I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 637, The Location of the Ancient Ancestral Temple, Need to Expand the Influence

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Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


The sky was dark, and the surrounding fields were shrouded in thin black mist. As far as the eyes could see, the sky and land were auburn. There were broken mountains and cracks everywhere. Some places even seem to be erased and razed to the ground by a formless and terrifying hand.


This place was filled with a frightening and ominous atmosphere, as if countless wronged souls were buried here.


Even those with powerful cultivation would tremble uncontrollably from the soul-piercing cold here. There even seemed to be gusts of eerie astral wind blowing by their ears. No one knew how horrendously destroyed the mighty Ancient Arcane Empire was tens of millions of years ago for this place to be so lifeless.


[According to the signs showcased by the key’s reaction, Mirror Lake should be here. But there is no sign of a lake. The ruins stretch across thousands of kilometres. How am I supposed to find this so-called Mirror Lake?] At this moment, a figure wielding a Divine Sword slowly landed at the edge of the ruins. He had handsome features, and his tall and straight figure exuded an extraordinary aura.


He was Lin En, who found this place at the request of the mysterious Elder in white after he left Boundless Immortal Valley.


He had a frown on his face as he looked at the deadland in front of him with strands of golden light flickering in his eyes. He couldn’t see anything unusual about this place even with the use of his Sword Dao Heaven Peering Eyes.


And this was exactly why he was suspicious.


However, the key in his arms showed that there were traces of the Heavenly Dao Sword here, which was where Mirror Lake was. That was why he didn’t give up and was still looking for the entrance. In his opinion, there should be some mysterious arrays hidden here that were concealing the energy and fluctuation here. Otherwise, he should have found Mirror Lake by now.



On the other side, the big group consisting of the Snow Sword Immortal, the Abundance Sword Immortal, and others who were sent here were also looking for the entrance of Mirror Lake. It took them a long time to get here, but just like Lin En, they didn’t find anything. On the contrary, they encountered many strange beasts living here, and they ended up losing a lot of manpower. 


Standing on a broken mountain, Abundance Sword Immortal couldn’t help shaking his head slightly in regret. 


“I am surprised that the powerful Ancient Arcane Empire which almost dominated the entire Profound Sword World had ended up in such a state. There is nothing left here except ruins,” he commented.


“I wonder how strong the Force behind Young Master Gu is compared to the Ancient Arcane Empire?” An Earth Sword Immortal also sighed in the same mood. They naturally compared the Force behind Gu Changge with the most powerful force in the history of the Profound Sword World.


The Snow Sword Immortal’s face under the mask had a look of indifference when she heard this before she softly said, “The legendary land called the Upper Realm has immeasurable power compared to the Ancient Arcane Empire. As for the Force behind Young Master Gu, they basically stand at the top of the Upper Realm. It is pointless to compare the two.”


Hearing what she said, all the Earth Sword Immortals present felt their hearts drop to their stomachs. They knew that the Snow Sword Immortal possessed an innate Secret Technique which made her soul extraordinarily powerful. She could easily look into the souls of Cultivators from the Upper Realm. Thus, what she said must be true.


“It seems that we have been ignorant.” The Abundance Sword Immortal smiled wryly and then asked, “Have you brought up the Ancient Arcane Ancestral Temple to Young Master Gu?”


All the Earth Sword Immortals shook their heads when they heard the question as a way of saying no. After all, this matter was of great importance. As much as they trusted Gu Changge, he was from the Upper Realm. There was no saying that the people around him wouldn’t leak this matter elsewhere. 


Afterwards, many Earth Sword Immortals turned into beams of divine rainbows and swept towards the depths of this place.


“The Ancient Arcane Ancestral Temple is right ahead. According to the legends, there were too many divine treasures displayed in it back in the day, such as the method to do absolute detachment and transcend. There were various Divine Swords too. Each of them is of immeasurable value and needs to be tributed as divine weapons.”


“That’s right. There were also different comprehensions of the Sword Dao. They had collected everything and kept them in that temple. There are many pieces of wall carvings that are the crystallisation of the Wisdom of Masters.”


“It is a pity that everything was destroyed. There is nothing left.”


Everyone was so eagerly talking amongst themselves that they failed to notice the vague figure from another world slowly following them in the void behind.


“So far, they have kept this too quiet. It’s far from enough. Ah Da, spread the news about this place.” Gu Changge shook his head as he thoughtfully glanced at the land surrounded by black mist. He could tell that the so-called Ancient Arcane Ancestral Temple was a land abandoned by heaven. It was filled with chaotic energies, hatred, ominousness, and many other eerie things. Even Fortuitous Ones born in this world would be greatly affected after arriving here. There was no way the others could find the correct location of Mirror Lake when it was difficult for even Fortuitous Ones to do so. 


Thus, Gu Changge had to find a way to attract more people to come here so as to increase the possibility of finding Mirror Lake.


“Yes, Master,” Ah Da answered. He quickly stepped into the void and left after he got his instructions.



Two days later, a piece of news caused a huge commotion in the Thirteen States of the Profound Sword World and left countless Cultivators astonished and in disbelief.


Ancient Arcane Ancestral Temple was built by the descendants of the Great Ancestor of the Ancient Arcane Empire after the Great Ancestor passed away. The emperors of the Ancient Arcane Empire used to be enshrined here.


Every emperor was a well-known figure with a cultivation powerful beyond words, and they each had left a strong mark in the history of Profound Sword World. It was so much that people still go to Ancient Arcane Ruins to pay their respects even now.


However, no one would have expected the legendary Mirror Lake to be hidden in this place.



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