I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 591, Perhaps Much Effort Will Be Saved, the Advantage of Rebirth

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“Feiya, you and Young Master Changge are of similar age, but your cultivation levels are drastically different. Since returning from Dark Kun City, you have been constantly thinking about Young Master Changge. Now that he is here, why are you being shy?” Emperor Yu chuckled.


He was looking towards the eldest princess, Yu Feiya, whom he regarded with most highly, after seeing that many of the ladies were being shy and didn’t dare to offer toasts to Young Master Changge.


Yu Feiya was wearing plain phoenix clothes while the center of her forehead was embellished with a crimson mark. She had soothing brows, a straight nose, and a beautiful figure. As she walked, she looked just like a sway fairy flower, emitting an aura of distinguished elegance. 


When she heard Emperor Yu’s question, she was slightly startled as she never expected for Emperor Yu to speak of such things. However, she quickly realized that Emperor Yu was asking her to offer a toast.


She immediately stood up and raised her cup as she walked towards Gu Changge with grace. 


“Father is right. Young Master Changge has traveled a long way, let Feiya offer you a toast.” She smiled and said.


The ministers had abnormal expressions after seeing the exchange. What did it mean for Emperor Yu to express such an attitude? Was he intentionally making the eldest princess interact with Gu Changge? Or was he trying to get on the good side of Gu Changge?


The Emperor’s intention was indeed hard to deduce, and the ministers were merely guessing but didn’t dare to speak out of place.


Putting aside Gu Changge’s engagement. The Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty and the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty differed from each other greatly in terms of might, and they did not have good ties either. 


Apart from that, the eldest princess, Yu Feiya was heavily doted on by the Ancestors of the Imperial Family. An important matter like an engagement wasn’t something that Emperor Yu could decide on his own.


“Back at Dark Kun City, I have been busy trying to enter the Kun Mountain, therefore, I didn’t have time to respond to Princess Feiya’s visit. Allow me to punish myself with a drink.” Gu Changge let out a slight smile and emptied his cup.


“Young Master Changge must be joking, please!” There was a surge of fragrance. With her fair complexion, exquisite facial features, and bright eyes, Yu Feiya raised her cup with her hands and bowed in front of Gu Changge.


In response, Jiang Chuchu raised her eyes to take a glance at Yu Feiya with an emotionless expression.


Even in front of the Mortal Palace’s Saintess, Yu Feiya was still calm and collected. Judging from her leisure attitude, she was definitely different from regular women.


“If Feiya can have a tenth of Young Master Changge’s talent, this Emperor wouldn’t have to worry about her.” Emperor Yu chuckled and seemed to be lamenting.


“I have heard of Princess Feiya’s mysterious Physique and she had been bestowed with the Great Yu Immortal Scripture at birth. However, there isn’t much information about her crossing moves with anyone. It seems like her strength is unfathomable even among those of the same generation.” Gu Changge let out a faint smile and continued, “So, I cannot really concur with Emperor Yu’s opinion.”


He knew well about Emperor Yu’s intention. He was trying to make use of Yu Feiya to test his attitude towards the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty.


During this period of time, apart from the outbreak of Eternal Overcast Scourge, the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty had also found an unexplored ancient world. No other Force should have found out about this ancient world yet.


In order to conceal this information, the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty was naturally spooked as they were worried that Gu Changge’s visit was about this matter.


Emperor Yu’s statement was to express his goodwill and also to test out Gu Changge’s intention for visiting. He didn’t believe that Gu Changge was here solely for the Eternal Overcast Scourge.


“Haha. Feiya, if you have the opportunity, you have to spend more time with Young Master Changge. Your ages are similar and should have plenty of conversation topics.” Hearing the response from Gu Changge, Emperor Yu let out a noncommittal laughter. He had the intention to use Yu Feiya to get closer to Gu Changge.


Yu Feiya might feel strange about her father’s words, but she still let out a decent smile and replied, “Father doesn’t have to worry, Feiya will do so.”


