I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 558, A Notorious Villain; Chan Hongyi, The Mistress of Devil Mountain


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Translation Checker: Silavin


A menacing dark cloud rolled into the sky above Dark Kun City, covering the sky and obscuring the sun. Within it lurked grotesque and ferocious monsters, each with their own strange appearance. Some had sleek black wings, others had terrifying horns, and some appeared to be drenched in blood.


An old man rose into the sky and gloomily asked, “Devil Mountain dwellers, what brings you to Dark Kun City?”


Many recognized him as a knowledgeable man who had reached the Sacred Emperor Realm in Dark Kun City. Despite his question, the demonic cloud in the sky continued rolling and surging. The great demons within it remained aloof, silently standing like a wall of ice.


The atmosphere in Dark Kun City was tense and quiet, with many cultivators looking up in horror and fear. Despite the presence of numerous Forces, as well as True Daoists from the Upper Realm, no one felt safe in this situation.


After all, the terrifying might of the demoness in red had already sent shockwaves through the Upper Realm. The great demons under her command were equally formidable. Among them were beings that could rival the True Daoists, once notorious for their ferocity and causing trouble for even the Immortal or Formidable Forces.


“What? Did the Devil Mountain presume they could challenge us single-handedly?” A True Daoist let out a disdainful snort, expressing his displeasure. With a wave of his sleeve, he soared high into the sky, looking at the crowd in the demonic cloud. A small blurry green caudron hovered above his head, emitting a radiant glow that filled the air with an impressive imperial prestige.


“Hoho, what’s with that attitude, my friend? Is this how you greet someone who has traversed millions of kilometres to reach this place?” A cold sneer rang out before an old man with dragon horns emerged from the demonic cloud, dressed in a long blue robe. Despite his sunken eye sockets and bark-like skin, his eyes burned like a pair of blue flames and he exuded a terrifying aura.


As soon as the old man appeared, a stir erupted in Dark Kun City. The countenances of the elderly turned grave with intense apprehension. “Master Elder Qinglong…I didn’t expect him to join forces with Devil Mountain.”


Master Elder Qinglong was a True Daoist who made off with a precious treasure from Sky Emperor Mountain three million years ago. During his escape, he killed countless cultivators from Sky Emperor Mountain. In the end, several ancient experts of Sky Emperor Mountain awakened and subdued him together, sending him into the depths of the Endless Sea. He was no doubt a ferocious man who had taken countless lives and made countless enemies. A highly notorious demon in the Upper Realm.


“What do you mean by that, Master Elder Qinglong?” The True Daoist who had just appeared confronted him loudly with a somber face.


“We are here to cut open some stones, of course. Why? Are we not welcomed here?” Master Elder Qinglong sneered. A group of imposing figures emerged from the shadows behind him. Their forms were shrouded in a demonic fog revealing only their piercing, icy gazes. It was evident that these figures were equally formidable as him.


This scene sent a wave of tension through the hearts of everyone in Dark Kun City, leaving them feeling increasingly uneasy. The people from Devil Mountain really came here to cut some stones?


The True Daoist’s countenance softened slightly as he replied, “If your intention is to cut open some stones, we naturally welcome you. However, I implore you to refrain from any reckless behavior. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I will show mercy.” The expression on the True Daoist face softened as he replied. He was fine with it, as long as these people from the Devil Mountain had no malicious intention.


The remaining True Daoists exchanged glances with each other then nodded. Despite their suspicions about the Devil Mountain’s true intention, they did not stop them. From the looks of it, a significant number of formidable demons had descended from Devil Mountain to come here. If a conflict were to break out, Devil Mountain might overpower them.


*Boom!!* The demonic cloud looming above quickly drifted further into Dark Kun City. A legion of great demons emerged, their piercing gazes resembling sharp blades, their presence instilling fear in all around them. Amidst the menacing horde, the center remained shrouded in a hazy darkness.


