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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 726, Lan Yifei’s Murderous Intent, Antagonising Mortal Palace

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“The cave seemed to have been searched through before. Many arrays have been ruined. Have we come too late? Someone most likely has already come here first”


In a small world not too far away from the location of the Eternal Overcast outbreak, purple smoke rose up as multicoloured light illuminated the place. There, many large ancient trees grew majestically. Ancient divine mountains were tall and breathtaking, resembling ancient giants.


*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*


Beams of divine rainbows swept across the sky as many young prodigies and cultivators looked around while riding their artifacts. Several ancient herbs shimmering with spiritual light, peering out from between rockcracks or beside streams. All of them were extremely valuable and hard to find outside.


There were also many ferocious and savage beasts, some looking like mountains while others flying in the air expelling poisonous gas.


This world was usually hidden in the void, sealed away by many forbidden arrays. However, the Eternal Overcast outbreak had torn apart many of them. This allowed its existence to leak out, attracting many cultivators to explore it to search for treasure.


Many guessed that this had been a cave where an Immortal had cultivated in seclusion before the Ancient Celestial Era since there was an extremely ancient aura lingering in the air. If it was truly a cave belonging to an Immortal, even True Daoists would be alarmed by its existence. Many members of the older generation guessed that this was merely a cave where an Immortal had stayed in before rather than use it to cultivate in seclusion. Nevertheless, being able to touch upon a bit of an Immortal’s aura might give one the chance to gain enlightenment. As such, it would still be a beneficial opportunity.


Several young Sacred Emperor Realm experts started looking for ancient inscriptions or ancient scripts after showing up. Some approached rock cliffs or walls to ponder upon the traces the Immortal had left behind, trying to deduce something from them. After all, any ancient text left by the Immortal might prove to be an opportunity.


“How could ordinary cultivators find anything an Immortal left behind? If there are any opportunities here, they should all be mine alone.” A tall young prodigy with glowing golden hair, clad in gold, said while walking amongst the forest. His steps were steady yet rhythmic as he moved around. Many followers of various races walked behind him, all possessing powerful auras.


This was Jin Yun, an ancient monstrosity of Purple Cloud Valley. He was extremely conceited. He felt that very few of his peers rivalled him in strength, so he wasn’t willing to go with the other young prodigies such as the Phoenix Lady and the King with Six Crowns. Instead, he led his followers to investigate this small world on his own.


He also possessed a Talent related to his vision known as the Golden Divine Eyes. This Talent allowed him to see the flow of various types of Qis in the world. The living had living Qi while the dead had dead Qi. Naturally, spiritual items also had spiritual Qi. Anything the Immortal left behind should bear some form of Immortal energy too.


After entering this small world, he had sensed an extremely extraordinary aura circulating somewhere. He was smart enough to go in various directions from the other young prodigies, going further out before turning back to head for this special spot.


There weren’t many cultivators in this direction, with none being people who he bothered to put in his eyes. He was extremely confident in his own capability as an ancient monstrosity. So, aside from Gu Changge, who couldn’t be treated according to the norms, he believed he could triumph over all the rest.


The sky soon darkened as time passed in the small world, giving it night and day. The world became shimmering, with light flowing and swirling in the air. Many young prodigies found a place to rest and sit cross-legged, waiting to search the place again when daytime arrived.


Unlike the quietness during the daytime, the small world became somewhat restless during the night.


“He headed for this location. This looks like a good opportunity. This ancient monstrosity from Purple Cloud Valley sure is excellent prey.” A man clad in blue, who was resting with his companions from the same Sect, was seated on a stone as if resting when his eyes suddenly opened.


He looked scholarly and pristine, with a clear gaze in which hints of gold occasionally flashed. Even his hair was glimmering with light, giving him an otherworldly air. He looked to be at one with the world and Dao, with his mind extremely serene. Even his breathing seemed to contain some sort of resonance with the Great Dao.


He held such confidence because he had the True Dao Source Physique, a mysterious Physique that had rarely appeared in the Upper Realm. This Physique allowed him to be naturally compatible with the Great Dao from birth, allowing him to absorb energy from everything in the world. As long as his soul was intact, his power would be infinite and never run out, thus giving him an innate advantage. Besides, there was the Demonic Seed Gu Changge had placed inside his body. Thus, it was not like he had to reconsider killing any of his fellow young prodigies here.


Lan Yifei looked around, seeing that all his fellow disciples were resting with their eyes closed while those who were patrolling hadn’t noticed anything suspicious about him.


[15 minutes should be enough time to take his Source and come back.] His eyes darkened as he sighed helplessly. He shook his arm, leaving a Dao Clone in his place while his true body transformed into a phantom and swept away before disappearing.



Meanwhile, a cold and ethereal thin girl clad in a celestial dress with wide sleeves was heading somewhere in the small world during the night. She was bringing her big red bird with her. She frowned from time to time. as though she was arguing with the bird beside her.


She muttered beneath her breath.


“Does this place… really have an Immortal Pill?”



Outside the Eternal Overcast, a blurry space rift tore open as Gu Changge and Jiang Chuchu emerged from within. Their clothes looked fresh and clean, making them resemble an Immortal couple rather than people who had just escaped from a terrifying place filled with countless threats. They didn’t look wounded in the slightest as their breathing could not be any calmer.


