I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 701, Total Loss, War Ended

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Translator: Fate

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Eventually, the final Palace of Neraka was still broken through, filled with thundering shouts as the cries of war spread afar. Countless formidable cultivators charged forward as Principles continuously drizzled down from the vaporising starry skies.


Every killer in Neraka was roaring, fighting with all their might, even if it meant dying along with the enemy. After all, there were no weaklings among them. They were all raised to be the strongest. Only a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert could stand still and withstand the shockwave of the war.


This world was too vast. It remained unaffected even with the Palm of True World’s constant manipulation of the World Principles.


It had been many years, but there was never a war as great as this. Even the Immortal Wars between Forces were never this gruesome. Men’s lives were more fragile than a grass blade, with many formidable cultivators dying, staining the sky and land with their blood. Such an apocalyptic scene drove everyone mad. Even the True Daoists turned insane from the killings, not backing down until they finally slaughtered their foes as their eyes reddened.


*Boom!* Right at that moment, an endless sacrificial scripture burned in the sky, emitting limitless lights that penetrated through the skies as if they were interlocking every Principle of the world.


Such energy was as vast as the ocean, boundless and unending, instantaneously surging from the deepest parts of Neraka.


At once, cultivators uncontrollably shivered, their souls in fear.


“What is this aura?”


“Has the Ruler of Neraka appeared?”


Immediately, the True Daoists on killing sprees felt something was off as their souls trembled. Their faces dramatically grew taut as they glared attentively at the deepest parts of Neraka.


There, fog emerged and erupted, resembling Chaos Qi which had existed for billions of years. The overwhelming aura filled the universe as starry skies shattered. This was when an ambiguous figure slowly appeared.


*Boom!* In the figure’s palm, dense crimson lights intertwined.


This ancient divine land was now bursting with millions of light beams. It appeared infinitely brighter and more vibrant than when it was in the hand of the Third Palace Lord, as if it was a blinding sun.


As the divine land’s Principles wafted, everyone else shook profusely, feeling the urge to kneel towards the aura.


“This is… Has the Ruler of Neraka resurfaced? This aura is strange. We’re definitely no match for him!”


“The Principles of this world have drastically changed! We might even have a hard time escaping!”


The True Daoists from various Forces revealed faces of fear and helplessness. They never expected the mysterious Ruler of Neraka to be hiding in the deepest part of the palace.


Looking at the scene, the formidable cultivators of Neraka cried in joy, their faces full of excitement. Their dejection and disappointment vanished as if they were welcoming a new life.


“Is that really the Ruler of Neraka?”


Nevertheless, those hiding in the dark remained sceptical, wondering why the Ruler of Neraka, if he was alive all this time, only chose to intervene after Neraka reached such a state.


“Where is Young Master Gu? Isn’t he interested in that mysterious Ruler of Neraka?” At that moment, Bai Lian’er, who also hurried over, noticed that Gu Changge was no longer on the ancient battleship.


Meanwhile, Ah Da, who always followed Gu Changge, stood alone, sturdy as a metal tower of darkness.


As such, Bai Lian’er grew suspicious of the Ruler of Neraka’s true identity.





The appearance of the Ruler of Neraka left everyone on the battlefield stunned for a moment, but they quickly immersed themselves back in the savage war.


*Boom!* The sky trembled. The world was falling apart under the surge of power that shone unendingly.


The long bronze bell, which was a broken Immortal Grade Artifact containing a god, emerged in the horizon. Endless light beams and Chaos Qi shot out. Every beam was immeasurably dense, containing power that exceeded that of a True Daoist.


Swiftly, everyone else retreated, knowing that getting hit would mean death. Under the pressure of such might, even a Nirvana Realm expert would explode before being disintegrated by the overpowering blow as no one could withstand the power of a broken Immortal Grade Artifact.




The ancient battleships crumbled, and the True Daoists on them spewed blood as they were overtaken by the aura.


