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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 738, The Successor of Demonic Arts Is Beside Me, Don’t Want You to Turn Into That

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All at once, Gu Xianer’s mind flooded with the scenes from that period of time and she froze in a daze. Then, as she stared at the almost indiscernible smile on Gu Changge’s face, her cheeks took on a faint colour.


Her eyes flickered as her fists tightened beneath her sleeves. She felt a little embarrassed.


It turned out that Gu Changge had admitted to being the Successor of Demonic Arts a long time ago. At the time, Gu Xianer told Sky King Zhi Yang and Qin Wuya that even if the future did indeed play out the way they said it would, she was willing to accept her fate.


After recalling this, Gu Xianer’s anger dissipated. Instead, her cheeks started to flame up and she wondered why she had been so infuriated as to level such accusations at Gu Changge earlier.


There was also something else that perplexed her.


[I heard Gu Changge admitting to it, so why didn’t I take him seriously back then?]


“At the time… I thought you were kidding. I didn’t think you were telling me the truth. You didn’t give an explanation either. Why would I have believed that if there hadn’t been any proof?” The amusement in Gu Changge’s eyes made Gu Xianer glare at him in vexation as she started explaining herself.


Gu Changge shrugged. “Does that mean you’re blaming it all on me because I didn’t give you a thorough explanation? You’re the one who was too silly to not ask for any.”


“You’re the one who didn’t clarify the situation clearly back then! How is it my fault that I misunderstood you?” Gu Xianer glared at him fiercely. She was deeply annoyed.


Gu Changge being the Successor of the Demonic Arts was a serious matter, but even Gu Xianer did not understand why all she cared about was Gu Changge’s attitude towards her. For some reason, she was completely unbothered by his identity.


Gu Changge chuckled at her response. “How could I have known that you were even sillier than I thought? Why did you suddenly come over today to ask me about this…”


“You’re the Successor of Demonic Arts. Why are you doing this? You’re making enemies of everyone. The entire Upper Realm will turn against you.” Gu Xianer’s expression grew solemn as her mood dipped.


Although she was somewhat aversed to Gu Changge being the Successor of Demonic Arts, she was mostly concerned about his safety and the terrors she had seen in the Lake of Rebirth. She never thought that the flurry of the rumours which took everyone by storm would end up being the truth.


It was hard for her to come to terms with it. [To think the Successor of Demonic Arts has been beside me all along…]


“W-Why am I able to accept the fact that you’re the Successor of Demonic Arts so easily… At a time like this, I should be killing you to remove the threat against the Upper Realm.” Gu Xianer’s eyes fixed on Gu Changge as she mumbled. Her voice was barely above a whisper. She could still scarcely believe what was happening.


She had always been a righteous person. Why was she able to readily accept that someone close to her was the Successor of Demonic Arts?


The Successor of Demonic Arts had committed many atrocities. He was a threat to the Upper Realm. Many cultivators and young prodigies had died at his hands. He had stolen their Sources. Countless wanted to kill him and bring peace to all the lands.


And yet, Gu Xianer felt unusually calm right now.


[Perhaps… It’s because of what I saw in the Lake of Rebirth. Maybe I was mentally prepared for this.]


“If there comes a time when I become everyone’s common enemy and have to stand against them all, I don’t want you by my side. If that happens, I hope you’re the one who lands the final blow and stabs me in the heart to end my life.” Gu Changge noticed Gu Xianer’s internal conflict. He sighed and shook his head.


He nudged her petite nose and spoke unusually gently.


Gu Xianer was startled to hear what he said. She stared at him in a daze. She did not even care that he was seizing the chance to pinch her nose.


His words echoed in her mind like a curse.


“W-What are you talking about… Why are you saying such a thing all of a sudden?”


Once Gu Changge’s words registered with Gu Xianer, she could not resist mumbling out her questions as her heart filled with sorrow. She had seen the images in the Lake of Rebirth. If that were indeed to be the future, it would only be even more brutal than what was happening now.


The entire Upper Realm would be trembling beneath the terrifying shadow of Gu Changge.


Things would not end well for her, Yue Mingkong, and even the entire Gu Family.


