I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 597, Is He the Mastermind? Such a Ruthless Heart

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Translator: Jinz

Translation Checker: Silavin


There was complete silence in the depths of the wilderness. The sky was like a curtain that put the entire place in darkness. Avians and beasts within millions of kilometres were still prostrating on the ground, they had yet to recover from the fearful shock earlier.


The terrifying killer intent had swept across the lands like a torrential wave, drowning the place completely. Even after it blew over, there was still killer intent that lingered in every inch of space. Any life that stepped into this place would be turned into blood mist.


All the young prodigies that had participated in this Hunting Event were still in shock and were still looking at the place where the great battle had occurred. They didn’t know what happened earlier. Furthermore, those that tried to find out, and stepped into the zone, were instantly turned to ashes.


“That aura earlier. Could it be Xiao Yao? What happened?” Yu Feiya was standing at the top of a mountain while her dress fluttered. She had a long and slender figure, her face was glowing with radiance and graceful nobility. She was undoubtedly an unrivalled beauty.


She frowned as she looked at where the energy wave came from. Among the two terrifying energies, she could feel the familiar energy that belonged to Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


However, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had always been low-profile. If he didn’t encounter any powerful enemy, he wouldn’t have exposed his strength. It had puzzled Yu Feiya, as she was thinking if he had encountered a crisis in this Hunting Event?


“Could it be related to the assassination that Xiao Yao mentioned?”  Her heart turned cold and uneasy. She quickly took out the communication jade talisman and contacted the second prince, Yu Lie, as she was worried he might be in danger.


But soon enough, she received news from Yu Lie that he was safe and fine. It made her let out a breath of relief and felt more relaxed.


Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night. Be it for the young prodigies in the wilderness, or the experts outside. They were all stirred up inside, and it was hard for them to calm down.


Within a short period of time, Tuo Ba Family’s Third Young Master, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao, had become the focused topic of everyone. Most were guessing if he had survived. If he had, what kind of secrets were he hiding? Why had he been laying low for over 20 years, secretly nurturing and never revealing his edge.


All those suspicious and doubtful people were all paying attention to the colourful treasure tower, waiting for the images to be restored. However, due to the great impact from yesterday night, the colourful treasure tower was no longer able to manifest images as before.


Everyone felt that it was a pity, but had no other choice. They were preparing to investigate once the Hunting Event was over.


During this period of time, Emperor Yu had also given the orders to have more guards at every exit. He must find the scarred-man and his group.


It was obvious to everyone that the scarred-man’s background was definitely not simple. He and his men had disguised themselves as a disciple of the Heaven Saber Sect to sneak in.


All of the techniques he used were terrifying and filled with killer intent. Regular youth prodigies were definitely not a match for him. They definitely wouldn’t believe that such an individual didn’t have the backings of an influential person.


“General Tuo Ba, do you have any information? After all, that scarred-man was targeting your daughter.” Emperor Yu’s body was shining brightly, but it was fuzzy. As strands of Imperial Qi gathered, it made his Spiritual Manifestation increasingly materialise. This wasn’t his original body and he had to recondense his Spiritual Manifestation after a period of time.


In Emperor Yu’s opinion, since this incident was invited by Tuo Ba Yun Tian’s daughter, the opposition definitely had some ties to her.


The scarred-man did mention that he was taking revenge for his younger brother, but Emperor Yu didn’t believe it.


Tuo Ba Yun Tian fell into a deep thought in response and started to think if he had offended anyone recently. But after thinking carefully, he didn’t have any enemy that held such deep hatred towards him.


“I am not clear on this either. I have sent men to investigate. If this incident is related to Qing Yu, I will ask her again after she comes out.” Tuo Ba Yun Tian shook his head and replied.


They would never expect that the scarred-man was actually targeting Tuo Ba Xiao Yao. In their opinion, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s exposure of his strength was an entire coincidence.


Just as the duo were conversing, Gu Changge suddenly chuckled and said, “Instead of guessing, I believe you should ask Tuo Bao Family’s Third Young Master after he comes out. He has exchanged so many moves with that scarred-man, he should know a little about that scarred-man’s background.”


“Young Master Changge’s words are wise. I can ask Xiao Yao about this.” Tuo Ba Yun Tian nodded as though he was enlightened.


The fearsome battle yesterday had brought him too much shock and he had yet to recover until now. He had never thought that his low-profile son had actually hidden so many secrets.


Gu Changge had abnormal eyes as he looked deep into the wilderness. After finding out that Tuo Ba Xiao Yao was a regressor, he already had a plan to deal with Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


But there was something that was more important. As a regressor, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao definitely knew that someone would send an assassin to assassinate the second prince, Yu Lie during the Hunting Event.


