I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 700, An Exchange, The Emergence of An Endless Bloodbath

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Translator: Fate

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The man in black was dashing and tall, his hair loosely swaying. There was an intimidating vertical eye on his forehead.


“Only delayed…” the man in black muttered in response.


His name was Qing Luo, and he was indeed the biological son and Heir of the Ruler of Neraka, born with the Innate Godly Spirit Source. In terms of background, his position was undeniably superior to that of countless. In fact, even the heirs of True Daoists were far below him.


In the legendary ancient times, the Innate Godly Spirit symbolised the birth of perfect Godly Spirit Principles, born as a god with dreadful powers.


As a matter of fact, Qing Luo was not originally of this era. After accidentally breaking out of a sealed Divine Source many years ago, he had been silently cultivating in Neraka. Thus, only a few in Neraka knew of him. The Third Palace Lord was coincidentally one of them.


As Neraka faced a great disaster, only one out of the ten Palaces remained, barely managing through the hazards at the brink of peril.


Devastated, the Third Palace Lord planned to fall as the other Palaces did, but only until he thought of Qing Luo.


Being the Heir of the Ruler of Neraka, Qing Luo should know of the Ruler of Neraka’s current status.


All these years, except for Yan Luo, the mysterious Fourth Palace Lord, no one—not even the Third Palace Lord, who had lived for an eternity—had ever seen the true face of the Ruler of Neraka. Therefore, even the Third Palace Lord was wondering whether the Ruler of Neraka was dead or alive, maybe merely in seclusion.


When questioned about the matter, Qing Luo, genuinely clueless, said that he could merely detect his father’s aura but couldn’t precisely locate him. Hence, amid the chaos in Neraka, he intended to attempt to contact his father. Alas, the process would require a lot of time as his father’s aura was elsewhere.


From what Qing Luo detected, the aura was in an eternal, ambiguous space infinitely far away from the Upper Realm, as if distanced by the River of Time.


Unfortunately, now that the army of the Upper Realm Forces was right before them, their only solution was to delay the attackers. They hoped to summon a Dharma Body of the Ruler of Neraka to wipe out the enemies.


A True Innate Godly Spirit was a being that transcended the boundaries of this world. They would naturally not be limited by the World Principles here. In fact, True Daoists were nothing but insects before such a being.


“How much more time do we need?” After a moment of silence, the Third Palace Lord asked as he swallowed several heavenly herbs and fruits to replenish his health.


As he was now in the Peak Nirvana Realm, ordinary heavenly herbs were no longer useful to him. Besides, it was immensely strenuous for him to conjure the Palm of True World, which required him to use up his Life Force to support it. Even he didn’t know how much longer he could endure such a burden.


With a complicated look, Qing Luo replied, “Not sure. I’ve already ignited the sacrificial scripture left behind by my father. He should be able to see it if he could still sense this world. It’s all my fault for being too incompetent, unable to secure my father’s legacy…”


Finished, he grew bitter. He thought that after breaking out of the Divine Source, he might not be the greatest of all time, but he could unquestionably dominate the current era… only for Gu Changge to suddenly appear and almost obliterate Neraka by himself.


Qing Luo was well aware of the Fourth Palace Lord’s strength. He knew Gu Changge was most likely responsible for the Fourth Palace Lord’s disappearance. Clearly, he was no match for Gu Changge.


“Then, we shall continue to deter them. To delay them. We can only pray that your father has yet to give up on us.” The Third Palace Lord let out a sigh, gazing at the ancient platform in the depths of the palace.


Divine lights shone within the palace as ancient vibrant Grand Runes shimmered, looking as though they were communicating with an unknown world.


Once done consuming, the Third Palace Lord turned around and continued to trigger the Palm of True World.


However, out of nowhere, he and Qing Luo simultaneously frowned, feeling a chill up their spines. Vaguely, they could feel a pair of eyes fixated on them. Subconsciously, they turned towards the palace entrance, only to see a man in black robes approaching with a fascinated expression.


In that instant, the Third Palace Lord’s entire body shivered as if his skull was being cracked open. His body trembled in fear as if he was drowning in a sea of ice.


“Gu Changge…” He never expected Gu Changge could reach this place without them sensing him.


After all, the palace contained seals and arrays the Ruler of Neraka had personally set up. Even True Daoists dared not to wander in carelessly. Even with someone leading the way, they might trigger the arrays and be noticed by those within the palace.


“What a pity. The Ruler of Neraka is not in the Upper Realm, nor in this world.” Unbothered by the two’s fearful expressions, Gu Changge disappointedly shook his head. Naturally, he overheard their conversation without showing himself.


