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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 729, Gu Xianer’s Speculation, The Successor of Demonic Arts Emerges Once More

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“Hong, what do you think I just witnessed?” Gu Xianer mumbled distractedly.


She came out from the shadows with a look of disbelief once Lan Yifei was entirely gone from sight. If she had not seen it all for herself, she would never have believed that what she witnessed did indeed happen.


All along, she thought Lan Yifei was the mysterious Successor of Demonic Arts who maintained a low profile and kept himself well hidden. She even thought about capturing Lan Yifei to clear Gu Changge of the suspicion that he was the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Never would she have thought that Lan Yifei was dealing with difficulties of his own. He was simply a pawn that was controlled by an invisible hand.


He was not the true Successor of Demonic Arts.


That person, the true Successor of Demonic Arts, was still hiding somewhere. She could hardly believe all of this.


“This is no longer something a silly girl like you can interfere with.” For once, the big red bird did not mock or scorn Gu Xianer. Instead, it spoke gravely to her. It had also witnessed everything that took place earlier. If even the mysterious Chosen One from the Immortal Dao Alliance had been a mere pawn, the person behind him had to be truly terrifying.


[It’s not something a foolish girl like Gu Xianer should get herself involved in. She runs the risk of bringing disaster upon her if she did.]


“But… Why do I get the feeling that I should know who the Successor of Demonic Arts is?” Gu Xianer pondered in silence. She did not know why she had such a strange feeling inside her. She could not tell whether it was speculation or her intuition.


No one had ever seen the enigmatic Successor of Demonic Arts before. It was uncertain whether the person was a man or a woman. As more and more True Daoist Ancestors emerged from the various Forces, the Successor of Demonic Arts still showed no inclination of reining in their ferocity.


This alone was enough to prove just how domineering the Successor of Demonic Arts was. They had no regard for all the Forces.


“Either way, it’s not something you should be sticking your nose in. Hurry up and find the Immortal Pill, and leave this forsaken place. I’m sure people will soon find out about the death of that man from Purple Cloud Valley…”


The big red bird urged Gu Xianer with haste out of fear that the two of them would be falsely accused of being involved in Jin Yun’s death if someone stumbled across them.


A young prodigy from one of the Immortal Forces had died, and his Source had been seized as well. If this news broke out, it was sure to cause huge waves and commotion.


“Right now, everyone thinks that Gu Changge is the real Successor of Demonic Arts. Well, now that this has happened, it clears him of suspicion. You don’t need to worry about him anymore.”


“Gu Changge ends up becoming the one who benefits the most from this incident.”


Gu Xianer remained silent for some time until the big red bird eyed her and prodded, “Hm?”


She had been startled by what the big red bird said. The strange feeling she had intensified.


[Gu Changge ends up being the one who benefits from this? Could it really be nothing more than a coincidence? Or… was it all part of his plan?]


She abruptly recalled Lan Yifei’s words. [The true Successor of the Demonic Arts… is someone whose name alone is enough to make one despair.]


Out of everyone in existence, who was the one with such terrifying might and power?


“If the visions in the Lake of Rebirth are true… No. That’s impossible. I hope it’s nothing more than a speculation of mine.” Gu Xianer’s brows were tightly furrowed. The complicated look on her face was steeped in conflict.


At last, she sighed and cast her thoughts aside. She decided to head off in search of the Immortal Pill with the big red bird first.



The moment Purple Cloud Valley’s Jin Yun died, the many who had been waiting for him outside the ruins reacted in shock and horror.




“Master’s Life Plaque has shattered!”


The person who spoke was ashen-faced. His voice trembled violently as if the sky had come crashing down on him.


“What?! Master’s Life Plaque has shattered?”


Everyone was thunderstruck by the news. They froze in shock and disbelief.


Jin Yun was a peerless young prodigy! How could he possibly die in this cave?


“We’re doomed… We’re doomed… If he died here, none of us would be leaving here alive either…”


The colour drained out of everyone’s faces as they trembled in fear. They had a feeling that calamity would befall them soon.


In next to no time, the news that Jin Yun had died in the cave spread far and wide. It was as if the news had grown wings. There was no doubt that the suddenness of this news was like a boulder that crashed into a pond and stirred up endless waves. All who heard the news were shocked beyond imagination.


Everyone from Jun Yao, the Phoenix Lady, Chosen Monk Jin Chan… and all the other young prodigies inside the cave fell into silence as well. They did not consider themselves weaker than anyone else. Naturally, that included Jin Yun. However, Jin Yun had basically met his end right beneath their noses.