The plan to assassinate the second prince, Yu Lie, and overthrow the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty was probably going to be thwarted by Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


Before this, Gu Changge already felt that Emperor Yu was much more cautious than normal, sending many men to patrol the place. He originally thought that it was a suspicious coincidence, but thinking of it now, it was obviously information from Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


It also meant that the second prince, Yu Lie would have plenty of life-saving treasures. Even if Yu Tianzheng was to appear now, it would still be useless. All plans would be in vain.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao probably had some countermeasures in place and even though he had exposed his identity as the owner of the Sword of World Domination, he should still have a path of retreat.


“But, he probably wouldn’t dare to expose his identity as a regressor…”


Gu Changge felt that his plan had to change a little. [If the second prince, Yu Lie, encounters an assassination attempt now, Emperor Yu would immediately suspect me after relating all the previous matters. After all, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao holds a great grudge towards me. When he gave the information, he would definitely mention me as the mastermind.]


“The Second Prince, Yu Lie cannot die at this moment. Otherwise, the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty would protect Tuo Ba Xiao Yao and oppose me.”


Gu Changge’s eyes turned deep as he silently crushed a jade talisman under his sleeve.


He had planted many subordinates in the wilderness. All of them had received the information at the same time, causing them to silently withdraw without showing any anomaly.


As for Yu Tianzheng, Gu Changge had already sent a message over and disregarded him. If Yu Tianzheng was unhappy about this, Gu Changge naturally wouldn’t mind sending him on his way to death. If Yu Tianzheng was to obstruct Gu Changge from obtaining the Sword of World Domination, then it wasn’t necessary for him to live.


On one of the mountains outside the wilderness, Yu Tianzheng was hiding there. When he received the information, his expression turned gloomy. He had been waiting for a long time for this assassination. How would he be willing to give up on it just like that?


Gu Changge merely sent him a message saying that the assassination was cancelled. But Yu Tianzheng knew clearly that it was probably due to the anomaly, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao.


But how could Tuo Ba Xiao Yao alone stop his assassination attempt on the second prince, Yu Lie?


“If I give up on this opportunity, when will be the next time?” Yu Tianzheng had a conflicted expression but he didn’t dare to defy Gu Changge’s order.


He let out an involuntary sigh and chose to give up. “Forget it then, I shall wait for the next opportunity.”


He was a clever person and knew that if Gu Changge wanted to kill him, it was an extremely easy task. Furthermore, he still hoped that Gu Changge would help him to ascend to the throne.


For the next few days, there had been peace in the wilderness and there weren’t any major incidents.


The young prodigies had fought with the Eternal Overcast Creatures. Some survived while some perished, but there were no accidents. Naturally, there weren’t any assassinations either.


This made all the ministers in the outside world relaxed and let out breaths of relief. Even the secretly worried Emperor Yu felt as though he was worried for nothing.


“It seems like this emperor was thinking too much…” Emperor Yu revealed a rare smile and was planning to return to the Imperial Capital once the Hunting Event ended smoothly tomorrow.


No assassins would dare to make their moves recklessly in the Imperial Capital. As for Yu Feiya’s words previously, he no longer put them to heart.


“Emperor Yu seems to be worried about something?” Gu Changge asked with a smile as he seemingly noticed the change in Emperor Yu’s expression 


“Yes, this emperor previously received information that assassins might put Yu Lie in danger. Therefore, I was rather worried.” Emperor Yu didn’t hide anything and responded with a smile.


However, he didn’t continue saying the rest of the information, as Yu Feiya mentioned that the mastermind for the assassination was Gu Changge. How could he dare to speak of such matters in front of Gu Changge? Wouldn’t it intentionally create hatred between the two of them?


“Oh? Who would try to assassinate the Second Prince at this moment?” Gu Changge was rather surprised.


Emperor Yu shook his head and said, “This emperor doesn’t know either. But from the looks of it, there should be something wrong with the information. It has only made this emperor overly worried.”


Gu Changge looked far away as his sleeves fluttered. His clothes were snow-white and didn’t have a speck of dust. He had a transcending smile as he said, “Emperor Yu must not relax now. There is still one day before the end of the Hunting Event. What if the assassins choose to act on the last day?”


Emperor Yu nodded with a deep thought, “Young Master Changge is right, this emperor must not relax yet.”


After the end of the Hunting Event, he was going to ask why Yu Feiya would say that Gu Changge was going to send assassins to kill Yu Lie. In his opinion, it was entirely impossible. From the start, he felt that Gu Changge didn’t have a reason to do so.



Deep inside the wilderness there was a ruin. It was made up of debris from collapsed palace halls.


