I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 594, A Situation Meant for Targeting Him, a Dilemma

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Translator: Jinz

Translation Checker: Silavin


The sky was gradually turning dark and there were even dark clouds that floated over. In the silent atmosphere, there would be the occasional roars of beasts. This place was so silent that it put terror in the hearts of people.


As the night wind blew across, the sand on a valley would tumble. This silent location was surrounded by precipitous ridges, making it hard to spot the figure of any cultivator.


Tuo Ba Qing Yu never expected to encounter anyone in this secluded place. She had encountered a great foe at the border of the wilderness earlier, and had suffered a rather serious injury after the fight. So, she had no choice but to find a place to recuperate.


She originally thought that this was a secluded place and no one would disturb her.


Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s had icy eyes as she yelled at the cultivators that walked towards her, “Who are you people? I don’t know you.”


A young man with a scar on his face sneered and said, “Fourth Young Lady Qing Yu is truly a noble who is forgetful.”


“Do you still remember a man with shabby clothes that accidentally bumped into you on the streets? After that incident, you sent people to slash him to death just because he dirtied your clothes? Well, my pitiful younger brother died just because of this.” While speaking, the scarred-man revealed an expression of hatred and it felt as though he had an irreconcilable grudge with Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


“I have never seen your so-called younger brother. I don’t remember such an incident either. Did you recognize the wrong person?” Tuo Ba Qing Yu frowned and said with a cold tone.


She had never remembered asking someone to slash a person to death. Furthermore, with her personality, even if someone bumped into her, she would never do such a thing. This person was spouting nonsense and intentionally trying to slander her.


Her first thought was her father, Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s opposition in the imperial court. They must be trying to use the opportunity to slander and kill her. After all, she didn’t fight with others for no reason.


“Of course you wouldn’t remember! Crushing an insignificant person like my younger brother is as easy as crushing an ant for you. But he is my younger brother and I have to take revenge for him.” The young man with the scar laughed coldly towards the sky, it felt as though he was venting all of the hatred and vengeance he had been storing.


“Nonsense! I have never done such a thing!” Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s face was filled with anger.


“It is useless to say more. Today, I shall avenge him. But, if I can have a taste of Fourth Young Lady Qing Yu before that, I will not have any regrets for this life.” The scarred-face man laughed heartily. He didn’t waste any more words and immediately slashed with his saber.


The terrifying Saber Qi was slashed down with cold murderous intent. It felt like a tidal wave that engulfed the front, and even scattered the clouds above.


At the same time, the rest of his companions had also attacked. It wasn’t simple as they were very coordinated and instantly put Tuo Ba Qing Yu in a disadvantage.


“Who exactly are you people? I have no grievance with you!” Tuo Ba Qing Yu flew backwards and had a startled expression. In just the first clash, she felt her Qi and blood stirring up, while her injury got worse. She never expected that she was actually not a match for this scarred-man. He was definitely not someone ordinary.


Even if she was injured, she was still able to wipe out most of the young prodigies in the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty. This scarred-man who appeared out of nowhere to avenge his younger brother was ridiculously powerful.


“I am just someone trying to avenge my younger brother. No one can save you today.” The scarred-man didn’t speak more and attacked again. He was wielding a snow-white saber and moved like a flying dragon, illuminating the night sky.


This was a Saber Qi that contained extreme murderous intent. Without killing countless people, it was impossible to produce it.


The mountain underneath couldn’t withstand it and started to crack at the peak. The terrifying Saber Qi forcefully produced multiple giant crevices and it was a truly intimidating sight.




Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s expression changed. She was originally standing on the peak, but giant rocks were all slashed by the Saber Qi and started to collapse.


As the mountain peak collapsed, rocks flew to the sky while smoke rose up. The entire place turned into dusk.


In the endless mountains, plenty of beasts were frightened and fled in all directions, causing chaos. There were even more beasts that were proning in the ground due to the shock and constantly trembling.


*Flap flap…* Birds flew towards the skies, trying to escape this terrifying place. But as soon as they rushed to the sky, they were smashed into pieces by the murderous intent that filled up the place, turning them into flowers of blood.


