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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 743, Overwhelming Murderous Intent, Depressing Sight

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Evidently, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being didn’t disappoint Gu Changge. He determinedly hurried to Eternal Overcast the day after he gave his word.

Dense Eternal Overcast Fog blew from afar as if it engulfed every corner of the universe.


Before the frightful, panicking, terrified eyes of countless cultivators, a divine rainbow pierced through the sky as if it tore the universe apart and struck right into the depths of Eternal Overcast.


In that instant, it was as if the world was split apart and chaos was restored. Endless divine beams and Celestial Lights burst, illuminating the Skies of the Upper Realm.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being appeared in the Eternal Overcast, donning a swaying flowing robe and a starry crown. His extraordinary Dharma Body was immeasurably tall and knew no bounds as he stood on the ground with his head in the sky.


As he drew his hands, he conjured a bronze giant cauldron that landed into the depths of Eternal Overcast. Heavy and vast, the cauldron was surrounded by countless runes as it plummeted.


*Boom!* The thunderous, unceasing sound of the cauldron emitted terrorising shockwaves.


In that instant, countless living beings heard the vast disturbance that resembled a raging wave overtaking the sky as though it was to inundate the entire world.


The Eternal Overcast was falling apart, and endless fog gushed out from the depths. To ordinary cultivators and living beings, that was a fathomless calamity as even a trace of Eternal Overcast Fog could corrode space itself and annihilate all creatures.


Nonetheless, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being effortlessly dissipated the giant fog with a swing of an arm, casting it away.


The giant cauldron floated in the wide sky, surrounded by divine beams that shot through the clouds. There were even ancient and sacrificial runes appearing around it


The manifestations formed charged towards Eternal Overcast as though they had become alive, seemingly intent on obliterating all living beings to restore peace to the world.


The shockwaves were so horrifying that even those far away could feel it. The entire Star Territory quaked while the skies trembled as if they were about to collapse. Be it ordinary cultivators or mighty True Daoists, everyone could feel the overwhelming, frightening aura that left souls violently shivering.


“Is this the current strength of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being? How terrifying! How is he able to achieve this? How does he achieve such strength in this era?”


Appearing in the depths of the sky, True Daoists peered at the disturbance of the universe with solemn expressions. They were flabbergasted by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s strength.


“Amazing! The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being is really dealing with the Eternal Overcast!”


“This abysmal scourge has taken so many Forces and so many lives. Today, it is finally at its end!”


“We shall remember the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s grace for all eternity! Even the generations to come shall remember his name and cherish his deeds!”


Living beings peered at the scene in stupefaction and exhilaration. They bore immense gratitude for the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being as they knelt and worshipped him.


Suppressed by the bronze giant cauldron, the dense Eternal Overcast Fog stopped spreading to its surroundings. Instead, it continuously contracted and dispersed, as though it was driven away by a pair of invisible gigantic arms that shoved it towards the depths of the Eternal Overcast.


It was an astonishing sight.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s Dharma Body was so massive it was as though he was shouldering the weight of the sky. As his enormous palm that was incredible in size landed, it once again sealed off the Eternal Overcast.


*Boom!* The floating bronze giant cauldron that was shrouded in limitless divine light then plunged towards Eternal Overcast. 


Instead of completely dispelling the Eternal Overcast Fog, the Supreme Being chose a tender method to stop it from spreading.


“The Eternal Overcast is indeed mysterious. Even I can only contain it for a thousand years. If no other measures are discovered in a millenia, I’m afraid its fog will spread once again. If I’m still alive by then, I might be able to seal it off once more, but such a solution won’t do for long.”


Looking at the approaching cultivators, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being sounded rather remorseful as he explained.


Hearing that, the crowd felt a surge of fear and their faces immediately grew solemn. They initially thought the Eternal Overcast could be resolved for good this time, but to their surprise, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being could only seal it off once more.


Furthermore, this seal could only persist for a thousand years. Therefore, if they were to fail to come up with a solid solution after a thousand years, the Eternal Overcast would reappear once again.


“Understood. We are deeply grateful for your help, Supreme Being. You’ve already stopped the spread for us, and the one thousand years of time you have given us is more than enough. We will definitely come up with a solution within the millenia so that your effort is not in vain.”


Quickly, the crowd came to their senses. Knowing that the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had done all he could, they excitedly thanked him.


Followingly, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being returned to his former state, his energetic face grew noticeably paler and weaker, as if the Eternal Overcast wore him out.


