I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 640, What Purpose, Nothing but Ants

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Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


Gu Changge wore a white robe with wide sleeves. His dark hair emitted a crystalline gleam amid flowing Celestial Energy that made him appear extraordinary. Traces of Chaos Mist spiralled around his body, as if he just came out of an ancient world.


“What can you do about my interrogation?” He muttered as he walked out of the void, his eyes filled with dazzling glows that made him seem like a young god who carried a soul-shivering, fear-striking aura of intimidation.


At that moment, as if the sky above Ancient Arcane Ruins was sealed off, time and space became tranquil and silent.


“Young Master Gu, why are you here?” Ah Qing and Princess Xuan Dea widened their eyes in surprise, never expecting Gu Changge, who had been resting in the Southern Light Empire, to show up here.


Truly, his appearance was so sudden that it was out of everyone’s expectation. Even the Abundance Sword Immortal, the Snow Sword Immortal, and the other Earth Sword Immortal visibly grew nervous out of guilt.


They tended to the matter behind Gu Changge’s back, and now that he was here, they couldn’t help but restless and worried that he would blame them.


“Are you alright?” Without much change on his face, Gu Changge glanced at Princess Xuan Dea and softly asked.


Hearing that, Princess Xuan Dea was momentarily stunned as she never expected Gu Changge would worriedly ask about her injury. Especially seeing how he fetched over a clean handkerchief and was about to wipe off the trace of blood at the corner of her lips, she felt somewhat dizzy as her heart uncontrollably palpitated.


“I’m fine. I’m fine…” As she came to her senses, she accepted the handkerchief and as a puff of smoke surged on her cheeks. She hastily nodded and replied, while her mind was full of fantasy.


[Did Young Master Gu come to defend me?] Such a thought evoked all sorts of strange emotions in her heart as her ears reddened profusely.


Nonetheless, to others, her expression was that of extreme bashfulness.


Her long-time admirer, Chen Li, on the other hand, was frantic with jealousy that his eyes were about to pop out.


“G—Gu Changge?” At once, the Parting North Sword Immortal was thoroughly dumbfounded as a hint of fear arose on his face. Never did he expect Gu Changge to show up at this place.


As one of the older Earth Sword Immortals, he possessed formidable strength. Yet, he was aware of the disparity between his strength and that of Gu Changge. In that instant, he was filled with fear and remorse.


“What did you just say? I couldn’t hear you.” Gu Changge casually glanced at him without any tension in his eyes. Yet, the Parting North Sword Immortal timidly stepped forward, his voice trembling as cold sweat surged on his forehead.


“I… I didn’t say anything. I apologise for any offence I’ve caused.” Finished, he began raising his palm and lowered his face full of regret and dread to conceal the vileness in his eyes. He was nothing like his previous tough, overbearing self.


Upon the sight, the surrounding people felt anxious and breathless, donning expressions of complicated emotions. They never expected the Parting North Sword Immortal, who was once an unrivalled legend, to be such a timid man in front of Gu Changge.


“Grandfather…” Seeing how his own grandfather slapped himself, Chen Li felt immensely humiliated, as if he was the one who was slapping himself. As such, his resentment for Gu Changge was aggravated.


*Boom!* As soon as Gu Changge disappear, in the distant sky covered with black fog, ancient battleships emitted thundering explosions. Numerous vast divine senses were clashing and intertwining, causing shocking sounds.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge!”


As the giant black fog dispersed, exposing the spectacular ancient battleships, demonic figures that were standing firmly far away were revealed as they reverently bowed towards Gu Changge.


Similar sounds came from almost every one of the ancient battleships. It was as if the cold, silent black fog suddenly dissipated.


There were even a number of ambiguous figures shrouded in Chaos Qi heading towards the region. Those figures carried overwhelming auras that suppressed the sky. Such daunting, terrorising auras left a grimace on the faces of the Earth Sword Immortals. They instantly felt numbness on their head as irrepressible fear arose in their hearts.


Once again, blaring steps thundered through the sky.


On an ancient battleship of Godly Spirit Mountain, a man revealed himself. He was a muscular man with the head of a gryphon. His skin was grey and covered in scales, and he was surrounded by Principles. 


At that moment, he showed himself and respectfully greeted Gu Changge, “Greetings, Young Master Changge.”


In another direction, True Daoists of different Forces, including Great Yu Celestial Dynasty, Dark Demon Peak, and Ancient Supreme Temple, too, appeared. Being in front of Gu Changge, they dared not to act boastfully, cowering behind as they were too timid to face him.


As of now, many speculated Gu Changge’s strength to be unparalleled and might even be right under that of Remnant Immortals. Ordinary True Daoists were nothing compared to him.


“Why are all of them greeting him? Who in the world is he?”


Seeing that, the people of the Profound Sword World were thoroughly stupefied, never expecting the supreme experts on the ancient battleships to come all at once, only to greet Gu Changge with such deference. Such a sight was too incredible and dreamlike, and had they not seen this for themselves, they wouldn’t have believed such a thing happened.


