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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 724, It’s A Pity That I Can Never See The Day We Marry, Nearly Perished

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The Dark Wang Yue’s enormous body was shrouded by the Eternal Overcast Fog. Its giant jaws could swallow the sky and land, resembling a bottomless hole. It didn’t look to have any will of its own and was only consuming everything around it on instinct.


Deep within the fog, several Nirvana Realm beasts with terrifying aura had sensed the shift and were about to flee in terror. However, the Dark Wang Yue’s jaws emitted an attractive force and clasped around them, causing the sky to be blocked for a moment and darkness to fall.


The beasts had no time to scream before they were swallowed.


[Its strength far exceeds True Daoists.] Jiang Chuchu stood within the fog while surrounded by green light with her white dress fluttering about. Strands of hair blew against her beautiful face which bore a cold serious expression.


Compared to the invisible Dark Wang Yue, she was even smaller than a speck of dust. The large beasts with eyes as big as stars were similarly tiny compared to it as their bodies surrounded by Eternal Overcast Fog were swallowed whole by the Dark Wang Yue.


The infinitely wide Eternal Overcast quaked due to the awakening of the Dark Wang Yue. Space started to crack. Great expanses of Eternal Overcast Creatures disintegrated with a loud sound, like mayflies within a stormy ocean after being struck by its aura.


[It’s a pity that I can never see the day we marry.] Jiang Chuchu muttered, raising her eyes to look at the Dark Wang Yue, which couldn’t be seen whole. She didn’t choose to defend herself and merely stood in midair, knowing that defending herself was useless.


Due to the giant imbalance in power, True Daoists would also die and end up becoming its meal. So, she was unusually calm and did not feel desperate, merely regretting that some dreams couldn’t be fulfilled.


“Changge…” Memories and thoughts flashed across her mind as a figure appeared inside her head. Her expression became distant as if the large Dark Wang Yue had disappeared as well. She didn’t know if she was hallucinating since she somehow saw Gu Changge. He still looked serene and handsome in his long black clothes, his eyes deep and calm yet containing a hint of anger.


[I may be yearning for him too much. Why has he shown up here?] Her mouth curved into a smile of self-mockery since she felt this wasn’t feasible. Gu Changge was hiding somewhere unknown in the Upper Realm; how would he appear in the Eternal Overcast?




However, a terrifying beam of Sword Qi powerful enough to tear apart the River of Time shot across the sky from somewhere far away in the next instant, containing infinite murderous intent. It was far too frightening and looked to be formed from billions of swords, shining brilliantly while surrounded by Sword Principles. Its brutal intent was enough to split everything apart.


The Eternal Overcast Fog and all its creatures disintegrated from the impact of the Sword Qi, opening up an empty pathway. The Dark Wang Yue, which had been consuming countless Eternal Overcast Creatures, also let out a scream filled with torment. The world shook and began to rain dark blood, which irrigated the barren universe.


At that moment, even the mighty body of the Dark Wang Yue sustained a terrible wound, which exposed its corrupted dark skeleton. Many dark stars could be seen hovering within its wound, as if its body truly did contain a deteriorated incomplete ancient universe.


The Dark Wang Yue beast let out a pained screech, its remaining instinct telling it that an unfathomable being which could threaten its life had arrived.




The entire universe shook as clouds of grey fog surged into the sky and rushed in every direction like violent waves in the Eternal Overcast. The Dark Wang Yue felt greatly threatened and wiggled its body, trying to escape and find another place to feed.


[What?] Jiang Chuchu was taken aback by the scene abruptly unfolding before her as well, her gaze frozen for a moment in disbelief. How had Gu Changge, whom she had just been thinking of, suddenly shown up here and forced back the Dark Wang Yue with one strike from his sword? It was so unbelievable and dreamlike that she wondered if she was having hallucinations.


Gu Changge’s figure rapidly solidified within the fog further away from her and soon reached her side. His expression was dark and steady, and his clothes which were as dark as ink expanding in the fog, but Jiang Chuchu could sense his rage.


“Changge, why are you here? Shouldn’t—shouldn’t you be in the Upper Realm right now?” Jiang Chuchu was momentarily stunned before recovering, her face filling with great delight and disbelief. She could clearly tell that he was really here, not an object of her hallucinations.


She couldn’t maintain her cold distant tone any longer, her voice shaking and stuttering. Why did he always appear whenever she was in danger or trouble like a god to help her clear her obstacles? Plus, he was being threatened right now since his identity as the Successor of Demonic Arts had been nearly exposed. Why did he take such a huge risk by coming to find her?


“If I had been a moment too late, you would’ve been eaten by it. You have gotten more capable and daring since you came here alone, even encountering a Dark Wang Yue comparable to a Remnant Immortal.”


Gu Changge spoke in a monotone voice, which sounded mild, even holding a hint of mockery and coldness. Jiang Chuchu didn’t mind his tone though, knowing that he was angry due to worry that something would happen to her and endanger her life. She started to stutter, her hands becoming restless since she didn’t know what to do.


“I-I was thinking of helping everyone find a way of dealing with the Eternal Overcast, so I braved the danger myself and came here. P-please, don’t be angry anymore, alright?” She was panicking and could only give such an explanation to him so his rage would subside.


He was right after all, since she would have perished in the jaws of the Dark Wang Yue had he been a moment too late.


Besides, she knew that she had been careless this time – thinking of going deep into the Eternal Overcast since she had plenty of protective means on her. Many True Daoists would never dare set foot there for fear of dying, but she was merely someone in the Sacred Realm, who would perish from a mere wisp of a True Daoist’s aura.


However, the most important thing was that Gu Changge had come here with the risk of becoming the public’s greatest enemy to find her. She had given him so much trouble for no reason, which had exposed his movements and attracted countless enemies.




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