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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 596, Identity as a Regressor, It Is Risky to Possess It

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Emperor Yu felt that Gu Changge sounded a little strange. But he didn’t overthink it and put more attention on Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, completely amazed by the young man.


From the strength displayed by Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, he was already comparable with most of the imperial descendents.


Emperor Yu was a person that cherished talents and regularly bestowed treasures to the young prodigies of the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty. Thus, he was curious as to why Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had hidden his strength to such a degree. [Why didn’t he showcase his strength in the past?] 


Emperor Yu wouldn’t believe that there were some difficulties that didn’t allow Tuo Ba Xiao Yao to speak. As the young son of the general, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had great and noble status. He didn’t need to worry that anyone might plot to murder him. Furthermore, the stronger the talent, the greater the favours and resources provided. Why would he behave in an opposite manner?


“Had it not been for Young Master Changge’s wise eyes, this emperor might have been completely flabbergasted today.” Emperor Yu shook his head and exclaimed.


Gu Changge laughed in response and looked away, “It is actually just a matter of time. I believe that the Tuo Ba Family’s Third Young Master isn’t just an ordinary person.”


“A hidden dragon would have to leave the abyss sooner or later.” To Gu Changge, as long as he could confirm Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s identity, the rest would be easy. 


[So, is he the owner of the Sword of World Domination or is he just related to it?]


“Young Master Changge’s words are wise! Haha, after this Hunting Event, this emperor will definitely reward Tuo Ba Xiao Yao!” Emperor Yu laughed heartily. 


“Xiao Yao, this child has actually been hiding for so long. As jos father, I’ve been completely kept in the dark…” Tuo Ba Yun Tian was gratified and bitter at the same time.Ultimately, he felt at ease. Knowing that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was this powerful, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to protect his younger sister.


Immediately after, Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s eyes turned cold as he sent a message to his subordinate to investigate the background of that scarred-man.


Tuo Ba Yun Tian had been completely humiliated in the face of all the ministers. His daughter had nearly been killed as well. This great humiliation was something that he would make the scarred-man and the mastermind pay for!


Tuo Ba Yun Tian had already determined that the scarred-man had definitely received orders from one of his enemies and had snuck into the Hunting Event. 


Just as many of the ministers were discussing the shocking reveal of Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s strength, the scenes inside the colourful treasure tower had a great change.


The battle between Tuo Ba Xiao Yao and the scarred-man could be called the pinnacle of battles between the young generation. The entire place was dusky, there were tremors everywhere. Mountains had collapsed and turned into dust. Terrifying waves engulfed the entire place. This wasn’t just a clash, it was a contest of all their means.


The duo had already exchanged hundreds of moves, all filled with great power.


When the Saber and Sword Qi clashed, the area would be turned into a surging sea. Any living being which stepped into the place would be extinguished. Wherever the saber and sword attacked, that area would be immediately turned into pure chaos.


The young prodigies that heard the commotion had turned over. They were all watching with shock from afar, and didn’t even dare to take a step closer. It felt as though that place had turned into a death zone.




Ultimately, the scarred-man was not a match for Tuo Ba Xiao Yao. He coughed out blood as he was sent flying and was nearly split apart by Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


However, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao wasn’t doing well either. His complexion was pale, his palm was filled with blood as his thenar had cracked.


The scarred-man’s strength was beyond his imagination. In Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s opinion, apart from Yu Feiya and a few others, no one would be a match for him out here. [How could a person like him not have an incredible background?]


“Let’s see how are you going to continue fighting against me? Time to die!” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao quickly stabilised his mind. His eyes turned cold as he slashed his sword again. It felt as though the mountain and sea were moving. Endless Sword Qi burst out and drowned everything.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had the intent to kill. When exchanging moves with the scarred-man, he had already vaguely guessed his identity.


An assassin!


Apart from assassins, no one else could have such terrifying murderous moves and would be willing to trade injuries.


As such, even if Tuo Ba Xiao Yao defeated the scarred-man, it wouldn’t be possible to get any information out.


“Keke, kill me? In your dreams! You can never imagine what is going to happen to you. You can just wait for death! By then, you will regret living in this world!” The scarred-man spoke with disdain as he was laughing hysterically as though he had heard a joke.


After exchanging moves with Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, his black heaven saber appeared with cracks, making it hard for him to withstand the clash of energies. The killer intent of his Master, sealed within the black heaven saber, was almost bursting out.


It was the scarred-man’s man greatest trump card!


As soon as the scarred-man finished his statement, the black heaven saber cracked open. There was an aura that rushed out and it was able to shake the stars and silence everything.


Many of the young prodigies around had sudden changes in expressions as their divine souls trembled involuntarily.


Murderous aura filled up the place as the Great Dao of Killing appeared. It was like a river that floated out from hell. Millions of spirits were turned into corpses in the river.


The destructive aura represented blood and massacre, it felt like the guts were getting ripped apart.


“What is that?”  Everyone in the outside world, including Emperor Yu and the others were all stunned.


Even from a great distance, the terrifying killer intent was seemingly endless, and had caused them to tremble in fear due to how hard it was to resist.


*Boom!!* The world trembled violently as though it was being flushed by a great wave. It wasn’t exaggerating to describe the world as being turned over. This terrifying wave of energy was dark like ink that caused the space to collapse.


At this moment, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s face had drastically changed, but he didn’t move. He felt the extreme murderous energy permeating into his bones and nearly freezing his soul.


This was a dreadful intent that had been sealed within the scarred-man’s black heaven saber. It was being released and was wreaking havoc.


All of a sudden, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao saw a blurry figure looking at him from afar and whispering, “Found you.”