[In my previous life, Emperor Yu had also forced Feiya to interact with Gu Changge. It is the same for this life as well…] Tuo Ba Xiao Ya couldn’t help feeling dejected when seeing this scene and he forcefully lowered his head to drink his wine.


His father was a minister and didn’t dare to say anything to Emperor Yu, let alone the current him. Because he had been reborn, he had a better understanding of Yu Feiya in this life. He knew clearly that she was a person who didn’t want disputes. Unless she was forced by Emperor Yu, she wouldn’t possibly try to get close to Gu Changge.


In another three days, it would be the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty’s tradition, the Hunting Event. According to the normal developments, the Eternal Overcast Kingdom would appear and one of the Princes would propose the engagement.


In the previous life, Emperor Yu thought for a long time before ultimately agreeing to the engagement.


Afterwards, Gu Changge visited the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty. Emperor Yu then started to reduce some tension on the engagement and had the intentions for Yu Feiya to get close with Gu Changge.


But in this lifetime, Gu Changge visited the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty in advance and had jumbled up the sequence of events.


Nevertheless, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was certain that a huge incident would happen during the Hunting Event three days later. One of the Imperial Ancestors that lost in the contest for the imperial throne would send an assassin for the Second Prince!


This Second Prince was being nurtured as the future Successor of Emperor Yu, and nothing must go wrong for him.


That incident infuriated Emperor Yu, causing a turmoil in the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty, leading to bloodshed.


In his previous life, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao found out afterwards that the Imperial Ancestor actually moved because of Gu Changge’s support behind the scene. From this, he knew that Gu Changge was not just a mastermind from afar. He didn’t just coveted the Sword of World Domination, but he also intended to engulf the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty!


“I have to make Feiya be wary and not let Gu Changge’s schemes succeed…” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao said to himself and was planning to talk with Yu Feiya after the banquet.


As the son of the general, he had been cultivating alongside Yu Feiya and the others in the Thousand Dao Academy. The two of them got to know each other there. But Tuo Ba Xiao Yao didn’t reveal his talents in this life and was extremely low-profile.


He still was frequently conversing with Yu Feiya, discussing topics of cultivation. In fact, Yu Feiya was also one of the few individuals that knew about his hidden talents.


The banquet continued in the Great Yu Palace, where it was radiating with lights of treasure and divine hues. There were waves of celestial mist that floated over and they were accompanied with clear voices of the performers. It was just like a sacred land.


The banquet was served with meat dishes that were bursting with energy, spirit fruits that were emitting glows and distinct fragrance, all of which were more than a million years in age.


The ministers were all enjoying and toasting to each other. From time to time, they would whisper to each other and would look up to Emperor Yu and Gu Changge with eyes of respect.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao lowered his head and sat behind his father. He was silently drinking and eating while having conversations with his younger and elder sisters.


His father, Tuo Ba Yun Tian, was a minister that was valued greatly by Emperor Yu. He might look ordinary, but his strength was undeniable. Many years ago, he had already broken through to the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, otherwise, he would be qualified to sit here.


His younger sister was Tuo Ba Qing Yu. She might only be 13 years of age, but she already had a slender body with enchanting curves. But she had a cold and prideful personality, and was a person with little words. She had aspirations to surpass her father and reach the Nirvana Realm.


“I heard that Young Master Changge is only over 20 years old, but his strength is already beyond regular True Daoists. He had opened up an unprecedented path that no one could achieve. How exactly does he cultivate?” At this moment, Tuo Ba Qing Yu looked up at the white-clothed man who was raising his cup and talking with Emperor Yu. Her eyes were filled with curiosity and puzzlement.


This was her first time seeing Gu Changge in person. In the past, she had only heard of him in rumors. Just from his appearance, it was indeed hard to find any flaws. He was gentle, elegant, lavishing like jade. When he was smiling, it seemed like his hair was glistening, making it hard to shift her eyes away. Still, she wasn’t the kind of anthomaniac who would judge someone from their looks. She was merely curious and wanted to know how did Gu Changge achieve such feats at this age.


