu Changge far surpassed his expectations.


“Go take a break, the other Seven Divine Rocks have not appeared yet. Not to mention, the Cursed Rock” An Xi, the Young War Immortal and the others approached Jiang Chen, expressing their concern.


An Xi was there the whole time but did not intervene because she was fully aware that any attempt to do so could result in a similar outcome as what happened to her deceased Uncle. Lecturing Gu Changge? She had no idea where Jiang Chen found the courage to do that just now. No one probably dared to speak to Gu Changge in such a manner except Jiang Chen.


She couldn’t really call Jiang Chen naive. It was clear that he had some sort of scheme when he took the moral high ground and irritated Gu Changge. It was an attempt that not many would dare to even consider.


“He totally deserved that.”


“What a fool.”


The Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns and other young prodigies glanced at Jiang Chen, unimpressed. They even expressed their contempt through subtle head shakes.


From the very beginning, they had doubts about this ‘Divine Source Master’. Witnessing the incident today only solidified their belief that Jiang Chen’s reputation did not align with his behavior. Other than stupid, they had no other words for his recent behavior. Even if he was blinded by jealousy, he should not have said such words.


To many, what had just occurred was a minor incident. Even so, it had caused a significant decrease in Jiang Chen’s reputation as the Divine Source Master. This was particularly true for those who believed that Jiang Chen’s actions had offended Gu Changge.


Offending Gu Changge meant it would be difficult for Jiang Chen to gain a foothold in the Upper Realm as he would face many restrictions. The Forces that previously considered collaborating with Jiang Chen now had doubts.


Compared to the Immortal Foetus of the Seven Divine Rocks being cut open, news of the birth of the enigmatic Heavenly Tome spread even more rapidly, causing a commotion throughout the Upper Realm.


The incident shook many in the Upper Realm, leading various Forces to discuss it. 


It was impossible for the Heavenly Tome, which was extracted from a rock worth a hundred Immortal Crystals, to be an ordinary book. If the Heavenly Tome was in someone other than Gu Changge’s possession, a never-ending bloodbath would have already started.


It was at this time, some cultivators noticed a group of ominous black clouds that spanned nearly ten thousand miles. These clouds originated from the sea near Devil Mountain and traveled towards Dark Kun City, covering the sky and blocking out the sun. The clouds were accompanied by frequent black lightning that pierced through them, causing Chaos Qi to spread. Various terrifying winged-monsters covered with scales appeared.


Ever since Devil Mountain emerged, it drew in monsters from all corners of the world, making it a formidable force in the eyes of many other Forces. Its Mistress was none other than the demoness in red, who came out of the Demon-Burying Abyss and had once annihilated many masters in Divine City.


Her power was so immense that it was hard to find anyone who could match her even in the Upper Realm today. This was why people’s expressions contorted with fear when talking about Devil Mountain.


The sight of the demonic clouds approaching Dark Kun City with great force startled numerous Forces, leading them to suspect that Devil Mountain was going to get involved in the matter.


After all, the Ji family was going to join forces with several Forces after the Divine Rock Conference to launch a united invasion into Kun Mountain to rescue their Prime Ancestor, Ji Shengchu.


[Could it be that Devil Mountain is planning to intervene?]


*Boom!!* As the major Forces were pondering over this matter, a deep rumbling suddenly rang out from the depths of Kun Mountain, located not far from Dark Kun City. The sound resembled that of a massive drum, resonating across time and space. It also resembled the sound of a beating heart that shook cultivators to their core, nearly causing their souls to depart their bodies.


A strange movement occurred in Kun Mountain as a dark light shot up into the sky, instantly covering the entire sky. From a distance, it appeared as though night had suddenly fallen.


At the same time, a dreadful black mist seeped through the surface of the Cursed Rock, which the Prime Ancestor of the Great West Holy Land had extracted from Kun Mountain. With demonic mist surrounding the rock, even the most skilled cultivators refrained from approaching it recklessly.


The Cursed Rock was the most highly guarded rock among the Seven Divine Rocks. It had not appeared in the world yet due to being restrained by Dao Artifacts, but currently, it appeared that even the Dao Artifacts were reaching their limit.


Countless strands of black demonic energy permeated and intertwined on the surface of the stone. The energy was so dense that it blanketed everything within a hundred-mile radius in darkness, creating an eerie sight. The ancient beings in charge of guarding the rock were extremely careful and did not dare to be careless.


Meanwhile in Dark Kun City, a woman in white was sitting cross-legged on a cushion in a magnificent chamber belonging to Skyward Schloss. Her eyes were shut tight and her eyebrows were knitted together. She appeared to be in agony.


An incredibly ancient and mysterious rune shone brightly between her eyebrows, reflecting the complex meanings of nihility, destiny and time. Her entire being seemed to be carved from jade. Her skin was translucent, making her appear holy and ethereal, but at the same time it also gave her an aura of immortality.


Her energy fluctuated between strong and weak, as her countenance also shifted between anguished and serene. Her body was manifesting many changes.




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