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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 740, The Heavenly Ox Demon King’s Thoughts, An Attempt to Backstab Gu Changge

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As the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was from the Celestial Ancient Times, few had ever seen his face. Still, the crowd was fully able to ascertain that the one who entered the palace behind Gu Changge was indeed the fabled Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


It was as if his very existence was one with the world. Every move he made was filled with a kind of Immortal might that was impossible to imagine.


The hidden experts were the ones who picked up on this the most. They felt palpitations deep within their souls.


“Greetings to you, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.”


Even the One-Eye Daoist and Ancient Buddha Sha Na had looks of great respect as they greeted the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


The other experts within the central palace did likewise as they bowed in greeting.


The young prodigies such as the Phoenix Lady, Chosen Monk Jin Chan, and the King with Six Crowns were all filled with awe and fear as well as they studied the being of legends.


On the other hand, the Heavenly Ox Demon King who reacted strangely earlier was taking deep breaths to calm himself down as he looked away from Gu Changge with great difficulty.


Everyone thought his reaction was due to the appearance of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


Only he knew that was not the case.


His Ancestor was a terrifying figure from the Forbidden Epoch, who had the fortune of seeing the Forbidden Existence’s true visage and drew a drawing of it, though he paid a terrible price in the process.


That drawing became their clan’s hidden treasure and was passed down till now.


Naturally, the Heavenly Ox Demon King had seen that drawing before. It was the reason why he became so agitated the moment he saw Gu Changge.


There was no way he would believe that it was a coincidence for two people to share such an uncanny resemblance. In his eyes, Gu Changge’s every expression and every move was exactly the same as what he saw in the drawing.


It was as if Gu Changge was indeed the person in the drawing.


How could the Heavenly Ox Demon King not be shocked beyond belief by that?


He too had heard the rumours that had been going around the Upper Realm lately about the possibility that Gu Changge was the reincarnation of an Absolute Being. Thus, with both these things stacking upon each other, it was impossible for the Heavenly Ox Demon King to not feel thunderstruck.


[There is no doubt about it. Gu Changge is strongly connected to that man in the drawing. His origins are unimaginable and unfathomable… It was recorded in the ancient texts that the fall of the world and the gap in the epochs were related to that man.] All manner of thoughts raced across the Heavenly Ox Demon King’s mind, but his expression had regained its usual aloofness.


At his age, he had experienced a great deal and was able to accept many things with an open mind.


Previously, he was curious about Gu Changge in a similar fashion to the other hidden experts. He was especially curious to find out why Gu Changge was able to achieve this manner of astounding greatness at such a young age.


However, after seeing what he saw today, he no longer allowed himself to indulge in his curiosity. In fact, he was too afraid to even ponder the possibilities.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being did not show any sign of impatience or displeasure when he showed up at the palace. Instead, he had a benign smile as he said, “Please be at ease, everyone. It is not easy for cultivators of my generation to come this far. To be bound by the rules of the secular world would only keep us locked in a cage.”


“Changge has told me about the Eternal Overcast and the terror it has inflicted on this world. Since such a tragedy has occurred, I will naturally lend a hand to help eradicate this threat and do my part in maintaining the peace of the Upper Realm.” He spoke simply and concisely.


Before entering the Divine City, he and Gu Changge, the nominal pair of Master and disciple, had already discussed how they were going to address this matter in public.


The Eternal Overcast outbreak this time could be said to have been caused by him and Gu Changge.


It went without saying that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had his own motives too. As he had only just shown himself, he needed to rely on various tactics to build up his prestige.


He was also interested in Gu Changge’s secrets. Thus, he was willing to go along with Gu Changge when it came to inconsequential matters such as these.


“It is our honour and blessing that you are willing to deal with the Eternal Overcast Scourge on our behalf, Supreme Being. On behalf of all living beings, I offer you my thanks.”


“Your great benevolence will be remembered by all for generations to come. It will be immortalised. Statues will be carved, palaces will be built, and you will always be the subject of our respect and gratitude.”


The One-Eye Daoist from Sky Emperor Mountain could not help but let out a look of profound gratitude as he cupped his hands and expressed his sincere thanks.


The other hidden experts mimicked his actions and expressed their gratitude towards the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being as well.


Naturally, most of them did not come over because of the Eternal Overcast Scourge. They came because they wanted to know whether it was true that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was still alive. After all, considering their cultivation realm, the threat of the Eternal Overcast would not affect them.


