I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 595, There Is Ultimately a Flaw, I Found You

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Translator: Jinz

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Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s hesitant and uncertain expression was witnessed by many outside.


From the images manifested on the colorful treasure tower, one could see that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had received the help signal from his younger sister, Tuo Ba Qing Yu. However, he was hesitating, considering whether he should go to her rescue or not. 


When seeing his indecisive behaviour, Tuo Ba Yun Tian couldn’t help looking elsewhere and sigh, even when disappointed with Tuo Ba Xiao Yao


People of the world always said that a formidable father wouldn’t have an incompetent son. Tuo Ba Yun Tian had been overwhelming for his entire life and was able to shake the world. So, how did he give birth to such an incompetent son?


“It seems like the Tuo Ba Family’s Third Young Master is wise. He knew that it would be useless even if he went to rescue his younger sister. After all, his strength is insignificant…”


“If his young sister isn’t a match for that scarred-man, what use would it be for him to go?”


The ministers were all discussing loudly. They were either sighing softly or gloating. They might rationalise Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s behaviour, but it was still his blood-related younger sister. He was actually so cold-blooded and selfish to not offer any help.


If Tuo Ba Qing Yu was to perish in the wilderness today, the Tuo Ba Family’s reputation was going to be heavily tarnished.


“Let this emperor make an exception for General Tuo Ba today…” Emperor Yu spoke while sighing.


Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s expression shook in response. He was rather touched but he still shook his head with resolve, “Your Majesty, please think carefully. Such exceptions must not be easily given. The Great Yu’s tradition must not be destroyed because of me. Perhaps, this is Qing Yu’s fate…” 


While speaking, it felt as though Tuo Ba Yun Tian had aged significantly and suddenly had plenty of white hair.


The other ministers fell silent as they were impressed by Tuo Ba Yun Tian. If they were in his situation, they would definitely think of using all methods to stop this. They couldn’t possibly watch and do nothing as their own children die.


“Actually, Emperor Yu and General Tuo Ba don’t have to worry. In my opinion, Tuo Ba Family’s Third Young Master isn’t that simple. His dilemma is not truly about rescuing his younger sister, it is about something else. Perhaps, he might provide a surprise later.” Gu Changge shook his head and casually said.


Gu Changge’s words made Emperor Yu, Tuo Ba Yun Tian, and the others stunned. All of the ministers had faces of confusion.


[His dilemma is not truly about rescuing his younger sister? Then what is it? There will be a surprise later?]


“What does Young Master Changge mean?” Tuo Ba Yun Tian was still treating Gu Changge with great respect, but he couldn’t help asking. Gu Changge’s statement had ignited a small hope in his heart.


“As a father, does General Tuo Ba not know your son well enough? I might not have analysed countless individuals, but my eyes are still rather discerning. Tuo Ba Family’s Third Young Master is a dragon hidden in the abyss and is hiding his abilities.” Gu Changge let out a light chuckle as he spoke.


“Xiao Yao is hiding his abilities?” Tuo Ba Yun Tian and the others were simply puzzled. 


Emperor Yu was looking at the images of the colourful treasure tower while contemplating. If he thought it through carefully, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s expression was rather strange. He might be in a dilemma, but it seemed like he was filled with anguish. A normal response should be frustration.
It shouldn’t be filled with anguish. Unless Tuo Ba Xiao Yao felt that his younger sister was a burden and had implicated him. But if that was the case, why was he hesitating? With his strength, going over to help would be the same as dying. If he didn’t go over, no one would blame him.


“I see now. Young Master Changge is truly observant, this emperor is impressed.” After thinking it through, Emperor Yu was involuntarily amazed. He then turned to look at Tuo Ba Xiao Yao inside the images and was curious about his performance later.


Gu Changge let out a slight smile and didn’t say much. But his eyes were filled with great intrigue. Earlier, he had just given a casual remark, but Emperor Yu actually analysed it. It was truly outside of Gu Changge’s expectations.


At this moment, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao didn’t know that he was under the attention of so many people. He turned into a stream of light and left the cave where he was resting in. He was rushing quickly towards Tuo Ba Qing Yu’s direction.


After hesitating for a moment, he didn’t think much further. Time was of essence, the longer he was hesitating, the greater the danger Tuo Ba Qing Yu faced.


As an elder brother, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao wasn’t going to allow Tuo Ba Qing Yu to be in danger. If he was going to watch her die, it would create a heart demon and affect his future cultivation.


“It doesn’t matter who is plotting against me. As long as I rush over and secretly eliminate the threat, then ask Qing Yu to keep it a secret, it should still be fine. I only hope that not too many people are paying attention to me from the outside. Otherwise, my years of hiding would be wasted.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was muttering and consoling himself.


