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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 736, Hidden Experts’ Test, Hold It Right There

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The old man in grey’s head was soaked in cold sweat. With a pale face, he trembled as he stood on the ground. It was obvious that he was deeply scared.


At that moment, he suddenly realised that since Gu Changge dared to murder the Young Master of the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance right in front of so many people, Gu Changge wouldn’t mind killing a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert.


Although a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert seemed to be someone who was on top of the world and oversaw all things, in this world right now, even a True Daoist bore the risk of perishing, so how would the old man in grey matter?


In that instant, the old man in grey was filled with remorse. [Just when did I gain such boldness to defy and provoke Gu Changge?]


Meanwhile, the crowd in the courtyard looked at the fearful face of the Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert with complicated feelings.


“It’s been a while, Gu Changge.” Then, Jiang Luoshen turned to Gu Changge with her dashing eyes and initiated a greeting.


Gu Xianer took a glance at Gu Changge and silently withdrew it, retaining her cold, indifferent attitude as she had no intention of conversing with Gu Changge in public.


In response, Gu Changge turned to Jiang Luoshen with a smile. “It’s been a long time, Luoshen.”


Since Gu Xianer didn’t bother to greet him, he didn’t entertain her as well. After all, she always wore a morose scowl on her face in public as if she was an emotionless little goddess.


“We’re not that close yet, are we?” Jiang Luoshen rolled her eyes on Gu Changge. No one would call for her so intimately apart from her parents. Everyone else would address her as ‘Princess Luoshen.’


Gu Changge smilingly asked, “What do you think/”


Upon those suggestive words, a subtle blush surged on Jiang Luoshen face, after which she let out a snicker, persistently pretending to be unaffected.


Seeing that, Gu Xianer squinted her eyes as she looked at Jiang Luoshen before quietly turning away. Naturally, she was aware of Jiang Luoshen’s identity as she had met her once back in the Godly Illusion Tomb.


She didn’t know what happened between Jiang Luoshen and Gu Changge afterwards, but what she just saw made her uncomfortable for some reason, especially with how Gu Changge didn’t talk to her and how Jiang Luoshen greeted him as if they were close acquaintances. It oddly made her jealous.


“Gu Changge, do you not care about the slanderous remarks they made about you?” As someone who loved drama, Jiang Luoshen, after watching Wang Shun get killed by Gu Changge, thought of an idea. A way to deal with this Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert. She squinted her golden eyes wherein a fascinated yet dangerous sensation glinted.


Right away, the old man in grey’s body tightened. His face blanched even more as he felt a surge of coldness, and all he could do now was curse at Jiang Luoshen in his mind.


“Those slanders will be washed away eventually. After all, I am a compassionate man who loathes feuds, and I’m sure everyone knows that.” Gu Changge added with a grin, “Unless someone comes to me with the desire to die, I’ll definitely show mercy.”


Once again, Jiang Luoshen rolled her eyes on him, replying, “Your descriptions of yourself sure doesn’t resonate with what I know about you.”


Though, she was already used to Gu Changge’s shamelessness, it was only natural for him to make such claims. After all, talking was one thing, while acting on it was another.


Seeing that, the crowd began to make guesses.


Many young men were extremely envious. Jiang Luoshen’s decision to defend Gu Changge had clearly implied something, and she wouldn’t have done so had there been nothing between the two.


Given how Gu Changge was still neglecting her, Gu Xianer subconsciously shot him a dissatisfied glare, wanting to grasp his collar and interrogate him.


*Ahem…* Right at that moment, a soft cough was heard coming from a distance.


“Peace and mercy are vital in all matters, so why dwell on such a trivial matter, Young Master Gu? It is true that the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance crossed the line, but it has already paid its price, hasn’t it?”


It was a scrawny Elder with a hunchback wearing a torn Daoist robe. One of his eyes was blind, completely white, and he seemed as though he would be blown away by the wind any time. Nevertheless, his followers bore frightening identities which left many cultivators in shock and dismay.


“The Sect Master of Sky Emperor Mountain!?” A cultivator exclaimed in a stupefied tone.


