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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 721, There Are Indeed Many Prejudieces; the Pawn Can Finally Play Its Role

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A tremor of unease ran through the ranks of the hidden True Daoists. Gu Changge’s retaliation had arrived, swift and merciless.


Panic flickered across the faces of many watching the scene unfold. The revelation of a powerful Remnant Immortal by Gu Changge’s side sent shivers down spines. This was entirely unexpected, leaving them wondering if it was a hidden guardian dispatched by the Immortal Gu Family specifically for Gu Changge’s protection.


By publicly identifying the cultivators as “Death Knights,” Gu Changge had effectively ripped away their facade of neutrality. He stopped short of naming names, but the accusation hung heavy in the air, a challenge aimed squarely at the True Daoists present.


Disbelief and shock mirrored on the faces of the other cultivators witnessing the exchange. While whispers of hidden True Daoists had always circulated, their actual presence being exposed was a bombshell.


A low murmur arose from the crowd. “This promises to be an interesting spectacle,” someone remarked. “Young Master Gu clearly intends to settle his score with these True Daoists.”


“The Eternal Overcast Scourge has ravaged the world, yet these self-proclaimed protectors remained shrouded in secrecy, unwilling to investigate the cause,” another chimed in, his voice laced with bitterness.  “It was the Saintess of Mortal Palace who bravely ventured into the heart of the problem alone.”


Heads nodded in agreement. “True to form for the Immortal Forces,” someone spat. “The lives of ordinary cultivators like us mean little to them, the suffering of the many a mere inconvenience.”


“Their actions,” another added, his voice heavy with disillusionment, “are driven by obligation, not genuine concern for our well-being.”


“If you ask me,” a voice rose above the rest, “only the Saintess of Mortal Palace and Young Master Gu have shown any true concern for the plight of the ordinary cultivator.”


Resentment and anger simmered amongst the crowd. Unlike disciples of major Sects, these were ordinary cultivators, lacking the backing of powerful factions. Their numbers, however, were their strength.


However, they would very likely be the first to die during the Eternal Overcast outbreak, for they were the easiest to die and the easiest to abandon.


Being condescending and impassive Immortal Forces, the True Daoists they sent would also merely watch from the sides perfunctorily, having no intention to investigate the cause of the eruption.


Worse still, some even forcefully send wandering cultivators to their deaths, using their bodies to resist the spread of the Eternal Overcast.


This was the brutal truth of the cultivation world: a brutal hierarchy where the strong preyed upon the weak. It was a rare sight indeed to find individuals like Gu Changge and the Saintess of Mortal Palace, figures willing to act on their behalf.


“Based on this alone,” a voice boomed, “Young Master Gu can’t possibly be the demonic successor they claim!”


A wave of agreement rippled through the crowd. “They’re slandering him, that’s for sure! If Gu Changge truly embodies demonic arts, I’ll… I’ll…” a cultivator sputtered, searching for a suitably outrageous vow. “I’ll turn my head into a chamber pot!”


Indignation and a sense of righteous anger fueled the crowd. The cultivators of the various Forces squirmed under the intense scrutiny. The likes of Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, and Purple Cloud Valley felt the weight of public disapproval, a heavy burden on their shoulders.


“We’ve underestimated Gu Changge’s standing with the people,” a grim realization dawned on the hidden True Daoists. Their attempt to discredit him had spectacularly backfired.


Remaining hidden was a strategic choice at this point. Engaging Gu Changge, especially with a Remnant Immortal by his side, was an unwelcome prospect. True Daoists might be unrivaled in the Upper Realm, but even they paled in comparison to a Remnant Immortal – beings who, if not for the constraints of the World Principles, would have already ascended to the coveted Immortal Realm.


Among the various Immortal Forces, a Remnant Immortal was a trump card, a power capable of suppressing their entire legacy. Unleashing such a force wouldn’t be taken lightly.


Hence, the emergence of a Remnant Immortal by Gu Changge’s side was a seismic shock. Gu Changge’s own unfathomable strength aside, this single being was enough to intimidate any lesser power.


“It seems none of you are eager for a discussion,” Gu Changge said, a hint of amusement lacing his voice. The continued silence of the True Daoists came as no surprise.


He didn’t hold on to the Death Knight matter either, for he had no leverage against the various Forces. 


The best course of action at present was to mobilise the Forces of the Upper Realm and push the Forces that were against him to everyone’s opposition, and for that, Gu Changge had already devised a plan. He wasn’t even worried about having any accidents.


A murmur of unease rippled through the crowd gathered around the Eternal Overcast. A faint scent of danger hung in the air, the unspoken threat of Gu Changge launching a sudden attack causing a tremor of fear. The sight of the ancient battleships hovering ominously in the distance, manned by soldiers bristling with an aura of lethal efficiency, did little to quell their anxieties. A single order from Gu Changge, and a devastating war could erupt.


