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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 749, Using the Past to Change Reality, Purple Star Divine Empire

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Gu Changge’s plan was simple. Since he intended to establish his plan within a specific universe, he had to make sure that the universe was entirely for him to use. 


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being treated such universes as his personal gardens. They were where he collected the Dao Fruits for his own grand ambitions. However, Gu Changge’s goal was only the current universe before him. He didn’t plan to fabricate an enormous lie but instead intended to start his layout from the other end of the River of Time, thereby altering the present reality.


Gu Changge wanted to plant the Tree of Epoch in this universe and ensure that everyone believed and knew about it, including the people who had existed in this universe.


He wanted to turn something that never existed into reality, that it had always been here.


Since he couldn’t completely change the memories of everyone in this universe, his best approach was to influence the present by altering the past. Although the consequences of doing so would be severe, and a slight misstep could result in immense backlash and karmic repercussions, Gu Changge didn’t want to let go of such a golden opportunity.


[Xiao Ruoyin’s Celestial Boat of Creation and the Spacetime Stone I’ve obtained back then can now be put to use… I won’t lose my way if I use the Spacetime Stone to determine the nodes and traverse the River of Time with the Celestial Boat of Creation. What I need to do now is to find a suitable Time Node and make changes from there.]


As Gu Changge walked through the starry space, his divine sense swept past, and he began searching for Ancient Clans and Ancient Stars filled with life that had existed for a long time. He wanted to quickly learn about the numerous past events of this universe. To do so, the simplest way was for him to find the oldest Clan.


In this universe, there was no existence whose cultivation surpassed the Immortal Realm. Since the Forbidden Epoch, it seemed as if a gap had appeared, and the strongest beings afterwards were only those who had become True Daoists. Therefore, Gu Changge wasn’t worried about being detected and interfered with by past Immortal experts while he transverse the River of Time.


Soon, Gu Changge noticed a vast and majestic energy of life emanating from ahead. It was an immensely expansive Star Territory, where numerous ancient cities were scattered throughout the place, exuding a rich Life Force.


[The Purple Star Dao Domain… It once had an existence known as the Purple Star Emperor, who established the Purple Star Divine Empire. It is one of the oldest powers in this universe, and it still occupies vast territories. People from all over the world come here to pay their respects.] 


[The Purple Star Emperor, currently one step away from reaching the Quasi-Nirvana Realm…] Gu Changge’s divine sense swept through, making it easy for him to discern everything. The moment he took a step, the void blurred, and he crossed countless distances before instantly appearing in the palace of the Purple Star Divine Empire.


None of the experts inside could perceive his presence or aura. The Grand Protective Array set up outside the palace showed no signs of disturbance either.


The palace, surrounded by spiritual mist, was resplendent with gold and jade. The runes that flickered only added to the place’s majestic atmosphere. A dense Purple Fortuity enveloped the place, transforming into a Purple Fortuity Dragon that coiled around the grand hall. Above his head, he could see countless stars floating. This place resembled a magnificent heavenly palace.


A man dressed in purple sat cross-legged with closed eyes. Exuding an imperial aura, he wore a purple-gold crown and possessed an awe-inspiring aura. This was the current ruler of the Purple Star Divine Empire. He had reached the Peak of the Sacred Emperor Realm. Still, he did not sense Gu Changge’s arrival and was still continued cultivation, trying to comprehend the World Principles, attempting to break through to the Quasi-Nirvana Realm.


“Wake up…” Gu Changge had no intention of wasting time. He unhesitantly waved, waking the meditating Purple Star Emperor. He could actually choose to search the Emperor’s soul and directly explore the hidden secrets of this universe. However, Gu Changge didn’t want the hassle. It would be easier to let the Purple Star Emperor search for those hidden past events on his behalf, and deduce and determine the Time Nodes of the past.


The River of Time was like an ancient history that recorded the past of this universe. To determine a specific node within the River of Time, one must deduce its position based on the past of this universe. Moreover, Gu Changge needed to carefully understand this universe in order to select the past he wanted to change according to the present, and how to logically incorporate something that never existed into it.


“Who are you…” The meditating Purple Star Emperor quickly snapped out of his trance and, upon realising Gu Changge’s presence, widened his eyes in astonishment and fear. He would never have expected a cold and indifferent young man to suddenly appear before him. At that moment, Purple Star Emperor began to wonder if he was dreaming.


With only half a step remaining before reaching the Quasi-Nirvana Realm. He was currently one of the most powerful individuals now. Furthermore, Purple Star Divine Empire had a Dao Artifact presiding over it, and it was capable of awakening and taking action at any moment.


[How did this young man silently appear in the palace?] What terrified the Purple Star Emperor the most was that he couldn’t sense Gu Changge’s presence or aura at all. Even though the man stood right in front of him, it was as if he sensed an endless void or a horrifying abyss with no bottom.


“Follow my instructions if you don’t want to die.” Gu Changge’s eyes were cold and profound. Having no intention of wasting words with the Purple Star Emperor, he pointed straight at the Emperor’s forehead, injecting his various demands into his mind.


“I-I will make the arrangements as you wish, Senior,” Purple Star Emperor stammered in a shaky voice filled with fear. He didn’t dare to refuse. He had a feeling that Gu Changge’s finger could pierce through his skull at any moment, making his head burst.


Although Gu Changge appeared young, his true power was undoubtedly boundless and far surpassed the Purple Star Emperor’s comprehension. However, the Purple Star Emperor couldn’t understand why such a terrifying existence would visit the Purple Star Divine Empire and make such a strange demand.



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