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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 733, The Hidden Experts Come Forth, No One Is Innocent

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The hustle and bustle at the Divine City kept growing as the arrival of the hidden experts from the various Immortal Forces stirred up a storm.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s emergence was like a signal that made all Forces of the Upper Realm tense up. They had to let out their hidden experts to prove that they were not to be underestimated.


Thus, the younger generation was no longer the centre of attention. In fact, they were completely overlooked. This was because these hidden experts had been just as dazzling in their youth, if not even more.


Even after all this time, the stories and legends about these hidden experts carried on.


The Divine City was abuzz with people filling the streets. All of the palaces and pavilions were full of people engaging in discussions, regarding the many incidents that had taken place within the Upper Realm in recent days.


Now and then, the sounds of an ancient battleship passing through above were heard.


The eminent ones of all the various races arrived in their enchanted carriages in all their glory. Divine light shone as Divine Beasts roared, and the carriages all landed deep within the Divine City.


When standing beside these hidden experts, even the King with Six Crowns, Chosen Monk Jin Chan, and all the other most prominent young prodigies could only remain silent without a single shred of their usual pride and dominance.


Among the group of monks from Buddhist Mountain, there was an elderly monk with a benign expression who was particularly eye-catching. He was dressed in a robe that looked extremely old. The prayer beads he was holding looked rather dull as well. However, the Buddishist aura he exudes was shocking. It even affected the ordinary cultivators around him as their expressions became much more peaceful.


Chosen Monk Jin Chan quietly tailed the elderly monk. He too had nothing but great respect for the elderly monk.


“Ancient Buddha Sha Na… I didn’t think he was still alive. Didn’t they say he passed on sixty million years ago?”


The older ones from the other Forces reacted in shock and disbelief when they saw the elderly monk. They referred to him as Ancient Buddha Sha Na.


Very few monks from Buddhist Mountain were given the honorific title of Buddha. Alas, that alone could not describe the eminence of this elderly monk.


His comprehension and mastery over the Karmic Techniques, one of the Six Techniques of Buddhist Mountain, was far beyond what others would have thought possible.


What did it mean to have such mastery over the Karmic Technique?


It meant that he was able to see both his destiny as well as the destiny of every living being in existence within the Three Realms and Six Desires, along with their actions.


All this elderly monk needed to do was look at someone, be it a cultivator or living being, and he would know the entirety of their destiny from their past lives to the future ones. It was an indescribably mysterious power that was unfathomable to others. Naturally, it came with a heavy price to pay, but the consequences differed based on the person he used it on.


“I didn’t expect Ancient Buddha Sha Na to come forward as well. Considering his mastery of that divine techniques, I doubt anyone here could keep a secret from him.”


“Perhaps he could lure out the Successor of Demonic Arts. Those young prodigies will have to be careful now lest they expose themselves.”


“What a grand convergence we have here in the Divine City. There’s no telling who else could be coming over too…”


The cultivators fervently discussed the situation with astounded looks in their eyes. It went without saying that a lot of people had their eyes peeled for the Immortal Gu Family. They wanted to know where Gu Changge was. After all, he was the one who invited everyone to the Divine City, but even now, there was still no sign of him.


Due to his absence as well as the absence of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, a lot of people were wondering if said news would turn out to be true. After all, no one knew for sure yet.


[Why hasn’t Gu Changge shown up yet? Is he plotting something?]




Just then, a Demonic Cloud rose east of the Divine City.


It was massive and surged like a fog as it spread across the land.


Many terrifying silhouettes appeared within it. Their feathers shook in the sky as colourful light flowered around them. They looked like ancient Demons.


A beardless Demon stood out the most among them. He looked to be in his thirties and had a towering physique covered up by an ancient attire. His greyish-white eyes seemed to be filled with complexity, and the pair of black horns atop his head was impossible to miss.


He appeared outside the Divine City with the Demonic Cloud. It was as if he were an unparalleled Demon King poised above all of existence.


A terrifying pressure swept across the Divine City. Many people quaked in fear. They nearly got on their knees to pay their respects.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na, the elderly monk who just entered the Divine City, suddenly widened his eyes. He seemed surprised as he turned around to look out of the Divine City.


“Has that person come as well?” He spoke with a faint smile, giving the impression that he and the unparalleled Demon King were old acquaintances.


“Do you know him, Ancient Buddha?” Chosen Monk Jin Chan, who was standing beside Ancient Buddha Sha Na, asked curiously.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na still had a faint smile on his face as he replied, “Naturally. He’s the renowned Heavenly Ox Demon King. You should not underestimate him.”


