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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 723, How Did He Manipulate It, Dark Wang Yue

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The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was very ambitious and had remained in hiding since the Ancient Celestial Era to become an Immortal King. The difference between an Immortal King and a True Immortal could not be described as a mere rift. An Immortal King could destroy a universe with a snap of his finger and split Chaos to form a new world with just a thought.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being wanted to achieve this with his Dao Fruit of Reincarnation, which was exceedingly difficult with the limitations of the era.


Towards the end, even he had no choice but to give up on the idea and instead embark on the path of consuming and condensing Sources of others. That had been the profound understanding he had obtained after he drank that bowl of well water the Six Great Ancestors had given to him back then. Though, rather than drink, it was more accurate to say he took a sip.


[These runes don’t look complete. It was as if someone had done this on purpose. If it really is a coincidence, why do all of these runes seem to be missing something?] As the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being carefully considered the runes in front of him, his expression darkened.


He hadn’t sensed it at first and only felt the difference after deliberating and researching them. However, that only made him more sceptical. Pondering over them separately didn’t show anything suspicious, but they still looked unconnected after putting them together. He wouldn’t have doubted anything if some of the runes had connected to each other to show some mysterious meaning, but somehow, the runes had coincidentally lost part of themselves between each other. This made them incomprehensible. It was as if reading an incomplete scripture where paragraphs were missing from the middle of each page.


[Has Gu Changge played a trick on me? How did he do it? How did he manipulate it?] The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being looked uncertain. Had he not been concerned that he was in the territory of the Immortal Gu Family, he would have sought out Gu Changge to interrogate him. However, his focus soon returned, since he knew that Gu Changge had left the Residence and wasn’t currently there.


[Just what secrets is he keeping from me?] The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being narrowed his eyes, deciding not to alert Gu Changge. Though, he was interested in what secret Gu Changge had been concealing from him. He had intended to leave the Immortal Gu Family for the ancient universes which he had secretly cultivated to test the runes. However, knowing that Gu Changge might possess the remaining complete runes made him intrigued. He now wanted to know Gu Changge’s secret and get the remaining runes out of him.


[Never mind. I’ll wait for him here.] The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being closed his eyes again, standing as still as a rock.



Meanwhile, a cold beautiful woman in white was battling numerous Eternal Overcast Creatures deep within the mist-shrouded Eternal Overcast while surrounded by light. Beams of Sword Qi shot down like rain and penetrated the fog, causing many Eternal Overcast Creatures to explode where they stood. She might be forceful and violent in her attacks, yet the Eternal Overcast Creatures were far too great in number and came towards her like locusts which couldn’t be eradicated. Even she was showing signs of exhaustion and she had to take mystical pills and spiritual herbs to restore herself.


[The source of the outbreak is far too difficult to trace. It’s almost like it has appeared suddenly and for no reason.]


She was Jiang Chuchu, Saintess of Mortal Palace. She frowned lightly, retreating quickly as she fought with blood already tainting her clothes.


Her plans had been to leave and return to safer ground if no clues could be found. Who would’ve known that the Eternal Overcast had erupted for no reason? Plus, the number of Eternal Overcast Creatures was far more than expected, exceeding all previous occasions. She wasn’t weak by any means and possessed many protective techniques, but she had encountered enough life-threatening dangers and had only narrowly escaped them.


[I may have to return to safer ground now. I cannot do anything to stop this.] She sighed regretfully. Her white clothes fluttered as she disappeared immediately, leaving behind just a flash of white. However, the Eternal Overcast Creatures followed her like maggots towards a corpse.




The void shook as the heavy fog was suddenly penetrated and Eternal Overcast Creatures exploded with a scream. Among them, enormous terrifying beings with red eyes and cloaked in grey fog tore apart space to charge towards Jiang Chuchu. Their large brutal hands wielded blades flickering with wisps of crimson Principles which threatened to drown everything.


The creatures in front of them exploded instantly upon encountering that energy, disintegrating in both body and soul.


This was a Quasi-NIrvana beast whose soul had been tainted by the Eternal Overcast Fog, leaving behind only the crazy desire to kill.


Jiang Chuchu’s aura had disturbed them and their only thought was to tear apart the puny human before them.