What they cared about was how to proceed further past their current cultivation realm. They wanted to seek advice from the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


They had been stuck in their current cultivation realm for a very long time with no sign of being able to ascend even further. How could they not be excited by the news that someone from the Celestial Ancient Times, whose cultivation exceeded that of a True Immortal, was still alive?


There was also the matter of why the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being chose to emerge at this time.


To them, that was something worthy of further thought and pondering. There had to be a special meaning to it.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was shrewd. Obviously, he knew what the hidden experts were thinking. Nevertheless, even he could not clearly explain the opportunity that was needed to become an Immortal. It required the emergence of the Immortal Gate.


How could he give them a conclusive answer?


Through many questions and requests for advice, everyone garnered quite a bit of information from the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


They wanted to know how he remained in existence this whole time and whether he had been to the legendary Immortal Domain.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s response was the same as the one he had given when he was with the Immortal Gu Family.


He claimed that when he was exploring a secret Domain, he ran into unexpected danger and accidentally got trapped inside. By the time he regained his consciousness, aeons had passed and the world had changed in immeasurable ways.


Then, he used his Secret Technique to get in touch with Gu Changge, his Successor, who helped him leave the place and see the light of day again.


This was the explanation he and Gu Changge had agreed upon beforehand.


Even Ancient Buddha Sha Na who was profoundly well-versed in Karmic Technique could not determine the validity of this explanation.


The Supreme Being answered questions related to the Immortal Gate in a similar way by saying there was no concrete information or forecast. All they could do was wait.


Everyone was a little disappointed by his answer, but they could not do anything about it. They dared not press any further lest they offend him.


In terms of cultivation, when the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was at his peak, he had definitely surpassed the True Immortal Realm.


No one knew the power he could wield now.


Nevertheless, even if he were to have lost some of his power, he was not to be underestimated either. After all, he was still someone from the Celestial Ancient Times.


“Greetings, Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. I am Jin Chan and I seek your help in dispelling some doubts that I have.” Just then, a voice abruptly rang out in the central palace.


The hidden experts frowned in displeasure.


They were still busy engaging the Supreme Being in conversation. How could someone from the younger generation cut in and interrupt them?


Even the leaders of the Immortal Forces were also standing in silence at the moment.


The Phoenix Lady, Jun Yao, Jiang Luoshen, and the others were all staring at Chosen Monk Jin Chan in shock. They did not expect him to be this bold.


At a time like this, none of them had the gall to speak up. They had all been standing quietly on the side.


[Hmm… this must all be premeditated on his part] Gu Changge was the only one who narrowed his eyes with interest. He had a feeling that Chosen Monk Jin Chan had spoken up with the intention of coming after him. [The fact that I didn’t get rid of him back at the Demon-Burying Abyss seemed to have made him misunderstand something.]


“Jin Chan, what are you unsure about that you had to ask the Supreme Being about it?”


Ancient Buddha Sha Na did not expect Chosen Monk Jin Chan to speak up either. His eyebrows jumped up ever so slightly, but he made his query calmly as he was not upset.


After all, Chosen Monk Jin Chan was to be the next head of Buddhist Mountain and had a lofty status as a result of that.


Even Ancient Buddha Sha Na, who was well-versed in Karmic Technique, could see that Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s future was filled with variables that were still unknown and he had the potential for a great destiny.


Therefore, he did not reprimand Chosen Monk Jin Chan for being impolite.


“Ancient Buddha, I would like to ask something related to the Successor of Demonic Arts. It also pertains to the Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.” Chosen Monk Jin Chan looked perfectly calm as he clapped his hands together and replied.


Despite being under the watchful gaze of every single person inside the central palace, he was able to carry himself with ease.


As he spoke, he glanced briefly at Gu Changge before calmly withdrawing his gaze.


“The Successor of Demonic Arts? The Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being?”


As soon as Chosen Monk Jin Chan said those words, both the Golden Sun Gifted Lady and the One-Eye Daoist lit up with interest. Their gazes fell on Gu Changge as well.


The Golden Sun Gifted Lady was especially intrigued by Gu Changge. She had a feeling that the young man had many secrets hidden within him. Every single one of his secrets could very well send shockwaves through the Upper Realm.


“It seems to me that you’re still highly suspicious of me, Chosen Monk Jin Chan. You keep calling me into question instead of trying to locate the true Successor of Demonic Arts.” Gu Changge simply smiled faintly. He did not seem affected at all. It was as if he could not see that all eyes were on him. He paid them no mind.


“Amitabha,” Chosen Monk Jin Chan said before he continued. “I am in awe of your ability to stay this calm even at a time like this, Young Master Changge.”