He then waved his hand and added, “Fortunately, the Upper Realm is about to drastically change. With numerous opportunities presenting themselves, no one can be certain what will happen in a thousand years…”


As the Eternal Overcast Fog dissipated, the vast territory reappeared in everyone’s sight, rendering many dumbfounded.


At first glance, one could see a destroyed land with auras of aggression and death lingering around. There were also fearsome, gigantic rifts and caves as well as marks of ruination left behind by fallen stars as though it was an abandoned universe, flawed and desolate.


“The Eternal Overcast Scourge has finally ended. Though only for a thousand years, that is enough for us.” An aged cultivator who hurried over with a complicated expression and vented his astonishment and relief.


“Thank you for your help, Supreme Being. Thank you for resolving the scourge for the people.”


Divine rainbows travelled from various regions as people came. Amazed by the sight, they thanked the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


With a somewhat weary look, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being gently waved his hand. “Alas, the root of the problem hasn’t been dealt with.”


Finished, he didn’t tarry any longer. As the air before him turned blurry, a path emerged, after which he stepped onto it and speedily vanished.


Seeing that, the crowd felt immense respect arising in their hearts, impressed by how virtuous, selfless of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was to fight for peace for all living beings without asking for anything in return.


“How admirable of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being! His generosity resembles that of Young Master Gu.”


And so, the crowd engaged in heated discussions and swiftly reported the information to their respective Forces. The event today was speedily spread as if it was a pair of wings, causing great commotion all over the world.


The Eternal Overcast Scourge had tormented the Upper Realm and had finally been sealed off. Thus, every living being cheered and celebrated. Even temples and statues were built across lands to commemorate and worship the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


On the other hand, many Forces sent their men to deliver gifts and express their gratitude to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. After all, it was said that he tremendously exhausted himself in sealing off the Eternal Overcast, so these Forces wished to leave an impression and please him.


Naturally, Gu Changge also heard of the news right away.


In his eyes, the seal of a thousand years was merely a trick of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being as the latter certainly had a solution to thoroughly deal with the Eternal Overcast. Thus, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s claim must be an excuse.


At the end of the day, that was due to his excessive calculativeness and desire to gain Gu Changge’s trust, while also to lower Gu Changge’s guard.


[And he’s even acting as if he’s completely drained. What is this if not his usual trick?] Gu Changge grinned, after which he shattered the jade tablet in his hands into bits.


By now, Chosen Monk Jin Chan had already left the Divine City and was on his way back to Buddhist Mountain. Although he was guarded by True Daoists, Ancient Buddha Sha Na remained in the Divine City and wasn’t by his side. It was as though he had something else to consult the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being with.


[Without that hidden expert as his guardian, do you really expect him to be safe?]


After all, Gu Changge had no intentions of forgiving him so easily after how he tried to stab him in the back. Furthermore, he had no plans of having Ah Da or Ah Er to deal with Chosen Monk Jin Chan. After all, there was no need to stain their precious swords with the blood of trash.


[Three True Daoists Puppets should be enough to take him down.]


Soon, Gu Changge gave his command and dispatched three ‘Dark True Daoists’.


Although Dark Heaven hadn’t emerged for long, he was already in control of about a dozen of True Daoists. Forget killing a young prodigy, that was more than sufficient to murder the Sect Master of an Immortal Sect. Though, that would be under the assumption that the target did not carry any Immortal Grade Artifact.


Undoubtedly, to prevent any losses, Gu Changge even granted the puppets a forbidden artifact.


After dispatching the three Dark True Daoists, he didn’t waste his time and instead informed the Chosen One of the Immortal Dao Alliance, Lan Yifei, of the news and had him look for an opportunity to make a move. After all, there were more than a few young prodigies in the Divine City, so chaos was crucial at such a moment, and Gu Changge didn’t mind troubling the waters some more.


However, with that, the visit of an unexpected guest took him aback.


“Who should I pick this time?” Meanwhile, on the other side of the Divine City, Lan Yifei, who received the news in a flash, stared at the jade tablet in his hands with a complicated gaze before shattering it.


Naturally, he dared not to defy Gu Changge’s order.


Originally, he thought Chosen Monk Jin Chan could present important evidence to expose the truth of Gu Changge being the true Successor of Demonic Arts. Alas, the situation backfired as Gu Changge was apparently prepared for it. Even the great Ancient Buddha Sha Na couldn’t determine whether Gu Changge’s claims were true.