He was a mediocre individual in the Great Yu Capital. So, who would be paying attention to him right now? Of course, this was the best scenario that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao wanted. He didn’t know that under Gu Changge’s instigation, almost everyone was paying attention to him. Even his changes in expressions were noticed by many.


The colourful treasure tower was obtained from this ruin and after it was refined by the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty, it had the ability to observe anything within this domain. Nothing could escape its watch.



*Boom!!* A terrifying black Saber Qi pierced through the place. It was cold and ruthless, as though the autumn wind had swept through the earth and took away countless lives. Every mountain in its path had been destroyed, turning to ashes, producing a terrifyingly huge rift.


There were space fluctuations that rushed out from the void cracks, which could easily rip apart any lifeform.


It was a dreadful battle as the scarred-man and his group were truly overpowering. It felt as if they could kill anything.


“Wa…” Tuo Ba Qing Yu was flying at the front when she was blasted by the Saber Qi. She vomited blood and turned pale. She fell on the ground while her hair scattered, making her look miserable.


During her escape, she had used up many life-saving treasures, but they were all destroyed by the scarred-man. She had already exhausted her spiritual energy and could no longer continue to escape.


“Let’s see how you can continue running. I shall avenge my younger brother. To let him rest in peace in heaven!” The scarred-man flew down from the sky. The sneer on his face made his scars look even more sinister.


His subordinates landed in all directions and surrounded Tuo Ba Qing Yu, preventing her from escaping.


Seeing this scene, Tuo Ba Qing Yu was in despair. When she recalled what the scarred-man said earlier, she felt increasingly humiliated. With her personality, she wouldn’t possibly allow herself to be humiliated before death. At this moment, she already had the intention to kill herself. 


Tuo Ba Qing Yu knew that her older sister had also met a strong enemy and couldn’t help her. Similarly she didn’t hold out any hopes for her older brother, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao. Instead, she was praying that he wouldn’t come. Otherwise, he would have to personally witness her being humiliated. He would definitely risk his life against this group of people and be meaninglessly killed by the scarred-man.


“Even if I have to die today, I will not allow you to succeed.”  Immediately after, Tuo Ba Qing Yu let out a roar. Her body started to glow and there was a red blood mist surging, as though a huge wave was coming.


She had activated a secret technique and planned to sacrifice her body to die with the scarred-man.


“This is bad! She is planning to kill herself!” Seeing the scene, the scarred-man’s expression suddenly changed. It seemed like he was rather uneasy.


He still remembered the mission given by his Master. If he was to kill Tuo Ba Qing Yu like this, he wouldn’t be able to fulfil the mission. When thinking about the consequences of failing the mission, he involuntarily shivered.


“You would rather die than to surrender? I respect you as a person and shall give you a quick death. But you have to agree to my condition.” The scarred-man stepped back and spoke sternly. He was trying to stall for time for someone to come and rescue Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


His mission was to make use of Tuo Ba Qing Yu to test her brother, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s real strength. It wasn’t to kill her.


Tuo Ba Qing Yu was planning to destroy her body, but she paused and halted the secret technique. Even an insect would strive to survive, let alone her. It was obvious that she didn’t want to die. She was also stalling for time, thinking that someone else might be able to rescue her.


“What is your condition? Tell me…” She looked at the scarred-man warily and was afraid he might be tricking her.


*Boom!!* But before she could finish, a surge of golden mist swept over from the sky.


It looked like a divine sword that was unsheathed. The sword made of light penetrated the darkness and was blindingly resplendent, sending chills down everyone’s spine.


“What… How is it possible… Brother!” Tuo Ba Qing Yu stood there, dumbfounded as her eyes widened with disbelief.


Within the golden most was a figure that she was very familiar with.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao rushed over and was standing in the air. A golden wave was surging around him. He was like a sword god that descended. A man with inexhaustible power.


*Clang!* A black iron sword appeared in his hands. It looked like a black iron that had been tempered thousands of times. It was heavy like a mountain and even the air was going to collapse from pressure.


It was black like ink and was surging with light. It consumed the minds of everyone present like a blackhole.


“Courting death! How dare you hurt my younger sister!?” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had icy-cold eyes as he glared at the scarred-man. He was overflowing with killer intent, and it felt like he was going to slaughter everything.


He originally didn’t plan to reveal himself immediately and was going to observe secretly first. But the words of the scarred-man infuriated him. This person actually wanted to humiliate his younger sister! This was something that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao could never tolerate. Even if he knew that someone might be plotting against him in the dark!


“How is this possible!? How can his aura be so powerful? Could it be because he had been practising the sword all these years?” Tuo Ba Qing Yu froze, unable to react to what was happening.