It was no surprise that the news came as a huge shock to them and led to an indescribable sense of terror. That was because…  Jin Yun died at the hands of the Successor of Demonic Arts, and even his Source had been taken away.


It was exactly the same as what happened to the other young prodigies who encountered the Successor of Demonic Arts.


“The Successor of Demonic Arts emerged once again to openly kill that ancient monstrocity from Purple Cloud Valley and steal his Source.”


“Such arrogance! All this while, Purple Cloud Valley has been leading a crusade against the Successor of Demonic Arts. They even claimed that Young Master Gu is the Successor of Demonic Arts! Who would’ve thought that the Successor of Demonic Arts would be this cocky and domineering? By appearing now, they have given Purple Cloud Valley a huge slap in the face.”


“Perhaps, the Successor of Demonic Arts scorn their actions and didn’t want someone else to steal their identity, so that’s why they decided to take the risk…”


As soon as word got out, all of the cultivators broke out in frenzied discussion.



Meanwhile, the vast Eternal Overcast Fog raged outside the Eternal Overcast like a fearsome river.


Saintess Jiang Chuchu of Mortal Palace came forward and made her stance known.


“Any Force that falsely accuses Young Master Gu of being the Successor of Demonic Arts will be seen as the enemy of Mortal Palace.”


Although she appeared to be cold and aloof, the sharp and piercing tone in her voice left no room for debate. No one dared to look her in the eye right now. As her eyes flickered over the cultivators, they quickly lowered their heads.


Naturally, others voiced their support once they got over their shock.


When danger befell them at Eternal Overcast, all Forces left them to their doom and showed no concern for their survival.


It was Saintess Jiang Chuchu of Mortal Palace and Gu Changge who braved the risk of peril and ventured deep into Eternal Overcast. Their righteousness alone far exceeded that of the other Forces such as Endless Fire Kingdom, Sky Emperor Mountain, and Purple Cloud Valley. Therefore, how dare these people claim that Gu Changge was the Successor of Demonic Arts?


“You’re right, Saintess. Young Master Gu is kindhearted and benevolent. How could he possibly be the Successor of Demonic Arts? I would never believe it; not even if my life were threatened.”


“The rumours came about based on Sky Emperor Mountain and Endless Fire Kingdom’s words alone. There hasn’t been any evidence to back it up.”


“They’re simply jealous of what Young Master Gu has achieved, so that’s why they tried to smear his name…”


All at once, a heated outcry broke out near Eternal Overcast.


Many of the cultivators were furious. They could not resist criticising Endless Fire Kingdom and the other Forces for their misdeeds.


Gu Changge was amused as he watched everything unfolding before him. He did not try to stop them. Instead, he eyed the True Daoists from the Endless Fire Kingdom with interest.


Judging by the time, he estimated that Lan Yifei from the Immortal Dao Alliance should be done with his task soon enough.




“Are you all questioning our authority?”


After hearing the criticisms from the cultivators, the True Daoists from Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, and all the other Forces had unpleasant expressions on their faces. They immediately fired back in anger.


Their voices were thick and laced with Principles, which made them resonate so loudly that everyone’s Qi and blood shook in response. The cultivators turned pale and felt their throats constricting. They nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.


Even some of the older Masters were shaken as well. They were also affected by the pressure emanating from the True Daoists’ auras.


“It’s not up to any of you to determine whether or not Gu Changge is the Successor of Demonic Arts.”


“Saintess of Mortal Palace, if you insist on defending Gu Changge, then you better be prepared to stand against everyone else. The Successor of Demonic Arts will not be allowed to remain in the Upper Realm. Feel free to stand by your decision if you wish to bring the Mortal Palace down with you,” the old woman in red from Endless Fire Kingdom spat out icily. Her expression was dark and unpleasant as well.


As True Daoists, they stood at the top of the Upper Realm. Even the sovereigns and Head of Immortal Forces showed them a lot of respect.


[How dare these nobodies make a fuss in front of us!? Do they have a death wish!?]


While they were wary of Gu Changge’s power and schemes, they were unconcerned with all the other cultivators whom they viewed as nothing more than ants.


Even though Jiang Chuchu was the Saintess of Mortal Palace, she was still of the younger generation and they could easily squash her like a bug.




As soon as the True Daoists finished speaking, they began exerting their auras on everyone. Their auras burst forth like a tsunami that crashed down and destroyed everything.


“Ugh…” Many of the cultivators could not withstand the pressure from such powerful auras. Some coughed up blood and fell backwards while others fell to their knees with a look of horror.


Ordinary cultivators would not be able to withstand the fury of a True Daoist.