It was hard to explain with just talent. She had heard of plenty of rumors saying that Gu Changge was actually the reincarnation of a Supreme Being from ancient times. That he possessed the Dao Fruit from his previous life, allowing him to climb to the pinnacle within the shortest period of time. As such, many cultivators of the outside world could acknowledge him to be the Mortal One’s reincarnation.


Tuo Ba Qing Yu had done plenty of research on cultivation, therefore, she knew that even the reincarnation of the Mortal One couldn’t possibly reach such a level in such a short period of time.


“If there is a chance, I must ask him for guidance.” Tuo Ba Qing Yu said to herself. She didn’t realize the slight change in reaction to her older brother, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s expression.


“Qing Yu, you better not have such thoughts. Who is he and who are you? Why would he talk about cultivation with you?” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao couldn’t help commenting after hearing his young sister’s mutter.


It reminded him of Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s tragedy in his past life. In his previous life, Tuo Ba Qing Yu attempted to get close to Gu Changge just like this. She was then captured and was used to threaten Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, forcing him to hand over the Sword of World Domination.


Their father was alerted and had to rush to the agreed location to rescue her. However, he was assassinated outside the Imperial Capital, and was severely injured. After escaping back to the General Manor, his father’s Source was greatly damaged and he had nearly lost his life.


“Brother, why would you suddenly say such a thing? Aren’t you normally interested in such topics?” Tuo Ba Qing Yu felt a little strange as to why her dumb-witted older brother would suddenly say such things to her.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao maintained his regular dumb-witted expression and replied, “I am just worried about you.”


Tuo Ba Qing Yu didn’t bother any longer and just shook her head, “Brother, you don’t have to worry, I know my limits.”


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao sighed in his heart. He didn’t have much prestige in the Tuo Ba Family. If it was his father or elder brother saying this, Tuo Ba Qing Yu would definitely listen.


Just as Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was contemplating on how to make Tuo Ba Qing Yu wary of Gu Changge…


Emperor Yu suddenly laughed and said, “It is rare for Young Master Changge to visit my Great Yu. It just so happens that three days later is our Great Yu’s traditional Hunting Event. I would like to invite Young Master Changge to observe the event. It will allow my citizens to showcase their talents and strength. But if there aren’t any outstanding young talents, then I hope Young Master Changge wouldn’t mind it as a small joke.”


Emperor Yu was speaking to Gu Changge and also to his ministers. During the Hunting Event, all Forces under the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty would send their disciples to participate. This was the tradition of the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty.


Naturally, all of the ministers here would send their young descendants to participate too.


It wasn’t just a chance to gain fame. If anyone had an outstanding performance and was appreciated by Emperor Yu, they would be bestowed with cul;tivation techniques and could even be given an official title in the palace.


With Gu Changge observing this time, the significance would be entirely different.


Many of the ministers were moved as this was definitely an opportunity for them. In their opinion, obtaining the appreciation of Gu Changge was more important than Emperor Yu’s appreciation.


“Emperor Yu is sincerely inviting me, so how can I refuse?” Gu Changge smiled and replied.


He was planning to stay in the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty for a period of time to investigate the ancient world. This Hunting Event was definitely an opportunity.


While speaking, Gu Changge swept a glance and his eyes stopped on Tuo Ba Xiao Yao for a moment. Even without the System’s notification, he could see that this fellow was a newly emerged Fortuitous One. Furthermore, he had Purple Fortuity, and wasn’t just a regular Fortuitous One.


[But, why did the System not mention any hints on what type of Fortuitous One he is?] Gu Changge had to remain cautious for now.


After eliminating Jiang Chen, it had been a long time since the System mentioned any Fortuitous One. Generally speaking, he should have some kind of connection with the Fortuitous Ones. However, even after thinking it over for sometime, Gu Changge couldn’t really think of who else had a grudge against him right now.


[His body is surrounded by faint sword intent… Could he be related to the owner of the Sword of World Domination?] Gu Changge guessed in his heart.