The current Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had an overwhelming aura and was sharp like an unsheathed divine sword. It was entirely different from the impression she had of him.


“Oh? Isn’t this the Tuo Ba Family’s wastrel, the Third Young Master? It turns out that you are a person of hidden talents.” The scarred-man grinned as he wasn’t surprised by Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s arrival.


“Stop wasting your breath. All of you will die here today.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao said indifferently. His moves were overwhelming and decisive. He wanted to seize the scarred-man and interrogate him to find out who sent him to deal with Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


When rushing over here, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao already thought things through. The exposure of his strength today was an unavoidable thing. Therefore, he was going all-out to kill this hateful scarred-man.


“Such big words. Let me see what you are capable of!” The scarred-man scoffed and spoke with disdain.


As a seedling of the Nephrite Breeze Pavilion, he had been cultivating the Killing Emperor True Sutra since young. He was considered formidable even among his peers in the Upper Realm. He was definitely able to dominate the youths in the Hunting Event.


Tuo Ba Qing Yu was able to escape for such a long time because she was being allowed to. The scarred-man had yet to use his entire strength.


“Kill!” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao didn’t waste a second. He drew out the black iron sword and brandished it.


Thousands of Sword Qi burst out and enveloped the entire place. It was absolutely frightening.


The scarred-man wielded the black heaven saber and slashed straight down.


There was a black raging wave that contained unmeasurable destructive energy. It was like an ominous god that had emerged from hiding, ready to slaughter the world.


*Rumble!!!* The surroundings turned blurry and the entire place was slashed into pieces. It was like a tattered painting scroll that was fluttering in the violent winds.


The black heaven saber was unstoppable. 


At this moment, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao felt his nerves going numb. It was invaded by a powerful murderous aura that was cold to the bone.


The scarred-man’s strength was definitely not simple. His cultivation and moves were comparable with Successors of Immortal Forces!


That black heaven saber wasn’t simple either.


Seeing scarred-man charging over again, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao welcomed the fight once more. The sword slashed horizontally to block the heaven saber’s assault. There were clanging sounds and sparks that burst into the clouds.


The scarred-man sneered and stood high in the sky as he repeatedly slashed down with his black heaven saber.


It wasn’t a simple attack, it contained the power of the Great Dao, and was even refined with the Killing Principles.


“Boom!” Countless Saber Qis broke through and formed a black river that was as big as a mountain ridge. It caused all the huge mountains below to collapse and drowned Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


This was an evil weapon that could transform World Principles. When wielding it, it would be infinitely ominous. It could attack by itself and was extremely powerful.


*Clang Clang Clang…* Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s expression turned grave as he was constantly clashing with the scarred-man. Each clash would produce sparks that turned the sky into chaos.


[His weapon is extraordinary. Someone sealed a terrifying killer intent inside. My black iron sword, which has been tempered thousands of times and nurtured for many years, even with the heaven and earth sword intent, is still having a hard time to contest against his swords…]


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was astonished and didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent. Deep inside, he had a feeling that the person who sealed such a killer intent into the evil weapon was definitely related to the person plotting against him.


Immediately after, the battle grew increasingly intense. Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had no choice but to show his true strength.


In his previous life, he had cultivated many sword arts that were considered Divine Grade. Even in the Upper Realm, they would be considered extraordinary. It was superior to some Formidable Force’s legacies. Furthermore, the sword arts he cultivated were extremely compatible with him.


All sorts of sword techniques were bursting out and illuminating the night sky. It had turned thousands of kilometres into daylight.


The battle range of the duo was extreme, as many young prodigies got attracted and gathered here.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had a feeling that his opponent was intentionally luring people here! 


As Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was clashing with the scarred-man, the outside world was also in a huge commotion. Many were shocked to the bone as they widened their eyes. They had never expected for Tuo Ba Xiao Yao to have hidden his strength so well.


From the strength he had been displaying, not even his older sister was a match for him.


“Our eyes are blind. His strength is comparable to the princes.”


Many of the ministers were shocked and were stunned by the scenes from the colourful treasure tower.


“Xiao Yao had actually hid his strength, I was kept in the dark too.” Tuo Ba Yun Tian widened his eyes as he was equally shocked.


“It seems like Tuo Ba Xiao Yao has been hiding all these years. Why didn’t we discover such a prodigy?” Emperor Yu couldn’t help but be amazed as he watched the fight between Tuo Ba Xiao Yao and the scarred-man with eyes that had traces of golden light.


“If a person is trying to hide intentionally, it is indeed hard for others to notice. But, everything has an exception and there is ultimately always a flaw.” Gu Changge nodded in agreement and let out a small smile. 

[Found you.]



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