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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 754, Groundwork Has Been Laid, Time to Return to the Present World

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Time meant nothing to the path of cultivation as thousands of years passed in the blink of an eye.


Gods’ Ruins had gradually become a legend, and with the changing of the surroundings, fewer and fewer people had seen Gods’ Ruins with their own eyes although more and more cultivators were emerging.


For many, Gods’ Ruins had become something like an ancient myth from before the Dark Gap. Despite being distant in time, it was a tangible existence that left traces in this world.


“It is said that Gods’ Ruins connects to the legendary Immortal Domain, and within it stood a magnificent ancient tree. Supposedly, it is the path to the Immortal Domain, and it was deeply connected to the Tree of the Gods.”


“And the Lord of Gods’ Ruins is a formidable senior from the Era of the Great Annihilation. He possesses profound cultivation and an unmatched presence. If you’re lucky enough to encounter the Gods’ Ruins, you might even receive guidance from that predecessor!”


“I heard that someone once entered Gods’ Ruins and obtained an engraved stone inside. Within a few hundred years, they became a great cultivator and established their own Sect…”


“But perhaps you won’t be able to encounter the Senior who built it anymore. I heard that they have ascended to the real Immortal Domain. Gods’ Ruins is gradually disappearing from the world without a trace. So, it has no Master now.”


In one of the Clans, an Elder was telling stories about Gods’ Ruins to the younger generation.


Everyone’s face had longing and pursuit written all over them. Whether young or old, they were all seeking the path of cultivation. Looking to become Immortal was the lifelong pursuit of almost everyone. Though their dreams were distant and elusive, their pursuit remained a cherished aspiration for all. The existence of Gods’ Ruins seemed to tell everyone that becoming Immortal was indeed possible.


Scenes like these unfold almost every day in various Clans. Every cultivator or living being with divine consciousness was aware of the existence of Gods’ Ruins.


Many cultivators searched for Gods’ Ruins, but unfortunately, only a few have truly found it. It was as if there was an invisible array beyond Gods’ Ruins which was separating everything. That was what isolated it from the world, making it a Forbidden Zone.



At this moment, within Gods’ Ruins where majestic mountains stood tall, and there were numerous damaged temples and pavilions scattered everywhere that was shrouded in the sea of Celestial Mist, a stunning woman dressed in feathers stood atop a solitary peak, gazing at a figure in feathered clothes spoke to the white-clad figure ahead.


“Senior, I’m going to leave this place. I thank you for your guidance all these years. Although you didn’t formally take me as your disciple, I consider you my Master. You have taught me so much and awakened the inheritance in my bloodline. I shall never forget your great kindness and grace,” Huang Yu said, her expression reluctant and respectful.


The white-robed figure was blurry, and his face was impossible to see other than the pair of ancient and profound eyes. His orbs looked as if they had seen one too many skies and witnessed the primordial. And yet, their elegance and extraordinary nature remained undiminished. He stood with his hands behind his back, seemingly gazing at the sea of clouds. The only thing keeping his quiet and lonely silhouette company was a peach tree.


“It indeed is time for you to leave. Same goes for me. It is probably fate that we have met.” The white-robed man shook his head lightly, his voice calm and devoid of any fluctuations.


Huang Yu, the woman in feathered garments, gazed intently at his departing figure before she finally spoke with reluctance, “When I accidentally stumbled into Gods’ Ruins, and I was nearly eradicated by the arrays here, I would have long ceased to exist in body and soul of it weren’t for your intervention, Senior. Over these thousands of years, I have listened to your teachings every day and gained numerous insights and immeasurable benefits. But now, I don’t even know your name… I fear I won’t have the opportunity to repay your kindness, and I’m uncertain if I will ever see you again in the future.”


Upon hearing her words, the man in white seemed to smile before gently shaking his head. “A name is merely an identification mark. Whether you know it or not doesn’t really matter. All you have to know is that I am the Lord of Gods’ Ruins. There’s no need to understand anything else. With the Celestial Phoenix blood flowing within you, you have to cultivate diligently after you leave. You will reach the realm I am in now one day. Perhaps in the distant future, we may meet again, but I can’t promise anything.”


“In the distant future? Will such a day really come?” The beautiful woman’s eyes suddenly glinted with a mix of longing and yearning. However, before she could finish speaking, the figure in front of her smiled faintly and waved his hand, sending her out of Gods’ Ruins.


“Senior…” Huang Yu seemed a bit lost when she found herself in an unfamiliar mountain range where the surroundings were completely different from thousands of years ago. It seemed as if she had words left unsaid. After quietly standing there for several months, she eventually turned into a divine rainbow and departed.


Over these thousands of years, she had spent her days in close proximity to the mysterious Lord of Gods’ Ruins. It started from fear and awe, but she gradually discovered that the Lord of Gods’ Ruins was not terrifying at all. Rather, he was gentle, amiable, and easygoing. As time went by, she grew close to him and began relying on him and respecting him.


He was unparalleled in elegance, transcending the ordinary, and was the most powerful being in the world who was capable of effortlessly tearing through barriers of the world and venturing into other realms. His abilities were beyond imagination.


In fact, he was a supreme expert whose strength couldn’t be sufficiently described with words even before the Era of the Great Annihilation.


At first, Huang Yu was just a fledgling Celestial Phoenix who had just started cultivating. Driven by the desire to witness what the so-called supreme experts were like, she braved immense danger, flapped her wings, and plunged into the enormous and mysterious Gods’ Ruins. Her stay there somehow lasted for thousands of years, and by the time she was out, she had undergone a complete transformation.


[What did Senior mean when he said that he is leaving? And that mysterious ancient tree he guards… The Tree of Epoch, is it? Why does he protect it?] Huang Yu had a lot of questions in her heart, but she understood that she shouldn’t ask them, for they were her Senior’s secrets.


During her time in Gods’ Ruins, she often saw the Senior carefully tending to a small peach tree he had planted beside his courtyard. He would meticulously remove weeds around it and water it just like an ordinary person. He also mentioned that after he left, that peach tree would take his place in guarding the Tree of Epoch while it waited for the right time. Of course, Huang Yu understand his words, but she kept his words in her heart and planned to take her time making sense of what her Senior meant.


After Huang Yu left Gods’ Ruins, the man in white put on a faint smile. His vast divine consciousness swept through, comprehending the various changes that had occurred in this universe over thousands of years. Finally, he nodded in satisfaction.


[The groundwork has been laid, and the legend of Gods’ Ruins should be able to be passed down… Since that’s the case, it’s time for me to return to the present world. This history will also be recorded as ancient lore in the annals of books.]


Naturally, that man was Gu Changge,



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  1. It was said that if he altered the past too much he would suffer the consequences and even the boat would not be able to save him, and he literally changed the entire history of the world by creating this temple of the gods, besides this phoenix would be a common cultivator, now she would be an ancestor of a new power, so that was a huge plot hole.

  2. mc is no longer part of the young generation, so anyone can analyze that his bone structure or whatever they use to identify his age is thousands of years old

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