They instantly disintegrated and left behind blood mists. The pure murderous intent was like a saber that would slash all forms of life. Anyone who entered would be destroyed, irregardless of who they were.


“Argh…” Tuo Ba Qing Yu was not a match for the scarred-man. She coughed blood just after a few moves. She had no choice but to turn into a divine rainbow to flee.


Her heart was like a torrential wave due to shock. Her enemy’s strength was already enough to be among the top ranking young prodigies in this Hunting Event. However, he still chose to make a move when she was injured. Such a cautious attitude was definitely beyond a regular person.


“Run! Let’s see who can save you today!” The scarred-man had a cruel expression as he pursued with his saber in hand.


Thousands of Saber Qi were released, splitting apart everything at the front. It was truly a fearful sight as everything was turned into ashes.


This scene attracted the attention of many in the outside world.


It might still be night time, but many of the ministers were people with high cultivation. It was easy for them to see the scenes manifested by the colourful treasure tower. Because of her exceptional looks and great talent, Tuo Ba Qing Yu was rather famous in the Imperial Capital. Furthermore, her father was the favored minister of the dynasty and had overwhelming authority. As such, there were plenty of people that were familiar with her.


In the wilderness, she was in a great crisis and was surrounded by many. She was constantly coughing blood and her energy was withering. Still, she had no choice but to flee.


The scarred-man had even boldly said that he wanted to taste Tuo Ba Qing Yu. One had to admit that he was indeed very daring. 


His statement had completely offended Tuo Ba Yun Tian. So, even if he was able to leave this wilderness alive, he probably wouldn’t be able to leave the Imperial Capital alive.


The scarred-man might be using the excuse to chase down Tuo Ba Qing Yu because of revenge, but in the eyes of the ministers, it wasn’t important. For them to reach this level of status, how could there not be any involvement of innocent lives?


“Tuo Ba Qing Yu is in danger. With her current condition, she would be caught in another 10 minutes.” One of the ministers said in a serious tone. Tuo Ba Qing Yu had used an extremely precious artifact to escape, but her Qi had a limit.


Once her strength was exhausted, she would be caught and it would be the moment when she was going to be humiliated and killed.


While thinking about it, many had sneaked glances at Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s father, the current great general, Tuo Ba Yun Tian.


Tuo Ba Yun Tian stood behind Emperor Yu with an extremely gloomy expression. His eyes were flickering with rage and his fists were tightly clenched. Anyone would be able to see the obvious rage that the great general was feeling right now.


Tuo Ba Yun Tian had been watching from the beginning. It didn’t matter if the scarred-man was really taking revenge, he wasn’t going to allow his daughter to be humiliated and killed. This was the greatest humiliation to him!


“Which Force is he from?” His figure was heavy as he stared at the image.


The scarred-man and his group were wearing uniformed clothes that had exquisite saber patterns.


“They seem like disciples of the Heaven Saber Sect…” A minister beside him spoke after some hesitation.


The Heaven Saber Sect was a third-rate Force in the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty. It wasn’t possible for them to nurture such a prodigy like the scarred-man.


“They are not from the Heaven Saber Sect, they must have mixed themselves in…” Tuo Ba Yun Tian wasn’t a fool and immediately saw through it. 


This group of individuals had already planned in advance. They purposely wore the Heaven Saber Sect’s disciple clothes to make things more convincing. It made Tuo Ba Yun Tian even more enraged. He wished he could rush into the wilderness to rescue his daughter.


From far away, the Elder of the Heaven Saber Sect was pale from fright. He fell to the ground from weakness and was trembling violently. He felt that his Sect had been involved in a huge mess, without them doing anything wrong.


The scarred-man was leading a group of individuals that wore the Heaven Saber Sect’s clothes, but the Elder didn’t know any of them. If some accident were to happen to the great general’s daughter in the wilderness, their Sect might be implicated and there would be grave consequences.


“This man is truly presumptuous.” Emperor Yu was also frowning. He was originally paying close attention to the second prince, Yu Lie, but was distracted by the commotion with Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


“It seems like the opposition is well prepared. Tuo Ba Family’s Fourth Young Lady is in danger.” Hearing the discussions of the surrounding people, Gu Changge seemingly couldn’t bear it as he sighed and shook his head.