Prior to that, the ancient battleships seemed extremely dead and quiet—a display of prideful condescension and indication of total indifference to those below them. After all, both parties were of different levels, and there was no chance that they would ever be equals.


“I have truly underestimated his identity…” Despite possessing certain knowledge of Gu Changge’s identity and position, the Snow Sword Immortal was stunned at this moment, unable to control her dismay.


There were so many supreme experts, and every one of them could effortlessly annihilate the people of Profound Sword World with their full power. Yet, they were so wary and respectful toward the young man.


“This is… Young Master Gu’s origin…”


Princess Xuan Dea and the rest were also unable to collect themselves as it was their first time directly facing supreme experts of the Otherworldly Sky Demons. The other party was standing barely a few steps away from them, and prior to this, they wouldn’t have dared to imagine that to happen.


“Drop the courtesy, please.” Scanning across the True Daoists before him, Gu Changge slightly nodded without much change in his expression.


Naturally, he showed himself in order to make them appear. Otherwise, none could tell how long it would take to locate the Mirror Lake. And of course, it wasn’t his style to refrain from utilising his tools.


“Young Master Changge, we didn’t expect you to come, or we would have come earlier to receive you. Please forgive us for that,” an Imperial Ancestor of the Great Yu Celestial Dynasty claimed. He wore a purple gold crown on his head, and his aura was magnificent and immeasurable.


The True Daoists of the other Forces also nodded accordingly.


Genuinely, they didn’t know Gu Changge would come. While their target was the World Source, no one knew what Gu Changge’s purpose was. Although they had never come down to the Lower Realm and directly interacted nor participated in the battles, they were aware of the many incidents that took place in Profound Sword World, so they understood why Gu Changge could walk freely, unlike them, who feared the World’s Will.


As for why Gu Changge would protect a person of this world, they never gave it a thought. Though, with strange faces, many stared at Princess Xuan Dea in confusion. [Did Young Master Changge come for her or some other purpose? It doesn’t look like he would be interested in this woman, though.]


Although she was indeed stunning, in the Upper Realm, Gu Changge was surrounded by graceful damsels that were all doom-bringing beauties of their nation.


“This man had the intention to question you earlier, Young Master Changge. He must die.” In an attempt to gratify Gu Changge, the True Daoist from Godly Spirit Mountain spoke as coldness flashed in his eyes that were fixed on Parting North Sword Immortal’s pale, shocked face.


Immediately, he extended his claw and instantaneously ripped the elder’s skull open, as though his claws penetrated through time and void.




There was nothing but absolute fear on the Parting North Sword Immortal’s face. Without the chance to evade, he could only let out an agonised scream as his soul was instantaneously disintegrated. His mastery over the Sword Dao, which he had cultivated for millenia, were also shattered at once.


In the face of a bona fide True Daoist, these so-called Earth Sword Immortals were nothing but puny ants.


At once, a chaotic panic broke out as everyone trembled violently. Their faces blanched without a trace of blood on them.


Even the faces of the Snow Sword Immortal and the rest slightly paled as their bodies felt unnatural, fearing that they would be targeted by the terrifying True Daoist.




Chen Li and the others of the younger generation were even more shocked. Some were even frantically shivering as they lost control of their shaking legs. After all, such a spine-chilling scene took place right in front of them.


“Did I tell you to kill him?” However, Gu Changge revealed a scowl in response, faintly asking.


Upon those words, the malevolent grin on the True Daoist of Godly Spirit Mountain froze as his body shook. Thinking that he upset Gu Changge, he nervously explained, “No, Young Master Changge. I only did that because that man had the audacity to question you, so…”


Gently shaking his head, Gu Changge cut in, “Forget it. There is no next time.”


“Of course, of course! No next time.” Seeing how Gu Changge responded casually without the intention to blame him, the True Daoist of Godly Spirit Mountain heaved a long sigh of relief as joy surged in his eyes. Although he almost ruined things, he luckily guessed Gu Changge’s mind right.


The eyes of the other True Daoist glistened as they guessed Gu Changge’s purpose. [Is he trying to manipulate the natives into doing something? Why is he behaving with such an attitude?]


“The Parting North Sword Immortal died, just like that…”


The Abundance Sword Immortal and the rest were about to beg mercy for the Parting North Sword Immortal, but seeing that, they instantly understood that in the eyes of those of the Upper Realm, their lives were of no importance as they were nothing but ants.


As such, they were devastated by sorrow and helplessness, standing still on the ground and not daring to do anything.


“Young Master Changge, it is said that the Mirror Lake lies underneath this region, and within, there is something we are looking for. Have you heard about this?” With that, the Imperial Ancestor of Great Yu Celestial Dynasty asked as he scanned across the ruins that were covered in dogs and miasma.



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