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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 735, Not Mere Humiliation, Wish to Die?

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The gigantic palm landed as if it smacked a tiny ant. A daunting aura then surged, gushing rampantly before blowing up and disintegrating Wang Shun into a blood mist. He could barely react to it, and even the protective artifacts he carried were instantly turned to dust.


Every young prodigy was stunned by such a sudden scene, widening their eyes in shock as they watched the murder unfold.


[Who has the audacity to kill the Young Master of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance in one blow right in front of the crowd of the Divine City? Do they not fear bearing the grudge of the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance? What’s more, almost every powerful figure is gathered right here in this Divine City!]


At once, the courtyard became dead silent. One could even hear the drop of a needle.


“Young Master…” The old man in grey peered at the scene in stupefaction, his body completely frozen as he was stunned for quite some time. After all, Wang Shun was instantaneously killed right in front of him.


“How blasphemous!” At that moment, as if anger was rushing towards the courtyard from the depths of the Divine City, terrifying, overwhelming auras suddenly appeared, suffocating everyone.


The Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance undoubtedly had hidden experts of its own, but right now, in the Divine City, there was only one True Daoist. Even though he witnessed everything, he didn’t have the courage to avenge Wang Shun, the Merchant Alliance’s Young Master.


“Such aggression. Is this a warning to us?”


The supreme experts of various Forces observed the event with different expressions. Of course, they also witnessed the battle between Gu Xianer and Wang Shun. Though, they refrained from intervening, even wishing for it to aggravate.

After all, since Gu Xianer was the Princess of the Immortal Gu Family, there must be a guardian or some sort by her side to protect her life.


Therefore, the appearance and intervention of the old man in grey of the Quasi-Nirvana Realm from Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance were approved by these supreme experts.


They weren’t worried about any potential accidents as their sole goal was to test Gu Changge’s and the Immortal Gu Family’s reaction.


And as they wished, Gu Changge showed up.


It was unfortunate for the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance that their Young Master was effortlessly slaughtered by Gu Changge right in front of the crowd. Yet, the Merchant Alliance dared not confront Gu Changge about it as they could only endure the loss.


“Gu Changge…”


“He finally shows himself…”


The Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns, Chosen Monk Jin Chan, and many young prodigies turned to the sky with solemn faces. They were too familiar with his tone of voice, and were sure that Gu Changge was now in the Divine City.


Besides, in the Upper Realm, there was not another person who was as audacious, rampant, and fearless as Gu Changge.


Lan Yifei’s eyes glowed for a second, but he quickly recovered from it.


“Gu Changge is here too?”


Jiang Luoshen and Gu Xianer shifted their gaze towards the sky with complicated emotions in their hearts, especially Gu Xianer, who was about to pull out the commandment token of the Gu Family to force the Quasi-Nirvana Realm guardian into retreating.


Nonetheless, out of her expectation, Gu Changge appeared out of nowhere and even so dominantly murdered the Young Master of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance.


In the past, she would have felt extremely joyous, but she was no longer her past self.


Everything she had encountered lately as well as the fact that she witnessed Lan Yifei killing Jin Yun and seizing his Source in the Cave Mansion led her into suspecting Gu Changge.


[If he’s really behind it, then the Divine City would be falling into their own trap. Or maybe, I’m just overthinking it?] Gu Xianer’s face was visibly perturbed as she subconsciously clenched her fists underneath her sleeves.


“It’s Young Master Gu!”


With that, a shout in the courtyard ripped the silence apart, after which everyone instinctively looked up to the sky of the Divine City.


At the edge of the sky, Gu Changge appeared, his figure tall and sturdy while his face ever so noble-like. The flawlessly handsome man donned a black robe embroidered with patterns of stars that shone vaguely, seemingly mysterious yet grand and royal looking.


Furthermore, he seemed to be approaching alone. At high speed, he descended from the sky and walked into the courtyard.


“Gu Changge… My Young Master had no grudge against you! Why did you mercilessly kill him?”

It was not until that moment that the old man in grey from the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance came to his senses. He glared at Gu Changge with a tormented expression. His entire body was shaking, and his agony was so intense that his eyes reddened.


In response, Gu Changge casually glanced at him and faintly smiled. “He said he was unable to withstand the shame, so I reckon I’d bless him with kindness and lend him a hand. Is there anything wrong?”


Seeing Gu Changge’s frivolous expression that suggested his indifference towards Wang Shun’s death, the old man in grey grew even more infuriated.


“Gu Changge, how deplorable of you to take advantage of your influence to mindlessly take another’s life…” The old man spoke through gritted teeth.


After all, Wang Shun was destined to be the Successor of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance, and his identity was highly revered and respected by many Elders of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance.


Alas, he was murdered by Gu Changge like some kind of animal. That was no longer mere humiliation but a forceful slap to the faces of the members of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance before stomping on them.


“Do you perhaps want me to pay my life for his? Well, I’m right here. You may try all you want to take my life,” Gu Changge said with a subtle grin, his expression as mindless as ever.


“You… Do you truly think you can insult the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance like this?”


Upon those words, the face of the old man in grey grew even more sullen as if it was full of bruises. He was clearly at his limit of tolerance.


Despite having cultivated for so many years, he had never seen someone as vehement as Gu Changge. He was belittled and mocked right in front of a crowd, and nobody could ever bear such humiliation.


“So, let me be clear then. Do you wish to die?” Hearing that, Gu Changge retained his leisurely look as he shot the old man a glance.


Right away, the old man in grey’s face froze and blanched, at a loss for words when he was about to respond. Even though he was now in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm, almost reaching the Nirvana Realm, he could only swallow up this embarrassment as he dared not to pull off any reckless moves.


Regardless, the crowd was quite curious about the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being that Gu Changge mentioned.


[Where is the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being? Is he perhaps in the Divine City already and simply has yet to show himself? Or did Gu Changge merely mention him to attract us and gather all of us in this Divine City?]



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