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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 744, Attacked Chosen Monk, Startled Ancient Buddha

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The Three True Daoists in black stood formidably amid the starry sky, resembling raging waves that were vehemently bulldozing the sky. It was a depressing sight that would make any cultivator tremble intensely in fear.


“Who would wish to kill the Chosen Monk?”


“They even sent out three True Daoists! Who in the Upper Realm holds such power?”


The two monks that fortunately survived peered at the scene with terror and devastation written all over their faces.


At that moment, perhaps even the current Head of Buddhist Mountain couldn’t turn the table around as the auras exuded by the three True Daoists alone could subdue everyone.


“You’re sent by Gu Changge, aren’t you?” Chosen Monk Jin Chan sternly asked after forcing himself to calm down.


In that instant, he could only feel that his body was about to explode while his cells were falling apart as blood started to flow out. His soul wavered as if it was about to be extinguished.


Other than Gu Changge, he couldn’t imagine who else would ambush him along the way. Also, he couldn’t fathom how Gu Changge could dispatch three True Daoists all by himself.


Judging by the three True Daoists’ auras, they didn’t seem to be Ancestors of the Immortal Gu Family. Rather, they resembled the individuals of Dark Heaven, who rose to infamy recently.


Hearing that, the three True Daoists in black merely shot him an icy glare, speaking not a word as if they were staring at a corpse.


*Boom!* Without saying a word, one of the True Daoists covered the sky with his aura and ferociously slashed his palm forward as if it was a frightening continent surrounded by Principles, capable of destroying all things.


As if the sky collapsed, the dense shockwaves caused the entire world to fall into darkness.


“Chosen Monk, leave now! You must not die here!”


At that moment, a shout could be heard coming from the void. An ancient monk shrouded in radiant Buddha aura displayed his cultivation. It was of the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. Behind him, there were a thousand phantoms of Buddha. Buddha’s voice erupted, forming ripples that were to shield Chosen Monk Jin Chan from the palm strike.


Without question, that monk was Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s guardian. After witnessing everything from the beginning, he decided to risk his life to protect Chosen Monk Jin Chan and secure an escape route for him.


Nonetheless, a Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert was far from sufficient to take on actual True Daoists. In that brief moment, as he was unable to withstand the overwhelming aura, he ended up spewing blood. As if his body was made of porcelain, it exploded, creating infinite patterns with his blood.


“Don’t even think of rescuing him, insect.” The attacking True Daoist coldly spoke with not a hint of emotion in his eyes.


As the palm landed directly on the ancient monk, upon a loud bang, his body exploded and became blood mist that filled the sky. The following monks were also disintegrated without having any chance to resist.


Every World Principle was constantly being brought down, turning into drifting dust.


Although a being of the Quasi-Nirvana Realm and a True Daoist was only one Major Realm apart, the disparity between their cultivation was tremendous. There was no way the former could compete with the latter.


“Gu Changge is surely a persistent one to treat me this way… Karma shall take him down one day!”


With his eyes glued to the scene, Jin Chan felt extremely reluctant despite his usual calmness, shouting through gritted teeth as his heart was filled with despair. He couldn’t be more certain that the formidable attackers were sent by Gu Changge.


As the monks in charge of protecting him perished on the spot without any remains, now that he was circled by the three True Daoists in black, forget him, even a fly wouldn’t make it out alive. 


Such a grudge was indeed immeasurable.


He was aware that he would not survive this day, let alone avenge his brethren. At least, without Ancient Buddha Sha Na, he would be facing a dire situation and had no chance of surviving.


“Any last words? That is our Master’s question.” The True Daoist in black that attacked glared at Chosen Monk Jin Chan and spoke coldly in an emotionless tone.


“Haha! Well done, Gu Changge! Everyone of the Upper Realm has certainly underestimated you. To think that you are involved with Dark Heaven… As long as you live, the Upper Realm will never enjoy peace!”


In response, Chosen Monk Jin Chan laughed hysterically as he came to discover an ultimate truth—Gu Changge was not merely the Successor of Demonic Arts.


As he spoke, the Sharira in his hand blew up. It was a protective item given by Ancient Buddha Sha Na that contained a trace of his Dharma Body.


The instant the Sharira blew up, a Buddha’s image appeared in the sky, exuding a vast Buddha’s voice that thundered across its surroundings.


“How bold of you to defy us!”


The next moment, a daunting Ancient Buddha appeared with serenity and harmony from his white eyebrows to his shoulders, holding a purplish-golden bowl in his hand. 


*Whoosh!* The bowl then turned into an alarming purple mountain that fell towards the three True Daoists in black.