[How can there be Quasi-Nirvana beast here!?] Jiang Chuchu frowned, looking slightly stricken as she sensed their aura. She knew well that she had a fighting chance against Sacred King or Sacred Emperor Realm creatures but nothing besides death awaited her if she didn’t flee from one in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. She had encountered one before and had narrowly escaped, but she wasn’t sure if she could be that lucky this time.


There were a total of three Quasi-Nirvana Realm beasts here, with bodies as infinitely large as ancient stars shrouded in fog and eyes like lakes. They stretched out their hands to shake things apart, causing space to freeze as Principles broke apart and dropped to the ground like waterfalls. Their aura was as powerful as ocean waves, which continuously struck the expanse of space and destroyed everything in their path.


Jiang Chuchu hadn’t expected that these beasts would still possess such terrifying strength after their consciousness had been corrupted. They were no weaker than a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert at their peak.


She immediately pulled out a protective item; a shimmering golden decree appeared above her head. Its pages flapping and causing obscure ancient runes to appear. They shone and flickered blindingly, containing unfathomably terrifying power.


The shimmering Golden Decree contained the flowing energy of True Daoists and it illuminated the gloomy world around it like a giant sun. She wasn’t lacking in rare treasures and decrees since she was the Saintess of Mortal Palace. But, they were extremely limited and only contained the might of one strike from a True Daoist.


There weren’t many materials which could withstand the force of a True Daoist, so forging such an item was extremely difficult. Other than the highly-favoured young prodigies from important Immortal Forces, no normal cultivator could ever think of seeing such a precious item. Jiang Chuchu herself didn’t have many and had already used up a lot of them.




Powerful destructive energy erupted as the Golden Decree appeared. The three Quasi-Nirvana Realm beasts pursuing her finally had a hint of fear in their eyes as if they sensed the aura of their natural enemy, turning away to flee without daring to chase after her.


[At least scaring them off was effective.] Jiang Chuchu sighed in relief, not surprised by this. She was about to leave when fear struck her, causing her blood to freeze in her veins.




An extremely terrifying aura suddenly spread towards her as a mouth as enormous as a black hole, filled with blood-coloured fangs, suddenly opened within the grey fog not too far away. It devoured everything in its way. It was so frightening that the world seemed to become submerged in darkness like it had consumed the entire place.


Jiang Chuchu’s Golden Decree could not maintain itself a moment longer and cracks appeared. The bright golden light faded away.


The three fleeing Quasi-Nirvana Realm beasts had no time to scream before they were immediately clasped within the enormous jaws like tiny chicks and exploded.


The thick Eternal Overcast Fog they emanated was sucked into the stomach of the great beast with a deafening rumble, which chilled the core of any cultivator.


The invisible creature, nearly infinite in size, was far too frightening and no one knew how big it was. They were only able to see its enormous mouth surrounded by red fangs, gaping like a chasm. It looked powerful enough to tear apart a True Daoist.


[I-is that the mythical Celestial Beast Wang Yue? Wasn’t it rumoured that they were already extinct? Why has one shown up in the Eternal Overcast?]


It was a while before Jiang Chuchu recovered from her terrified state and became in disbelief. She had only seen records of the Celestial Beast in Mortal Palace’s archive, which claimed that it could infinitely consume heaven and earth. There were even rumours that a universe developed within its belly.


This chilling and savage beast looked to be a Wang Yue which had been contaminated by the Eternal Overcast Fog. Its origins were untraceable and unfathomable; Jiang Chuchu felt that it had died in the Eternal Overcast during ancient times and awakened for some reason to develop another Soul to house in this body.


She even sensed that it would cause great chaos once it invaded the Upper Realm, which would end in a devastating bloodbath and extinction.


If even the Golden Decree, which contained the power of a strike from a True Daoist, had been easily consumed by it, genuine True Daoists might just be mere prey to it as well.  Furthermore, it was far too big and seemed able to occupy an entire universe by its mere presence, able to crush the myriad worlds. How could the Upper Realm hope to contend against this?


[Has it merely been sleeping? This is the true disaster for the Upper Realm.] Jiang Chuchu became calm once more and watched the frightening darkness, knowing that she couldn’t survive the ordeal. Who knew what other frightening things the great Eternal Overcast contained?


The awakened Wang Yue swallowed everything up without exception, as if it had been starved for countless years. Everything in its path became its fodder, including Quasi-Nirvana Realm Eternal Overcast Creatures.


Jiang Chuchu was naturally no exception.




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