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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 751, Returning to the Beginning of the Upheaval of the World, Reshaping the Myth

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To cultivators, the River of Time was undoubtedly the most mysterious and profound existence in the world. It stretched across eternity, flowing in every corner of the myriad realms, surpassing even the most esoteric of laws, rendering them dim and insignificant. Even those in the Immortal Realm couldn’t fully comprehend the intricacies of the River of Time.


It was an almost impossible feat for a True Immortal to attempt to traverse the River of Time. Only those who have condensed an Immortal King Dao Fruit were qualified to glimpse the mysteries of the River of Time. However, they dared not easily interfere with it, for they would suffer immense and unimaginable consequences.


In ancient times, there were Immortal Kings who attempted to reverse the past through the River of Time in order to resurrect certain people, who were no longer around. However, they triggered a terrifying catastrophe in the world, also sustaining injuries that could never heal. Endless epochs passed, yet their injuries remained until they perished and vanished from existence.


That was why it was incredibly audacious of Gu Changge, who was not even in the Immortal Realm, to traverse the River of Time and interfere with the present by journeying into the past.


Fortunately, the Principles of this universe were severely flawed, and the Heavenly Dao was incomplete. Moreover, the river that Gu Changge traversed through was merely a small branch of the River of Time. The Celestial Boat of Creation had mystical powers as well. All those combined were the reason he had the courage to attempt it. Otherwise, Gu Changge would not have been willing to take such a tremendous risk.


“If I could fully assimilate and absorb that drop of Demon Lord’s True Blood, I would be able to traverse the River of Time with ease. Unfortunately, I would not be an Immortal if I took it right now…”


Gu Changge was enveloped in a green light as he stood in the Celestial Boat of Creation. Turbulent waves with numerous fragments of time floating and reflecting countless scenes, recording the history of this universe surged on both sides.


As he journeyed from the present into the past, chaotic thunder flashed in the sky. As Dao Storm swept through, an immense and ancient aura in which just one trace was enough to reduce a True Daoist to ashes, completely annihilating them. Even Immortals would not dare touch it. It was evident how terrifying this place was, where everything easily dissipated. 


Fortunately, the Celestial Boat of Creation was indeed extraordinary. The faint radiance it was surrounded by had an indescribable energy that resisted the various horrifying forces within the River of Time.


Gu Changge had been observing numerous scenes within the River of Time. He saw the birth of cultivators in this universe, the establishment of Royal Clans and Holy Lands, the leaving behind of legacies, and the depletion and passing away of living beings. 


There were also True Daoists who attempted to find an unprecedented method to break through the Immortal Gate and reach the Immortal Realm. Too bad, the Principles of this world were even more flawed than the Upper Realm and were insufficient to support them in reaching that step.


[The collapse of epochs and the erosion of Principles… This is even harsher and crueller than the era of decline… After the Dark Era, there is no longer enough Fortitunity. The number of cultivators has sharply decreased, life forms have vanished, and even the lifespans of supreme experts have been greatly reduced. It gradually dwindled to merely a hundred thousand years from the millions of years in the beginning.]


Gu Changge witnessed the entire process of everything that happened. He even saw some supreme experts who had obtained information about the Immortal Gate left by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, and attempted to open the gate. However, they, without exception, were all devoured by the monster behind the gate as it consumed their Dao Fruits. If they were in a universe with relatively intact Principles, these supreme experts would undoubtedly have had the opportunity to advance further. They carried not only the Fortuity of this universe but also the current era’s Symbol of Fate.


Gu Changge’s gaze carried a pensive look as he traversed the River of Time, contemplating how to leave behind the secrets of the Tree of Epoch.




As a massive wave surged ahead, the ancient Spacetime Stone quietly emerged and stood tall within the River of Time, exuding a desolate and majestic aura.


[It seems like I’ve arrived.] After Gu Changge confirmed this node, he decided to pause and enter this epoch. In the next moment, the Celestial Boat of Creation burst into a brilliant light, carrying him as it rushed out from the River of Time in a streak of light. The raging waves on both sides and bolts of Chaos Lightning descended to strike Gu Changge down into the river, but they all failed.


The bronze flag on the Celestial Boat of Creation unfurled. Although it was stained with some blood, it isolated Gu Changge from the surrounding waves. 


Thunderous roars pierced the sky, and each chaotic thunder was terrifyingly powerful and as colossal as stars, splitting open the dark River of Time. If they were to strike an Immortal, they would undoubtedly cause severe damage or even kill someone.



Gu Changge maintained a calm expression as he kept the Celestial Boat of Creation. After he left the River of Time, he headed towards this epoch. 


Vast, ancient aura of senescence harbouring vitality began to emerge after a deadly silence rushed towards him. When the Forbidden Epoch had passed, the entire universe fell into a dark period where there was a gap in time. The era Gu Changge was about to enter was the period that commenced abruptly after the end of the Dark Gap.




This was a vast and never-ending world that exuded a fresh and exquisite atmosphere where towering ancient trees grew and emerald lakes were scattered across vast grasslands. Majestic and ethereal ancient Mystic Mountains surrounded by mist extended. Not only were there many ferocious beasts that roared and let out earth-shattering howls in the wilderness, terrifying shadows covered the sky as they flew by, their outstretched wings resembling clouds hanging from the heavens.


Gu Changge’s figure appeared in this place when he smoothly stepped onto the continent. He was no longer a mere illusion but a real existence.


A terrifying beast in front noticed him then. Instead of ignoring him, it immediately fled when it sensed how dangerous the man was. 


[It seems that I have indeed arrived. The suppression from the world is quite heavy. It probably is exerting at most ten percent of its power. If it were to unleash its full strength, it could cause a great disturbance in this world and even affect my return to the present.] Gu Changge slightly closed his eyes and began adapting to the environment of this place.


At this moment, the suppression of the world was different from before; it had not completely dissipated. There was still a great deterrent even for Immortals. After the Forbidden Epoch, the Immortal Path had shattered, but some remnants of its aura still lingered in the world. Moreover, the world had just moved past the Dark Gap, and the universe had not yet begun its drastic changes nor had the end of the era in future times started.


In other words, the current environment was actually more suitable for cultivation than the present world.


Gu Changge adapted to the environment of this place in no time. When he opened his eyes, his whole person seemed to return to a state of simplicity and purity, devoid of any aura.




However, since he was still influenced by Karma, his face became blurry, obscured by mist, making it impossible to see his true appearance. Nevertheless, Gu Changge didn’t mind. He had already figured out how to leave traces in this world.


[I need to first alter the secret of becoming Immortal. Essentially, I will create a fictional story and forcefully merge it into the past to influence the present…] 


[Let’s see. The maturity of the Tree of Epoch is related to the appearance of the Immortal Path. In that case, I will leave behind another legend and reshape mythology. In ancient times, an indescribable supreme existence carrying a mysterious ancient tree descended into this world and established a Forbidden Area in a certain place. That area shall be named the ‘Gods’ Ruins’. It is said that it is a place connected to the Immortal Domain, and there are the legendary Southern Heavenly Gates, High Heavenly Palace, Heavenly River, and more…]



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