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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 745, Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s Practice Ground, Coming Clean

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“What is it that has startled and drawn such wrath from you, Ancient Buddha?” Gu Changge hurried over, seemingly clueless of what just happened, and asked with a surprised, confused look.


Hearing that, the formidable cultivators that reached here first looked at him with different gazes. Be it shocked, perplexed, or fascinated, their gazes were complicated.


To many, in the entirety of the Divine City, except for Gu Changge, no one else shared a grudge with Chosen Monk Jin Chan, and now that Chosen Monk Jin Chan was killed, Gu Changge was naturally the biggest suspect.


The Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns, and other young prodigies furrowed their brows even more, thinking that Gu Changge was hiding a blade under his smile. He was here to not only join in on the rowdiness. However, they didn’t have the evidence to prove that Gu Changge had indeed killed Chosen Monk Jin Chan.


And of course, it was impossible for Gu Changge to have done it himself since he remained in the Divine City the whole time.


“Young Master Gu, you probably have no idea. Chosen Monk Jin Chan was killed on his return to Buddhist Mountain.” An Elder of an Immortal Force let out a sigh and explained the situation to Gu Changge.


Essentially, Chosen Monk Jin Chan was a massive figure among the younger generation who was destined to take over Buddha Mountain in the future. Thus, given his mysterious death, Buddha Mountain would surely do anything they could to find out who the real culprit was.


Hearing that, Gu Changge was stunned, seemingly genuinely dumbfounded. He tensed his brows as if he couldn’t accept such a truth. “Who bears such boldness so murder Chosen Monk Jin Chan right in front of Ancient Buddha Sha Na?” 


Meanwhile, the One-Eye Daoist, the Golden Sun Gifted Lady, and the rest observed the exchange indifferently, and seeing Gu Changge’s expression, they refrained from speaking at all. After all, even they couldn’t be certain that Gu Changge was the culprit.


Theoretically, Ancient Buddha Sha Na would have given a protective item to Chosen Monk Jin Chan. Therefore, in order to finish Chosen Monk Jin Chan off under Ancient Buddha Sha Na’s eyes, the culprit must have been a True Daoist or experts that possessed even more powerful cultivation.


With not a trace of emotion on his face, Ancient Buddha Sha Na looked at Gu Changge and questioned, “Excuse me, Young Master Gu, but where were you earlier?”


In response, Gu Changge furrowed his brow and answered, “I have been in the Divine City all this time, and I was having a discussion with Senior Heavenly Ox Demon King earlier. Do you perhaps suspect that I was the one who murdered Chosen Monk Jin Chan?”


While he was explaining, the Heavenly Ox Demon King and his Demon subordinates finally hurried over.


Regardless, Gu Changge didn’t have to explain himself as many people in the Divine City were aware of that. After all, the Heavenly Ox Demon King left the chamber he temporarily stayed in and headed to Gu Changge’s courtyard without concealing his tracks.


The One-Eye Daoist, the Golden Sun Gifted Lady, and the rest who possessed proficient sensory abilities were very well aware of that. Though, the content of their conversation was not for them to eavesdrop on.


“My intention was not to suspect you, Young Master Gu. It’s just that there is not one other person I could imagine bringing harm to the Chosen Monk apart from you.”


Ancient Buddha Sha Na retained his emotionless expression, unaffected by Gu Changge’s clarification.


Hearing that, Gu Changge merely replied with a smile, “Since everyone feels that I’m the biggest suspect of Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s murder, Ancient Buddha, have you ever considered whether I would have been so idiotic to take such a big risk to get involved with the culprit? Judging by the situation, someone must be pulling off some tricks to frame me.”


His statement was simple and upfront, and his expression was calm and not suspicious at all. Thereupon, everyone revealed faces of realisation, convinced by his counter argument.


[Indeed, as Young Master Gu himself has stated, he is certainly not some fool who would do such a thing. Since he bore a grudge against Chosen Monk Jin Chan, he would have waited for an opportune moment instead of rushing it right away.]


[Moreover, with so many people aware of his grudge against Chosen Monk Jin Chan, he would have carried irremovable suspicion if he were to strike at once. As such, no explanations could have cleared his name.]


The Phoenix Lady, the King with Six Crowns, and the rest who knew Gu Changge better too felt that Gu Changge wasn’t behind the murder. Instead, someone must have deliberately murdered Chosen Monk Jin Chan to stir up chaos and pin the blame on Gu Changge.


“With that said, it does seem like a malicious scheme.”


