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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 725, Taming The Dark Wang Yue, Other Plans

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The thick Eternal Overcast Fog disappeared to reveal the barren Star Territory. The remaining Sword Qi permeated the air, causing many approaching Eternal Overcast Creatures to disintegrate and explode.


“Changge, please don’t be angry anymore. I’m sorry for being arrogant. I shouldn’t have put myself in danger, causing you to be affected as well. Sorry…” Jiang Chuchu looked panicked as she kept explaining herself to Gu Changge. However, he maintained a cold expression and a neutral gaze, as if he didn’t want to concern himself with her.


He wasn’t really angry but merely wanted her to understand that she should and could never insert herself into something like this. She wasn’t even in the Sacred King Realm yet but she had gone deep into the Eternal Overcast while only depending on the protective items she had. Now, she encountered a Dark Wang Yue comparable to a Remnant Immortal. She wasn’t just suicidal but also extremely foolish. If Gu Changge hadn’t rushed to the Eternal Overcast, she would have died.


“It’s not like you were careless,” Gu Changge replied lightly as he looked at her pretty face.


“I know… I would never be so reckless again.” Jiang Chuchu felt guilty and no longer looked as cold and proud as before.


In front of Gu Changge, she couldn’t maintain her otherworldly demonour as the Saintess of Mortal Palace. She would always be emotionally affected by his actions. She merely wanted to explain things clearly so his anger would subside. Furthermore, if not for her, he never would have come from so far away. [It’s all my fault…]


“If this happens again, I may not be able to save you.” Gu Changge shook his head slightly as if he didn’t know what to do with her, his rage fading away.


“I know. There won’t be a next time,” Jiang Chuchu agreed, looking up at him with bright eyes while appearing delighted and touched.


“Why did you suddenly come here?” She suddenly remembered. While she guessed that Gu Changge had definitely known about her entering the Eternal Overcast and so came here in a hurry due to worry, she still wanted to hear it directly from him.


“It was just convenient for me to do so.” He looked at her. “I had been thinking of stopping those rumours but didn’t think you would come so far into this place. Did you really think I came here just to save you?”


“They aren’t rumours, though.” She blinked and told the truth right away, looking at him, pouting. “You’re lying. You’re definitely worried about my safety and so came here without caring for anything else.”


He shrugged helplessly. “Why do you overthink things so easily?”


“You’re just acting tough.” She didn’t care about what he said, feeling delighted and touched instead as she rolled her eyes slightly at him. She knew that he had always been like this; if she hadn’t been so proud, she would have fallen into his arms like a normal girl. He had willingly taken the risk of being discovered and attacked by the other Forces to find her. This was already more important than everything else to her since words weren’t comparable to actions.


“You don’t look injured.” He shook his head and glanced at her carefully, becoming truly reassured when he saw she wasn’t wounded. Her physique was truly unique. After all, the minds of any normal True Daoist going so deep inside into the Eternal Overcast, and being suppressed by the aura of a Dark Wang Yue, would’ve been greatly shaken, corrupted even. Yet, she was still completely fine.


“I prepared a lot of protective items before coming here, so guarding my life is no issue as long as I don’t encounter beasts the likes of that Dark Wang Yue,” explained Jiang Chuchu.


Gu Changge nodded before gazing towards where the beast had fled. He had already tamed a young Wang Yue he had discovered while looking for the Tower of World Domination in Purple Mountains. The little Wang Yue had been named Xiao Bai and was following Gu Qingyi around. Her size was far less intimidating than the Dark Wang Yue and she could be considered tiny.


He even suspected that an incomplete ancient universe was developing within the Dark Wang Yue’s body. He had been worrying about being unable to find a suitable universe to set up his massive net. For the Dark Beast to suddenly appear, it was truly fate meant to be.


At that thought, he told Jiang Chuchu to wait for him here before quickly moving.


The universe flashing past under his feet.


The Eternal Overcast Fog was so thick that its edges couldn’t be seen, but it did not affect Gu Changge’s ability to sense the Dark Wang Yue’s aura. He pursued it immediately and cut through the universe before him, rushing through the void.


“Be careful,” Jiang Chuchu couldn’t help saying as she watched him move away. She knew well that he was so strong that he could be considered unrivalled in the Upper Realm, but she couldn’t stop getting worried. After all, that Dark Wang Yue must have merely been in the True Immortal Realm in its peak state. Even after being buried within the Eternal Overcast for countless years and awakening, it was still comparable to a Remnant Immortal.




An earth-shattering sound soon rang out from within the Eternal Overcast Fog, as if the entire universe was shaking. The Dark Wang Yue’s body was far too enormous and caused unimaginable noise even if it tried to escape instinctively. It might not have been fully consciousness, but it could sense the evil intent from the human that had hurt it. This made the beast which had long stood at the top of the food chain of the world of cultivation grow fearful and frightened.


