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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 560, All That You Know Was Imparted To You By Me; When Have I Ever Said No To Your Request

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Everyone was left in a state of utter shock. Even the white-bearded old man and the other True Daoists were astounded and found it hard to believe Gu Changge had not only agreed to lend a hundred Immortal Crystals to her, but he also intended to personally bring them to her.


Although many were shocked by Gu Changge’s wealth and ability to produce another hundred Immortal Crystals, they were more shocked by the attitude of the demoness in red. In contrast to Gu Changge’s assertiveness, the formidable demoness appeared remarkably subdued in that moment.


As they listened intently, they couldn’t help but ponder over the events that transpired during the battle in Divine City. The demoness in red seemed to be familiar with Gu Changge.


“Many have met their demise by her hand. Gu Changge is really courageous, does he not fear that she may suddenly lash out?” All watched on with grave expressions on their faces.


“Young Master Gu is not one to act recklessly. He must be certain that she would not strike at him all of a sudden,” the Phoenix Lady speculated in a hushed tone, finding herself increasingly intrigued about Gu Changge’s behavior and his unpredictable actions.


It was extremely dim inside the demonic cloud and chaotic energy permeated the air. Amidst the shadows, a black carriage was parked. The four black Demonic Water Serpents with crimson eyes roared ferociously in front of it. Yet upon Gu Changge’s arrival, even these fearsome creatures appeared intimidated and backed off.


*Buzz!!* Suddenly, a burst of red light erupted from the carriage, accompanied by an aura of immense might. The four Demonic Water Serpents immediately cowered, too intimidated to make any further movements.


“Why bother? They’re mere beasts.” Gu Changge smiled faintly, and walked towards the carriage without any apprehension that Chan Hongyi, who was in it, would attack him.


“You don’t have to come here, just toss the Immortal Crystals my way,” Chan Hongyi said calmly. Her piercing gaze was icy, conveying a sense of ruthlessness. The carriage’s curtain parted, revealing a delicate, fair hand that glowed with the luster of jade. The hand beckoned to him, urging him to hand over the jade jar.


“I’ve already walked all the way here, don’t you even want to see me, Hongyi?” Gu Changge shook his head as he continued toward the carriage like he didn’t notice her outstretched hand. There was a tinge of disappointment in his words.


“You really put me in a lot of pain when you poisoned me last time…” He spoke softly, a slight grin forming at the corner of his lips.


Chan Hongyi, seated in the carriage, felt a sudden shiver run down her spine at his words. Without saying a word, her gaze hardened as she swiftly raised her hand and struck out, determined to take control of the situation.


The current her, who had rushed all the way to Dark Kun City, was merely a phantom of her true self, and not even an incarnation. Otherwise, given her fiery temperament, she would not have exchanged pleasantries with the group of ancient beings outside, but promptly seized the Cursed Rock.


*Boom!!* Gu Changge was unfazed by the sudden explosion and simply smiled before swiftly striking forward with his palm too. Principles swirled around him as he expertly countered Chan Hongyi using the same skill.


He realized that Chan Hongyi’s power had not yet fully returned, not even a fraction of what it once was at its peak. Furthermore, he knew that it was not actually her who had arrived in this place. 


Suddenly, the area erupted into chaos as cracks appeared in space, creating a dizzying blur.


All the Principles seemed to be broken, causing an intense aura to surge upward, spreading in every direction. Another terrifying aura, infused with the Nirvana Realm Principles, threatened to break free from the domain and shake the very foundations of the Dark Kun City.


Everyone including those from the Devil Mountain looked on in disbelief as they witnessed the chaotic scene unfold. The white-bearded old man and others swiftly sprang into action to block the surging energy, preventing any catastrophic consequences that could potentially wreak havoc on the entire Dark Kun City.


They never expected that Gu Changge would suddenly engage in a fierce battle with the demoness in red. They had assumed that the two would reminisce about the past, and this sudden turn of events cast doubt on left their earlier speculations. If they were indeed close acquaintances, why were they now fighting like they were going to kill each other?


Demonic fog engulfed everything in its path. Chan Hongyi stepped out of the carriage, donned in a striking red dress that resembled blood. Her eyes were void of emotion as she prepared to engage in a fierce battle with Gu Changge. Despite being a phantom, her strength surpassed even that of True Daoists.


The terrifying aura manifested into various ancient runes and condensed in the air before hurtling toward Gu Changge with the force of a thousand swords, spears, and halberds. The clash of their powers illuminated the surroundings, as all kinds of ancient and even long-forgotten abilities and techniques were unleashed. Those outside the demonic fog could only sense the intense turbulence, but were unable to catch even a glimpse of the epic battle unfolding before them.


Gu Changge effortlessly dispelled the formidable attacks before him. His countenance remained serene as he gently shook his head and asked in a manner only she could hear, “Are you certain you wish to fight me? Don’t forget, all that you know was imparted to you by me.”


Upon hearing his words, Chan Hongyi gracefully descended from the sky and halted her attack. She gazed upon Gu Changge coldly, choosing not to speak. She had merely acted preemptively because she sensed a potential attack from Gu Changge just now.


Compared to their last encounter in Divine City, Gu Changge’s strength had grown significantly. Moreover, Chan Hongyi was uncertain if she could defeat him as she had no idea what tricks Gu Changge had up his sleeve.


“Hand over the Immortal Crystals,” she demanded.


“Moments ago, you tried to kill me and now you’re demanding Immortal Crystals from me,” Gu Changge’s gaze fell on her face and remarked with intrigue. “Do you not see the error in your ways? Or do you persist in believing that your actions are justified?”


Chan Hongyi’s tone was chilly as she assured, “I fully intend to pay back what I borrowed from you.”


Gu Changge simply shook his head and smiled gently. “That won’t be necessary. When have I ever said no to your request?”


While saying that, he suddenly took hold of Chan Hongyi’s hand. She instinctively flinched, but he pressed the jade jar filled with Celestial Spirits into her grasp. “I don’t have any Immortal Crystals, but there are quite a number of Celestial Spirits in this. You can keep the remaining for yourself after exchanging them for the rock.”


Without awaiting Chan Hongyi’s response, Gu Changge left the demonic fog and stepped out into the open air. Chan Hongyi lowered her gaze, fixating it on the jade jar in her possession that was still radiating with the warmth of Gu Changge’s palm.


“When have you never said no to me…?” As she murmured these words, her eyes flickered with a fleeting emotion before coldness returned to them once again.


Outside the demonic fog, the white-bearded old man and his companions had been anxiously awaiting for Gu Changge. Upon seeing his safe return, they let out a collective sigh of relief and couldn’t resist asking, “Young Master Changge, what happened just now? Why did you two suddenly fight? Are you unharmed?”


As they observed Gu Changge’s stoic expression and steady breathing, Jiang Chen, Niu Tian, An Xi, and their companions couldn’t help but feel a hint of disappointment. They had hoped to witness Gu Changge suffer at the hands of the demoness in red, but it seemed that their expectations had fallen short. Gu Changge appeared unfazed and looked as if he hadn’t even lifted a finger.


Elder Master Qinglong and the others from Devil Mountain were left perplexed. They were puzzled as to why the battle between the two had abruptly stopped.



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