“The Phoenix Lady and the King with Six Crowns are no easy foes. It seems I’ll have to start with other easier targets…” Lan Yifei heaved a sigh and turned around to leave the courtyard before vanishing from the Divine City.



“Chosen Monk, the Ancient Buddha has said that your return to Buddhist Mountain won’t be harmonious. He urges us to follow you and protect you on your way back.”


To the west of the Divine City, radiance brightly glowed amid turbulent space fluctuations. A teleportation array had been built here, covered in spiritual energy as dense enough to form physical shockwaves. It was as if it was connected to a boundless nihility.


At that moment, a group of monks with profound auras were following Chosen Monk Jin Chan as they explained while holding their hands together in prayer.


In response, Chosen Monk Jin Chan nodded. “I will be wary of Ancient Buddha’s advice. Forgive me for troubling you, Seniors.”


As he spoke, he was holding a Sarira that was emitting gleams underneath his sleeves. The Sarira was a forbidden artifact given to him by Ancient Buddha Sha Na, harbouring the Dharma Body of Ancient Buddha Sha Na. Naturally, it possessed formidable powers.


After all, Chosen Monk Jin Chan was the future hope of Buddha Mountain.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na had predicted that Chosen Monk Jin Chan was about to face an ill fate. Thus, he had him return to Buddha Mountain and lock himself up for years. Naturally, he also calculated that Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s journey back to Buddha Mountain would be filled with unpredictable dangers.


Of course, Chosen Monk Jin Chan himself also felt restless. He believed that Gu Changge wouldn’t let him off so easily. Essentially, his interrogation—or rather, open challenging—of Gu Changge in the central palace ensured that Gu Changge, given his personality, wouldn’t let him off the hook.


“I can only pray that Gu Changge bears not the audacity…” Chosen Monk Jin Chan shut his eyes as traces of light flashed across, not as calm as he seemed.


*Whoosh!* Very soon, the teleportation array was activated. Beams of light shone as space fluctuations swirled in the air.


Chosen Monk Jin Chan and the rest stepped into the array and instantly disappeared. The large-scale teleportation could send one across numerous Star Territories and distances more than billions of kilometres in an instant. It would be as if they were travelling across universes.




However, in the middle of the teleportation, a terrifying shockwave suddenly surged from the void as though someone was forcefully tearing the route apart. The violent shockwave immediately left Chosen Monk Jin Chan and the rest stupefied.


“This is bad. Someone is forcibly destroying the path through space… Protect the Chosen Monk!” A muscular monk in the Sacred Emperor Realm exclaimed with a solemn expression.


Nonetheless, before he could finish, the void before him crumbled, after which cracks formed on it before it exploded like a fractured mirror.


A frightening, overwhelming aura spread as if it was the sea engulfing the world. Principles were shattered and dispersed.


With that, a big dark palm pierced through the air and ferociously tore everything down, carrying a domineering, powerful aura that could effortlessly take down the sun and moon.


*Thump!* The monk that was speaking disintegrated and was turned into a mist of blood before he could react to it.


“Damn it! This is an attack from a True Daoist!” The faces of the rest of the monks dramatically changed as they activated their Buddhist treasures while their bodies emitted their Buddha auras to resist the attack.


Unfortunately, their cultivation was far from enough. Their Buddha auras protecting them got instantaneously destroyed. 


As a trace of the enemy’s aura brushed across their body, they began coughing up blood and exploding before being buried in the void without any remains of them getting left behind.


Even the two strongest monks barely secured their lives. They were fatally injured and were at the brink of death.


“Now, we shall take your life.”


The big dark palm tore the path through space apart.


Behind the palm, figures descended and spoke coldly as their bodies were shrouded in black mist, seemingly surreal.


Moreover, there were three such figures and each of them was as sturdy and alarming as Devil Mountains. They stood in the sky while carrying a pressure of absolute dominance that suffocated everyone in their presence.


The murderous intent was truly overwhelming!


“Three True Daoists!?” Jin Chan retained his calm expression, though his panic was visible. Blue veins could even be seen pulsating on his palms that were underneath his sleeves.


He knew Gu Changge wouldn’t let him off easy, but he never expected him to go so far as to dispatch True Daoists to take him down and three of them at that.


[How did he manage to do this? How did he manage to have so many powerful underlings?]


After all, such a sight would even leave Sect Masters depressed!



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