When the Dharma Body clearly saw the scene before him, rage instantly surged in his eyes, and his bony body immediately enlarged, turning into a wrathful Vajrapani that was destined to eliminate evil. Although this wasn’t the true body of Ancient Buddha Sha Na, the Dharma Body was closely related to its host.


“He is actually capable of summoning three True Daoists…”


Ancient Buddha Sha Na scanned across the three True Daoists in black, his benignity no longer on his face. As he chose to attack immediately, he turned into the hidden expert of Buddha Mountain that bore strength unrivalled by ordinary True Daoists.


Nonetheless, as he was merely a Dharma Body now, he could only do all he could within his limit was to help Chosen Monk Jin Chan escape.


“Master has already seen this coming.”


Facing Ancient Buddha Sha Na, who appeared out of nowhere, the three True Daoists in black retained their ever so glacial expression as though they had predicted this.


One of them immediately conjured a stripped ancient mirror, the side of which was stained by blood of five colours as well as traces of black fog. The ancient mirror then emitted millions beams of blinding light intertwined with World Principles towards the air that resembled a vast sea.


As Gu Changge had predicted, Ancient Buddha Sha Na would give Chosen Monk Jin Chan a protective item. Thus, he had also given his three men a forbidden artifact.


As a matter of fact, Gu Changge obtained the curse-filled offensive artifact back when he was obliterating Neraka. The blood stains on the mirror might even be that of True Immortals.


*Whoosh!* Covered in black fog, the ancient mirror floating in the sky became crystalline and emitted dense beams of lights, suppressing the void.


The next moment, the frightening shockwaves of the battle erupted as if they turned the world upside down. The sky of the surrounding Star Territories trembled and crumbled before turning into dust.


Chosen Monk Jin Chan was devastated by the sight. He believed that the treasure Ancient Buddha Sha Na gave him would save his life. However, since Gu Changge had decided to kill him, he would not spare him the chance to survive.



Meanwhile, Gu Changge, who was far away in the Divine City, gently took a sip of his wine while he was conversing with an unexpected guest.


Donning the ancient garment of his clan, the Heavenly Ox Demon King possessed a monumental figure. There was not a strand of white hair on his face. His aura was shocking as if he was a walking furnace.


He brought along many Demons from Devil Mountain to visit and was now in the courtyard speaking with Gu Changge.


“This is the message that my Master has ordered me to relay to you, Young Master Gu,” the Heavenly Ox Demon King claimed with his fists clasped together in a tone neither overbearing nor exceedingly humble.


As a hidden expert on par with the One-Eye Daoist, the Golden Sun Gifted Lady, and Ancient Buddha Sha Na, he dared not to flaunt his ego before Gu Changge. Besides, at that moment, he alone understood how much his heart was wavering. Even his back was drenched in cold sweat as he couldn’t wait to leave the courtyard as soon as possible.


If it weren’t for the Demoness in Red’s order for him to relay the message to Gu Changge, he wouldn’t have wanted to spend any time alone with Gu Changge.


The pressure resembled an invisible pair of giant hands that were strangling him, causing him to suffocate. After all, the Absolute Being of the Forbidden Epoch was sitting right before him. Anyone else in his shoes would have felt as anxious as him.


“I see. You’ve been troubled, Demon King.” Gu Changge put down his wine cup and chuckled, after which he fascinatedly asked, “Though, why are you so afraid of me?”


The face of the Heavenly Ox Demon King subtly changed as miniscule drops of sweat surged on his forehead.


In front of others, he was an apathetic, taciturn being that perceived all lives are mere insects. Yet today, not only him, but even the Demons behind him noticed his strangeness.


Indeed, he deeply feared Gu Changge.


“Chan Honyi told you something, didn’t she?” 


The Heavenly Ox Demon King’s refrained from responding, though Gu Changge wasn’t bothered by it. The latter faintly smiled and pulled out an invitation letter from his chest.


He was aware that the Heavenly Ox Demon King’s Ancestor was of relevance during the Forbidden Epoch. Though, he wasn’t certain whether that Ancestor had seen the face of the Demon Lord, and had left a drawing for him. Hence, Gu Changge made such a speculation.


“In that case, I shall trouble you to pass this invitation sheet to her, Demon King,” Gu Changge continued.


In his mind, he would have to send his men to deliver the wedding invitation letter to Devil Mountain sooner or later. However, to his surprise, Chan Honyi sent her men to take it instead.


Through Su Qingge, Gu Changge was informed that Chan Honyi would most likely take action during his wedding with Yue Mingkong. Though he did not know how she would take action, he could only formulate counterplans against it.


“Yes, I shall fulfil your wish. Then, we shall now take our leave.”


Not daring to speak more, the Heavenly Ox Demon King accepted the invitation letter and excused himself as he was worried that Gu Changge would figure something out if he were to stay any longer.