He was actually still waiting for information from Yue Mingkong about the whereabouts of the Sword of World Domination. If the Sword of World Domination owner was in the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty, she should have brought the information to him by now.


[Could there be something wrong with Yue Mingkong’s memory of her past life? Or, could this be caused by some other unknown factor?] Gu Changge thought and planned to send someone to investigate Tuo Ba Xiao Yao. If he was really related to the Sword of World Domination, it would save a lot of effort.


After the banquet to receive Gu Changge had ended, all the ministers left and didn’t continue to stay in the palace.


Emperor Yu had specially arranged a palace manor for Gu Changge, Jiang Chuchu and the group. Naturally, they were escorted by attendants.


When Gu Changge and the others left, Emperor Yu’s expression changed as he asked the old eunuch behind him, “Elder Zhu, can you see through Gu Changge’s cultivation level?”


The old eunuch who had been standing behind shook his head and replied, “Your Majesty, this old servant’s eyes aren’t good enough. It is truly hard to see through his cultivation level. Even in a fight to the death, this old servant will probably not survive.”


The response put Emperor Yu in an involuntary silence, with unconcealable apprehension.


This old eunuch behind him had been serving generations of Emperors. When Emperor Yu was still a prince, the old eunuch was already a True Daoist. If even the old eunuch said so, it showed how terrifying Gu Changge’s strength was. It was simply hard to believe that Gu Changge was just a Junior of around 20 years old.


“It seems like it is indeed necessary for Feiya and him to get closer. Be it the present or future, it will be beneficial to my Great Yu.” After staying silent for a moment, Emperor Yu spoke with eyes of consideration. [There really is a reason for the Upper Realm to be so fearful of Gu Changge…]



Once the banquet ended, Yu Feiya was planning to return to her palace, but at the walls of the Imperial Palace, she was surprised to see someone.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao didn’t return to the manor with his father. Rather, he was waiting for Yu Feiya.


“Are you waiting here specifically for me?” Yu Feiya smiled and asked as she walked past, leaving behind waves of fragrance.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s face was no longer dumb-witted like before. His eyes were glistening with energy and had a dignified appearance. He looked extraordinary and was emitting great confidence.


He nodded and said, “I have something to tell you.”


“What is it?” Yu Feiya was curious as this was her first time seeing Tuo Ba Xiao Yao being so serious.


She knew Tuo Ba Xiao Yao quite well and knew that the real him was vastly different from how outsiders saw him. In normal days, he was overly low-profile. Even in terms of strength, she wasn’t confident she could completely beat him.


“You need to be careful of Gu Changge. He isn’t someone good. Three days later during the Hunting Event, something major might happen.”


“I heard a rumor. If something major does happen three days later, Gu Changge is probably the mastermind.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao spoke softly only after looking around and making sure there was no one around.


His words were baseless and it was only according to his previous life’s memory. He had no choice but to say it so that Yu Feiya would be wary of Gu Changge. He didn’t even care if he was wrong about Gu Changge.


Yu Feiya’s expression turned a little solemn after hearing his warnings. If it was others, she would definitely think that person was insane, but it was Tuo Ba Xiao Yao who said it.


From her understanding of Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, he wasn’t the kind of person who would spout nonsense.


“There will be a major incident in three days? Gu Changge is the mastermind? What is his objective then?” She frowned and was considering if she should tell her father.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao could seemingly see her worry and continued speaking, “You can inform Emperor Yu first and ask him to make preparations to protect the Second Prince. I am guessing that someone will attempt an assassination on the Second Prince during the Hunting Event.”


He had already revealed plenty of information. If the assassination was stopped, then it would be his merit.


Because Gu Changge attempted to assassinate the Second Prince, it would infuriate Emperor Yu. That way, it was certain that the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty would oppose Gu Changge.


By then, even if the information of him possessing the Sword of World Domination was exposed, he would still have the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty backing him and he wouldn’t need to worry. After all, he had the memory of his previous life and that was his greatest advantage over Gu Changge.



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