“Despite Young Master Gu and Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s grudge, he need not to take action right away and kill him, did he?”


“It is most likely that we will suspect Young Master Gu following Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s death at such timing.”


Elders and older individuals from various Forces expressed their agreement towards Gu Changge’s claim.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na too found reason in Gu Changge’s words, though they were not enough to completely wash off his suspicion of Gu Changge.


“However, Young Master Gu, you can’t prove that you didn’t send your subordinates to kill the Chosen Monk,” Ancient Buddha Sha Na said with a dark expression.


Gu Changge, as if he had seen this coming, smilingly replied, “Then, naturally, Ancient Buddha, you too have no proof of the fact that I sent subordinates to kill Chosen Monk Jin Chan, do you?”


The response left Ancient Buddha Sha Na silent. Although he was a master in Karmic Deduction, he could never deduce anything about Gu Changge, let alone be certain whether Gu Changge was Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s murderer.


And so, the situation on hand could only be deterred. 


Without proof, Ancient Buddha Sha Na dared not to lay a finger on Gu Changge as he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences. However, if he were to set it aside, there was no telling whether he could ever find out who the true culprit was.


“It seems you have thought things through, Ancient Buddha. In my opinion, our priority now should be to visit the site where Chosen Monk Jin Chan got killed. To see if there’s any hints. Purposeless searches would only allow the true culprit to escape. Of course, should you insist that I’m the biggest suspect or that I carry any suspicion, you can come and question me.” Gu Changge said with a smile. 


With that, upon Ancient Buddha Sha Na’s silence and lessened suspicion, Gu Changge tarried no longer and turned around to leave.


Seeing that, the crowd was at a loss for words. The reason they hurried over was to know what actually angered Ancient Buddha Sha Na and not whether Gu Changge sent his men to murder Chosen Monk Jin Chan.


“As long as this case isn’t solved, the world shall know no peace.” The One-Eye Daoist looked at Gu Changge’s vanishing figure with gloom thickening deep in his eyes. He was quite certain that Gu Changge was definitely the mastermind of Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s murder.


Moreover, Gu Changge’s calmness and presenting himself before Ancient Buddha Sha Na alone were enough to eliminate the suspicion in everyone’s hearts, and no ordinary man would have dared to do that.


Very soon, news of Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s death spread like wings across the Divine City.


Initially, many indeed suspected Gu Changge to be the culprit, but given his calm defence, they quickly assumed that the situation was similar to the spread of rumours regarding the Successor of Demonic Arts in the past—fabricated solely to slander Gu Changge.


As such, many cultivators instead began to defend Gu Changge, intending to clear his name.


Before the corpse of the Chosen Monk of Buddha Mountain could turn cold, not a trace of the murderer was found at the place of his peril. Hence, the entire Buddha Mountain was angered and immediately began scouring everywhere for the culprit.


In the meantime, something significant happened in the Divine City. A young prodigy was brutally slaughtered by the Successor of Demonic Arts. With its Source lost, the corpse was only found the next day in the courtyard by the victim’s subordinates.


As the news was spread, causing major turbulence, countless people were in shock and dismay. Formidable cultivators within the Divine City urgently gathered, including a number of hidden experts.


[Where did the Successor of Demonic Arts gain the audacity to murder a young prodigy right under everyone’s noses without being noticed?]


At once, all sorts of rumours and information were spread.


While everyone was searching everywhere in an attempt to find the Successor of Demonic Arts, suspecting him to be in the midst of the younger generation in the Divine City. Immediately, the four spectacular gates of the Divine City were sealed up, forbidding anyone from entering or exiting. 


It caused complete panic.


However, as expected, their effort was in vain as they came to no result. Even one of the hidden experts took action and scanned the entire Divine City with his powerful divine sense, only to no avail.


The young prodigy that perished might not rival the King with Six Crowns, the Phoenix Lady, or those of the sort. However, he was still a rare formidable cultivator who possessed a special Physique among the younger generation.

After the incident, young prodigies grew even more anxious. Their fear of the Successor of Demonic Arts grew immensely. They couldn’t be at ease given how the Successor of Demonic Arts was so rampant that he dared to hunt down his victim right under their Elders and Ancestors’ noses.



“Gu Changge gave orders to Lan Yifei again? What is his goal? Given his cultivation, he doesn’t actually need those young prodigies’ Sources.”


Apparently, Gu Xianer had yet to leave the Divine City, so she indubitably received the news, which augmented her suspicion.


