I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 63, Slave Mark, Surprised


Translator: Fate

Proofreader: Dhael Ligerkeys & Silavin




Many lights began to flicker at the entrance of the palace while vein-like patterns from all four directions converged, filling the place with a powerful atmosphere.


“I’ll kill you!” Ye Chen roared with red eyes as if he was a ferocious beast out for blood.


The secret key was his greatest advantage, especially when he was in the palace because he could control most of the traps and formations. As he looked at Gu Changge, he saw that he was still talking intimately with Yan Ji, who was his master just moments ago. 


Gu Changge was so high up in the world that he could simply take out a random item that he had never seen before. On the contrary, he was more like a countryside boy who had nothing to compare with him! This feeling was like a beggar watching a prince show off in front of him while snatching his woman from him! Ye Chen could no longer stand it, especially since Yan Ji was undoubtedly a beautiful woman who had taught him personally for years. This essentially made her not only his master, but also someone like family to him. In short, he was a hot-headed young man who always had special emotions toward her. Even if she betrayed him and their relationship was now in tatters, he couldn’t allow her to join Gu Changge so quickly and run into the arms of his enemy.


“Die!” Now, his eyes were red while a raging flame was burning inside his heart. He no longer cared about the inheritance or the group of ferocious beasts as he only wanted to kill Gu Changge—the enemy who took away everything from him!


*Boom!* Suddenly, a loud sound was heard while rays of frightening light began to burst out from the ground, as if a terrifying beast was awakened. These rays converged high in the sky, gathering terrifying power and preparing to blast at Gu Changge. This was Ye Chen’s most powerful strike that even a master of the Honored Nobility Realm would fear. It should be known that every cultivator in the secret realm had their abilities limited to the Great-Transcendent Realm, and Gu Changge was no exception. This was also one of Ye Chen’s advantages.


“The secret key in Ye Chen’s hand can be used to control the traps and formations here. Its power is formidable, so please be careful, Prince Gu.” Yan Ji reminded Gu Changge to be careful while looking at the situation since she was afraid that he wouldn’t know about its powers. At the moment, her expression toward Ye Chen was cold as she finally understood that she never had a position of a master inside his heart from the beginning. Instead, he only treated her as his personal item. 


After their ties were severed, Ye Chen was now Gu Changge’s enemy, so naturally, Yan Ji would treat him as an enemy too. This was one of the characteristics of her people. Once they set their minds on something, it would be hard for them to change. When she was his master, she would always assist him so that he would go on the right track of cultivation, but now that she had become Gu Changge’s follower, she would naturally want to help him instead.


“The formations here can’t stop me. Ye Chen won’t be able to do anything to me.” Gu Changge casually smiled as he wasn’t worried about Ye Chen at all. With that, a black-colored figure faintly emerged behind him. Even though he was only limited to the peak of the Great-Transcendent Realm, the powers he presented were still as formidable as an ancient god.


*Bang!* With a swing of his fist, the black figure behind him swung its fist! The terrifying force was so sudden that it felt like an earthquake.


*Poof!* Many of the formations were woven into pillars of lights as they blasted at Gu Changge, but they were all turned into smoke with his one punch. In an instant, all of the formations were erased. Looking at such powerful strength, Yan Ji couldn’t help but feel a little shocked as she had far underestimated Gu Changge’s might, but it was expected from the young master of the Immortals.


“How is this possible…” Ye Chen suffered the backlash as he spewed out a mouthful of blood while falling backwards covered in blood. He couldn’t dare to believe that even after he activated the formation here with the secret key, it was all blasted away by the one punch of the figure behind Gu Changge. Even though this power wasn’t well-controlled, it didn’t break the limit of the secret realm and was able to smash Ye Chen’s advantage into pieces.


*Crack!* What was even more frightening to Ye Chen was that many cracks began to appear on the secret key in his hand, which meant that most of the power from Gu Changge’s one simple punch was actually blocked by it. Otherwise, he would be turned into a pile of meat in an instant. Looking at the situation, Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel terrified as Gu Changge’s power far exceeded his imagination. Even if he was only limited to the Great-Transcendent Realm, he could probably kill a master of the Honored Nobility Realm with ease. Suddenly, he felt his heart turning cold as his whole body froze a little.


Then, Gu Changge said casually, “After playing around with you for so long, now is the time to end you once and for all. Little rat…”


*Boom!* With another slap, the terrifying black figure behind him also stretched out its palm as it kept on enlarging in the air, obscuring everything in front of him. His expressions were as indifferent as the gods as the void rumbled to a point where it could collapse everything.


“This is impossible. How can I die here…” Looking at everything in front of him, Ye Chen felt his eyes fill with despair as his body turned cold. He was so suppressed that he couldn’t even move a muscle in his body. He always thought that he was very powerful, but under Gu Changge’s palm, he was more like a tiny ant who was unable to defend himself! Today, he would actually die here! In front of absolute power, all of his cards were rendered useless!


“Gu Changge, stop!” Suddenly, a cold girlish voice was heard. For some reason, Ye Liuli had escaped the horde of ferocious beasts and rushed all the way here from afar just to see Gu Changge about to kill Ye Chen with one slap.