Essentially, it had been such a long time since his Ancestor had lived. Therefore, certain secrets that had been lost in history and buried underneath the River of Time had now been regarded forbidden and shouldn’t be discussed.


Besides, if Gu Changge were to know and figure out his identity, the consequence would be fathomless.


However, right as the Heavenly Ox Demon King stepped out of the courtyard…




A terrifying shockwave was blasted from a Pagoda in the west. Every living being in the Divine City could feel the suffocating sensation from the terrifying shockwave, displaying faces of fear and shock.


Gu Changge slightly raised his eyebrows and revealed a knowing grin, though he quickly withdrew it.


Sounding surprised, he muttered, “That direction… it’s where people of Buddhist Mountain are?”


“This is… Ancient Buddha Sha Na is enraged?”


The Heavenly Ox Demon King furrowed his brows as he looked towards the Pagoda, only to see a white-browed Ancient Buddha standing in the air while emitting unceasing Buddha auras from his entire body. However, the Ancient Buddha’s expression bore rage as if it was a Wrathful Vjara.


“What happened? Why did Ancient Buddha Sha Na burst into rage?”


“Has something big happened?”


Cultivators came to their senses, only to be thoroughly dumbfounded, after which they flew to the high sky and hurried towards the disturbance. True Daoists from different Forces also appeared and rushed to the explosion with dazed and confused eyes.


“What would draw such wrath from Ancient Buddha Sha Na?”


The One-Eye Daoist, the Golden Sun Gifted Lady, and other hidden experts who were in the Divine City immediately rose to the sky, peering at Ancient Buddha Sha Na with bewildered expressions.


Very quickly, they hurried to the Pagoda, intending to question him.


Naturally, Gu Changge was aware of Ancient Buddha Sha Na’s anger.


However, he would have to partake in the heat at such a moment. After all, no one could prove that he ordered the attack on Chosen Monk Jin Chan.


Seeing Gu Changge advancing towards the turbulence, the Heavenly Ox Demon King hesitated for a moment before following after him.



“What could have triggered your wrath, Ancient Buddha?”


At where Buddhist Mountain were resting, with numerous Pagodas and palaces stood, prominent figures from various Forces were seen rushing as divine rainbows cast in the sky. Seeing that, they couldn’t help but question him.


Standing in the air, Ancient Buddha Sha Na no longer displayed his benignity on his bearded face. There was nothing but immense rage and calamitous, spine-chilling scenes in his eyes.


Usually, he was ever so benign, but when he burst in rage, he resembled a Vajrapani that could destroy all things.


“Chosen Monk Jin Chan was attacked on his way back to Buddhist Mountain,” he morosely stated with dense murderous intent wrapped in his icy tone as if his voice came from the Nine Nethers.


After the enemy thoroughly wiped out his Dharma Body, he couldn’t figure out who was truly behind the attack despite his countless deductions. With his Dharma Body destroyed, he was clueless about what happened after. All he could detect was that Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s Life Plaque was destroyed.


Theoretically, Buddhist Mountain shouldn’t have any enemy in this age, so who would attack Chosen Monk Jin Chan out of nowhere?


Prior to that, he had predicted that Chosen Monk Jin Chan would face danger on his way back to Buddhist Mountain, but he never expected the danger to be this atrocious and the protective item he gave Chosen Monk Jin Chan would prove useless. Even the monks of Buddhist Mountain that followed Chosen Monk Jin Chan were also taken down and turned into ashes.


“What!? Chosen Monk Jin Chan was killed?”


“Impossible! Who would have such audacity to do such a thing now? They are blatantly challenging Buddhist Mountain!”


Hearing that, those who hurried over were stunned. Even the One-Eye Daoist and the Golden Sun Gifted Lady tensed their brows, while Jiang Luoshen, the Phoenix Lady, and the King with Six Crows, who followed their Seniors here, doubted their own ears.


They had just met Chosen Monk Jin Chan in the central palace a moment ago. Yet, in a blink of an eye, he was murdered on his journey back to Buddhist Mountain.


Everything happened so fast as if it was a dream.


“Who would bear such a grudge against Chosen Monk Jin Chan? Who would choose to attack him at such a moment?” Such a question occurred in everyone’s mind, and they coincidentally thought of a figure and felt a chill up their spines.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na’s face was as dark as night, and when he thought of a certain individual, he slowly withdrew his murderous intent.


After all, back in the central palace, Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s words and questioning might have brought forth a grudge against himself.


Right at that moment, a figure from not far away speedily landed. Donning a black robe, the extraordinary individual possessed a slender, sturdy body, and his face was outworldly stunning.


That man was none other than Gu Changge.


“I wonder what is it that has startled and drawn such wrath from you, Ancient Buddha?” With an oblivious expression, he asked in a surprised tone.



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