Emperor Yu nodded and said with some anger, “Such people actually mixed into the Hunting Event. This emperor will definitely investigate this.”


Emperor Yu was actually furious and never thought so many outsiders would be mixed within. That would mean that the other young prodigies were also in danger! It would also mean that the second prince, Yu Lie, might face a high chance of getting assassinated.


Gu Changge asked with a slight change in expression, “Doesn’t Emperor Yu have some contingency plan for such situations?”


Emperor Yu sighed and explained, “Young Master Changge doesn’t know this. In the past, many of the descendents of the imperial family would also perish in the Hunting Events. Even as the emperor, I am unable to break the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty’s tradition. Still, most of the participants have communication jade stones. When in danger, they can use it to communicate with disciples of the same Force. This is their last resort…”


Gu Changge had an enlightened expression, “I see. So, right now, we can only pray for the Tuo Ba Family’s Fourth Young Lady to be fortunate enough to survive this.”


Emperor Yu nodded heavily and said, “Right now, we will need to see if General Tuo Ba’s other children can rush over to rescue her in time.”


Emperor Yu had watched Tuo Ba Qing Yu grow up and even had the intention for her to be a consort for the second prince. Seeing that she was in danger now, he was also unable to bear it and felt depressed.


“General Tuo Ba’s other children?” Gu Changge let out a thoughtful smile and looked at the colorful treasure tower. He naturally understood the rules of the Hunting Event clearly, therefore, he wasn’t worried about outside interference. 


Tuo Ba Qing Yu had probably sent out for help to her older brother, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao and older sister, Tuo Ba Ling Qiong.


Gu Changge also wanted to see what Tuo Ba Xiao Yao would do. [Let’s see what you are really hiding. Do you only amount to this much? Are you going to watch your younger sister die and continue hiding? Afterall, even your older sister is in danger and can’t get out of that situation easily.]


“Damn it! Who is the one scheming against me? Come at me if you dare!” Tuo Ba Yun Tian could obviously see the situation of his two daughters through the colourful treasure tower. It made his expression even more hideous, with veins popping on his forehead.


There was a hill that was overflowing with glaring Sword Qi. The terrifying murderous aura spread over the entire place. It felt like millions of Sword Qis were bursting out and turning into a flood.


Tuo Ba Ling Qiong coughed blood as she was sent flying. Her opponent was a mysterious masked lady, and the sword thrust had pierced through Tuo Ba Ling Qiong’s arm!


Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s older daughter had also encountered a great enemy and was in danger. She was naturally unable to go and rescue the youngest.


This utterly infuriated Tuo Ba Yun Tian and felt that it must be his nemesis trying to scheme against him!


Could he only place hopes on his incompetent son? 


Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s heart was filled with hatred, but more of helplessness and grief. How could he not know about Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s strength? Even if he was to help Tuo Ba Qing Yu, it was the same as to court his own death. What was the use?



“Qing Yu is in danger?” In the depths of the wilderness and dark night, there was a bonfire inside a damp cave. Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was seated there wearing black robes, while having a resolute and dull expression.


The jade talisman in his hand was emitting a faint glow that made his expression change drastically. Tuo Ba Xiao Yao suddenly stood up and had a cloudy expresion.


According to Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s personality, if it wasn’t an especially dangerous situation, she wouldn’t send a signal to ask for help from him. [My older sister is most likely unable to help her right now. So, she had no choice but to ask me for help. It seems like the situation is dire if she has to resort to asking for my help…]


“What exactly happened? Why can’t she go and help her?” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao looked up at the night sky while his heart was palpitating.


He suddenly had an uneasy feeling deep inside. It felt as though there were a pair of eyes watching his every movement. It was thoroughly observing him!


With Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s personality, she wouldn’t create some life and death grudge with an enemy. This was definitely not a coincidence!


[If I were to rescue Qing Yu, all my years of hiding, all the effort I put into maintaining a low-profile would be exposed! Everyone will know that I have been hiding my abilities… and everything from my previous life will be repeated again!] Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s expression turned grim. He clenched his fist and was in an extreme dilemma.


His intuition told him that this was a situation that was actually targeting him!


His heart was filled with hatred!



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