Ordinary cultivators, however, felt a surge of excitement. In Gu Changge, they saw a champion, a figure willing to stand up for them and fight for justice.


Meanwhile, the True Daoists lurking in the shadows remained concealed, their brows furrowed in deep contemplation. The prospect of revealing themselves, let alone engaging in discussions with Gu Changge regarding the Eternal Overcast, filled them with dread.


“Then force it be,” Gu Changge declared, his voice devoid of warmth. “Ah Er, see to it that the esteemed Elders of these various Forces make themselves available.” With a cold glint in his eyes, he swept his gaze across the battlefield, a silent challenge hanging heavy in the air.


“Yes, Young Master Gu,” Ah Er acknowledged with a curt bow, his form dissolving into a blur before vanishing entirely. The air shimmered, and a ripple of distortion spread outwards like a monstrous spiderweb, encompassing the surrounding void.


A collective gasp rose from the hidden True Daoists. “This is bad,” one rasped, the urgency evident in his voice. Panic flickered in their eyes as they attempted to flee the rapidly expanding field.


Thump! The air crackled with raw power as Ah Er reappeared, slamming his fist into the void with a world-shaking impact. The resulting shockwave rippled outwards, crashing against the fleeing figures. A chorus of choked gasps and pained grunts filled the air as the True Daoists were thrown back, blood blooming crimson against their pale skin. Bones groaned in protest, threatening to shatter under the immense pressure.


Staggering to their feet, the previously concealed True Daoists materialized into view, their faces etched with a mixture of fury and humiliation. The representatives from Sky Emperor Mountain, Purple Cloud Valley, and Endless Fire Kingdom all wore identical expressions of grim defiance. None of them had anticipated Gu Changge’s brazen display of power, forcing their hand through a Remnant Immortal.


A collective gasp rippled through the crowd of onlookers. “Such overbearing dominance! That’s Young Master Gu for you!” someone exclaimed, a mixture of awe and trepidation lacing their voice.


Even the usually unflappable Phoenix Lady and Jun Yao exchanged a startled look. In the face of Gu Changge’s overwhelming power, their own abilities felt insignificant. A chasm seemed to separate them, like ants struggling against an elephant.


Gu Changge swept his gaze across the assembled True Daoists, a sly smile playing on his lips. “Given your reluctance to appear, I was left with little choice but to take… unconventional measures. I trust you won’t take offense.” His words dripped with honeyed sarcasm, offering no genuine apology for his strong-armed tactics.


The True Daoist from Sky Emperor Mountain, a wizened old man with a single, menacing horn protruding from his forehead, stepped forward. His voice, raspy with age, crackled with barely contained fury. “What is it you truly desire, Gu Changge? Do not forget your position! You, the so-called Successor of Demonic Arts, are destined to be a scourge upon this world.  Do you seek to antagonize the very forces that stand against your darkness?”


The True Daoist from Endless Fire Kingdom, a fiery-eyed woman with a wizened frame, chimed in, her voice laced with barely concealed threat. “Remember yourself, Gu Changge! We represent powerful factions. Don’t push your luck!”


She looked like a storm cloud, her face contorted with a mixture of pain and fury. Ah Er’s attack had clearly left its mark – a significant one, judging by the blood trailing down her chin. The other four True Daoists, representing various Immortal Forces, emerged from the shadows, their expressions mirroring the woman’s grim demeanor. Silence spoke volumes – a tense silence that hinted at a simmering internal conflict. Were they simply annoyed at being forced to reveal themselves, or was there a deeper unease lurking beneath the surface?


Despite their imposing presence, a flicker of something akin to defiance glinted in their eyes. They weren’t about to cower in fear of Gu Changge, not yet.


With the Eternal Overcast looming large, the Upper Realm’s attention was laser-focused on finding a solution.


[How dare Gu Changge exploit this situation for his own gain!] The unspoken accusation hung heavy in the air.


“Esteemed Elders,” Gu Changge began, a disingenuous smile plastered on his face, “I assure you, my intentions are as pure as the driven snow. I merely requested your presence to facilitate a productive discussion on the matter of the Eternal Overcast. This disaster threatens all living beings, and surely, collaborative efforts are the key to averting further catastrophe.  Is that not our shared goal?”


His words, laced with a sugary sweetness, left the True Daoists speechless. Publicly refusing to cooperate with a solution to the Eternal Overcast was simply unthinkable. The outrage from the watching crowd, not to mention the potential repercussions from their own Forces, would be swift and severe.


