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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 727, Xianer’s Thoughts, Benefit From Their Fight

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Vibrant ancient trees and majestic mountains rose beneath the dark sky filled with clusters of stars. Vines grew in large expanses and hung down, resembling fierce poisonous snakes casting numerous shadows.


Strange ancient beasts could be heard growling in the distance, which was much clearer during the quiet night. Naturally, they scared the surrounding animals into hiding.


“This place looks pretty spacious. According to the Earth Scripture, this is where spiritual energy settles, giving rise to many incredible things.” The ancient monstrosity of Purple Cloud Valley led his followers to stand on a mountain peak while staring at the basin in front of them. The stars and moon glimmered above the land, where a river flowed past. This place showed a hint of danger despite its serene appearance.


His eyes seemed to be made out of gold, shining with light while runes flickered in his eyes. He naturally exuded a chilling aura. It was undeniable that he was powerful, since the ocean-like aura he had was enough to strike fear into many members of the younger generation.


Back when he had been born, he had been the best of his generation. No one could beat him. However, his Sect felt as though he had no hope of becoming Immortal during that era. Thus, they preserved him within a Divine Source in preparation for the future.


Though Jin Yun did not appear often, rarely displaying any of his abilities in public, Jun Yao, the King with Six Crowns, and the Phoenix Lady dared not underestimate him. They all could feel he was a formidable opponent.


“This wisps of purple energy… it must be the aura from some kind of pill. What sort of pill could survive after so long here? Must be an Immortal Pill. Just by preserving the pill here, the entire basin has evolved into a fortuitous land…” Jin Yun muttered to himself, his glowing eyes fixed on the basin.


He then transformed into a divine rainbow and rushed towards it.


He had chosen to make his move at night because he felt that the pill’s aura would become more distinct during the daytime. Its thick purple energy would only become clearer until all cultivators could notice its location.


The other reason being to prevent others from getting there first.


“Sir, shall we wait here for you?” As Jin Yun dropped down from the mountain peak and marched across the wide plain shaded by ancient flourishing trees, the experts behind him couldn’t help asking. They didn’t wish to follow him deeper into the basin. After all, within such a land rich with opportunities, it was best for them as followers to guard the exterior and prevent anyone from trespassing.


Jin Yun nodded. “Then, you can wait for me here. I will come out when I get what’s inside.”


He was extremely confident and assured of his own capabilities. Thus, he did not think that there was anything that could pose a threat to him here. Besides, he had been the first out of everyone in the cave to discover the unusual characteristics of the location.


Soon, Jin Yun disappeared into the depths of the basin. It was clear that it had been a palace due to the ruins that remained. There were broken walls and tiles, as well as old trees and destroyed towers. They were all evidence of the passing of time. There were even several collapsed pillars around the square, which were inscribed with mysterious runes.


Vines intersected as he climbed the pillars and walls, with several tiles scattered on the ground.


Jin Yun used his golden eyes to quickly ascertain the source of this aura before walking towards a certain collapsed building. He believes that this might have been a pill room, where the original owner of the cave had forged pills.


[Jin Yun’s followers are all here, meaning that he has definitely gone inside. He has certainly choosen a suitable burial site for himself.] Not far away from Jin Yun, a faint figure, who seemed to blend in with the world around him, approached slowly. The many cultivators guarding the place did not even notice his presence.


Lan Yifei, the Chosen One of the Immortal Dao Alliance, walked closer. His expression was calm and neutral, as though he was now Death, reaper of lives.


He was certain of Jin Yun’s location because he had left his trace on Jin Yun from the very beginning. Jin Yun might be an ancient monstrosity but Lan Yifei merely considered him his prey. It could only be described as fortunate that Jin Yun wasn’t facing Gu Changge or the former would have been more helpless.


With that in mind, Lan Yifei went straight into the ruined site before him at a moderate pace, planning to take away Jin Yun’s Source here. He knew Gu Changge’s plans. After all, nearly every Upper Realm Force was targeting Gu Changge by framing him as the real Successor of Demonic Arts.


Lan Yifei, who knew the truth, was speechless in regards to this. He didn’t know if it was an accident or divine fate which caused such a coincidence. Though, Gu Changge would never admit to this to the public. Thus, while he was still under the watchful eyes of the public, he ordered him to go here to take away the Sources of the young prodigies.


