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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 716, I’ll Gladly Accept It, He Could Manipulate the Situation to His Advantage

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The Eternal Overcast Great Ancestors were resolute beyond measure. Having understood the causes and consequences of the matter, one of them immediately chose to sacrifice himself. 


He beckoned a strange and eerie aura to curse the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Evidently, their hatred and murderous intent towards him ran so deep they wished to see him crushed to smithereens.

As the sky had cracks, like those of a mirror, grey mist spread relentlessly, devouring everything in its path. Souls were damned in Hell, and the heavens and earth crumbled while the sun and moon lost their glow. 


The Great Ancestor, consumed by murderous auras, stared intently at the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and let go of his final opportunity to eternal life by shattering himself to pieces. Every inch of his soul burned as countless grievances were unleashed. Flames of vengeance shot towards the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s direction, intending to engulf him.


At this moment, even the composed Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had a change in his expression. He recovered just as quickly and faintly shook his head. 


“The audacity… You are still not showing a sliver of mercy at a time like this,” he remarked. 


Simultaneously, his robe fluttered forward, revealing majestic and supreme Principles. Black and white divine light that resembled a yin and yang took form and rotated as it magnified incessantly, encompassing all the grey mist that had enveloped him. 


Still, the one who launched the attack was a Great Ancestor. The decision to curse fueled by the burning of one’s soul allowed no room for this move to be weak. 


At this moment, a faint streak of green substance appeared on the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s face, staining his body like an ominous material. With his eyebrows furrowed, he attempted to expel the green substance, only for this streak of green to cling to him like it had branded itself on him. It was impossible to get rid of it.


[Is the power of this curse, it’s from the same source?] Gu Changge raised an eyebrow as he observed this scene. He recalled the living beings of the outside world tainted and corroded by the Eternal Overcast’s Yin Energy. 


It was beyond comprehension that such an ominous substance would affect someone like the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, let alone touching his very being. However, the substance was drawn forth at the cost of a Great Ancestor’s self-immolation. It did not fall into the same category as ordinary Yin Energy from the Eternal Overcast. 


It piqued Gu Changge’s curiosity as to where exactly the three ancient wells come from. Logically speaking, it was highly unlikely for something like this to come from the Upper Realm.


Despite the curse, the countenance of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being did not change by much. He quickly returned to his usual self. He looked at the remaining Great Ancestors and spoke. “It seems that you still possess some tricks up your sleeves. Those three ancient wells are quite peculiar. I’m actually finding it difficult to dispel the curse!”


There was an intermittently visible streak of green aura on his face which looked incredibly eerie.


“Even this curse is not enough. It seems our time has truly come to an end,” sighed one of the remaining Great Ancestors seemingly resignedly as they stood at the edge of their homeland.


Witnessing this scene, Gu Changge suddenly frowned as if he sensed something. 


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being must have also realised it, as it didn’t take long for his expression to change from one of indifference to a sombre realisation.


“Since we cannot protect the ancient wells, they shall perish alongside us today. We were made by the ancient wells, and we shall die by them. This shall be our final resting place,” the five remaining Great Ancestors said in unison. Their voices were chillingly calm as if they were discussing a trivial matter.


All the Eternal Overcast Beings’ eyes grew wide in astonishment and disbelief when they heard these words. The Great Ancestors intended to destroy the ancient wells! Didn’t that mean that the entire Eternal Overcast would be destroyed, and all they would be buried here and remain in eternal silence? They could not believe how things had escalated to this point!


“You wish to destroy the origin of your Eternal Overcast?” Unlike his nonchalant self just a while ago, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being turned exceptionally cold. The three ancient wells were the only reason he had plotted against Eternal Overcast for so long. But now, these Great Ancestors were planning to destroy the wells! There was no way the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being wouldn’t get livid. His killing intent surged.

However, the Great Ancestors no longer wanted to waste time talking. Even with the help of the ancient wells, they were no match for Gu Changge or the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. They would only meet their end even if they continued to fight.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s expression changed drastically. He then attempted to intervene and stop everything, but he was still too late to act.