“Since when were you here?” The Third Palace Lord loudly questioned, his frightened eyes fixed on Gu Changge.


Wordlessly, Gu Changge glanced at him before turning to Qing Luo. “The Heir of the Ruler of Neraka, huh? So, this is the aura of a genuine Godly Spirit,” he smilingly said.


In Qing Luo’s eyes, Gu Changge’s seemed to be akin to a predator, casual and indifferent to others.


As a true Innate Godly Spirit, Qing Luo never experienced such humiliation. His face grew sullen. Nonetheless, considering the enormous disparity between their strengths, he forced himself to calm down and coldly stated, “Gu Changge, since you’ve followed us all the way here, I shall be frank with you. My father is indeed not in the Upper Realm right now. But I assure you he’s still alive. His aura has never wavered. Should you kill me or destroy Neraka, he will take action against you one day.”


No one knew how strong a True Innate Godly Spirit, unrestricted by the Principles of the Upper Realm, would be. This was why Qing Luo was so bold to say such words to Gu Changge.


“You’re being too wary. I haven’t the slightest interest in you right now.” Gu Changge snickered as he shook his head in response with no anger or changes on his face.


“What are you trying to say?” Qing Luo remained cautious, asking with a glower.


“At this point, you are still too weak. Killing you or not is the same to me.” Gu Changge retained his faint grin as if he was describing a simple truth.


“You…” Upon Gu Changge’s belittlement, a hint of rage flashed across Qing Luo’s face as he felt embarrassed.


Nevertheless, Gu Changge was right. At the moment, Qing Luo was now merely an Intermediate Stage True Daoist. He could not be comparable to those who stood at the peak of the Upper Realm. Given how Gu Changge was capable of killing the Fourth Palace Lord, killing him would certainly be as easy as pinching a bug to death.


“Then why did you annihilate Neraka? What are you planning?” Qing Luo’s face was taut. In his eyes, there was no grudge between Gu Changge and Neraka, but all of a sudden, Gu Changge decided to plot against Neraka and even exposed its hiding place, bringing forth calamity upon them.


“It’s because we got in his way.” Hearing that, the Third Palace Lord suddenly spoke in a bitter, helpless tone.


In this instant, one thing was clear, even to a blind man.


Since Gu Changge, the mastermind behind Nephrite Breeze Pavilion, intended to assist it in conquering the dark side of the Upper Realm, Neraka and Pagoda would naturally be obstacles he needed to eliminate.


Neraka had never done anything wrong, but it’s grave mistake was blocking Gu Changge’s path.


“Well, aren’t you smart?” Gu Changge turned to the Third Palace Lord with an agreeing look.


“So, what are you implying? Since killing me or not makes no difference, why are you here?” Qing Luo asked coldly.


Leisurely entering the palace, Gu Changge gazed at the platform in the depths before speaking in a strange tone. “So, this is the sacrificial scripture you use to contact the Ruler of Neraka? It seems he’s probably lost from searching for a way to reach the Immortal Domain.”


Though, the Third Palace Lord and Qing Luo weren’t exactly knowledgeable about the matter. [If it’s really the legendary Immortal Domain, why didn’t the Ruler of Neraka inform us? It’s as if he suddenly died…]


“Nevermind. It’s a waste of effort to consult the two of you.” Gu Changge shook his head in disappointment, though he didn’t expect them to know anything about Immortal Domain.


“I can spare your lives, but you must follow the instructions I’m about to tell you. Well, see it as an exchange/” Disregarding the dazed faces of Qing Luo and the Third Palace Lord, Gu Changge continued with a smile.


With that, upon Gu Changge’s proposal, Qing Luo and the Third Palace Lord abruptly widened their eyes, revealing faces of shock and dismay.


“The world affected by the Palm of True World is not that simple. It harbours a connection to the Godly Spirit associated with the technique. Without corresponding cultivation and Principles to control it, one would receive a backlash,” the Third Palace Lord stated with his shaking voice.


He could already feel his Source depleting from only controlling the Palm of True World for a short while, but Gu Changge’s plans were even bigger.


Although Gu Changge didn’t precisely disclose his intention with Palm of True World, the Third Palace Lord could already see the emergence of an endless bloodbath.




“Do you really want to do this?” Qing Luo surprisedly gasped, his eyes filled with unconcealable stupefaction.


Gu Changge subtly grinned, ignoring the two’s horror. “Of course. By right, I shouldn’t be this ruthless, but with so many people from the Upper Realm targeting me, how can I idly sit back and take it?”


As Gu Changge finished speaking, his eyes darkened. It was as if his gaze could penetrate the barriers of space and see all of the Upper Realm.


Right now, no movement of the various Forces of the Upper Realm could escape his eyes.



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