On that fateful day, all of the Upper Realm was shrouded in a dark mist. Lives were extinguished as all Domains were filled with howls.


Gu Changge sat atop the throne of darkness and surveyed the Upper Realm with a stony gaze. He did not have a single person beside him.


“A long time ago, I told you that if such a day were to come, I would rather die at your hands. Don’t tell me you forgot about that too.” Gu Changge’s gaze was unusually gentle.


Gu Xianer could not help but be affected by his gaze. She forced herself to look away as she retorted somewhat disdainfully, “I… wouldn’t kill you… Don’t take it the wrong way. I just think that your evil blood would stain my hands.”


Even she did not know why she was stammering through her words.


All of a sudden, a thought occurred to her. [Could it be that Gu Changge predicted all of this a long time ago and prepared for everything? Is that why he said those words?]


“Be honest with me, Gu Changge. Does the Forbidden Demonic Arts have something to do with your Demonic Heart?” The thought of this made Gu Xianer’s expression turn solemn as she sought clarification.


Gu Changge did not respond right away. While it could be considered somewhat related to his Demonic Heart, it was not that signification of a connection. He was also too lazy to give a full explanation as it involved many other things.


“I guess that means I’m right.” Gu Changge’s silence made Gu Xianer assume that what she said was indeed the case. She could not think of any other reason to explain this situation, apart from the Demonic Heart.


[Looks like the problem with his Demonic Heart has never been resolved even though he said he could subdue his demonic nature.]


“Stop coming up with these wild guesses.” Gu Changge’s expression was natural as he gently shook his head. “Although the Forbidden Demonic Arts can be terrifying, it is still merely a technique wielded by someone.”


“So… You wanted to do all those things?” Gu Xianer asked as she looked at him.


Gu Changge nodded. He did not deny it.


He had been opposed to Gu Xianer’s Dao Bone being taken out of her when they were young. That was the only thing that had been against his control.


Apart from that, everything else he did was based on his own will without any outside interference.


Once again, Gu Xianer recalled the scenes she had seen in the Lake of Rebirth. She had many questions to ask Gu Changge.


However, the images were far too horrifying and filled with many scenarios that had yet to happen.


At the very least, she believed that the current Gu Changge would not do those things.


It seemed as if he would only turn back into his callous and inhumane younger self in the future because of his Demonic Heart.


“Do you ever feel any discomfort these days?” Gu Xianer stared at Gu Changge as she asked with concern.


Gu Changge was a little stunned, but he soon figured that she was still worried about his Demonic Heart.


“No. Don’t worry yourself with all these thoughts,” he said with a chuckle.


“If you ever start feeling any kind of discomfort out of the blue, you have to let me know in advance… I don’t want you to turn into that.” Gu Xianer lowered her eyes. Her expression slowly returned to normal, but her tone was still a little down.


Just then, she finally realised that Gu Changge’s hand had been on her face this whole time.


She felt embarrassed and let out a huff before leaving the place.


“What exactly did she see?” Once Gu Xianer left, Gu Changge’s gentle expression vanished.


He frowned in thought. [She would have never said such things to me in the past. She is extremely unlike herself today. What’s more, after finding out that I am the true Successor of Demonic Arts, she surprisingly made no fuss at all. She had accepted it calmly. She did not even ask me to stop doing all the things she would obviously consider to be atrocious.]


This was very different from the Gu Xianer that Gu Changge knew, the girl who was greedy, petty, and haughty, but also just and righteous at the same time.


“Ah Da, tail Gu Xianer for the time being. If she attempts to do anything unusual, stop her at once.” Gu Changge called out his command to the void behind him.


“Yes, Young Master.”


Ah Da’s silhouette appeared for a moment before instantly vanishing into the void once more.


Gu Changge did not ask Gu Xianer how she discovered the fact that he was the Successor of Demonic Arts. He was able to hazard a guess of his own.


He knew it undoubtedly had something to do with Lan Yifei.


[Perhaps Gu Xianer stumbled across Lan Yifei when he was dealing with Jin Yun and he did not notice her presence.]


It would not be surprising as Gu Xianer had extraordinary Masters. They would have given her various treasures and secret techniques that would give her the ability to hide her presence completely.



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