The True Daoist from the Endless Fire Kingdom, a woman whose fiery eyes seemed to crackle with barely contained rage, was the first to break the tense silence. “Spare us your theatrics, Gu Changge,” she sneered. “Who knows what truly lies beneath your deceptive words? Do you truly seek a solution, or do you harbor some nefarious scheme? We wouldn’t trust the empty promises of the so-called Successor of Demonic Arts!”


Her accusation echoed through the crowd, sending shivers down spines. This was a watershed moment – the first time an Immortal Force had publicly acknowledged the rumors surrounding Gu Changge. The weight of this revelation hung heavy in the air, a dark cloud threatening to engulf the already tense atmosphere.


Cultivators who grasped the deeper meaning of the exchange shuddered. A premonition settled over them, a chilling premonition that the Upper Realm was teetering on the brink of a devastating conflict, a storm of blood and violence unlike anything witnessed before.


“Indeed, Gu Changge,” the True Daoist of Sky Emperor Mountain said, his voice regaining its composure. “Your true colors are on display for all to see. You stand branded as the Successor of Demonic Arts. How can we, the protectors of this realm, trust a figure shrouded in such darkness? The Eternal Overcast demands a solution, but it cannot be found with you by our side.”


His words were carefully chosen, a calculated jab that placed suspicion on Gu Changge without explicitly calling him demonic. It was a tactic designed to justify their refusal to cooperate, a way to maintain the moral high ground.


They weren’t naive. Entering the Eternal Overcast with Gu Changge was akin to stepping into a viper’s nest.  His strength during the Eight Wastelands conquest was already enough to rival a True Daoist. Who knew what further heights he had scaled in the intervening time?


A flicker of satisfaction passed through the remaining True Daoists as the tide seemed to be turning in their favor.


“How dare you make such accusations against Young Master Gu!”  A voice boomed, shattering their moment of triumph.  Ah Er reappeared, a specter of cold fury. His eyes, devoid of warmth, glinted with a terrifying malice as he raised a hand, his palm aimed directly at the assembled True Daoists.


A collective gasp ripped through the crowd. The True Daoist from the Endless Fire Kingdom, her fiery facade momentarily cracking, sputtered in outrage. “What do you think you’re—”


Her voice was cut short by a sickening PFFT! Ah Er’s blow landed with a thunderous crack, the impact vaporizing her head in an instant.  A spray of crimson mist and bone shrapnel erupted outwards, painting the void in a grotesque tableau of viscera and gore. The crowd recoiled in horror, screams erupting as they witnessed the brutal execution.


The remaining True Daoists, their faces draining of color, exchanged panicked glances. The air crackled with a tension so thick it could almost be tasted. Sky Emperor Mountain’s True Daoist, his eyes wide with terror, stammered, “You—”


He tried to dodge, but Ah Er’s movements were a blur. The Remnant Immortal’s other hand shot out, elongating and crackling with interwoven runes.  With a vice-like grip, it clamped around the True Daoist’s neck, hoisting him off the ground like a ragdoll. The man’s face contorted into a mask of blue, his struggles pathetic against Ah Er’s immense power.


The remaining True Daoists trembled, their bravado shattered. They were seasoned cultivators, beings who had honed their skills for millennia, yet they were powerless against this terrifying entity. A suffocating silence descended upon the crowd, broken only by the gasps of those struggling to comprehend the brutal display of power.


“Who dares question Young Master Gu’s character?” Ah Er’s voice boomed, devoid of warmth. He held the True Daoist aloft, his grip tightening ever so slightly as if to punctuate his threat. It was a chilling display of dominance, a clear message that death could come at any moment.


Of course, Ah Er held back. Gu Changge’s orders were to humiliate, not to kill.  The True Daoist from the Endless Fire Kingdom, her head freshly reformed, couldn’t mask the terror in her eyes. A brush with oblivion left her shaken to the core.


“It seems a misunderstanding has occurred,” Gu Changge said, his voice smooth as silk. “Your prejudice against me is…evident.  Therefore, I shan’t force your participation. I’ll delve into the mysteries of the Eternal Overcast on my own.”


Eliminating the True Daoists here wouldn’t serve his purposes. Not only would it be a blatant act of aggression, but it could also further solidify the rumors surrounding his demonic heritage. He knew these self-righteous figures wouldn’t follow him into the swirling vortex anyway.


His gaze drifted towards Lan Yifei from the Immortal Dao Alliance. The young prodigy flinched under Gu Changge’s scrutiny, a flicker of fear betraying his carefully constructed facade. It was a subtle movement, but it did not escape Gu Changge’s notice.


[It’s finally time for this pawn to play his role now… Let’s hope he won’t disappoint me.] A chuckle escaped Gu Changge as he delved into the Eternal Overcast.


What kind of earth-shattering shock would be caused in the Upper Realm if a young prodigy was tragically killed by the Successor of Demonic Arts here?


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