A terrifying pillar of grey light, akin to divine light rushing from the west, pierced and tore through the sky in an instant. The three mysterious ancient wells in the vast expanse emitted boundless light when they were simultaneously ignited by the Five Great Ancestors. 


The dazzling brilliance resembled three resplendent suns rising in the darkness.


However, accompanied by a chilling sound of something shattering, the ancient wells began to display horrifying cracks the next moment. A massive amount of energy surged and raged like a collapsing galaxy, suppressing everyone to the point of breathlessness. 


Even the Five Great Ancestors almost fell under the weight as they struggled to remain standing at this moment.


The origins of these three ancient wells were too mysterious. Even they, having occupied the wells and studied them for countless ages, still struggled to comprehend the strange runes within. However, their long occupation of the three ancient wells had given them some degree of control over the wells. Therefore, the Great Ancestors clung to the idea of choosing death over losing their integrity. They were determined to make the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and Gu Changge pay the price; they refused to let the duo succeed in their schemes.


And at this moment, the entire Eternal Overcast began to collapse due to the shattering of the three ancient wells. The infinite energy unleashed was like a raging flood, continuously eroding everything in its path and causing barriers of space to explode and shatter. 


Seeing this, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being took out a large golden seal, trying to prevent the three wells from completely exploding.


However, the remaining Five Great Ancestors had clearly anticipated his move. At this critical moment, they disregarded everything and rushed towards him to stop him. The power when the five of them joined forces was terrifying like no other. With every move, boundless energy surged and roared like an ocean. Countless threads of World Principles transformed into various godly weapons, shaping mountains and rivers which descended upon and suppressed him.


“You are playing with fire!” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s face had long since turned sour. He had concealed a considerable amount of his strength before, but he no longer cared to do that at this juncture.


As the Five Great Ancestors attacked him in unison, they paid no further attention to Gu Changge on the other side. To them, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had had his eyes on the three ancient wells for a long time, which meant that these three wells were immensely important to him. 


On the other hand, Gu Changge was merely a young Junior. Although he was powerful, he wasn’t necessarily more formidable than the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. What could Gu Changge possibly do, when even they had no way to handle the crumbling of the ancient wells?


“No matter how many fragments of the ancient wells we can gather now, those fragments alone contain unimaginable mysteries we can learn from,” the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being said to Gu Changge while engaging in battle with the Great Ancestors after realising their intentions. 


Since he did not think that Gu Changge could stabilise the crumbling ancient wells at this moment, he simply hoped that Gu Changge could collect more fragments of the well. It was the only way.


“Rest assured, Master. I will go collect them now.” Gu Changge naturally didn’t refuse as he responded with a faint smile. His figure immediately disappeared from his original position as he rushed towards the three crumbling ancient wells in the distance. 


He had been thinking of a method to seize the wells for himself without the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being knowing. And now, this golden opportunity had presented itself to him.


“How ridiculous! The power of the three ancient wells is immense. Even we can only borrow a fraction of it. It has now erupted in full force. Not to mention him, even if you were to recklessly approach, you would be reduced to ashes and have both your body and soul annihilated,” the Five Great Ancestors spoke coldly, paying no attention to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s order for Gu Changge to collect the fragments. In their eyes, Gu Changge wouldn’t be able to withstand the immense power for long no matter how strong he was. His physical body would quickly break down and explode, turning into bloodmist, ultimately leading to his death.


“You all underestimate my disciple too much,” the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being replied indifferently upon hearing that. The golden seal which radiated Celestial Beams hovered above his head and had inscriptions related to the mysteries of Immortality. The inscriptions resembled shining stars decorating the surrounding void, aligning with the constellations of countless skies. 


This was an ancient array from a bygone era, and it was capable of helping cultivate someone till they become an Immortal.


Although his cultivation was no longer at its peak, he was still able to subdue the Five Great Ancestors before him. He had great confidence in Gu Changge. Although he didn’t believe Gu Changge could reclaim the majority of the ancient wells’ fragments, his intuition was telling him that Gu Changge could at least get a portion of them.