She had been wanting to ask Gu Changge of the purpose of his action, but he seemed to have another plan or goal. 


Nonetheless, given the circumstances now, he seemed to be stirring up commotion to shift the people of the Upper Realm’s attention away from him to the Successor of Demonic Arts.


Such a course of action slowly began to match up with the vision she saw in the Lake of Rebirth, it worried her.


“With the Eternal Overcast dealt with, the Upper Realm should be more peaceful for now, shouldn’t it?”


Meanwhile, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, who dealt with Eternal Overcast, returned to the Divine City.


The reason he looked for Gu Changge was undoubtedly to ‘claim his reward,’ which was to gain more of Gu Changge’s trust. As Gu Changge’s cheap Master, some aspects of his personality were similar to that of Gu Changge—to attain their goals at all cost, for instance.


“Thank you for your assistance, Master. That goes without question. With the two of us, the Upper Realm’s might shall rise. By then, we can wave the banner of justice and proudly declare victory.”


Gu Changge was casually watering the flowers in the courtyard and he chuckled in response, after which he replied in favour of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


Wearing a wide Daoist robe, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being appeared extraordinary. As he stroked his beard, he smilingly replied, “This old one has never expected that after so many epochs, I could ever meet a disciple as satisfactory as you.”


As he spoke, he seemed to remember something, revealing a content smile, after which he remorsefully shook his head.


“By the way, apart from leaving behind my legacies for you, I have never taught you anything as your Master. I didn’t even pass on my Dao Abilities to you. How embarrassing.”


“Although we carry the titles of Master and disciple, we are nothing like that. And I’ve never even gotten to bring you to my practice ground. In the past, I had acquired many jade tablets of inscriptions, teachings of Immortals, and ancient treasures, all of which I had left in the practice ground instead of carrying them with me.”


He was deeply regretful as though he failed to fulfil his duty as Gu Changge’s Master.


Hearing that, Gu Changge sneered in his heart as he had been anticipating this moment. Nevertheless, he revealed a surprised look, asking, “Master, you even have a practice ground? For so many epochs, I have assumed that you’re only slumbering elsewhere instead of cultivating.”


In fact, Gu Changge had long been interested in the secrets of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, but to avoid startling him and arousing his wariness, he refrained from speaking about it.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being nodded. “It’s been so long. Indeed, I would have fallen asleep. Though, I would still cultivate sitting up as usual in order to attain an even higher cultivation level. Anyway, the practice ground isn’t that far from here. Though, considering you are nearing your wedding date…”


He purposely revealed that he had left numerous treasures in his practice ground, including the ancient jade tablets of inscriptions and the teachings of Immortals, solely to pique Gu Changge’s interest to lure him over.


As the hidden might of the Immortal Gu Family was too daunting, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being wasn’t fully confident that he could attack Gu Changge in this universe without the Immortal Gu Family sensing it.


Therefore, he decided to gain Gu Changge’s trust slowly in order to lure him to another universe. Given Gu Changge’s greedy personality, his heart would definitely waver after he heard about the treasures and artifacts in the practice ground.


“You’re mistaken, Master. The wedding is no urgent matter. I personally prioritise cultivation between Master and his disciple, so I’m sure I can spend a little time on that.”


Gu Changge did not disappoint the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, interrupting before the latter could finish speaking with a fascinated look.


Judging by his understanding of Gu Changge so far, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being reckoned that Gu Changge wouldn’t be someone who would be head over heels for a woman. Hence, in his opinion, Gu Changge’s marriage with the Empress of Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty was most likely for political advantage, and he made a decision based on that without involving his personal feelings.


“I am certainly touched by your dedication. Though, you should probably inform the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty of your plan to accompany me on my return to my practice ground.”


With that in mind, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being kindly advised as if he was genuinely concerned about Gu Changge and even made consideration to his current situation.


To be frank, what worried him the most was that if Gu Changge were to inform the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty and the Immortal Gu Family of his whereabouts. These two huge Forces would certainly come looking for him should anything bad happen.


Of course, given his understanding of Gu Changge, he was convinced that Gu Changge would be unlikely to openly share the matter to others. After all, it pertained to the numerous opportunities in his practice ground, and Gu Changge, the greedy man that he was, wouldn’t reveal such a secret.


“There’s no need to inform them of such a trivial matter.”


Naturally, Gu Changge didn’t let the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being down. He waved his hand with a smile, having no intentions to inform the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty and the Immortal Gu Family of the matter. He chose to hide his whereabouts.



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