Lan Yifei would fake a scene where the real Successor of Demonic Arts had voluntarily shown up and challenged the Forces. Meanwhile, Gu Changge would still be busy dealing with the Eternal Overcast. Thus, giving him an alibi.


[Everything looks flawless and within his control. Everyone has merely become his chess pieces. What a chilling thought…] Lan Yifei shook his head while looking calm. He had sensed Jin Yun’s aura and was rapidly moved closer, intending to deal with all this.


[Why does it feel like the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it?] Lan Yifei completely did not notice that from another side of the site, a cold ethereal girl was looking at him with some surprise, as though she hadn’t expected someone else to come here.


She was slim and clad in a celestial dress with wide sleeves. Her face was white as the driven snow and smooth with charming features/ Her gaze was cool and haughty, giving her an aura of unwelcomeness. While she hadn’t completely grown up yet, she already had the looks of someone who could destroy nations with her beauty.


“Stupid girl. It’s clear that this fellow has evil intentions towards the man who had entered first.” The big red bird on her shoulder rolled its eyes at her while speaking scornfully with the voice of a young girl.


“Why do I feel like I have seen him before? When did that happen?”


The girl was Gu Xianer, who had been persuaded all the way here by the big red bird. She frowned as she hid in the shadows without exposing herself, feeling that Lan Yifei looked extremely familiar.


It was like she had seen him somewhere before but she couldn’t recall it right now. She had to let go of that thought for the moment and follow him quietly.


She had been here for some time, even slightly before Jin Yun. However, she had just arrived when Jin Yun rushed here as well. Thus, she instinctively found a random hiding place to quietly observe what was happening. Her capabilities were already formidable enough though she rarely fought with her peers, so she wasn’t afraid that Jin Yun and Lan Yifei, who came afterwards would sense her presence.


Speaking of which, she felt extremely dejected since she couldn’t find someone to spar with and prove her abilities. It was rare for anyone in the younger generation to not know of her identity, so who would dare spar with her? Even those older generations and ancient beings who had heard of her and knew of Gu Changge spoiled her rotten. The last person who had selfish intentions towards her had been the Successor of Purple Mansion. It was a pity that both he and his Sect had been destroyed by Gu Changge, becoming yet another part of history.


That event had shocked the entire Upper Realm and elicited great shockwaves.


Before that, an Ancient Force known as the Ancient Sea Palace had cut themselves off from the outside world, only to remain within the ocean for thousands of years after having offended Gu Xianer. From then on, everyone from the younger generation avoided her after knowing her identity.


Back in the Immortal Academy, she had plenty of admirers who had shown interest in her, but they were all scared by what happened and dare not glance at her too much even in passing, for fear that they might bring disaster upon themselves.


Gu Xianer might hate being troubled but she was depressed and helpless now that it was so difficult to find an opponent. All of this was because of Gu Changge’s reputation. He was far too frightening, and with his shadow behind her, no one dared to offend her anymore.


[Never mind. I want to see what they are getting up to while acting so mysterious.] She carefully concealed her aura and followed Lan Yifei into the ruins before them, planning to join the party so she could benefit from their fight.


From what Hong said, she discovered there should be an Immortal Pill hidden here. While Hong didn’t know what sort of pill it was, something that was linked to Immortals would be unique in some way.


*Mmmm!?* However, Gu Xianer hadn’t gone too far inside when her expression changed. Goosebumps rose everywhere on her body as she felt fearful.


“This is—” She became solemn as light glimmered from the miniaturised artifacts inside her sleeve in preparation to be wielded at any time.


“Don’t be reckless. Hide properly first. Those two haven’t even noticed you yet.” The big red bird on her shoulder became tense as well, its childlike voice containing hints of anxiety.


“Is that the real Successor of Demonic Arts? Do I have to capture him to clear Gu Changge’s name?” Gu Xianer nodded, becoming calm once more. She muttered to herself, plans flashing across her mind before eventually obeying the big red bird and observing thing to develop quietly.


“Lan Yifei? The low-profile Chosen One of the Immortal Dao Alliance? Your hidden identity is not what meets the eye, after all,” Jin Yun uttered coldly. He had been searching for the pill room further inside the ruins when his golden eyes suddenly glowed brilliantly and focused on Lan Yifei, who had slowly materialised behind him.


He wasn’t stupid and could sense the strange aura from Lan Yifei, which made him anxious and feel like his body had been suppressed.



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