He was a very tall man with mysterious glows flowing in his eyes that resembled enthralling divine rocks. Carrying a terrifying, oppressive aura, his figure was ambiguous and hazy, as if light and Principles were intertwining around him. Although he looked human, he was certainly not one as his skin was completely silver.


The Sect Master of Sky Emperor Mountain possessed immeasurable cultivation which allowed him to control the massive Sky Emperor Mountain and shatter countless mountains and rivers at will. Yet, such an individual was walking behind the robed elder, seemingly full of respect.


Other than the Sect Master of Sky Emperor Mountain, there were also other supreme experts with cultivation powers that were beyond imagination. All of them turned to Gu Changge with no emotion, seemingly apathetic, though dense fear lingered in their eyes.

“That man should be the One-Eye Daoist of Sky Emperor Mountain. It was said that he entered the path of cultivation as a One-Eye Dragon and had become a True Daoist a long time ago. He is now a guardian being of Sky Emperor Mountain…”


Cultivators of the older generation noticed the scene and softly spoke among their group as they recognised the One-Eye Daoist.


In terms of seniority, the Sect Master of Sky Emperor Mountain was a Junior to the One-Eye Daoist, and in terms of cultivation he was also far below him. So, it was only reasonable that he chose to follow him.


“Senior One-Eye…” The Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert from Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance revealed a pleasant expression of surprise upon the One-Eye Daoist’s appearance, after which he reverently greeted. At the same time, he internally let out a sigh of relief as he found himself someone to rely on.


As a matter of fact, the old man in grey’s sudden appearance and intervention of Gu Xianer’s attack against Wang Shun was evidently ordered by someone else. Still, now that the One-Eye Daoist was here, his life was no longer in danger.


“You are such a young man yet you’ve reached such magnificent heights. I genuinely envy you.” The One-Eye Daoist approached with a smile as he spoke, feigning his desire for peace with Gu Changge.


“You are right. Peace is indeed vital.” Gu Changge looked at the One-Eye Daoist with a casual expression and responded with a faint smile. “And I am no tyrant either.”


Indeed, killing a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert wouldn’t be of any use as Gu Changge’s current target was the hidden experts from the various Forces right before him, and the trap he set up was to take down all of them.


Since these individuals’ cultivation levels were at the absolute peak of the Nirvana Realm, they were now one step away from reaching the Immortal Realm. In other words, they were now what was considered as ‘Remnant Immortals.’


The appearance of the One-Eye Daoist caused major commotion as many cultivators flew over as divine rainbows. After all, the hidden experts scattered throughout the Divine City had yet to show themselves, and cultivators speculated that they were all waiting for the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being to show up.


To many, the arrival of the One-Eye Daoist of Sky Emperor Mountain was likely a sign. As of now, the Upper Realm was at its peak in terms of prosperity. Not only were there an abundance of talents, but there were also ancient beings that resurfaced to the world.


In the past, these True Daoists wouldn’t even show themselves, but now, many of them had gathered, to represent their own Force.


“Young man, as you said, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being will come to the Divine City. I have to ask if that is true,” the One-Eye Daoist asked with a smile. His attitude was highly amicable.


As he brought up the topic, the crowd grew curious, eager to see the legendary being.


In response, Gu Changge chuckled and answered, “Of course that is true. Master will appear in the Divine City tomorrow. Everyone is free to go see him by then.”


Given such a reassuring answer, the crowd instantly revealed faces of joy and exhilaration, no longer doubting the rumour.


The One-Eye Daoist then slightly nodded. “In that case, this old one is at ease. We shall await the Supreme Being’s arrival tomorrow.”


Finished, he glanced at the Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert of Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance before turning around and left with the people of Sky Emperor Mountain without tarrying any longer in the courtyard. It was as if their purpose of coming here was solely to receive a definite answer from Gu Changge himself.


Watching the One-Eye Daoist and the rest leave, Gu Changge subtly grinned with strangeness flashing in his eyes as he remained silent.


He could tell that the One-Eye Daoist wanted to test his strength. Though, as a hidden expert and also the representative of Sky Emperor Mountain, it would be unreasonable for the old man to abuse his position.


Besides, it was not only a test by Sky Emperor Mountain, but also by numerous Forces – including Purple Cloud Valley and Endless Fire Kingdom, whose people were observing in the dark.