In the eyes of the True Daoists from Sky Emperor Mountain and Endless Fire Kingdom, these cultivators were nothing more than ants. Naturally, a majority of the cultivators had chosen to stay out of the situation. They simply observed in silence. After all, no one wanted to infuriate the True Daoists at this point. It would not end well for them.


Many of them knew in their hearts whether or not Gu Changge was the Successor of Demonic Arts. They would not be swayed by just a few words.


“Why must you do this, Seniors? Since you think I’m the Successor of Demonic Arts, then so be it.” All of a sudden, Gu Changge spoke up. He flashed a faint smile before reaching out with his hand. He looked at the void before him and pressed down. A terrifying crack immediately started to grow and the void looked like it was going to cave in.


“Why, you…”


The True Daoists from Sky Emperor Mountain and Endless Fire Kingdom had strong reactions to this. None of them dared to continue exerting their auras on the cultivators to subdue them.


The old woman in red had an especially horrid expression on her face. She could not forget how it felt when Gu Changge’s subordinate nearly killed her.


“Thank you, Young Master Gu.”


Many of the cultivators had looks of gratitude on their faces. They were thankful that Gu Changge saved them from their predicament. Their resentment and disdain towards the other Forces, such as Sky Emperor Mountain, intensified further.


Either way, everything that occurred today would soon be known across the whole Upper Realm.


The actions of the Forces such as Sky Emperor Mountain, Purple Cloud Valley, and Endless Fire Kingdom were bound to ignite the fury of the people.


Although these Forces were mighty and enduring, it did not mean they did not have their share of enemies.


“You need not thank me, everyone. I am the reason why all of this happened. You have suffered because of me. I feel most ashamed and remorseful for that.”


Gu Changge smiled faintly and waved his hand. His natural, easygoing expression washed over them like a refreshing spring breeze.


Even the most ordinary cultivators did not feel any pressure when they were in front of him. They were able to remain at ease.


This only made them respect Gu Changge even more. To them, it was as if he had the true sense of calmness and detachment of all worldly desires. Even at a time like this, he did not seem angered in any way.


“Speaking of which, when I ventured deep into Eternal Overcast this time, I discovered a few clues related to the Eternal Overcast outbreak…”


“If we wish to deal with it this time, I’m afraid we’ll have to do it from the inside. As they say, it is better to clear a passage than to try and block it. Instead of trying to stop the Eternal Overcast Fog from spreading into the surrounding area, why don’t we clear it from the source…”


Gu Changge ignored the looks he received from the various Forces. He recalled what his goal was and addressed the crowd once more.


It was as if he truly intended to deal with the Eternal Overcast for the sake of the Upper Realm.


Upon hearing his words, everyone’s expressions grew solemn as they thought about the matter before them.


As long as the issue of the Eternal Overcast remained unresolved, it would loom over their heads like an enormous mountain that threatened to fall at any time. Everyone lived in constant fear of it.


“Don’t act so kind and benevolent. Hah! Who knows what you’re up to? Maybe he just wants to trick us all into entering Eternal Overcast? Don’t forget who he is!” the old woman in red from Endless Fire Kingdom sneered. Though her voice was quiet, many people heard her loud and clear.


She seemed to be purposely reminding everyone that Gu Changge was the Successor of Demonic Arts.


“Something terrible has happened! The real Successor of Demonic Arts has emerged…”


“Jin Yun from Purple Cloud Valley, suffered at the hands of the Successor of Demonic Arts! His Source got seized and he died inside the cave.”


Soon after the old woman in red spoke, a loud cry rang out from the distant crowd.


The True Daoist from Purple Cloud Valley was the first to react. His expression turned stormy as a web of cracks appeared across the jade talisman in his hand, and with a loud crack, it turned into dust.


“Jin Yun is really dead…”


Each word felt heavy on his tongue. His expression was dark and stormy.


He had high hopes for the young prodigy Jin Yun. He had a feeling that given enough time, Jin Yun would be able to touch upon the Immortal Realm.


Alas, just a moment ago, he received word from Purple Cloud Valley informing him about Jin Yun’s death.


It was an unimaginable loss for Purple Cloud Valley.


Jin Yun’s guardian had been one of this True Daoist’s followers and was a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert, but he had also died. His Life Plaque had shattered as well.


“What did you say…? The Successor of Demonic Arts emerged yet again…?” The old woman in red and all the other True Daoists had frozen expressions. They could not believe their ears.


This was especially true of the old woman in red who went pale and purple with rage. She had a nasty expression on her face. It was as if she had been slapped.



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