“Is that so?” Gu Changge chuckled without providing an explanation. “Everything comes with a price. Brother Jin Chan, since you insist on doing this, I assume you must’ve come to terms with the consequences of your actions, right?”


He spoke simply and indifferently. There was no hint of hostility in his voice. Nevertheless, the people inside the central palace sensed a cloud of murderous intent sweeping through the place and making it hard for them to breathe.


Many of them recalled the incident yesterday. Gu Changge had killed the Young Master of the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance in one fell swoop because the latter tried to test him.


Even though Chosen Monk Jin Chan was powerful, he was nothing more than an ant or a grain of sand compared to Gu Changge.


The Heavenly Ox Demon King felt his blood grow cold. He had broken out in a cold sweat that was now trickling down his back. He was even more convinced that his previous speculation was accurate.


Chan Honyi, the leader of Devil Mountain. Who others identify as the fearsome Demoness in Red, was related to the Forbidden Demonic Arts. She even had a connection with that figure in the drawing.


The Heavenly Ox Demon King chose to submit to Chan Honyi because of this reason.


Chan Honyi had once appeared at Dark Kun City and said countless indiscernible things to Gu Changge.


No one knew why. No one could understand what was going on. However, at this very moment, it all made sense to the Heavenly Ox Demon King!


“Jin Chan, I can help you deduce the answers to your questions. You need not trouble the Supreme Being with them.”


After seeing what happened, Ancient Buddha Sha Na did not say much. He simply shook his head lightly.


Naturally, he knew about the incident many years ago involving the Demon-Burying Abyss and the Floating Buddhist Temple. He knew that Gu Changge had set Buddhist Mountain up and they had suffered great losses as a result, as well as being labelled as the ones who set the Demoness in Red free.


When everyone gathered in the Divine City to kill her, many of the monks from Buddhist Mountain were sacrificed in the process. There were barely any survivors.


Chosen Monk Jin Chan grew up at Buddhist Mountain. It was understandable that he was deeply affected by this incident and could not accept it.


Although he seemed carefree and unconcerned on the outside, he still harboured resentment on the inside.


Now that he had the opportunity in front of him, he chose to stab Gu Changge in the back.


Only Buddhist Mountain knew the truth about this incident.


Even Ancient Buddha Sha Na had a feeling that Gu Changge had an ulterior motive behind what he did. [He had not simply gone over to deal with the weakened protective arrays within the Demon-Burying Abyss.]


“Nevertheless, I would still like to hear about this from the Supreme Being. After all, Young Master Gu is the Supreme Being’s Successor. There has to be a reason why the Supreme Being chose him.” Chosen Monk Jin Chan showed no sign of backing down as he put his hands together and declared.


Over the years, he investigated many things and found quite a number of clues. This included the means by which Gu Changge received the legacy of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


He had a feeling that Gu Changge was not the real Successor that the Supreme Being had chosen. Instead, Gu Changge used some other means to obtain the legacy.


[Perhaps the true Successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had suffered at Gu Changge’s hands and the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being doesn’t know about this yet. He’s still being kept in the dark.]


Due to this, Chosen Monk Jin Chan decided to bring this up and expose Gu Changge’s true colours in front of everyone. Even though he did not have much evidence pertaining to the identity of the Successor of Demonic Arts, his intuition was telling him that there was a major problem with Gu Changge.


“Are you questioning my choice of a Successor?”


Just then, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being finally broke his silence. Although he still had a faint smile on his face, everyone could hear the displeasure in his tone of voice.


Regardless of the situation, Gu Changge was still his disciple in name, and he was now being questioned about it by someone from the younger generation right in front of everyone.


Even though the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being knew how to keep his emotions hidden, he still felt as if he had been humiliated and disparaged.


The leaders of the Immortal Forces could sense the threatening aura spreading across the palace. It was like a terrifying Devil Mountain was looming over their heads. Shivers ran down their spine.


They were all chewing Chosen Monk Jin Chan out on the inside.


He was merely someone from the younger generation. How could he have the gall to speak so recklessly?


“Please do not be angry. I’m sure the Successor of Buddhist Mountain isn’t trying to question you. This isn’t a big deal… Young Master Gu is an upright person of integrity. Why would he need to fear such rumours and speculation?” The One-Eye Daoist did not mind fanning the flames. He could not resist speaking up at a time like this.


Although it seemed as if he was attempting to smooth things over, there was a hint of ridicule in his voice that proved he wanted to cause trouble for Gu Changge.



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