The True Daoists of Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, and Purple Cloud Valley were all taken aback before shifting their gazes away. They hadn’t expected Gu Changge to escape the Eternal Overcast in such a short time, while also bringing Jiang Chuchu out with him.


“It’s Young Master Gu!”


“Young Master Gu! He even brought Saintess Chuchu out with him too…”


Many cultivators couldn’t help but exclaim loudly in surprise after seeing the two of them. It caused people of different Forces to look towards them in shock.


“That’s good news. The Saintess has finally come out. Luckily she is unharmed. If something had happened to her, we won’t have enough courage to face our Ancestors. It’s all thanks to Young Master Gu. ”


Many Elders of Mortal Palace, who had been waiting, became excited and approached the pair.


All the other cultivators were excited as well, feeling surprised at their appearance.


The Eternal Overcast was riddled with great dangers so no True Daoist would easily set foot in it. Yet, the Saintess of Mortal Palace had willingly risked her life to enter it to seek a solution for the sake of every living being.


This was enough to make everyone remember her kindness and be extremely grateful to her. After all, she merely belonged to the younger generation. She hadn’t even reached the Sacred King Realm in terms of cultivation. Meanwhile, those True Daoists from the various Forces had all remained here, not daring to approach.


The vast difference led to a clear conclusion; as far as the people were concerned, those True Daoists were far inferior to Jiang Chuchu. Besides her, Gu Changge had also risked himself to protect him. He risked becoming the public’s enemy by rushing here just to find a solution for the current issues. He did this even when he had been framed as the Successor of Demonic Arts.


The way the pair had been willing to place themselves in great danger for the good of others made many feel touched and amazed.


“Saintess, are you okay?”


Jiang Chuchu took in the familiar surroundings with a distant expression. Compared to the calmness of the outside world, the Eternal Overcast was gloomy and deathly quiet, with an oppressive and chilling atmosphere. This made her feel as if she had seen daylight once again. Several Elders of Mortal Palace came towards her and started to express concern.


Her cool pretty features formed a soft smile as she shook her head. “I’m fine. It’s all thanks to Young Master Gu. If he hadn’t rushed here to save me, I would have died in the jaws of the Eternal Overcast creatures and become their food.”


Her expression became sufficiently traumatised and fearful at that moment, which made the others feel concerned, unable to doubt her words.


The dangers of the Eternal Overcast did not require much description since they could guess those already. Had any normal person ventured deep within it, they would instantly die and their bodies and souls would be destroyed. The fact that she had held out for so long until Gu Changge went in to bring her out made her extremely skilled and fortunate .


“Thank you, Young Master Gu.” The Elders of Mortal Palace all thanked Gu Changge who stood beside Jiang Chuchu. While they publicly proclaimed that he was the Mortal One’s reincarnate, they knew the truth.


“No problem. Saintess Chuchu has a close relationship with me, so how can I bear seeing her be endangered?” He smiled, his expression radiating warmth.


“The rumours all claim that the Saintess of Mortal Palace is Young Master Gu’s lover. It seems to be true. He was willing to take such great risks to go in and rescue her. What else would one desire after getting someone like this?”


Many female cultivators looked on with envy and strange looks in their eyes. Naturally, they were all jealous. They also wanted someone to volunteer themselves to rescue them in such a dangerous situation, though they clearly knew that it was nothing but a pipe dream.


Gu Changge was the greatest in the Upper Realm while they were mere specks of dust in the ground. They could only look up at him without being able to touch him.


Saintess Chuchu was far ahead of them, not just in status but also in terms of looks. She made them all seem dim in comparison.


At that moment, Jiang Chuchu, who had been catching up with the Elders of Mortal Palace, looked cold all of a sudden. As her hair fluttered in the air, her eyes became piercing. She gave a brief icy glare at Sky Emperor Mountain, Purple Cloud Valley, and Endless Fire Kingdom.


Her voice was neutral yet was loud and clear. “From now on, any Force that frames Young Master Gu as the Successor of Demonic Arts will be antagonising the Mortal Palace.”


She sounded cold, no longer calm and collected, even bearing murderous intent. Her tone was so decisive it allowed no room for argument.


At those words, everyone felt chills down their spines. Their eyes widened as they wondered if they had misheard her.


That statement caused great waves, as if a meteor had fallen into the ocean, eliciting a tsunami.




“What are you saying, Saintess?”


The Elders of Mortal Palace couldn’t believe their ears, their eyes widening. Several soon recovered and understood what she meant by announcing this in front of all the cultivators here.


This wasn’t just an opinion but a proclamation to the Endless Fire Kingdom, Sky Emperor Mountain, Purple Cloud Valley and so on. Gu Changge wasn’t the Successor of Demonic Arts. He had been framed!


Mortal Palace had a special status in the Upper Realm. They have nearly infinite numbers of believers, so no one would want to go against Mortal Palace and garner unnecessary trouble.


In fact, since Mortal Palace had helped resolve many disasters and scourges, their influence even reached faraway Lower Realm Worlds. The words from the Saintess of Mortal Palace could not be taken lightly. Naturally, the effect of her announcement to the world – that Gu Changge wasn’t the Successor of Demonic Arts and had been framed – would be unfathomable.



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