At this instant, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao felt a chill throughout his body as his own soul was trembling. He was nearly immobilised and suddenly recalled the scenes in his previous life.


The pair of indifferent eyes didn’t have any emotions, but it seemed like it could see through the void. A single thought could make the ground flow with rivers of blood, with piles of bones that formed mountains.


It was more like a Demon Lord that had descended to engulf the world. He stood at the top of the clouds and looked down on the world, while killing intent spread to root out all life.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao couldn’t see that person, but he knew. It was definitely the world renowned Gu Changge who brought fear to all!


He was also Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s great nemesis who caused him to lose his family, and his life! Apart from Gu Changge, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao couldn’t think of anyone else who would target him!


At this moment, he couldn’t even think of any hows. [When did Gu Changge start paying attention to me? Why was he testing me?].


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao knew that his identity as the owner of the Sword of World Domination had been exposed. Gu Changge was going to resort to any means to seize his Sword of World Domination!


“Ahh…” When facing the terrifying killer intent, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao let out an angry roar. His body was covered in layers of golden light as though he was enveloped in golden mist.


Within the golden mist, it felt as though there were thousands of divine swords weaving a supreme sword domain!


His surroundings turned into a resplendent dome. There was a terrifying killer intent that tried to pierce through but was blocked by Supreme Sword Qi.


This was the sword domain of the Sword of World Domination!


The Primordial Foetal Sword of World Domination he had refined had automatically activated, sensing the life and death crisis. It was trying to block this fatal calamity for Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


A terrifying shockwave had burst out. It felt as though thousands of stars had exploded and burst through the heavens to cover the entire world.


In the wilderness, countless avians and beasts were trembling while prostrating in extreme apprehension. Even the colourful treasure tower had difficulty displaying the current scene, which just showed blurry chaos.


No one knew what happened in the end. 


Emperor Yu and the other experts had used their own technique to peer into what was happening. However, they were unable to do so.


After a long time the radiance gradually vanished and turned quiet.


The surroundings were filled with scars. There were ravines, cracks, and mountains were levelled.


“What was that?”


Many of the ministers still had looks of lingering fears. They had yet to regain their senses from the fearful wave earlier.


They didn’t know what method Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had used, but it was obvious that the scarred-man didn’t have an ordinary background. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to release such a terrifying power.


It even made them suspect that the Killing Emperor from ancient times had returned to the world.


“Tuo Ba Xiao Yao actually has such a trump card, He truly isn’t simple…” Emperor Yu’s eyes were turning rather abstruse as that energy earlier had even made his heart palpitate.


[Was Tuo Ba Xiao Yu hiding his strength so that he could conceal that terrifying energy?] Emperor Yu couldn’t say much in the face of Tuo Ba Yun Tian. He could only note it down in his heart.


“What a pity.” Gu Changge shook his head lightly and looked away.


“What is a pity?” Jiang Chuchu asked when she heard Gu Changge whispering to himself.


Gu Changge smiled and replied, “I am naturally saying that it is a pity for the scarred-man to actually escape.”


Jiang Chuchu stared at him for a moment before nodding, “It is indeed a pity. But I don’t think he should be able to escape far. There are plenty of people from the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty surrounding the place.”


“This person is rather daring. But since he dares to make a move, he must have confidence in getting away.” Gu Changge chuckled and said.


Hearing the conversation from the duo, Emperor Yu reacted by quickly ordering his men to stand guard and not let that scarred-man’s group escape. The incident tonight made him a little uneasy and worried.


Yu Feiya, Yu Lie, and the others might have life-saving treasures, but what if they faced a crisis like what Tuo Ba Xiao Yao faced earlier? How would they neutralise it?


Due to the energy wave earlier, the colourful treasure tower’s images were also blurry. He didn’t know what situations Yu Lie and the others were in right now.


After the whole commotion and experiencing what just happened, many of the ministers were feeling a sense of crisis. Something was probably going to happen during this Hunting Event.


They had all turned into divine rainbows, rushing all over. There were also warriors in golden armour that were increasing the frequency of patrol.


[It seems like the Sword of World Domination is on him. How did he know that I would make a move on him?] Gu Changge contemplated while he looked into the wilderness that was in pitch-black darkness.


During the test earlier, he was certain that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was the owner of the Sword of World Domination. But, he was rather surprised that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had always been precautious against him.


[Could Tuo Ba Xiao Yao be so cautious and hide his strength this whole time because he knew that I have already obtained other Tools of World Domination? But, that can’t be right. He has been so secretive since he was young. He didn’t just start recently. In that case, when he was young, he must have known that I would ultimately make a move on him. Hmmm… how did he know?] Gu Changge frowned and thought of two possibilities.


[Does Tuo Ba Xiao Yao have the ability to foresee the future? Or, is he a regressor just like Yue Mingkong? Both would allow him to know what is going to happen in the future.]


[If he was really able to foresee the future, he should be extremely cautious, taking each step carefully and lowering his presence. Foreseeing the future would mean being able to strategise everything. That would mean he wouldn’t be so sullen when that incident happen]


As such, in Gu Changge’s opinion, it was much more likely for Tuo Ba Xiao Yao to be a regressor. In his previous life, he might have been killed by Gu Changge, therefore he was cautious now, trying not to gain his attention.


[It doesn’t matter which scenario it is. It  doesn’t change the fact that he is the owner of the Sword of World Domination. It is an item that scalds its owner’s hand. It is risky to possess. Why doesn’t he learn to just let it go? Even after living a second life, he is still so foolish.]


Gu Changge unintentionally laughed and didn’t pay any mind to Tuo Ba Xiao Yao being a regressor.



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