Perhaps the entirety of the Upper Realm was dying to know what level of strength Gu Changge had achieved by now, and he would no longer be suspected to be the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Furthermore, he now had a ‘Cheap Master,’ and this ‘Cheap Master’ of his was the key to resolving the great trouble that was Eternal Overcast.


“Gu Changge, I—”


After the people of Sky Emperor Mountain Left, Gu Xianer, who had been waiting for Gu Changge to talk to her, finally lost her patience and spoke.


“Save it for later when everyone else is gone.” Hearing that, Gu Changge looked at her and saw the immense dissatisfaction in her eyes, after which he gently smiled as he reached out his hand and caressed her head.


“You…” Angered, Gu Xianer gritted her teeth as she quickly shoved his arm away. Everything she wanted to say to him had been swallowed down instead.


Honestly, she had been searching for an opportunity to verify the vision she had seen in the Lake of Rebirth, but after returning to Peach Village, she refrained from questioning Gu Changge, worried that that would disrupt the harmonious atmosphere in the village.


Alas, out of her expectation, Gu Changge took the chance and snuck away without informing her. As such, she grew extremely frustrated.


Afterwards, she was informed that Gu Changge was near Eternal Overcast, and she quickly hurried over.


On her way there, Hong detected something valuable concealed underneath a cave that was about to emerge.


After contemplating, Gu Xianer thought it wouldn’t take much of her time, so she decided to enter the cave.


To her surprise, she encountered an incident where the so-called Successor of Demonic Arts murdered Yun Jin, the ancient monstrocity of Purple Cloud Valley. Coincidentally, the so-called Successor of Demonic Arts also brought up many suspicious points—the True Successor of Demonic Arts was someone else.


[Every evidence and signs are pointing towards Gu Changge. It’s as if he really is the rumoured Successor of Demonic Arts…] Such an idea troubled Gu Xianer, and she was now feeling helpless.


[If Gu Changge has been hiding this identity of his, what should I do next? How should I deal with this? Should I play a fool? Should I pretend to know nothing?]


Gu Xianer might seem cold on the outside, but deep down, she was deeply perturbed. Right now, she could even draw out her Dao Sword and give Gu Changge a few forceful stabs.


[If he dares to lie to me…]


With that, the young prodigies in the courtyard, including the King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, and Chosen Monk Jin Chan went to Gu Changge and greeted him. Despite their reluctance, they had to at least show some courtesy.


In response, Gu Changge responded with his usual smile and patiently reminisced with the young prodigies.


Of course, he could already see how his appearance in the Divine City would quickly spread soon enough. The more explosive the reaction he could cause, the greater the turmoil would be, which would be advantageous for him to proceed with his next plans.


“Don’t worry, Gu Changge. My Ancestor likes you very much. If something were to happen to you in the Divine City, she will swiftly come to your aid.” Before departing, Jiang Luoshen looked at Gu Changge and said such a profound sentence.


The Ancestor she mentioned was no ordinary Ancestor, but the old woman with a walking stick who joined her into the city earlier. That old woman was also the hidden expert of Godly Illusion Clan, possessing immeasurable cultivation, and she might even be on par with the Old-Eye Daoist.

“I am grateful for the Godly Illusion Clan’s goodwill,” Gu Changge smilingly noted.


Very soon, everyone in the courtyard left. Chosen Monk Jin Chan and the rest also excused themselves without remaining any longer.


“Fellow Brother, please hold it right there.” All of a sudden, Gu Changge stopped Lan Yifei, who was about to leave, with a smile.


Hearing that, Gu Xianer, who was suppressing her rage and urge to stab Gu Changge with her blade, suddenly snapped out from her daze. As she came to her senses, she turned towards him with a stern gaze.


Normally, Gu Changge and Lan Yifei were no acquaintances nor had they shared any interactions. Yet, he called for him out of nowhere.


No one else would have paid attention to the scene, but Gu Xianer, who had personally witnessed Lan Yifei murder the ancient monstrocity of Purple Cloud Valley, Jin Yun, knew that he was the rumoured Successor of Demonic Arts. Furthermore, she was aware that Lan Yifei didn’t do it on his own accord and that he was merely a pawn.


Hence, there must be a mastermind behind him.



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