“One of his Ancestors was someone from the Forbidden Epoch…”


“Someone from the Forbidden Epoch…”


Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s expression froze. People and matters related to the Forbidden Epoch were not topics that could be discussed without caution.


If the Heavenly Ox Demon King outside the Divine City had an Ancestor that was related to the Forbidden Epoch, then his arrival now most likely had something to do with Devil Mountain. After all, the current leader of Devil Mountain, the Demoness in Red, had escaped from the Demon-Burying Abyss, and she was someone from the Forbidden Epoch.


All along, Chosen Monk Jin Chan suspected that Gu Changge had a hand in the Demoness’ success in escaping from the Demon-Burying Abyss.


In the end, it was labelled as the work of Devil Mountain instead.


The Forces of the Upper Realm suffered significant losses when they tried to ambush the Demoness.



Due to those events, Buddhist Mountain had to offer up a lot of compensation to appease everyone.


Later on, after giving it more thought, Chosen Monk Jin Chan was certain that there was an unspeakable connection between Gu Changge and the Demoness in Red. During the Divine Rock Conference at Dark Kun City, the Demoness in Red appeared and said numerous indecipherable things to Gu Changge.


“Amitabha. What is Gu Changge’s secret…”


“Ancient Buddha, if you see Gu Changge later, could you please take a closer look at him? I get the feeling that he would bring endless calamity upon the Upper Realm.”


Chosen Monk Jin Chan clapped his hands together and said with a sigh.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na did not respond, but his benign gaze grew much more profound.


The cultivators inside the Divine City felt uneasy about the arrival of Devil Mountain. It was not surprising as the silhouettes within the Demonic Cloud were infamous Demons that thirsted for blood.


The Heavenly Ox Demon King had once gone on such a bloody rampage and slaughtered so many that even the Immortal Forces feared him. Many thought he had passed on. They did not expect him to return to Devil Mountain at a time like this and come to the Divine City as their representative.


Soon, three days had passed and the Divine City became even livelier.


At an area filled with palaces and pavilions, the atmosphere was peaceful with silvery waterfalls cascading delicately by the elegant environment. The place was full of lush spiritual greenery and spiritual flowers. A small stream trickled through the area, filling the air with a spiritual mist.


A group of young prodigies gathered here and enjoyed fine wine together.


The feast of spiritual fruits glistened enticingly.


This extraordinary environment was found deep within the Divine City and the young prodigies who could enter were no ordinary cultivators. They were either at minimum the direct disciples or the Successors of an Immortal Force.


By the courtyard stood many mounts of fine pedigree and attendants whose cultivation far exceeded the ordinary young cultivators here.


“Fellow Brothers, do you think we will be able to see the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being this time? Or, could it turn out to be a mere bluff?” A wealthy-looking young man at the banquet asked with a smile as he fanned himself. He was Wang Shun, a Young Master of the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance.


Although he seemed frivolous, he had remarkable talent in commerce. None of his peers were as wealthy as he was. Therefore, although he only possessed average cultivation, no one dared to underestimate him. They would not know just how many artifacts and defensive means he had up his sleeves.


Some even started calling him the Heavenly Lord of Ten Thousand Treasures.


“Since Young Master Changge allowed this news to get out, I don’t think it would be a lie unless he truly has the gall to trick everyone. I doubt he can bear the consequences of such an action. As for me, I believe the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being is still among us. He is simply waiting for all the Forces to come and pay their respects to him,” one of the young prodigies said while shaking his head. He seemed to have a clear understanding of the situation.


“You have a point, Brother. I agree with you.” A calm, indifferent voice rang out from beyond the courtyard.


A man dressed in blue came in. He looked gentle and sophisticated with an air of detachment that drew the eyes of many of the female young prodigies.


The one who just entered was Lan Yifei, the Chosen One of the Immortal Dao Alliance. He came to the Divine City as well as he had begun representing Immortal Dao Alliance in public.


“Greetings, Brother Lan.”


Many of the young prodigies stood up when they saw Lan Yifei entering. They immediately became a lot more respectful.


Lan Yifei was undoubtedly one of the most notable of the younger generation, comparable to the others like the King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, and Chosen Monk Jin Chan.


The ordinary young prodigies could not hold a candle to him.


Following his entrance, the King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, and the others began to arrive as well. It was as if they had agreed to gather here.


Thus, the other young prodigies gave up their seats to the newcomers and scattered off to the sides.