*Whoosh!* She slashed her sword splendidly as she was intent on cutting through everything. She wanted to save Ye Chen! Even though a cultivator of the Honored Noble Realm was limited here, she still had the fighting ability of a peak Great-Transcendent Realm cultivator, so she figured that she could take on Gu Changge herself.


*Poof!* However, what shocked her was that her sword couldn’t cut the hand of the black figure behind Gu Changge. It felt like throwing a stone into the ocean as all the attacks were swallowed up.


[How is this possible… I’m clearly in the same realm as Gu Changge, but why can’t I even cut off the hand of that body of his…]


Her eyes were filled with disbelief. Her snowy-white sword wasn’t an ordinary object as it contained a special gold that gave it the ability to perform the ultimate swordsmanship of the Ye Family in the Beyond. An ordinary cultivator of the Honored Noble Realm would be killed with one slash, but Gu Changge was completely fine.


“You came here just in time.” Gu Changge glanced at her with strange eyes while the enormous hand behind him fell from the air and amidst the rumble, it grabbed Ye Chen in its palm like a bug!


“Liuli…” While being held tightly, Ye Chen shouted with a pale face and struggled for his life, but it was useless because this was the result Gu Changge’s demonization. Even if he could advance to another realm, he still wouldn’t be able to break free from his grasp, let alone his current state. Therefore, he knew clearly that Ye Liuli was the only person who could save him at this moment.


“Cough…” The moment he opened his mouth, Gu Changge’s huge hand tightened around him, causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood, and turn his face extremely pale. As for Yan Ji, she remained very calm about the situation as she now had no sympathy toward Ye Chen.


[Serves him right. I advised him before, but he just wouldn’t listen. These are the consequences that he must bear today.]


“What is it? Do you want to save him?” Gu Changge smiled at Ye Liuli faintly, as if he wasn’t surprised that she could escape from the horde of ferocious beasts by herself. After all, she was the princess of the Ye Family, so she must have many methods or artifacts to deal with those beasts with ease at this crucial moment, but most importantly, he expected that she would get here eventually. With Ye Chen in his grasp, he could use him properly to drain him of his last use.


“Gu Changge, stop. If you let Chen go, I’ll promise you anything. Just name your condition,” Ye Liuli coldly said. Seeing Gu Changge’s expression, she knew that he had something in mind, but at this point, she couldn’t just leave Ye Chen behind to die. According to Gu Changge’s personality, he would definitely use this opportunity to threaten her to do something. Also, even though she knew that Gu Changge was so powerful that any ordinary opponent was no match for him, she still had a little hope for Ye Chen at first since he was so confident in himself. However, she didn’t expect to see him collapse on the ground with just a slap from Gu Changge the moment she arrived. Suddenly, she didn’t know what to say.


“Anything?” Gu Changge looked a bit intrigued and asked a rhetorical question.


She looked at him with a cold glare and answered, “As long as you let Chen go, I’ll promise you anything. Of course, you can’t be unreasonable—”


“Wait. Now is not the time for you to negotiate with me. I’m holding the power here just so you know.” Gu Changge raised his brows and interrupted her, but his expression still remained calm. “If you can’t even understand this, there’s no point in you saving Ye Chen.”


In the meantime, he couldn’t help but smile while still maintaining his dashing looks. In the air, the black hand tightened, causing Ye Chen to spew out another mouthful of blood while his face was filled with hatred, anger and grievance. However, in Ye Liuli’s eyes, Gu Changge’s handsome looks seemed more devilish than ever, adding a hint of cold to his pretty face.


“Liuli, don’t agree to it. Even if I die, I won’t allow you to beg him for mercy.” At the moment, Ye Chen seemed to show some integrity while he glared at Gu Changge with hatred as if he couldn’t wait to tear him into pieces.


“Did I ask you to talk?” Gu Changge gave him a faint glance.


“Cough!” Again, the hand tightened around Ye Chen, causing him to spew blood, as he almost lost his breath.


“What do I need to do so that you will let Chen go? As long as I can do it…” Ye Liuli glared at Gu Changge with eyes full of rage.


“It’s simple. I want you to open your mind and let me plant a Slave Mark on you,” he said flatly without many changes on his face.


Listening to him, Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel shocked. Once a Slave Mark was planted, one would then become a slave and be controlled by another person. It was too high of a price. However, he wasn’t sure whether Ye Liuli would agree to it while a hint of hesitation emerged inside his heart…


“Liuli, don’t agree to it. I would rather die…” he couldn’t help but shout. He didn’t want to die here since he needed to exact revenge, so he knew clearly that he couldn’t show any signs of cowardness or fear toward death at this moment. Otherwise, she would hesitate to save him. He didn’t wish to lie to her, but at this point, he would actually be killed by Gu Changge if he didn’t do so. His heart was in tremendous pain as he wondered why he would come to this today.


[It’s all because of Gu Changge!]


Listening to Gu Changge’s demand, she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She looked furious on the outside, as if she struggled to make the decision, before silencing herself for a moment and saying slowly, “A Slave Mark? You really are shameless, Gu Changge, but for Chen, I’m willing to do it.”


She believed that she could deceive Gu Changge. After all, the Ye Family had a Primordial Spirit Path that allowed them to eliminate all Primordial Spirit spells, and the Slave Mark was no exception. However, this was something that only the descendants of the Ye Family would know, so Gu Changge would never expect it in a million years.


There was still a way to save everything!




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