“That damaged Immortal Grade Artifact is being used by someone. It isn’t autonomously acting like before. The person using it must not be an ordinary True Daoist. It’s possible he is the Ruler of Neraka himself.”


A female True Daoist from Purple Cloud Valley frowned as she turned around to look at the space barrier of this world and felt that things were getting worse.


If the Ruler of Neraka didn’t appear, she might still have had the chance to evacuate everyone safely. Alas, not only did the space barrier recover, but it was now shrouded in a vast, supreme force.


Meanwhile, the other True Daoists also grew restless. After all, it was rumoured that the Ruler of Neraka was someone who lived the longest in the Upper Realm, but no one knew how terrifying his abilities were.


Frankly, the True Daoists came because their respective Forces intended to test whether the Ruler of Neraka was still alive.




Nonetheless, at this moment, due to the appearance of the Ruler of Neraka, the warriors of Neraka fought even more fearlessly and ferociously, as though they had taken stimulants. 


At the border of Neraka, cold and indifferent, a figure was standing tall amid the thick fog. He raised his hand, slowly pushing forward. 


In that instant, as if the whole world was under the grasp of the Ruler of Neraka, a pair of shapeless and enormous palms surged into the sky and charged towards the huge army before them.


*Boom!* Such a devastating, frightening force was vast and boundless, causing mountains to crumble as Chaos Qi wildly gushed. 


At that moment, even True Daoists felt as insignificant as ants, unable to resist the force. They quickly realised and understood that the whole world was acting strangely.


Since the Ruler of Neraka was in control of a divine land, which had merged with this world and was now under his control, his will would be the will of this world. Anyone who dared to defy him would be defying the world and restricted by the world.


The sky, already crucially damaged, trembled even more violently.


With stern faces, the True Daoists flew upwards, intending to go up against the force together. Their Principles burned brightly, resembling the scorching sun.


Seeing that, the True Daoists of Neraka also rushed upwards to fend off their enemies.


As an unimaginable battle broke out, giant stars were turned into dust, while ancient battleships exploded and fell apart.


As the divine land and this world were fusing, the Ruler of Neraka, being in control of the world and its Principles, was seemingly the god of this world. His eyes were glacial and emotionless as he stood at the border of the sky, pushing forward.


In the meantime, the gargantuan palms plummeted like a comet, crushing anyone who opposed him. Blood rained down and corpses piled up into mountains. The brutal scenes that filled the battleground were enough to scare ordinary cultivators.


The great war that obliterated Neraka persisted for a few days. At its end, the True Daoists from various Forces reached the point of exhaustion and were forced to resort to their ultimate moves.


Fortunately, they noticed that the terrifying figure wasn’t the Ruler of Neraka himself but merely a Dharma Body that was left behind. Given that the power the figure harboured was speedily waning, as long as they could persevere to the end, they might be able to survive this war.


For the past few days, they had attempted to contact their respective Forces, only to be disappointed by the discovery that the barrier of the world was extremely strong, as though it was made of Immortal Gold. 


As such, they couldn’t report their situation to the outside world. In other words, even if they could wipe out everyone from Neraka, they would still eventually die with their enemies. It was such an inevitable outcome that was difficult for them to accept.


“Ah, how frustrating! How did it all come to this…” A True Daoist roared in absolute reluctance, unable to persist any longer as he reached his limit. With that, his body collapsed and turned into a mist of blood as if it was a horrifying rain of blood that engulfed the entire universe.


Far away, some True Daoists also screamed in extreme devastation before exploding, as they were unable to last until the final moment.


Now, the once-vast army tremendously dwindled as merely a few ancient battleships remained floating in the sky, though still greatly damaged.


And so, the war ended with Neraka almost obliterated.


However, the invading Forces faced an even worse loss. Their army was thoroughly annihilated without any survivors. To them, it was a critical loss of manpower, and such news would indubitably startle the whole Upper Realm.


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