A carriage descended into the street, pulled by four Sacred Emperor Realm Demonic Water Serpents. Master Elder Qinglong stood next to it with utmost respect. Only a select few True Daoists could fully make out the scene, the others could not get a clear view.


“Chan Hongyi…” Gu Changge detected a familiar aura coming from the carriage. A piercing gaze, as cold as ice, bore down on him through the thick demonic fog. He had no doubt that the person inside was Chan Hongyi. Given her extreme caution, it was likely that it was only her incarnation rather than her real form.


“I wonder how much she has recovered. If it’s just an incarnation, she can hardly take me down.” Gu Changge calmly strode alongside several True Daoists as they followed Devil Mountain’s entourage toward the Cursed Rock. Although many had speculated that the Cursed Rock was the object of the Devil Mountain’s interest, it remained merely conjecture. Everyone was curious to see what the Devil Mountain entourage would do, especially since the Daoist Artifacts could hardly subdue that Cursed Rock.


Jiang Chen trailed behind An Xi and their companions, his gaze fixed on the demonic cloud. “Why can’t I shake off the feeling that there’s someone far more sinister lurking within that demonic cloud…? Could it be the Mistress of the Devil Mountain herself?” he whispered to Niu Tian who was beside him.


“Very likely. She’s a notorious villain who has caused great concerns among the entire Upper Realm.” Niu Tian nodded, looking extremely cautious.


“I heard there was bad blood between her and Gu Changge. In fact, when she was in the Divine City, it was Gu Changge who led a group to attack her. Do you think she will do something later to take her revenge on him?”


Jiang Chen dropped his voice to a hushed tone, and could hardly contain his anticipation and excitement. He was eager to witness the scene unfold before him.


Niu Tian pondered deeply before shaking his head. His gaze then fell on the man in white, who was leading a group of True Daoists, and a soft sigh escaped him. “Unlikely. Making a move here won’t end well for her. Besides, Gu Changge might not necessarily be intimidated by her, given how strong he is now.”


The thought of having provoked such a formidable foe left him restless and anxious, unable to find peace even in his sleep. Fortunately, Gu Changge remained unaware of Jiang Chen and his true identities, otherwise their very existence would be at risk.


“I heard that only Young Master Changge and the Mistress of Devil Mountain survived the incident in Divine City, while the rest who were involved perished in that battle. What exactly happened at that time? Were both of them gravely wounded as rumored?” Princess Yu Feiya asked with a hint of disbelief and suspicion in her voice as she attempted to catch a glimpse of the shadowy figure in the demonic cloud.


The distance separating the Divine City from the Eight Wastelands and Ten Domains remained shrouded in mystery. Even in the event of space crumbling and collapsing into a wormhole, it would be impossible for Gu Changge to emerge anywhere near the Boundary Marker Sea.


Upon learning of this rumor, Yu Feiya was a little skeptical and was hesitant to believe it. She believed there existed some sort of tacit understanding between Gu Changge and the demoness in red instead.


While everyone was deep in their own thoughts, the Devil Mountain entourage stopped at where the black mist lingered. Master Elder Qinglong pointed toward the rock ahead and calmly said, “My Mistress wishes to acquire this Cursed Rock.”


The Cursed Rock was not that big, just a little bigger than a fist. Its surface was marred by jagged cracks, and it was as dark as ink. Wispy tendrils of black mist continued coming out from it, shrouding the entire area in its eerie veil.


Once towering at half a person’s height, the Cursed Rock had diminished in size over time. It was said that when the Prime Ancestor of Great West Holy Land brought it out from Kun Mountain, it was even larger. Nevertheless, it now lay before them, radiating a pulsating energy that intimidated many even in its reduced state.


Upon hearing this, the numerous True Daoists present remained unfazed. They stared into the depths of the demonic cloud and inquired in a solemn tone, “What do you propose as compensation, my friend?”


Although the Cursed Rock’s ominous nature that even led to the destruction of the Great West Holy Land, it still held a great value. After all, it had been carefully preserved in Dark Kun City, requiring a lot of resources and effort just to keep it suppressed all these years.




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