However, Wang Shun, the one who was known as the Heavenly Lord of Ten Thousand Treasures, was deeply curious. He drew nearer to them as if he wanted to know what they were discussing.


The Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance was one of the top merchant alliances of the Upper Realm. All of the Forces would show them some courtesy.


“It is said that one of you is the Successor of Demonic Arts, right?” Just as Lan Yifei, the King with Six Crowns, and the rest were engaged in their conversations, a crisp, haughty voice interrupted them.


Outside the courtyard, a brilliant golden light appeared. It was like a massive sun which shone so brightly that no one could look right at it.


A tall, beautiful woman dressed in a golden suit of armour came in. Her golden hair glittered with light as it flowed down behind her. Her alabaster skin, breathtaking features, and haughty expression gave off a feeling of untouchable regality.


She was Princess Jiang Luoshen of the Godly Illusion Clan.


When she heard the news, she came over as well. There was a strange kind of authoritative power in her eyes as they swept over the young prodigies gathered here in search of the true Successor of Demonic Arts.


Everyone went quiet when Jiang Luoshen appeared. Some of the young prodigies looked on with shocked expressions.


“It’s merely a rumour. Could it be that you think it’s true, Princess Luoshen?” The King with Six Crowns was the first to break the silence with a faint smile.


Jiang Luoshen’s golden eyes fell on him. “Whether or not it’s merely a rumour will depend on the person involved,” she coolly declared.


Her domineering attitude seemed laced with hostility.


“If you suspect us, Princess Luoshen, feel free to make your move and try us.” The King with Six Crowns remained as unperturbed as ever as he replied indifferently.


Jiang Luoshen narrowed her eyes as she focused on him.


Nevertheless, the Divine City was filled with powerful people, including many of the hidden experts who came. Even Jiang Luoshen dared not act too recklessly. She merely scoffed in response.


“Princess Luoshen, I heard that you and Young Master Gu are well-acquainted. Did you come here to stand up for him?”


“Unfortunately, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The true Successor of Demonic Arts is definitely not one of us.”


Just then, the Phoenix Lady began to smile faintly as well. It was as if she had figured out Jiang Luoshen’s intentions.


Jiang Luoshen did not react to this. Her expression was as proud and aloof as ever.


Although Gu Changge had spent some time teaching her a lesson, based on what she understood of him, there was no way he would be related to the Successor of Demonic Arts in any way.


In her eyes, the rumours claiming that Gu Changge was the Successor of Demonic Arts had been someone’s purposeful attempt to frame him.


The death of Jin Yun, Purple Cloud Valley’s ancient monstrocity, had somewhat validated her thoughts on the matter.


“Once we have met the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, I shall ask Ancient Buddha Sha Na to take a closer look into this matter. When the time comes, we’ll be able to easily find out who is the real Successor of Demonic Arts. Are you so impatient that you can’t even wait a few more days, Princess Luoshen?” Chosen Monk Jin Chan remarked with a slight shake of his head. He decided to make a public announcement of his plan instead of keeping it a secret.


He did not need to describe just how powerful and mysterious Ancient Buddha Sha Na was. Since the Ancient Buddha was going to get involved, they would be able to find the answer with ease.


Unless the Successor of Demonic Arts was so powerful that even Ancient Buddha Sha Na could not unearth them.


The many young prodigies within the courtyard were startled by this declaration and were still trying to wrap their heads around it.


“Ancient Buddha Sha Na…”


However, Lan Yifei’s eyes seemed to brighten a little as he thought of something. [If Ancient Buddha Sha Na is able to discover Gu Changge’s true identity, he should also be able to tell that what I did was all involuntarily.]


He felt as if he had just stumbled across a path out of the darkness.


“Ancient Buddha Sha Na? Chosen Monk Jin Chan, do you think I will be wary of you just because you have him to back you up?”


“I don’t care if one of you is the Successor of Demonic Arts. All I know is that all of you had fanned the flames a while back.”


Jiang Luoshen was unaffected by all of this. Her eyes flashed with a look of coldness that matched her tone.


The Godly Illusion Clan had also brought their hidden experts with them to the Divine City, so she need not fear Ancient Buddha Sha Na.


It did not matter to her who the Successor of Demonic Arts was.


All she cared about was the fact that Gu Changge suffered many grievances and false accusations some time ago, and none of the young prodigies in front of her could claim innocence in this matter.


Silavin: Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance is different from the Alliance of Thousand Merchants.



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