From the deepest depths of the Eternal Overcast homeland, endless grey mist gushed forth as if breaking free from some kind of shackle as the three Origin Ancient Wells shattered. 


Clouds of grey mists gushed out of the broken wells, engulfing everything in their vicinity. The once-dreary sky also had countless cracks and more Yin Energy spread from there, poured towards the outside world.


“Argh! The sky is falling! Eternal Overcast is about to be destroyed! We will all be engulfed in it.”


“The Great Ancestors have abandoned us.”


“But why…”


All the Eternal Overcast Beings were watching this scene with unparalleled despair. Cries of anguish soon filled the air. They couldn’t believe that in the end, it was their most revered Great Ancestors who brought about this destruction.


Jia Nan, Jia Jiuer, and everyone from the Eternal Overcast Royal Family turned pale and trembled uncontrollably as they drowned in utter hopelessness. 


The Great Ancestors they regarded as their target of faith were determined to drag the entire Eternal Overcast down with them after realising that they could no longer live forever. They were willing to sacrifice even the origin of the Eternal Overcast to achieve destruction. Seeing how ruthless and determined they were only left everyone else bitter and full of despair.


Meanwhile, Gu Changge’s figure disappeared into the monstrous grey mist as he swiftly passed through the ongoing battle between the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and the Five Great Ancestors. 


The surging and overwhelming energy felt as if several big worlds were colliding, ready to obliterate any living beings that entered this place.


Gu Changge couldn’t help but furrow his brows when he felt the massive crushing force. Even though his physical body was unmatched, it didn’t mean he could rival Immortal Gold and endure endless cycles of Immortality.


In this place, even a slight advancement by a True Daoist would result in their bodies bursting and turning into bloodmist. In other words, it was an instant death. Gu Changge could even sense the emergence of small cracks on his own body. However, with his mighty vitality, these small cracks quickly healed and vanished.


[Fortunately, not all three ancient wells have shattered. One of them is still intact.] Gu Changge’s gaze shifted as he noticed the scene deep within. 


The three ancient wells that floated resembled three radiant suns casting dazzling and brilliant splendour. However, one of the ancient wells, which had already fragmented, had pieces flying out into the void, quickly vanishing and transforming into intricate runes. If they were not collected in time, they would quickly disappear and cease to exist.


[No wonder the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being told me to gather these fragments. It seems he knows that these ancient wells were refined with some kind of runes.] Gu Changge realised upon seeing this. However, his attention was not on the crumbled ancient wells. Instead, it was on another well that remained almost in perfect condition.


Although the Five Great Ancestors had had the three ancient wells in their hands for a long time, they had never fully comprehended the wells’ true nature. Even if they were determined to destroy the wells, they would still have to spend a considerable amount of time doing so. [Perhaps even the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had not anticipated this.]


[In that case, I’ll gladly accept this ancient well. As for these fragments… Heh.] Gu Changge chuckled softly before he raised his hand and summoned the Grand Flask. 


The terrifying mouth of the flask resembled a black hole that could devour the heavens. It exuded a frightening and awe-inspiring aura. Right then, even the three ancient wells in front of him trembled slightly, seemingly unable to withstand the pressure emanating from the Grand Flask.




In the next instant, boundless black light burst forward and immediately swallowed the near-perfect ancient well. Wisps of dark light hung from the flask, resembling a giant mouth that abruptly devoured the well. The remaining two ancient wells continued to break apart and explode, transforming into boundless energy and countless tiny fragments.


Gu Changge didn’t waste any time when he saw this. He continued to deploy the Grand Flask to swallow up the fragments and all the energy. 


Only a small amount remained in the end. In a way, he had fulfilled the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s instructions. Before unravelling the numerous plots and schemes of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, Gu Changge had no intention of turning against him. He felt that he could manipulate the situation to his advantage if he properly handled all the arrangements made by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


[My poor ‘Master’, don’t you know, it’s never easy with me as your disciple.] 



The endless grey mist remained overwhelming as it obscured the sky and blocked out the sun. Because it showed no sign of dissipating, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being who was still engaged in battle with the Great Ancestors at this moment remained oblivious to Gu Changge’s actions.



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