[That Wang Yue may be large but that might not be set in stone. Still, I don’t know if I can store it inside my Inner Universe.] Gu Changge moved extremely fast and travelled an infinitely short distance in an instant, soon arriving behind the Dark Wang Yue. Compared to the terrifyingly giant beast, he was even tinier than a speck of dust yet somehow gave it an unbearably frightening feeling of suffocation.


The beast’s eyes showed a human-like terror. In its memories, everything in the world including all matter and beings were its food yet this tiny human gave it a deep feeling of fear as if it was facing its predator. Thus, its only thoughts were running away.


Unfortunately, its body was far too enormous and so it could not hide from Gu Changge’s seeking eyes.


[It looks to still have some conscience left. This makes things easier.] Gu Changge did not want to waste any time and chose to act quickly.


The Dark Wang Yue was comparable to a Remnant Immortal, yet it could only rely on its biological advantages and terrifying body to easily consume True Daoists. However, it was still much weaker compared to a true Remnant Immortal.




Gu Changge attacked. With a wave of his arm, thousands of beams of Sword Qi surrounded the universe and emitted blinding and burning light, illuminating the area like hundreds and thousands of stars. The beams of Sword Qi aligned themselves according to the sequence of the constellations, expressing killing intent as soon as they appeared like they had cultivated for aeons and accumulated murderous intentions from billions of beings.


Even if the Immortal Annihilating Formation from Neraka was incomplete, without ten people with enough cultivation to handle their posts, it could exude a powerful and unrivalled might, even when wielded by only one person after Gu Changge had worked on it. The Formation could directly seal up the current expanse of universe and make it hard for the Dark Wang Yue to flee.


Sharp stork-like cries came from the mouth of the beast like a siren call which had a terrifying penetrating effect. The sound waves spread out like ripples and easily cut through everything like a blade; the surrounding Eternal Overcast Creatures had no time to scream before they collapsed and exploded into clouds of blood.


The Dark Wang Yue’s mouth opened like a bottomless pit, its fangs dark and sharp as it suddenly snapped its jaws towards Gu Changge. It wasn’t stupid and knew that he was about to attack it, showing its mad violent side after realising it had no hope of escaping.


However, Gu Changge had already expected this and wasn’t surprised.


*Pop! Pop! Pop!*


Hundreds of thousands of beams of Sword Qi descended like divine punishment containing murderous intent, which cut through the body of the Dark Wang Yue and broke its bones. It was a chilling sight. Bloody holes erupted on its enormous body, causing dark rain which might submerge the universe. Every beam of Sword Qi was a condensation of Principles and while they weren’t divine weapons, their sharpness far exceeded those of divine weapons.


Even the Dark Wang Yue felt pain and let out tortured howls, its body shrinking rapidly to reduce its torment.


[As I suspected. It can control its size.] Something flashed in Gu Changge’s eyes. He had wanted to tame it but wondered how its giant body could fit in his Inner Universe. It was a pretty serious problem. But, now that the Dark Wang Yue felt pain and thus shrunk its body instinctively, it was an excellent opportunity for him.


Thinking thus, he summoned Ah Er and ordered him to take down the Dark Wang Yue. Ah Er had always been inside Gu Changge’s Inner Universe and not materialised in the outside world, since Gu Changge had drawn him back inside after entering the Eternal Overcast.




A divine spear made of Hell’s Iron and divine metal swept across while emitting green light, seemingly able to split the universe apart with its might.


Ah Er was the most ancient being in Neraka behind the Ruler of Neraka, with strength at the level of a genuine Remnant Immortal. It would be an easy task even if Gu Changge did not attack and let Ah Er take down the beast on his own.


The Dark Wang Yue completely did not expect another being with an aura which could terrify it to appear. It became more violent. Its aura suffuses the air, causing the universe to start falling apart.


More and more Eternal Overcast Fog began to surge from the cracks to rush towards the outside world.


The universe had been incomplete and became further damaged following the battle between Gu Changge, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, and the Six Great Ancestors; it was now completely ruined with cracks everywhere. The barriers of space shattered at once, causing infinite amounts of Eternal Overcast Fog to rush out from the cracks as if discovering another exit.




The battle did not last long, since the Dark Wang Yue couldn’t defend itself against Ah Er’s terrifying attacks. It let out pained howls due to the nearly continuous pain, while its great body continued to shrink. Eventually, the hundreds of thousands of Sword Qi descended and transformed into Sword Principles that stabbed through its body, turning into chains and binding it.


Gu Changge pulled out a Space Artifact, using his power to open up a void within before sucking the Dark Wang Yue inside. He then put the artifact inside his Inner Universe. After all, his Inner Universe hadn’t reached the level comparable to the Upper Realm yet. So, if the Dark Wang Yue escaped from the binds, it might threaten his Inner Universe.


After that, he transformed into a divine rainbow and headed back to meet Jiang Chuchu, intending to leave the Eternal Overcast.


During the journey, he found an excuse and carelessly explained the cause and source of the Eternal Overcast eruption, thus killing her hopes and making her understand that this wasn’t something she could get involved in.



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