The mountain range stretched far and was extremely tall. The mountains had deformed and were filled with vines that were as thick as fists. There were signs of ancient civilization, showing that it was once a flourishing place.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had already met up with his elder sister, Tuo Ba Ling Qiong and behind them was their younger sister, Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


After resolving the deathly battle, he brought Tuo Ba Qing Yu with him, to escape and was finally far away from the battle area. He might have survived that fight, but his body wasn’t doing well as he received a slight backlash from the Primordial Foetal Sword of World Domination.


That killer intent was too terrifying and was able to destroy everything. It turned countless living beings into corpses and created rivers of blood.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s innards nearly burst open and almost all of his bones were smashed. If the Primordial Foetal Sword of World Domination didn’t save his life at the crucial moment, he might have been turned into ashes and ended up like his previous life.


After this incident, he understood clearly how terrifying Gu Changge was right now. It was just his killer intent and not his actual body.


“Not even a True Daoist is a match for him. If he makes a move against me, I have no way to survive. Even if the current Emperor Yu is to uses a Nirvana Grade Weapon with all his might, he is still not a match for Gu Changge.”


Once Tuo Ba Xiao Yao recovered, he brought Tuo Ba Qing Yu to look for their second sister. He was worried that she might have been in the same situation as Tuo Ba Qing Yu.


Along the way, Tuo Ba Qing Yu was extremely curious of Tuo Ba Xiao Yao and wanted to know more about her brother, who had suddenly changed. 


When she was in her most desperate situation, he was like a sword god that descended and rescued her from the scarred-man. This greatly changed her impression of him.


In the past, it might look like he was dumb-witted, but it was now clear he was actually just keeping a low-profile and hiding his true strength.


With her brother’s strength, he was probably superior to the current second prince, Yu Lie, who was also the future Successor to the throne.


“I know both of you have plenty of doubts in your minds. But don’t worry, I have always been me and I have never changed.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao explained to his younger and older sisters.


“You have been hiding your true strength all these years?” Tuo Ba Ling Qiong had very complicated eyes, it contained delight and also bitterness.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao actually hid this from them for such a long time and had only exposed it now.


“I didn’t tell all of you in order to protect your safety.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao sighed as he knew what they were thinking, but he didn’t have a choice. While speaking, Tuo Ba Xiao Yao looked up and felt much more relieved when he didn’t feel the colourful treasure tower’s aura. 


The colourful treasure tower had been damaged due to the battle and was now unable to see inside the wilderness. Therefore, he didn’t mind telling such information to his sisters.


“For our safety?” Tuo Ba Qing Yu didn’t understand.


“I have something on me that will attract the danger of death. I cannot expose it until I am strong enough to protect all of you.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao sighed as he explained.


His words made Tuo Ba Qing Yu recall the terrifying Sword Qi back then, it was also the Sword Qi that saved the two of them. Tuo Ba Qing Yu was speechless and started to understand Tuo Ba Xiao Yao’s intention.


“What about now?” Tuo Ba Ling Qiong suddenly recalled many things and her expression turned serious.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao shook his head as his expression gradually turned serious too, “From now on, all of you have to be careful of Gu Changge!”


“He is extremely dangerous and a hundred times more frightening than you can imagine.” Tuo Ba Xiao Yao had to warn his sisters.


From the surface, Gu Changge looked to be extraordinary, a transcendental figure. He was like an Immortal free from sin. But in fact, he was ruthless, cold, and indifferent.


The duo didn’t understand why Tuo Ba Xiao Yao would say such things, but they still nodded and agreed with prudence.


“I’m sorry. It is all because of me. If it wasn’t to save me, you wouldn’t have been exposed.” Tuo Ba Qing Yu said with guilt.


Tuo Ba Xiao Yao shook his head and explained, “You can’t be blamed for this, that scarred-man was targeting me from the start. He is just using you to test if I am able to rescue you and expose my strength.” 


The scarred-man was definitely a seedling figure that was nurtured by a certain assassination organisation. He had fearsome strength and was able to kill all of the young prodigies in this event. How could Tuo Ba Qing Yu have provoked such a person so easily?


This incident made Tuo Ba Xiao Yao even more prudent. In his previous life, he didn’t even know that Gu Changge actually possessed an assassination organisation.


“He is targeting you?” Tuo Ba Qing Yu was even more confused.


“You are saying that he is testing if you are putting a false front? That’s why he made a move on Fourth Sister?”


“How ruthless.” Tuo Ba Ling Qiong immediately understood while her expression turned dark with apprehension.


If Tuo Ba Xiao Yao didn’t possess such strength, wouldn’t Tuo Ba Qing Yu have died? How ruthless must a person be to make a move on an innocent person? Furthermore, from Tuo Bao Xiao Yao’s words, it seems like the mastermind might be Gu Changge?



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